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A long time ago in the land of medieval ages when the teenagers did work with their parents. There were many teens who wandered of and got elemental powers. They used them to defeat a great evil called Chaos. They continued with their lives naturally using their powers to help them...

The year is 2000
New elemental kids have arisen to defeat Chaos once again. They succeeded and continued with their lives but... 3 years later Chaos?s brother Death came for vengeance. That is when more elements arose. They found out of these powers and finally met with the original elements (not 4 use in adv.) The Original Elements called them Element X and so our story begins in a near by park forest where the old elements train the X?s.

Max: Hey everyone class is starting!
Fire: Today's class we will be learning how to use your elemental powers.
Hikage: It's about time!
Shadow/Light: Quiet you little runt.
Fire: :rolleyes: By doing this we will be able to find out what your power is for instance Amber come here.
Amber: Um..yes sir...
Fire: Concentrate on a flame in your head. Put everything in your mind there. Hate, Love, Knowledge, Pain. Everything. Clear your mind. Close your eyes, hold out your hand and concentrate on the flame which we call "the void". Now transfer the Void from your mind to your hand.
[I]after about 10 min. a small green energy ball appears in Amber's hand[/I]
[I]Amber throws the ball making a small explosion breaking some twigs of a tree[/I]
Amber: Whoa! I did that!?
Max: Ya!! :eek:
Geoff: Looks like your a green thumb!
[I]everyone laughs[/I]
Shadow/Light: That's right you little punk kid. Amber you're forest. The old Element Forest is Amy.
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The class started to pay attention, Hikage especially and Shadow/Light. Fire had each student practince on "the void" on a different target.

Fire: Meteo, don't strike the others!
Meteo: What? I'm doing the best i can!
Fire: Concentrate, let everything else out!*looks to Hikage* Hikage, why aren't you practicing?

Hikage held her hand out and "the void" appeared extremely fast and she shot it straight through the heart of a willow tree without even glancing.

Hikage: That's why.
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Amber looked impressively at Hikage.Now she knew she wasn't the only one.Amber was sitting in a tree away from the others practising.
Hikage walked over."Why aren't you practising?!"
Amber looked down at Hikage "Same reason as you."
Amber looked up into the tree she was sitting in.She got up and jumped higher to see the others practising.They were doing okay.
Fire pased behind them giving them tips and how to control it better and to keep it on target.Amber looked down again.Hikage was still standing at the foot of the tree.She was watching the practise too.
"Hey Hikage!You climb?"Amber shouted down.Hikage looked up.
"Of course I do!"she replied and she climbed up into the tree as well.Hikage got up to Amber's point and they both watched.
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Max: Hey, what are you 2 doing here?
[I]Hikage and Amber both look up to see Max sitting above them[/I]
Hikage: You too?
Max: Huh? oooo! Ya, not that it was easy...extremely hard actually. Just easy to learn.
Amber: Ya...well what we got next?
Hikage: Healing...hmm...
Amber: oooo, I should be good at that!
Max: Ya well being Fire X I naturally suck at healing..:(
Hikage: Hah! :laugh: Amber you should be naturally awsome at it!
Amber: :D :blush: :D
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(I dedicate this post to my home team the Lightning are farther in the playoffs than ever before.)
Fire:"Meteo you can't do it if you don't try..."
Meteo:"I will try my hardest."
*Meteo puts his hand forward and a bakk appears and then throws it when it connects with the target a loud explosion is heard and the target is split in half.*
Geoff:"Oh great a thunderbug."
*They all laugh*
Meteo:"Few... harder than I expected... I prefer swordfighting..."
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Amber and Hikage seemed to have bonded together as friends and as partners the first time Hikage was there. They both jumped from the tree branches and landed in front of Max. Fire came by and asked all three to join him in learning to control "the void."
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[I]Fire looked over at a kid with long black hair, sitting against a tree with his knees tucked in.[/I]
"Hey, why don't you join us, Nate." [I]He asked.[/I]
"No." [I]Nate replied coldy.[/I]
"Why not?"
"Because I can't do it."
"You don't know if you can't. Now come on and give it a try."
[I]Nate got up from where he stood and walked over to Fire. He held out his hand and dropped it back down again.[/I]
"I told you...nothing happened."
[I]Fire put a hand on Nate's shoulder.[/I]
"That's because you weren't concentrating. Now, try it again. But concentrate this time."
[I]Nate closed his eyes and held up his hand again with his palm flat. Screams filled his mind and a tear ran down his cheek. A ball of darkness shot forth from his hand and hit the ground in front of him. A silently screaming face shot up out of the black puddle on the ground and fell back down and disapeared.[/I]
"Well, Nate...it looks like you're a Dark Heart."
[I]Nate ignored Fire and ran away from the group and went back to the tree he was sitting at.[/I]
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Hikage looked towards Nate and stared. She nudged Amber. She looked at Hikage.

