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The Shinkou Gouzoku - - Silence of the Empire


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[size=1][center]"Shinkou Gouzoku"[/center]

In the year 1802, the world was prosperous. While tensions were building upon the Western nations, the Oriental kingdoms were flourishing with the same speed. Dynasties had fallen long ago, and semi-democratic governments were installed. Home lives were seemingly perfect, based upon the ideals of charity and goodwill.

Unfortionatly, life is not perfect, although it is viewed as such by the rest of the world. Corrupt politicians, inhumane laws, and harsh taxes oppress the people, yet they are bound by fear to not talk about it. Discussing changes to the hidden totalitarian rule is considered treason in the highest offence.

However, there are feelings of untamed fury. They cannot be contained. They seek each other out, chi energies intertwining and melding together, forging relationships over hundreds of miles. Eventually, these powerful souls are physically drawn to each other. They then formed the [I]Shinkou Gouzoku[/I], and began openly protesting the laws and empire.

At first, they were simple rallies. Then they turned to riots in the streets, and eventually, the death of a nephew of a powerful politician. This started the revolution. Open battles were fought, mostly sword battles and fistfights, but soon, it turned more gruesome.

Dojos turned to the revolutionary's side, and began training undisciplined farmers, peasants, ex-soldiers, and all types into stealth-borne samurais. Assassinations commenced on just about every political supporter in high rank. Soon, setups and moles were planted. Using tactical strikes, the empire took potshots at the revolutionaries, but they were doing too little, too late.

Influence throughout the villages had been lost; their weaknesses had been revealed, and they could no longer hold the people as a whole under their thumb. It was over...for the time.

[center]- - -[/center]

That was four years ago. The "Republic" of the old was broken for the most part, and a true republic was established. The young we trained to hate the corrupt are now holding the world in their hands. We taught them well, and they learned just as positively.

But there are always the black sheep in the flock.

-- -- -- --

[I]"Are you going to kill him, or should I?"

[b]"You go ahead. You seem to have some vendetta against this one."[/b][/I]

[center]- - -[/center]

[I]Ambassador Jintouto knelt at his table, sipping his tea quietly in his silent and dark boarding room. The guards standing at the other side of the door annoyed him. The way they listened to their fat, greasy commander, but not one of the men responsible for giving them a job. His furrowed brow gave way to a vein rising in his forehead. His slightly receeding hairline gave him more of a distinguished look, or so his aide told him. His blue suit, similar to that of lawyers in the West, made him look as if he was some immigrant with too much money. But here he was. Reports of a foiled assassination attempt did not sway him from enjoying his tea.

He was from a neighboring empire, and such a strike against his person would lead to war. Nothing would happen. Those revolutionaries were eliminated, and the guards had a very tight watch. Not even a fly could get through without notic?

Echoing grunts and squishes came from outside the door, followed by three thumps. Jintouto stood up, pulling a small dagger from his jacket pocket. His posture was one of a man with nothing to fear, as if he had done this a thousand times before. He was in a completely relaxed state. It would not be the first time he would have to defend himself from an assassi?

A very tall figure flashed from the side, the side door ripping off of its hinges. Scars zoomed by in intricate patterns, muscles rippling through a thick cloak, as green eyes pierced sharp into his for a brief second, clouded through thick black hair. And then he was gone, ?in less than a second.

Jintouto dropped his dagger, his face drawn in a tense, but somehow subtle, shock. He fell to his knees, hands as his side, with his eyes growing gray. He felt numb all over. Nothing seemed to register. Not the window, not the billowing curtains, not the soft breeze, ...and not his disemboweled stomach.

