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Another bunch o' pics...


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Here you go-







Hm, yeah, the last one is extremely random and wierd...

I couldn't color the skin because I didn't have a skin-colored marker. In fact, I only had eight markers, and that's why some of the coloring is messed up.
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OH WOW! The first one is definatly 10/10!! *claps, bows* I like #2 best, the blue ink of the elf.. amazing, but #1 is breath taking! I love the others as well #2 10/10 #3 9/10, #4 8/10, #5 8/10, #6 8/10 .. *claps more* Verry nice and the pic you enterd in the Imignation contest, 10/10 definatly.!! ^_^
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i think they're good but you should have coloured them in pencil crayons-it would have looks much better, i hate feltips! :flaming:
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