Hikage: Dark Heart? What's that?
Amber: Someone who has a endless bottomless pit in his or her heart.
Hikage: I'm gonna go talk to him. Be right back.

Hikage walked towards Nate and stood in front of him. All that came out of him was...

Nate: Go.
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[I]Hikage looked surprised.[/I]
"Go?" [I]She asked.[/I]
"Go away." [I]Nate explained.[/I]
"But...but why?"
[I]Nate pulled his face from his knees and looked at her.[/I]
"Because...I want to be alone."
[I]Hikage still stood there.[/I]
"Why are you a Dark Heart?"
[I]Nate sighed.[/I]
"It's a long and unimportant story. I don't want to tell it right now."
[I]Hikage's voice took a more firm tone.[/I]
"I'm not leaving you alone until you do."
[I]He sighed louder this time. He seemed to be trying to show his irritation.[/I]
"Fine. If you won't go away until you hear it, then I'll tell you..."
[I]Nate told Hikage all about the attack on his village. How his parents tried to run away without him, only to get killed, and how he had to hide from the soldiers under the corpses of his dead friends.[/I]
"And now you know...so please leave, I want to be alone..."
[I]Nate turned his face away from Hikage. She stood there staring at him silently.[/I]
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Hikage walked back to Amber and Max.
She told them about Nate and they all felt sorry for him.

Amber thought deeply.Suddenly some tree vines shot out from no were and wrapped themselves around Hikage.Max and Amber panicked.Fire was too far away teaching the others.Max made a Fire Void and threw it at the vines.As it came into contact Amber cried out in pain and suddenly more vines wrapped themselves around Max.Amber cried for Fire to come over.Fire ran over.
[b][color=red]Fire:Amber let go!This is your doing!![/color][/b]
Amber's head shot up and looked at Fire in confusion.
[b][color=red]Fire:Let go Amber!![/color][/b] he ordered.
Amber concentrated hard and soon the vines slowly untangled Hikage and Max.
[color=teal][b]Amber:Hikage!Max!I'm so sorry!!I didn't mean too.It seems nature is connected to my feelings and thoughts.[/b][/color]
Hikage and Max rubbed their wrists,mouth,legs,ankles and where ever the vines had caught them.
[color=crimson][b]Max:Fire.When I threw a void at the vines Amber screamed and I was coated in vines too.Why?[/b][/color]
[b][color=red]Fire:Like Amber said.She is connected to nature now.If you do anything to her vines/trees/animals then she will scream in pain since they are connected and she will use defense like wrapping you in vines.It's an instinct or reflex.See her power is quite interesting.She is connected to it.Unlike you Max.You are fire and if someone puts out the fire then you won't be hurt.Nate is in a way connected to his power since it's made of bad memories.[/b][/color]
They understood and Fire returned to the others warning Amber to keep control.Amber looked down sadly.They could have been killed.

Amber walked up to the tree and rubbed it's trunk in a re-assuring way for her and the tree.She sighed sadly and climbed into the bough of the tree in thought and away from Hikage,Max and Nate.She was scared now.Afraid to be around people in case she lost conrol.She could never let it happen again unless she wanted too.Amber cried softly in the bough.Why did her power have to be tied to her.The pain she had felt when Max attacked the vines.It was like a searing pain in her core and it still ached from the attack.Hikage and Max called up to her.She couldn't face them.She climbed higher and higher into the tops of the tree and sat there crying for the pain she had caused and the pain that had been returned.She made a void out of anger that was a darker green then usual and threw it as far and as hard as she could.It shot off into the distance.Everyone watched it.Then looked at the tree Amber was in.She continued to sob by herself.She needed to be isolated.Fire understood her pain and got the others back into training.As Hikage and Max continued to look up into the trees in hope of seeing Amber but no chance.She would stay there until she was ready.even if it meant de-hydration or stavation.Amber stubbornly told herself that she won't go back until she was ready and in full control.She stopped crying and wipped her eyes with her sleeves and started meditating.
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[B]OOC: Hey, §corpio. Do we each have our own trainers? If so, who's mine? Also, when do we get our mystical creatures?[/B]