He closed his eyes, and fell forward...with a sigh.[/I]

-- -- -- --

These are just some footnotes:

[*] The new empire is founded on an ex-member of the Shinkou Gouzoku.
[*] The new emperor became corrupted with the chance of money and power.
[*] The price of power was to turn in the Shinkou Gouzoku.
[*] The surviving members of the Shinkou Gouzoku are now killers for hire, and are sparsely separated on the Japanese Isles.
[*] The killer of Jintouto is already selected, and he knows who his is. He is my character's accomplice.
[*] This is roughly set with [I]Kenshin[/I] in mind, just so you know the basic attitude and ?air? of this RPG.
[*] Be smart about your sign-ups. No super powerful moves and godly characters. It's all good if your person is good and all, but keep it real.[/list]

[b][u].:Sign-Up Sheet:.[/u][/b]






[b]Special Skill:[/b]

[center]- - -[/center]
[b]Name:[/b] "Naraku"

[b]Age:[/b] 34

[b]Height:[/b] 6' 3"

[b]Appearance:[/b] He keeps a low profile, with a relatively short, yet very spiky black hair. He has pale blue eyes, yet they seem to grasp whoever looks into them and peers through their very mind. His striking glance often make some look to long, and that leads to a blade in the throat.

He is muscular, but not bulging. He has a surprising speed factor, but his true power is his sudden bursts of strength that can topple the strongest of fighters.

He wears a solid black gi, about a size too big. Perfect for mobility, but literally no protection from a blade or arrow.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Attachment

[b]Special Skill:[/b] [u]Gekiretsu Renda;[/u] Charging his body with spirit energy, he gains a rush of power for about five minutes, and goes furious. During this time, he is nearly unstoppable. His speed and strength go off the charts. But after this short time period, he is very much so worn out.[/size]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Rune

Age: 27

Height: 5' 10"

Appearance: Despite several years in the Republic, Rune still has the air of an outsider. The fact that she has light brown hair, pale, watery blue eyes and skin that is strangely untouched by the skin, though not dead white, not to mention the black leather pants. Also wears a black dobuk, but strangely that doesn't seem to offset her accent...

She's fit, and not in the least bit fat, but is by no means overly strong. She relies mainly on speed, and a certain blasé air that can really only have ever come from someone who was born in a country where the entire world was out to get you. (Australia)

Weapon: Twin tonfa. Two of what is shown in the picture basically. [img]http://www.karatedepot.com/catalog/images/items/wp-to-01.jpg[/img]

Special Skill: In horrible situations, people have been known to say that the event seems to happen in slow motion, that their perceptions seem to react faster than normal. Rune can do this at will. Watching her once she returns to normality is like watching a cripple relearning how to walk...Perception changes everything.[/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic]Name: Mazui Ketsueki

Age: 17

Height: 6ft

Appearance: long black hair, pale, thin, very strong. Hates everyone.

Weapon: pair of Sai

Special Skill: A mental connection with the enemy, sometimes buying moments of time, lulling the opponent into a sense of trust or relaxation. Usually utilised in times of desperation. [/font][/color]
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Guest cesar906
Name:Lee Mubai
Apperence:Broad stelthy and very very sneaky
Weapon:Double Edge sword
Special Skill:To move into places others can't
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Name: Auron Xaojhen

Age: 23

Height: 5'11

Appearance: Auron wears a black gi with the jacket open showing his stomach and chest.He has a cut over his left eye which makes it look a pale blue while his other eye is brown.Auron is a powerful but well kept man.He only speaks to people who are worthy or he thinks is trust worthy.

Weapon: Akujiki (a katana that has a sharper than usual blade and is from a myth of a great warrior)

Special Skill: God's Hand-A special skill that requires a katana from a long gone myth.The Akujiki is that sword.This skill makes Auron like a god.He is faster than light and his strength is improved.He can cut an enemy to pieces in less than 2 seconds.A skilled swordsman can easily find this technique's flaws.The boost of power only lasts a minute.After the technique is completed Auron cannot do anything else.His body is thrashed and his is completely wasted.
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[color=crimson]Name: "Keninsho"

Age: 39

Height: 6'9

Appearance: Towering above most, he hides most of physical apperanence under a thick, black cloak. If you were to remove that, you would see the many scars that are strone across his body, several accumulating on either arm. His face is rugged and masculine, eyes the most mystical green that you could ever see- an odd glow pulsateing out from them. Generally, he hides this trait underneath a thick, straight head of hair, it's strands stopping right above his shoulder in the back, an inch past his ears on the side, and right above his nose in the front. He avoids shaving as much as possible, generally leaving varying lengths of stubble. He keeps his sheath upon his back, feeling that when its on the side it somehow is cumbersome to himself.

