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Basic Role Playing. Midieval Characters only. Make it up as we go.. and have fun.


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The half Drow, half wood elf ranger walks through the forest silently. Having grown tired of the battle between two men in a barren wasteland he traveled onward.
His sparkling blue eyes look up to the sun to see it at it's midday point. Thinking it had been longer he lets his shoulders sag lightly. He ducks under low branches that his 6'2" height can't fit under.
As the wind picks up his black cloak billows out behind him. He looks up again and sees ominous black clouds creeping over the sky.
He sighs as he looks back down.
"And now it's going to rain.... great."
He looks at his black leather armor and decides he had better find some sort of shelter before the rain starts so his armor isn't ruined. He checks his three swords to make sure they are strapped down tightly and runs quickly through the woods and to the nearby mountains. He searches hurridly and finds a cave amongst them. He lights a torch as he enters the cave as silently as a ghost. He sets the torch down against a rock as he goes back outside to fetch some firewood.
After he gathers enough he goes back to the cave and starts a fire near the entrance but far enough away that the rain won't come in and put it out. He sits back against the cave wall as he hears the first sound of thunder. Then the rain starts.
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I'll do some okay...

He shook his head and closed his eyes. The thunder shook the ground. He opens his eyes. As he looked out of the cave he saw a shadow. He jumped up and walked to the entrance of the cave. He looked outside.
"I must be seeing things..." He said. He sat back down and saw the shadow again. I looked and got up.
"Who are you?" He said. A small figure appeared out of the trees. The figure came closer. He than noticed it was a human.
"Who are you?" He repeated.
"I am lance the dragon tammer. Who are you?" Said the himan.
"I am Rohan (sorry if the names not middevil.)" Lance looked at him inside the cave.
"Come in here if you are looking for shelter." Said Rohan. Lance walked in.
"So, what brings you to this part?" Said Lance.
"I have come a long way..."
"I am on a qeust, to find the silver sphere. I have been travlling for days." Said Lance. "I my need help on my way. I would be glad if you would follow me." Rohan looked at him. The thunder continued to hit the ground.
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Rohan looked at the human curiously. "What can you tell me about this silver orb human? (sorry for adressing as 'human', but you know how elves are..)"
"It is an orb of great power, a power that may be able to save the world." Lance responded.
Rohan nodded, then looked out of the cave. "We can leave when this storm passes. Only a fool would be out in this... the trees even cry under the strain of the winds..."
With that Rohan adds more wood to the fire and sits back, not paying the human much attention.
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Lance looked at Rohan.
"Tell me, why are you being so stuborn?" Asked Lance.
"I don't care much for you humans. You didn't care much for my people!" Lance looked in shoke.
"What did we do? What ever the humans did to you, has nothing to do with me!" Lance grinned.
"That what you all said! Then your army of scums distroied our people! I am the only one left from my village!" Yelled Rohan angrilly. The cold wind blow the fire making it filker. Lance smiled.
"That was years ago. I have nothing to do with the past. I have only one thing to do, obtain the sphere. I ask of your help. Your eyes can see one hundred miles away, and you swift movements..." Lance stopped and looked at Rohan. Rohan began to trust Lance. The wind died down, and so did storm. Lance walked out and said to Rohan,
"Shall we go now?"
"Why not?" The two set out off on there qeust. Rohan stopped and said,
"What were we looking for again?"
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Lance looked at him in shock. "What do you mean?"
Rohan blinked, looked at Lance confused. "Who are you?"
"What do you mean who am I? Rohan, you know perfectly well who I am!"
Rohan gave a large smile. "I see, you haven't been informed yet have you? Rohan often leaves me out of the equation. I am Deteria, Rohan's alter ego." With that Rohan gave a low bow.
Lance continued to look at him confused.
"When to species of elves combine there are some odd consequences. We just happen to be one of them." Deteria/Rohan said still smiling.
"Right..." Lance replied. "Well I am Lance the Dragon Tamer."
"Well to give you the formal greeting, we are Rohan and Deteria, Rangers of the Forest, Followers of Miliekki, Slayer's of the Demon Taurimil."
Lance looked at him nervously, "A pleasure."
Deteria nodded with a smile still. "So what are we looking for?"
