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Final Fantasy the New Begining(RPG sign up)


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The story starts in a world that looks like FF7.Shinra and Sephiroth are back.Shinra is building more reactors and everything begins in Neo Midgar.Sephiroth is trying to take over the world and find the promised land.

Just make a profile like so:

Name-Kain Strife
Weapons-(only two)Lionheart Gunblade,Katana
Items-PotionX2,AntidoteX2,GF pendent
Bio-He knows almost nothing about his past.Most people describe him as a lone wolf.
You can post a pic of your character if you want.
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Okay, sounds lovely...
[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Sabirsing

Age: 17

Weapons: 9mm, Solar Wand

Items: Spirit Stone.

Bio: She's a wild fighter that doesn't take any lip off of anyone, and would rather fight than talk. Needless to say, Human Comunication isn't her best attribute.

Meet Sabirsing: [/COLOR] [IMG]http://www.theotaku.com/tenchi/pictures/32.jpg[/IMG]
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count me in!

Name- Ryu Hoyashi
Weapons- The DarkBlade, Susa Gun
Items- Rope, backpack, helmet
Bio- The rogue of Neo Midgar. People pass him by as if he were never there. If they do pay attention, they call him "The Ghost Wold of Neo Midgar." His life a mystery, his past a mystery, himself a mystery. All he wants is a good home, a wife, and a life he could live with. He follows by one motto, "Fight for freedom; Fight for your life; Fight for the right to exist."
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[COLOR=green]One more...

Name: X-fer

Age: 19

Weapons: HardEdge, FireKnuckles, Shotgun.

Items: Potions, FenixDowns, ???? Amulet

Bio: X-fer isn't the one to talk, but act instead. He has a short temper but is fair in his day to day dealings. He resides in the sunny town of Costa Mesa working as a chemist and bartender.[/COLOR]
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Name: Allan Peirce.
Weapon: Gunblade, Red-Eye/RPG Launcher (just for the heck of it)
Item: X-Potion X5 Life X2 Mega Elixer X2
Bio: Master Seargent in the USN(United Staes of new America) in the 101st Airborn. First in history to reach his level of acheivment at such a young age. He is a military mastermind/genius. He has bee nsaid to be able to outwit all the greates of the generals of all time including: Alexander, Patton, Rommel and Swuartz. He isa very deadly erson and an active leader who doesnt sit back and command his troops he actually gets up on the front lines and fights with them.
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Name: Death
Age : ???(he's been here since the beginning of time)
Weapon: Titanium Scyth, Poison Teeth(he spits them)
Item: 5X-Life, 5X-Xpotions, Samsung Blue-I Handphone.
Bio: Like the name says, he takes people souls(limit). He hovers above the ground. Immune to physical attack. Some dumb@$$ stole his job(the guy uses A/W Magnum, Sniper Rifle).
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Name: Flash

Age: 20

Weapons: 2x Enforcer Magnums, Dark Ultima Weapon

Items: 3x Elixirs, 3x Tents, 1x Dark Matter.

Bio: A true warrior, with a Pure heart. He used to work as a Mercanary for Shinra, but rebelled against Rufus and left, taking out a few platoons of Shinra guards on his way out... Beneath his Emotionless, Hard exterior, lies a Gentle and Peaceful man...
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Name: Dias Flac [URL=http://www.afn.org/~afn17933/star-ocean/characters/dias.jpg](Pic)[/URL]

Age: 29

Weapon: Crimson Diablos Sword (red murasame)

Items: A few hebs for making various medicines.

Bio: Dias is a world renound swordsman. He has travelled the world participating in fighting tournaments to prove his strength. He is the current champion of the Blood Warrior's Competion (worlds largest armed fighters comp), along with many others.
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