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Alright, that is the recruitment page?

Here is a list of all that made it in (pretty much everyone)
Xavier Keoski(Miketsmith) - Wind
Elsyan Airserke(Deedlit) - Time
Raven Telecanter(The Harlequin) - Death
Capernicous Lund(Arikel) - Life
Alastuin Sakandre(Ravenstorture) - Water
Sakura(Sakuramon) - Forest


In the fairly large town of Chelsea all of you meet for one reason or another. You find yourself in the guild of mages listening to a speech.
?We must keep it to ourselves of what we are for now on. The people want magic to leave, they fear it? and we cant change there minds? The speaker, and head of the guild of mages said as there was a knocking on the door. The speaker looked to the door, as everyone else looked as well. 10 people in the guild of mages? only 6 would make it out alive?
The person knocking stopped, as the burst into the door and windows. Knights flooded the building, trying to take the lives of the mages. They couldn?t defend themselves, but one managed to create a portal, and Xavier, Elsyan, Raven, Capernicous, Alastuin, and Sakura made it out, without beeing followed?
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Sakura groaned and got up.she looked around and saw some other people.But that wasn't what she was looking for.She kept looking and she found it.Sora was lying on it's side not too far away from her.Sakura ran over to it and picked it up.She fluffed his feathers up and flapped back onto her shoulder.Sakura smiled and ran over to the others waking them up.
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Alastuin lay on her back, on cold, wet, grass, feeling very, very annoyed. The absinthe she had been drinking was incredibly expensive, and only half empty when they'd been ruedly awakened. Closing her eyes, she pushed the dew away from her in a wide circle, drying out the grass and soil underneath. A slight change in mood, but not enough to keep her from muttering profanities under her breath.[/i]

Girl: Hey! You alright? Quick, wake up! All the others are here.

Alastuin: **** off before I do something nasty to you.

[i]The girl screwed her face up and stomped away. Alastuin smiled, at least one thing was in order. Sitting up, she took a look around at the forest grove the remaining mages sat in. It was meant to be raining, but it wasn't. What a terrible day it had been so far. [/i][/font][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Feeling the ache in his back, Raven fought the urge to do something about it via those around him. It would probably get messy if he did. Especially with Capernicous. That was enough as it was... Someone shook him slightly, murmering in his name in a low tone. He opened his eyes and growled something under his breath. The sunlight needed work. Much of it negative in nature. He heard a muttered comment from someone else about the weather, and agreed in a somewhat shortnatured tone. The girl above him, Sakura he worked out through his clearing eyesight, muttered something about getting that reaction a lot. Raven looked around, noting the other's weren't in much better shape, at least mentally. Alastuin was glaring at just about everything. Raven caught her eye, and glared back, just to work out some of the tension.[/I]

Alastuin: Well?

Raven: I'm complaining about the heat.

Alastuin: I'll give you that.

Raven: Grudgingly.[/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Alastuin stood and looked around as she stretched. Her staff was not far away. Grabbing it and strapping it on her back, she stretched some more and looked around a bit more, and then decided it wasn't doing anything so she took her staff off her back and whacked the nearest person in the back of the legs with it, causing them to fall to the ground. She laughed hysterically. It happened to be Raven. Surprise, surprise... what a wonderful way to vent her anger. Raven fed a small stream of magic into her hands, causing her incredible pain. The laughter stopped, she helped him up, and stalked off to sulk in the surrounding forest. Sakura was trying to round everyone up. Alastuin decided that making that difficult would improve her day indefinately.[/i][/color][/font]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Raven decided that if it came down to either Sakura's little menagerie of the willing or the recalcitrant Alastuin...He'd take his chances with the pernicious little minx. Alastuin, of course... He walked off after her, finding her standing facing away, arms folded. He walked up to her, folding his arms across her shoulders and putting his head on one side, quite close to her ear.[/I]

Raven: So, what brings you here this fine morn?

[I]When the expected elbow to the stomach didn't come, Raven relaxed his stomach muscles. Then she stomped his instep. He bit off a curse, and didn't move.[/I]

Raven: Ah, but it shall take more than such a grevious blow to deter me from your eyes fair maid.