"The Silver Orb."
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They followed Lance down the steep hill (Listen, if I get this wrong don't blame me. I thinking that there are three charter in it now. So, keep it simple if i'm wrong.) and across the rocks. Lance stopped and turned around (Sorry to say this i know it's a bad time but...this is kinda like lords of the rings).
"I think we should stop aroud here for the night..."
"I think we should go on. This isn't the best of places to stop." Said Rohan.
"Hmmmm, maybe your right...But there has to be a faster way to get to or desanion..." Said Lance.
"Er...were we going?" Asked Deteria.
"To the boaders. We cross over there and though the woods then to the temple to get the orb. There's gonna be some nasty suprise though..."
"We will need more weapons. I could use a bow." Said Rohan.
"And I have a bow, but my arrows are spent..." Said Deteria.
(bet i got the Elf thingy wrong...)
"Well there's a small village ahead." Said Lance. Thay continued over the muddey hills. As thay ran Rohan came to a halt.
"I can see spears...about 23 of them. There warlocks!" The others got out there weapons. But Deteria had only a useless bow. He had to fit with his fist. Rohan took his sword and Lance took a...WHISTLE?
"What are you gonna do with that?" Ask Rohan.
"You'll see." He blow the whistle and over the hills came a small fling dragon!
"Guy's, meet Zard, my dragon!" He said.
"Okay, this could get messy!" Said Rohan.
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The half drow, half wood elf walks through the forest. His smells all of his surroundings, hears all of the noises, and sees all of the shadows. He is a ranger, the protector of the forest and a worshiper of Mielikki. He sees a tree with several carvings on it, and makes his way over to it to investigate. He sees that it is a signiture post of rangers. So he puts his symbol into the tree. The symbol represents Dmitri Dragoon, his name. But that isn't the only name he goes by, he also goes by Deteria, his other mentality. For he is a schizophrenic.
He stands from his carving, a full 6'2" height, he has short, light brown hair, and sparkling blue eyes. He wears black leather armor and a long black cloak. Under this cloak he hides three swords. Two smimitars and a katana. In his knowledge is a plethora of magical spells.
He continues on for several more hours when he decides to make camp. He starts a small fire to keep away enemies of the night, and sits back against a tree, and slowly starts to doze off.
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At the same time an half demon half werewolf wondered though the woods. He was very tried from a small fight he got into. He brushed back his long black hair. He had very spikey hair, he was pretty small, about 6feet. He had a long black coat with him and a huge sword plus a large bow. He stuck his ears into the air, lissoning for sounds. He smiled showing his large fangs then laughed an evil laugh.
"Harrr! I can smell something! something tasty!" He ran across the brown leaves. He followed his senser's and he found he had been lead to an elf like creature.
"Hmmm, he look an elf, but also like a drow...I have been haunted by my passed! I can't harm an elf...even though he doesn't look like one...I will never forget what thay did to help..." The werewolf/demon walked up to the small fire Deteria. Most people called the werewolf Dango. Dango stopped to see hm sleep.
"Maybe those swords would be useful for my journey...He looks like the kinda...weak fighter!" Dango walked up to Deteria. Deteria awoke and Dango jumped back.
"Who are you? Leave me!" Shouted Deteria. Dango begain to growl.
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Dmitri raised his hands in defense. "Woah there buddy.. I didn't mean any harm... My name is Dmitri... I'm just a ranger, I mean you no harm." Dmitri tried to look scared, but he was already formulating a plan, and preparing a spell to incompacitate this person quickly.
He studied Dango closely, telling by his smell that he had some sort of wolf in him, something else to, but he couldn't quite place it. He slowly stood up, keeping his hands raised, then he moved his hands and crossed them over his chest to show he didn't want to fight. But had them positioned that he could quickly draw two of his swords and get a attack in before Dango could react.
"What is your name friend?" Dmitri asks.
"I am Dango." the half demon, half werewolf replied.
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"Dango...Sounds like your a demon, but also a werewolf..." Said Dmitri. The werewolf/ demon looked at at the Elf.
"I am half demon, and half wolf. Why do you try to take your sword? I also mean no harm. I came to look for a secrat." The elf let go of his sword.
"So, were are you off to?" Asked Dango.
"Nowere really."
