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Weiss Kreuz: Vor Anfang(updated name)


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OOC:I saw a thread earlier in the feedback forum which inspired
me.In this RPG , you can buy stuff by racking up enough
points.1 post= 5 points.Just PM me if you wanna know about
the points and stuff.

[i][size=1][center]Weiss Kreuz: Vor Anfang

It's before...before it all happens...Before Weiss...There
are people...normal teens...what'll happen?...[/center][/size]

It's a sunny day by the flower shop.Ken is looking for a job.
He see's a "help wanted" sign.

Ken:Hmm...I wonder if I could get a job here.

He walks in...and see's to other teens, the same age.

Ken:I say the "help wanted" sign outside.And I wanted to
apply for a job here.
Lady:Why not? We were surely looking for someone.
Ken:So when do I start.

Ken worked peacefully.The next day he befreinded to other
two peers...Is something going to start?[/i]
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OOC: My German's a little rusty... What does the title mean? And what's up with the points thing? *is curious* What would we want to buy?

Omi jogged up the street, red cheeked and panting hard. "No...!" he moaned, glancing at his watch. "I can't be late! Not on my second freaking day! No no noooo!" Sharply he stepped up to the door of the flowershop and pushed it open, the door tinkling loudly to signal his entrance.
Looking up, Ken smiled slightly, a little embarassed as Omi bowed low. "Sorry, I know I'm late!"
"Uhh... Calm down. You're not late... You still have five minutes before you start." Ken chuckled as he wrapped some flowers in the crackling paper and put them to one side. He smirked slightly, amused by Omi's embarassment. "This is your first job is it?"
Omi nodded, walking to the door interconnecting the shop and a back room, and tossing his schoolbag inside. "Yeah, it is."
"Then don't worry so much about being a few minutes late." He pointed up at the clock. "Besides, that clock's ten minutes out, get here on time and the old lady praises you for being early. And you've got space to be ten whole minutes late."
Omi grinned slightly, still a little embarassed, while he found his apron and pulled it over his head, tieing the strings at the back. "So, are we in alone?"
"No," mused Ken absently. "There's still that other guy... I keep trying to remember his name." Ken paused, thinking hard. "I wanna say Larry..."
"I don't think it was Larry..."
Ken shrugged. "If he doesn't get here soon he [i]will[/i] be late."
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Braidless Baka [/i]
[B]OOC: My German's a little rusty... What does the title mean? And what's up with the points thing? *is curious* What would we want to buy?[/B][/QUOTE]

[i]The title says "Before Start"...and the points are for like weapons (which'll happen a bit later) and etc...[/i]
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[B]OOC: Who are your characters talking about? Are they talking about my character? If so, I'll edit this post.[/B]

[I]A boy with pale skin and white hair walked down the empty sidewalk with his hands in his pockets. He stopped in front of a building and looked at the sign in the window. It read, 'Help Wanted'.[/I]
"Well, Father Williams always wanted me to get an honest job and this looks as good as any."
[I]He opened the glass door causing a little gold bell to ring. A blue eyed teenager looked up from the cash register.[/I]
"Hi, may I help you?"
"Yeah. My name's Kisho Hattori, I came to ask about that help wanted sign. Are you still hiring?"
"Hold on, let me check." [I]The teenager said as he walked over to an open doorway on his left.[/I]
"Hey, Ken! Are we still hiring?"
"Yeah, we're still hiring!" A voice yelled back.
[I]The blue eyed teenager turned his attention back to the kid in front of him.[/I]
"You're in luck, we still have some jobs open. I'm Omi."
[I]Omi reached his hand over the counter and shook Kisho's.[/I]
"Did you want a part-time or a full-time job?" [I]Omi asked.[/I]
"Full time, please."[I]Kisho replied.[/I]
"Okay then, follow me please and I'll get Ken to tell you what you need to do."
[I]Kisho followed Omi into the back room.[/I]
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