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Breaking the cage of Rats


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The date is January 3rd 2130

The human race evolved at the turn of the century. Those who considered 'Freaks' or Strange in this time are now normal. Everyone is born with powers, Teleknetics, Elementalists, Telepaths you name it it exists in this society.

At first everything was okay, everyone could go around and be with whoever they wanted. It was not uncommon for a Telekenetic and a Elementalist to produce a child with a mixture of powers. But then things started to change. People started to become afraid of what would happen to their children if they were not kept with the right sort of people. So breeding laws were introduced which meant that only those of the same type could breed together. This was at first classed as an outrage against humanity and many many demonstrations happened. So after much badgering from the public and press, a new law was entailed which allowed couple's of different types to breed but they had to prove that it was out of pure love for eachother and not for another purpose.

After a while the system changed and the mixed types became rarer as the generations went on. Everyone thought that the human body and mind would keep on evolving and each generation provided a new sorce of information. But then disater struck. As with all evolutions there comes a time when it must slow down and stop...gradually picking up once again when it has had time to reorganise itself. But with humans it reversed the effect...the evolution stopped and turned back on itself. Children were being born without any form of 'powers' and were going back to being normal humans.

A mad panic spread throughout the world. People refused to believe that the children of the next generation were in thier respect 'Freaks of Nature'. Many pleas for help and government after government was called upon in order to resolve these problems. In the end it was decided that the children could not be destroyed as they were human in most respects...but what could possibly be done with them.

Eventually, after seven months debate it was decided that all children born without powers were to be treated as an inferior species and where caught and dragged down under the earth, away from the light of day which they were said to purge.

In an infesturing hole, under the complexity of the railroads and sewer systems the children are forced to live out their existance in the dark and cold. The 'Rats' as they have been named are considered to be foul and disgusting things that should not be seen by anyone. But there are those who are trying to set the score straigh. In the year 2110 a resistance group by the name of 'Resters of Humanity' was formed with the ultamet goal of freeing the Rats from their existance. So far this has not come to light.

The Rats live in small clans, numbering no more than fifty at a time. They have slowly become accusomed to living in the dark and fear the sunlight as they believe it signs them to their deaths. No Rat has ever been said to live past the age of 20 and they all live out their lives knowing that once they reach that age they will die.

Each rat is given two identifcation marks. The first is an ID code which is burned onto their left hand wrist and displays a series of numbers. The rats are not sure what they mean nor represent (as they are given virtually no education whatsoever) and worry for the time when they fade to red. These are in fact their birth dates and are used in order to keep a check on how many are actually in the 'holes' at any one time.

The seconds Identifaction mark can be one of four and displays where they are forced to work:

[b]Tunnel Rats:[/b]
maintain the sewers and the railroads, know the layout of the city due to the sewer and subway system and are dientified by two black lines running down their faces like those of a train track (e.g [b]! ![/b])

[b]Street Rats:[/b]
these are the only one allowed above ground, will often be seen cleaning up rubbish and sweeping the roadside, are quick learners and can find old bits of scrap easily. Identified by a yellow arrow on their forehead

[b]Mat Rats:[/b]
work in clothes factories and create much of what is sold on the high streets, take large quanties of undesirable material out of the owners hands. Indentifed by a white star on their left cheek

[b]Indu Rats:[/b]
work in production factories and create much of what the system requires (e.g cars, toys, building materials etc), take quanties of things that cannot be sold due to the undesirability of them. Identifed by blue cirlce on right cheek

Both ID marks are branded onto the Rats when they are first brought into the hole.

The 'Resters of Humanity' was started by a man who lost both of his children because they were deemed to be rats and he wanted to get them out. The group started out as a circle of friends, totalling five in all. Slowly more and more parents join and now the number is almost large enough to have it's own polical party but the current director, a Mr J.A.Hiye, says that it would only make them like the government officals of the world. They are know to have large demonstartions, try and busts through the underground to get to the Rats and have even been said to threaten the lives of government officals in order to free them. But they are seen as a pointless nusiance to society.

Now the largest oporation of the 'Resters of Humanity' is due to take place. With an oncoming celebration due to start tommorrow the group prepares to take down the officals and finally free one group of Rats forever.

Okay, the rules:
1) If you're a Rat then you cannot be older than twenty (as none get past that age) and you will have no idea of who you're family is or was

2) If you're a member of the 'Resters of Humanity' you must...and I repeat [i]must[/i] have a valid reason for being within the group. (for example your child/brother/sister was taken as a rat)

Okay that's it for now. Here's the sign ups:
Type: (Tunnel, street, mat or indu)
Mis: (anything else which you want to mention)

[b]Resters on Humanity[/b]
Power: (telekentic, elemenatilist etc)
Reason: (for being a member)

Here's mine to give an example
Name: Shaupat
Age: 16
Type: Tunnel
Description: only 5'1 in height, long dark brown hair, green eyes. Wears a raggered gre t-shirt and off-grey shorts
Personality: quiet, kind, but can be defensive towards the younger ones and knows her ground quite well.
Mis: hasn't been working in the Tunnel's for some time now, due to an accident in which she broke her leg.

okay...let's go
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[b]Name:[/b] Nezumi Taitsu
[b]Age:[/b] 14
[b]Type:[/b] Tunnel Rats
[b]Description:[/b] Asian in appearence, black hair and dark eyes, a hint of some deeper understanding in them
[b]Personality:[/b] Highly insightful for a Rat, but not without his own spark of humour. Can get defensive VERY easily.
[b]Mis:[/b] Is actually an [i]empath[/i] who's powers were stunted somewhat, classing him as a rat, but if they had been recognised earlier he would have been leading a normal life.

[i][b]Note:[/b] I've actually arranged the empath thing with Sarsy offline, I don't suggest doing the same thing until you've run it by her first ^_^[/i]
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Hmm...interesting story...

[B]Name:[/B] Alex Miller

[B]Age:[/B] 13

[B]Type:[/B] Street

[B]Description:[/B] Long, dirty blond hair, green eyes, dirty green jacket, gray pants, black shirt, dirty face, yellow arrow on forehead.

[B]Personality:[/B] Brave but cautious, usually suspicious of some people, good worker.

[B]Misc.[/B] (I might fill this in later.)
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