[I]Nate got up on his own this time and joined all of the others that we're training.[/I]
"Finally decided to join us, Nate?" [I]Fire asked.[/I]
[I]He shrugged his shoulders.[/I]
"I just didn't want to be surpassed by everyone. I want to master this power I have."
[I]"That way, I can get my revenge..." He thought.
Nate started to concentrate, and again he heard the screams. He shot out a ball of darkness, but this time he was able to move it around. His hands were covered in black flame as he moved the dark ball around and shot it into the ground. Fire clapped.[/I]
"Very good, Nate. You're getting better."
"What's next?" [I]He asked.[/I]
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OOC: since i'm light, i'm going to be a light color, maybe[COLOR=silver]can you see this?[/COLOR] , well anyways, but anyways, i wonder,

Hikage heard some cries in the wind, but nothing was there. She looked up to see the clouds had an indent in them. She looked even further. Max came by.

Max: what ya lookin at?
Hikage: Clouds and i thought i heard something.

Fire came by hearing the small conversation.

Fire: The only reason that you can hear things is that you are connected with light, as Amber is connected with nature. All things light, in Hell of Heaven and contact you.
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OOC: Ya I can read it Kiarra...Kouberei, 1. We sorta have a "trainer" it's just the old element who has that same power. Fire and Shadow/Light teach fighting, but we have our own little mentors. I.E. Amy (forest) would be "Amber's" mentor. 2.We get our mystical creatures alot later! But i'll start us off with a real good fight which will get some of us our weopons.

[COLOR=firebrick]Max: What's that??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=green]Amber jumps down from the tree and....Amber: I hear it too![/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]Fire: They're coming...THE ORYCUJUA!!!!! RUN!!!![/COLOR]
Everyone broke into a run except Fire and Shadow who stayed behind. All of the sudden 2 giant creatures who looked like they've been dead for over 200,000,000 years appear. Both bearing humungus spiked clubs the size of a tree trunk.
[COLOR=firebrick]Max: We can't run! We have to help them!! Nate, Hikage, Amber!!! You In?[/COLOR]
Everyone replies yes and they set off fighting....

THE END??? (sorry I always wanted to do that...:D)
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Nate, Hikage, Amber, and Max got into their positions. Amber knowing that she can control anything that is of nature, used the tree clubs to bounce out of the Orycujua. Max laid his hands out beside him, but about half of a feet awway so as not to hurt himself. The heat around his hand caused a fireball and he aimed several at the creatures. Nate looked at Oryucujua and thought to himself that these creatures were hurting his friends and that he needs to stop it. A great big ball of void appeared before him and a shadow bat appeared in his hand and he hit it towards the creatures causing them to be weakened. Hikage heard the same sounds again and looked to the skies. She then saw it, a huge white bird flying across the sky. She knew it had to be a sign of hope. For some reason or other in her dreams that bird and other animals/creatures were always in it... protecting her. Fire saw the kids trying to help him and shadow/light.

[COLOR=skyblue]Aliki: What's happening? Come on you guys![/COLOR]
[COLOR=green]Amber: I can't hold it off any longer![/COLOR]
[COLOR=indigo]Shadow/Light: My turn.[/COLOR]

Shadow/Light caused everything to go pitch black and a hole appeared from behind the Oryucujua. They were sucked into the emptiness.
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OOC: You've got the wrong idea Kiarra! You don't summon the creatures. And if you were reading I said that we get them ALOT later. I said we get the weopons and I'D start them up..so thanks for messing up my idea :( Just change your post to like something from the bird falls and turns into your weapon.

All of the sudden a Phoenix appears and a feather of it falls from the sky landing in Max's hands. He understands and the feather turns into a bright red crimson whip.

