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RPG: The Collected


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This is a sort of variation to the recent RPG based RPGs. Heres the basic story.

[I]A mysterious force has brought together many different universes of RPGs. Drawing from the worlds of Final Fantasy, to Star Ocean, to Pokemon. This mysterious force has thrown the many worlds into chaos. With all of the major citys off each world thrown together on one planet, no body can make sence of anyhting. Our goal is to somehow reverse what has happened to the many worlds and turn everything back to normal.[/I]

Now that you have the basic storyline, all you need to do is choose a character from any RPG you want. And I mean Any.

I will choose Dias Flac of Star Ocean 2. If anyone needs any info about who he is, just ask and I will gladly post it.
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[IMG]http://y2dave.subportal.com/games/anime/magic_knight/pic1.html [/IMG]

siren but with blue hair in a braid,black baggy pants,blue tank top

faerin but with silver crest and claws

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