[I]He was greeted with a glimpse of those eyes as it were, framed by a quite high eyebrow. Her incredulous expression lasted a second or so, then reset into general antipathy.[/I]

Raven: Ah well, I tried.[/font][/color]
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Xavier stood up and brushed off his robes, then he took a look around.
Xavier: ?Gah! What a great? GREAT day this has turned out to be? he said as he picked his stave up off of the ground. He looked around to see what everyone was doing. He sighed and put his stave into the ground, supporting him, his white robes now dirty with soil. He walked over to where people seemed to be gathering.
Xavier: ?What a day??
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Suddenly there was a bright light on the back of Cap's eyelids, he had landed face up right underneath a small clearing in the forests canopy the sun's rays shining down on his face. he lifted his hand to his face as he rolled over with a slight groan. It took him a minute to fully gather his thoughts and sit up. He took a deep breathe and stretched his long bulging muscles as he let out a great yawn sounding more like a bear awakening from it's seasonal hibernation than a barbarian magi coming back to conciousness. He took a small survey of everyone around himself giving a slight nod to Raven. He knew the man of course, many in the realm of those who could affect reality to their will knew the one known as Raven. They shared a rocky friendship and an even rockier rivalree considering their polar elements. Then his eyes fell on Elsyan, looking over her lithe almost elven form and smiling. He met an elf.. once, strange creatures they were. Mainly hiding themselves from the mortal realm. He saw Raven near Alastuin and raised an eyebrow his eyes shifting to view mage sight, watching as he examined her aura. It flowed and ebbed like the tide. He muttered something in mage tongue the word for water and continued his examination. Finally resting on the girl by the forest, Sakura. Her aura shimmered with brilliant greens, browns, reds, and yellows and waved like blades of grass in the wind. he smiled slightly watching her calm aura for a moment before walking up to Xavier, staying clear from his wildly turbulent aura, he could tell something was bothering him.

Capernicous: What's up Xavier?
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Alastuin shoved Raven out of the way in an impatient fashion, and joined the others, scowling. The group fell quiet when she arrived, as people do when one of their companions is in a particularly foul mood. Turning to see where she'd left Raven, she was startled to see him standing less than a foot behind him. She made sure his hight was leveled to hers by dampening to soil under his feet till he sank into the watery mud up to his shins. He appeared not to notice, but that only made it all the more amusing.[/i]

Xavier: That's very immature of you, Alastuin.

Alastuin: I know. It's marvellous, isn't it?

Xavier: Save your strengths, child. The hunters will not be held back by distance for much longer.

Sakura: What, they're following? How do they know where we are?

Capurnicus: In fact, where are we?

Xavier: I don't know, I didn't cast the portal. But if those who attacked us knew who we were then, they must have at least some magic on thier side.

[i]Alastuin lost concentration and the mud dried out, leaving Raven standing in a solid rock of dirt. As if things weren't bad enough as it was. She hated running.[/i]

Alastuin: Well, we're ok now, so what's next?

Elsyan: I say we work out where we are, first. Then we work out where we're going to go.[/font][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Raven: Down.

[I]The reason for this unhelpful comment was not apparent until Alastuin found herself lying on the ground, looking up at Raven's smiling face. She glared at him, an effect slightly ruined by the sun in her eyes. Raven freed his boots of the constraining earth, shaking dust all over her. He immediately apologised, somewhat profusely, and was nice enough to help her up and brush her off. She immediately ran her hands over her back, certain he had put something nasty down her shirt.

No such luck. Raven watched her soberly, as she eventually settled down, glaring at him suspiciously.[/I]

Raven: You know, this would be a much more enjoyable trip if you would just loosen up...in relation to me.

[I]Alastuin's eyes opened in indignation at the innuendo. Raven smiled mockingly, and bowed. Alastuin chose to ignore him.[/font][/color][/I]
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Sakura decided that they should have a meeting about where they should go now.Everyone gathered around and lot's of people gave their suggestions about where to go.
but like usual Alastuin and Raven were just leaning against a tree.
Sakura looked at them and growled softly and turned back to the group.
'Why do they have to be so annoying?!'Sakura thought in her head.
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Xavier closed his eyes for a moment then let out a sigh

Xavier: We have to think about this, they are going to be after us until we are dead? so we have only a few courses of action? We can, A: Prove our selves to them, which may aswell be impossible, because they will probably just find more reasons to resent us. We can B: Run away, Hide? live our sour lives out in solitude. Or C: the one that I am totally against? just kill them

Xavier let out a small laugh after stating the third

Xavier: Any action we chose, we need to find out where we are, get shelter and food? I?ll be right back?

Xavier set the head of his stave to the ground and muttered a few words in Arcane. Suddenly a flash of updraft came from underneath him hand carried him into the air hundreds of feet. He stayed up there for a little while, checking the surrounding aria then came back down, hitting the ground softly, hardly making a sound.

Copernicus: See anything?

Xavier panted a little
Xavier: Well? to the east there seems to be ocean? to the north?. Ocean?. To the south? ocean?. To the west?. ?.ocean? we are on an island? but there does seem to be some for of building to the south east of here, in the middle of the island. I suggest we stay on guard, we have no idea what kind of creatures will be here
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Alastuin stretched and walked forward to the group. They seemed to have made a decision, and Alastuin was hungry. It was time to leave.[/i]

Alastuin: Right, then... shall we go?

