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Colored drawings


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I took some of my old pics and colored them yesterday.

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*screams and points* YOU'RE A GINNY! YOU'RE A GINNY!
*wakes up again* And we all know that Ginnys make for good artists.

Anyways, heh, your characters' poses are fantastic! I want to gush forever about the drawing aspect, but this thread is about the color aspect.

Ahem. A very good and promising start. Might I suggest you ink the outlines, or some of them, anyway, after coloring? Some of the smaller details get lost in the colors. And the final one had just the right amount of color.

9/1o because you are a Ginny. ^^
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I like them. You have a nice style going, where everything looks sketchy but actually has detail to it. I don't know many people who can pull that off.

I'm really interested in seeing something you spent a good deal of time drawing, and then a while just coloring. I think it would be pretty damn impressive.
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*Starts to burn How to Draw Manga books*"They teached me alot!"
Ya,your charters are COOL!I don't really like the 3rd one U_U.
The 1st one's left wing dosen't really mach up to the right one.It canna looks like it's on his shoulder.
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