Max: ATTACK!!!!

Everyone charges feircly.
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Suddenly a Saber Tooth Tiger runs past.
As it passes a tooth falls onto Amber's hand.
It turned into a glaive.
Amber ran forward with glaive in hand swinging it at the monster.

Am I allowed to get my weapon yet?If not I'll delete it.
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OOC: I changed my post so that these creatures I see are protection-wise or summin. Also, do we get our weapons now?

Hikage looked around to see that Max, Meteo, and Amber received their weapons. She knew that she wouldn't be able to get her weapon yet. She didn't know how she knew but when the white bird flew across the sky, it was a sign.

[COLOR=silver]Hikage: Nice glaive Amber. Wow, Meteo and Max got their weapons too. I guess I have my powers.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=green]Amber: It's ok. Don't worry. I believe that your powerful even without your powers or weapon. Watch out![/COLOR]

Hikage was pushed to the ground by Amber as she fought off what was supposed to be a troll looking demon-ish creature.
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[color=teal]Amber:Hikage get up and start firing some Voids![/color]she said as she wrestled with the troll.She made a quick void and threw it so she could get out from under it.
She jumped up and attacked with slashes and cuts with her glaive.Max and Meteo jumped in to help.Hikage fired Voids.
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[I]Nate thought he saw a boy with long, black hair walk past him. He turned around but there was no one there. Before he could comment on it, a long, black staff appeared in his hands just in time as a strange creature attacked him. He knocked it back with his staff and shot a void at it. A giant black hand came up from the ground and pulled the creature down with it. After the creature was gone, he looked over to see Hikage, Amber, Max and Meteo fighting off a large troll.[/I]
"I've already lost some friends before and I don't want it to happen again!"
[I]Nate ran into the battle and helped them fight the troll.[/I]
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Hikage looked towards Nate, then Meteo, then Amber. She felt anger, sorrow, and fear all at the same time. Suddenly two creatures appeared before her, a Wolf and a Fairy sitting upon the wolf's head.

[COLOR=silver]Hikage: What? Who are you?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]Fairy: I am Lillith. [/COLOR]

A troll ran towards them but was zapped back.

[COLOR=silver]Hikage: What was that?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]Lillith: A barrier in which the monsters keep away from you and your friends. Look around.[/COLOR]

All around her, everyone was engulfed in a barrier of light.

[COLOR=silver]Hikage: Did you do that?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]Lillith:*giggles*No, you have done this. Your heart is pure light, Hikage. You cared for the safety of your friends and thus you created one of the most advanced powers you receive. I must ask, why is your name Hikage and not Hikari? [/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]Hikage: I chose that. My mother was able to see into my thought and she saw that I wanted to become Kurayami, a Goddess of Darkness.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]Lillith: I see. How so? Well, I have come with a creature that seems to be yours. His name is Wolfox. He gives you a crystal interchangable wand. If you say what you want it to be it will become that or if you want it to create or summon something it will do that.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]Hikage: Wow, thanks. Now, we must go before we are noticed. Call for help and remember that no matter where you are, friends are always there.[/COLOR]

Hikage nodded and they disappeared. Before long the barriers fell and she saw that Amber was already being overpowered by two trolls. Hikage ran towards her thinking to her self,"I need a sword." And the wand changed into a sword of crystal. She slashed the first troll and it was smeared with light.
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[I]Nate caught one of the trolls under the chin with his staff but then another caught him by surprise and stabbed a claw through his arm. He fell down, holding his wound and several black arms came up from the ground and covered him completely. The troll tore at the arms but the more he destroyed, the faster the others came to take their place.
"Maybe...maybe I should just let him kill me..." He thought.
All of the arms pulled back and the troll prepared to strike at the defenseless child...[/I]
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Hikage saw that Nate was down. She ran and screamed Katana! and she slashed the head of the troll. Nate looked up at her and she just smiled. She saw another coming towards her way and she thought to herself dark pit. A hole started to crumble beneath the trolls. Dark Hands came up and grabbed them to the underworld.

[COLOR=silver]Hikage: I can feel them.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=green]Amber: Feel who?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]Hikage: The dead... and others screaming in pain.[/COLOR]

Suddenly Hikage fell to her knees holding her head, screaming MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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