Xavier: The building is that way, but the forest looks pretty impenetreble.

Alastuin: Well, we can give it a shot, can't we?

[i]Taking off her heavy black cloak to reveal a rather tight, revealing top laced up the front and back, sleeveless, and leather pants. Also rather tight. Balling up her cloak and strapping it to her back over her staff, she plunges into the forest and begins to wind her way south east, appearing to enjoy herself. After a moment's hesitation, the others follow.[/i][/font][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Raven, with his long stride, caught up to Alastuin in only a few easy paces, before pointedly shortening his strides.[/I]

Raven: Interesting top.

[I]Alastuin made a note of ignoring him, assuming it to be another innuendo, or perhaps an insult.[/I]

Raven: No really, I'm serious. Would I be able to borrow it sometime?

[I]That got him an incredulous look.[/I]

Raven: Score one to my side.[/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]The forest was nearly impenetrable, as Xavier said, but after a few hours the tip of a structure was glimpsed through the thick canopy. The mages were dripping with sweat, and most had stripped away thier outergarments. Most un-magelike behaviour.
Until then, no one had tried to use their powers to speed the journey. As thier location was unknown, they didn't want their presence known to any. Sakura helped greatly, constantly pointing out which vines to avoid, which leaves not to touch, and which trees to stay away from. The forest seemed contented around her, also. A great comfort, as the environment seemed rather forbidding at times.
Finally, they reached the structure. It was a guard tower - scaffolded of wooden beams, with a makeshift hut on the top. [/i]

Elsyan: Is this the structure you saw, Xavier?

Xavier: No, the one I saw was made of stone. I must have overlooked this.

Capernicous: I hardly think this would be the only one. There must be others, further away.

Sakura: Strange this one would be here, too. I mean, nothing to guard against but thick forest?

Raven: Seems to me this place must be pretty heavily guarded. If people would take the risk of coming in through here...

Sakura: So, are we going in?

Alastuin: Wait. This is a guard tower, right?

Xavier: Yeah, we're supposing so.

Alastuin: Where are the guards?

Raven: Not here. So let's go.

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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]The scaffolding had a ladder on the inside, and Raven wasted no time in climbing it. Upon reaching the top, he immediately investigated the small hut-like structure. It was spare, a window on each wall with a small bench to sit on underneath each one. A table in the centre, dusty except for a single square. Probably for maps.

Alastuin joined him, annoyed that there was nothing interesting, asiding the view. They looked out at the stone structure. It wasn't very interesting, or clear, at this range. Raven got bored quickly, and looked downwards. His following remark was....suggestive.[/I]

Raven: That's quite a fall.

[I]Alastuin looked at him in something akin to consternation.[/font][/color][/I]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Looking back out the window, she noticed a winding pathway of grass - often used. Easy travelling from here on in.[/i]

Alastuin: If that's a challenge, then you're on.

Raven: Well, as a matter of fact, it is.

Alastuin: Ok then, you first.

[i]Raven jumped out the window and glided down, landing silently and with perfect grace. He smirked up at her.
Alastuin smirked back and walked over to the hatch, calmly decending the ladder and returning to the group.[/i]

Alastuin: Nothing there of interest. Shall we move on?

Xavier: I think that's a good idea. There is a clear path from here, it seems, so be on the lookout.

Alastuin: The path seems to extend all the way to the building. I didn't see any sign of life... intelligent life, anyway... while I was up there. If we come across anything we should just act friendly, and we should be fine.

Xavier: Sounds like a plan.

[i]The group pressed on, Alastuin making a point of not looking at Raven as he rejoined the group.[/i][/font][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Raven, conversely, stared at Alastuin. He had a sudden idea, and automatically acted on it. He cut the life, momentarily, from her legs.[/I]

Raven: Good thing you didn't try. If you couldn't even fall that far...

[I]Alastuin got up, rubbing her legs to return the feeling. The others didn't even stop, they simply kept walking. Raven stopped and companionably helped her up. He expected her to try and trip him, but she failed somewhat. He steadied her as she overbalanced, wrapping his arms fully around her.[/I]

Raven: Interesting choice of actions.

[I]He let her go half a second before she moved, and stepped back, but got an elbow to the ribs anyway.[/I]

Raven: You win some, you lose some.[/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Painfully aware of his body against hers, Alastuin broke and went stiff. Her gaze burnt imaginary holes in the grass before her, and she felt herself becoming... emotional. Not angry, just... startled. She decided to scream at him whilst wrapping herself in her huge mage's coat.[/i]

Alastuin: What is with all these ****ing mind games? LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE, GOD DAMMIT!!!! [b]WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?[/b]
[i]Raven looked taken aback, and slightly hurt - but she was sure that was just him being annoying again. Slightly embarrassed, she stomped off to join the others, her face an interesting shade of crimson. Capurnicus gave her an interesting look, but said nothing. It began to rain softly.[/i][/font][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Raven's respone was soft, and no one except him heard it. He was a good twenty metres behind everyone else, so that wasn't surprising.[/I]

Raven: Everything my dear.