Overall he is a shocking first sight, but somehow gives off a fatherly aura. However, deep within him lies an un-wavering animosity with those that are not close to him.

Weapon: Katana with a Thicker, Longer blade.

Special Skill: Toukai- An assassains technique of hideing his skills, hideing himself, and just keeping stealthy in general. Because of his immense height, some would think this would be overly difficult, but in training his spirit, body, and soul he has mastered the techniques of the Shadow Warriors. Generally, he appears silently, and leaves silently leaving social activites to a minimum with those he does not know, but becomeing somewhat more social with his friends and those he trusts. This style is a dead one, its secrets known only by a few left amongst the islands. Attacks within this style are unknown to most, only those that have fought with Keninsho know, and there mouths are sealed. Melding his overwhelming natural strength and grace, he easily proves he still has what it takes with the blood of Jintouto.[/color]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Touya, Kenji

[b]Age:[/b] 44

[b]Height:[/b] 5?4

[b]Appearance:[/b] A battle-worn veteran of the revolution, forced to fight to protect his family. He was originally a farmer.

His frame is solid but compact. His speed was quickly realized and he was trained to be a silent killer. Not knowing better he took on these roles hoping to relieve his family of oppression.

With matte black hair and soft blue-gray eyes, he can appear a harmless old man, however if caught in his piercing gaze regularly leads to being the last thing the target sees.

His cloak is black and green, representative of the time period. He often wears different clothing for different situations.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Katana (attachment)

[b]Special Skill:[/b] [i]Lightening Chakara;[/i] When Kenji is in a pressing situation he can summon the remnants of his life energy and force his body into a self-damaging feat of speed and mobility. Though this helps to destroy his own body, it renders him into a rather chilling creature.[/size]
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Name: Nimmune

Age: 16

Height: 5'7

Appearance: She is thin and slender, not much of a chest to speak of. Although 16 she acts 10-13. She wears sandles usually in her backpack, she likes to walk barefoot. Her ears, slightly pointed, hold a hint of elven ancestory, although she has no knoldge of it, for all she knows shes human.Her small top is sholderless but has sleeves, her hip-hugging capris gather tightly at her knees, her hair is short, shin legnth, partally pulled back in to pigtails with a long part in the back going down to the small of her back.Having both her parents died she is alone but for a pet ferret who is normally asleep in her pack. With the help of him she had helped become a silent predator, hiding behind the face of a child.

Weapon: She seems harmless, a bit vanaruble at times, but sislently she is a force to be reconed with. She had a long cobra Katana slung across her back, she also keeps a set of throwing stars and throwing daggers in her backpack.

Special Skill: Having no extra speical atributies except that she is adorable. She is verry slender, which makes her agile. She dosen't look it but she is incredibly strong. She lives for hunting and having fun. Many of her childlike qualities remain, even in combat.


Told ja I'm back. :) I'll submit a pic of her once I'm done drawing her.
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Name: Makoto Sasuke

Age: 13

height: 4' 9"

Appearance: he's seems a bit short, but his enemies under estimate him for his size, but he is very skilled in both martial arts and sword fighting. Has spiky dark blue hair, he wears jade green baggy pants (like the kenshin himura wears), and a black silk jacket without sleeves. His attitude is a bit harsh towards others, but he is a nice person though he doesn't want to admit it. He was raised by a chinese swordsman after his parents were killed.

weapon: Kwan-Dao (a chinese style sword) [url]http://www.quandoman.com/picturepg5.htm[/url] <--- (copy and paste)

Special Skill: Chuuka Butsukeru (Chinese Hard Strike)
This is a skill Makoto made himself throughout his years of training. The attack starts out with 20 strikes to whatever he's aiming for then a final slash.
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