"Huh? I can smell some thing big, it's near"
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Dmitri listened carefully, in the not so far distance he could hear something moving. He reached out with his mind and found what it was.
"You're not smelling something big.. you are smelling several things... Ogres. Five of them beyond those trees." Dmitri said. He pulls out his two scimitars and looks at Dango.
"You can join me if you wish," With that Dmitri smiles and runs into the forest after the ogres.
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Dango followed Dmitri though the woods. He stopped and yelled out.
"Hay! Stop! I must ask you, would I need to transform into my wolf form? I can easily do it!"
"Do as you please. But call me Dmitri." Thay both ran though the woods until thay came to several ogres.
"There he is!" Said one of the ogres. Dmitri knew thay were talking about Dango.
"Oh..." Dango looked at Dmitri.
"Thats it! I ahve to transform! These guys have been after me for a long time! Thay wont rest 'til I'm dead!" Dmitri held his sword.
"Now you tell me!"
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"Oh well I'm sure we all have enemies," Dmitri said. Then dashed forward to two of the ogres. With his left scimitar he does a slash, which is parried, his right does the same to the other ogre and scores a hit on the stomach, spilling the ogres intestines out.
The other ogre brings his great sword around to cleave the small elf. Dmitri easily dogdes, brings a scimitar down on the ogres wrist, slicing it's hand off. The ogre wreels in pain, Dmitri jabs forward and impales the ogres heart on his sword
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Dango stood still and let out a howl. The ogers covered there ears, but Dmitri didn't. The howl echoed though the woods. Dango let down his head and growled. His black hair grew down his back and he grew black fur over his body. His face pushed out into a snout. His fingers grew into claws, his eyes turned red and his ears stayed the same, pionted and sharp. He then lifted up his head.
"Behold! My wolf power!" He shouted. The ogres and Dmitri stopped and marvaled at the sight. The wolf jumped in the air and bite the neares orge. The orge turned into dust.
"Nice Dango, but could you please warn me next time." The two heros continued to slay the rest of the ogres.
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Dmitri looks at the two remaining ogres. Decides to let Dango have one and he'll take the other. He sheathes his swords and thinks of a spell. He raises his hand and shouts "FIRE!" and a huge fire ball shoots from his hand and hits the ogre, incinerating it.
He looks to Dango to see how he is coming along.
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Dango was finished playing around with the ogre. He just kicked the ogre and went over to Dmitri.
"I could stay as a wolf all day! It doesn't really bother me!" Dango rubbed his fang. He lifted his head and let out a second howl. This time his body size went down and he turned into his normal form. He wagged his wolfy tail and smiled at Dmitri.
"Okay, were to next?" Asked Dango.
"I would...Maybe if we go north to the castle, I have a sore to settle with the king there!" Said Dmitri.
"Mmmmm, Fine, only if we can stop off for a bite every so often."
"Yes, there's a town near by. And I'm preety hungry!"
"We said I was hungry? I wanted to bite something!"
"Hope I'm not that something!"
So the two continued.
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As the two went on Dmitri looked over at Dango, thinking he heard some rumbling stomachs.
"You know if you're hungry there are plenty of animals in the forest.."
Dango looked at him and shrugged.
"Whatever," Dmitri said, and continued to walk. He reached into a side pocket and pulled out some dried fruit and ate a few pieces of it. He looked over at Dango and thought of offering him some, but decided against it figuring he would prefer meat. So he just continued on next to the werewolf.
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Dmitri walked along the road and looked back at Dango. Dango was lay on the floor!
"Hungry...need...foooooddddd..." He stuck his tongue out.
"Stop your whinning! There's a town near."
"You said that an hour ago!" Dango got up and rubbed his fang. Thay continued on. Thay soon came to a river.
"We can stop here for a while." Said Dmitri.
"Whats the point. There only water. No food." Mumbled Dango. Dango turned his head round.
"Hmmmm, I hear live pray...Only I think if I whant to catch it, I'll have to transform..." Dmitri put his fingers in his ears. Dango lifted his head.
"Hooooowwwwllll!" He howled louder than the last time. He let down his head. He began to grow black fur, and his black hair strached down his back, his face grew into a snout.