[I]He sighed, and trudged after the disparate group, noting the glance Capernicus shot at her, then back at him. He flatly raised an eyebrow in response, and made sure to keep well behind all of them.[/font][/color][/I]
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[color=009966][i]Elsyan walked alongside Sakura and Capernicous, listening as Sakura explained about the different types of plants, their species, and other stuff of sorts until Xavior came to a stop in the middle of the well-trod trail. He signaled for everyone to halt, then ran ahead a bit. It took only a few moments before he came back.[/i]

Xavior: "There are a few people coming this way. We can either fight them, but that would blow our cover, or we can hide until they pass."

[i]All could see the look of anger and irritation that passed across Alastuin's face.[/i]

Xavior: "Well since you seem to detest running so much, do you have any better ideas?"[/color]
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Xavier signed everyone into the tall grass that was beside them, for the thick forests were now nothing but a few trees here and there? He found a good hiding spot and darted into it, everyone else following.

Xavier silently whispered ?If they any amount of power magically, they will know we are here? Its easy to see auras??

Xavier closed his eyes and felt the energy silently go past him? the people walking on the path didn?t see them? but the dragon that decided to fly past did.

The dragon roared out, it was obviously part of the ?guards? to what ever this structure was. Xavier?s immediate action was to slam his stave into the ground releasing the tornado spell he put into it.

Xavier: ?Were in for it!?

The group spread out, and the guards that went past ran back, Copernicus got the best of them with his Maul but the dragon would defiantly serve as a greater enemy
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Raven, who was still a good twenty metres behind everyone else, slipped outwards and sidled along, the dragon deciding that roaring at people and generally making an idiot of itself would be preferable to actually biting someone. As Raven came up behind it though, he found it out was also partial to tail lashing. Raven, knocked down but not out, was far less than happy.[/I]

Raven: Yeah? Well **** you!

[I]The dragon stopped mid lash, mid roar. No one here was really an expert at reading reptillian features, but the consensus would have been that it looked surprised. It turned around, outraged that someone would act like that towards it. It slammed a claw down, which Raven easily avoided. It lunged forward, jaws slamming together.[/I]

Raven: This is everyone else's cue to do something to it while it's not looking, by the way.

[I]His dagger spinning into his hands, Raven dove forward darting in under a huge talon and stabbing his dagger in under the edge of a foot wide scale. Sending a burst of negative energy through the blade, he ripped the scale off, and darted back out, holding the makeshift shield in his left hand. The dragon roared, and sent a fireball flying towards Raven. The shield came up, and the fire, unable to penetrate such protection, fizzled out.[/I]

Raven: Didn't see that one coming, did you?[/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Alastuin, not knowing what to do in such a situation, batted her eyelids once, changing her vision. All of a sudden the world appeared to her as a hydrographic x-ray. Water molecules showed up as bright white pinpoints against a deep red background. As the air was rather humid, the white was rather thick, so she narrowed her eyes and fiddled with the contrast. Lifeforms showed up as swirling, churning masses as the blood circulated around their bodies. The dragon was particularly vibrant, as it's veins and arteries were rather thick - and watery. Excellent.

Alastuin relaxed and concentrated on the snowstorm infront of her. Feeling her power naturally catch at her fingertips, she adjusted herself so it gathered in her mind, just behind the eyes. Using her craft as a magnet, she pulled the lifejuice in the beast down and towards her. The effects were immediate and obvious - the dragon became dizzy as the blood drained from it's head, and the heart strained to pump the blood against the unnatural force. She took this opportunity to alert the others.[/i]

Alastuin: Strike at it's base! It's more vulnerable there now...[/font][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Raven decided that this was probably the time to actually do something. The dragon, drooping and not really that responsive, was in no position to react as Raven, in typical reckless style, ran up the thing's tail, leapt over the spines that guarded its neck, and landed between its eyes. The dragon shook its head slightly, nearly dislodging Raven. He grabbed onto an outcrop of scale and held on, swinging back onto its snout.

The dargon's wagonwheel sized eyes were in front of him. He threw his dagger into the air, and caught it by the blade. He stabbed the skull shaped pommel into one of those great eyes, the dagger aurating the air around it an inky blackness. The lifeforce, an etheric energy as opposed to what Alastuin had stolen, flowed into him, and he leapt off. He hit the ground and let the stolen lifeforce absorb the shock. [/I]

Raven: Well, we have a dehydrated, necrolysing, half blind dragon. Anyone feel like just leaving it to walk into a few mountains?[/font][/color]
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