"Hahah...Huh? CRAP! I scared off the pray! But I could use a little hunting!" He opened his mouth and laughed.
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"Riight," Dmitri said to Dango, then watched him as he ran off into the forest to hunt. Dmitri looked at the stream, walked over to it and put his hand over it. He cast a spell of the ranger and suddenly several fish jumped out of the stream and onto the bank. He quickly killed the fish and cleaned them.
He started up a fire and cooked some of the fish. Then after it was cooked he ate some and saved the rest for Dango, for whenever he would return.
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It was late, and Dango didn't return yet.
"Hmmm, were is he?" Dmitri asked himself. Dmitri looked into the bushes.
Dango, was wondering the forest. He was still looking for the deers. He was so sure he saw a herd of them. He was faster than any animal in the forest, I deer would be no sweet for him! He then saw a deer, uder the moon light. He ducked down under the trees and walked slowly to his pray. The deer didn't see him. Dango walked closer.
"Gotta'ch ya!" He jumped on the deer.
"Wha???" He feel though the deer!
"Grrr! Impossible!" He got up and scaned the trees.
"Were'd it go?" He walked back to Dmitri to tell him. He came near Dmitri fire and stopped.
"Dmitri! Look!" Dmitri stared at Dango.
"The forest! All the deers! There, like ghost! I tried to catch one, but I fell though it!"
"And your point is?"
"I think this part lays a seceart, maybe some thing is tring to scare us. I'm already P***ed!"
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Yeh, but if you do you should consentrate on your own caracter. Like me, I'm working on Dango, and Dmitri Dragoon is working on Dmitri. You sould ask Dmitri first though. PM me and Dragoon with your caracter, or post it on this thread. I didn't sign up for this or out I just found it would be good to continue his story.
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[COLOR=darkred]OOC: Sure thing man, you can join this. It's a free country and a somewhat free internet. So just give a good description of your char, and find a way to find us wherever we are in the storyline.[/COLOR]

IC: "Well this is called the Dark Wood. It is slightly haunted, perhaps you are chasing the ghosts of slain deer. But hey, if you are still hungry I caught some fish while you were gone, it may be a little cold now, but just stick it near the fire for a minute or so and it should be just fine." With that Dmitri stood up and jumped into a tree. He nimbly climbed up a few branches and looked down at Dango.
"After you eat you should try to get some rest, in the morning we are going to set off and try not to stop until we find a town. I'll keep watch through the night"
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Dango went back to his normal self. He sat down near the fire. He begain to speak to himself, words that were very puzzleing.
"Nimarda, daritad filltaot finligin santoa. Buyeda nimsus mangolager." He said.
"I didn't know you could speak snake tongue. I can too." Said Dmitri.
"I don't think you can. I myself find it hard, only few people world wide can speak it. If you can, tell me what I said."
"I will. It qeuit weird what you said. You said 'Why, will no other exspect my spirt. I am forced to live alone.' Why do you say that?"
"It's true. I'm the one of a kind. There will be no other like me. Never. There's a seceart that even I don't know fully yet. I know my father. But I shall never ever speak of him!" Dango bent down more.
"You can tell me friend."
"I can't. You wouldn't belive me. And it will just push you away. Your the first friend I ever had."
"Please. I will not tell a soul."
"Fine! My...father...he...he's the...Devil..." There was silence in the air. Dmitri looked in shock.
"Bu...t thats impossible! Our...knowlegde of the Devil tells us, he has never felt before! That hoofed creature couldn't..." Then Dango interupped.
"The one you call Devil has a name. Danutela. It means mighty keeper. He is not hoofed. He just has clawed feet, and horns, he is just like you and me with his body shape, but his skin is purple. He has wings, wings stornger enoghth to distroy any thing. I got this neck less off him." Dango pick out his neckless. It was gold and it had a red sphere in it.
"I...never....knew." Said Dmitri.
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"So it seems we have both known a demon then. I worked for one, the demon I worked for was Tarumil, when I tried to stop working for him he killed my ..... nevermind, I sought revenge on those bastards. I killed them just as brutally. Now I am on a Holy quest to purge the world of evil." Dmitri's eyes darken. "And all are guilty until proven innocent."
Dmitri once again looked into the fire, not speaking again. Reliving the painful memories of his past.
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