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Should I even post my work anywhere?  

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  1. 1. Should I even post my work anywhere?

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    • No
    • Send me something (reply so I can)

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[size=1]Put a note in the subject heading, or at the top of your post, if there's a language problem. OB automatically censors some things, just don't bypass them.

Sure, post something.[/size]
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Okay, here's my latest poem. And I decided to take out some things in my fanfics.
Nobody's Listening

Why won't you listen?
Try as I might
Loud as I am
Nobody Hears Me
Famous as I am
Infamous as I am
Nobody Hears Me
Not the best, but the one with the most emotion.
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Wow, I actually like the simplicity; small lines but a huge point that comes across. I don't like to read so I am most intrigued to read poems like this one. I think everyone can relate so it would make it a more preferred poem also. I think that while some may say how can I say this, but I think you do write beautifully. I would love to see more of your poems, even if there is a language problem, if it is a problem though, edit it yourself so we can read every word like f*** instead of the actual word, if that is allowed of corse, which I would think it would be, but don't put something for the other's to edit if they have to black through a whole line. A whole line gone is a waste, it has to have all parts to be a true poem!
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Your found poem is moving, and others are able to relate. It's great.
There's this site, [url]www.fanfiction.net,[/url] and her sister site, [url]www.fictionpress.net,[/url] where you can post stuff, recieve reviews, and critique others. Registration is free, unless you want all the other nifty options. fanfiction.net is for fanfictions, and fictionpress.net is for originals. Lots of people visit these sites to see what new stories/poems/songs/manga plots are in the making, and are willing to review stuff. Check it out, if you wish.
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Here four more poems of mine. The Key to Life is my most upbeat one yet. I wrote because I was thinking of one of my friends whose friend had committed suicide and wondered what would have happened if someone told him that he shouldn't. There's more to that story, but I'll leave it there.
The Key to Life

If Communication is the key to life
Then I will never die.
If Love is the key to life
Then I may never find it.
If Friendship is the key to life
Then I'm pretty well off.
If Happiness is the key to life
Then I have my Ups and Downs.
If Education is the key to life
Then I have a long road ahead.
But If I'm the key to life
Then maybe it's you instead.
Night's Velvet Maiden

Flying Along
Spiraling Ever Down
When Shall I Ever
Again Touch the Ground?
Though The Sky Be Beautiful
In The Day And At Night
With Sun, Moon, Stars Twinkling
Bright White Blazes At Flight.
For Once I Wish For Soft Ground Under Foot
And Blooming Spring Flowers To Grow Where I Once Stood.
How Long Shall It Be Ere I Alight Again?
Long Will It Be Ere I Alight Again.
A Promise I'll Forever Keep

You know that I am sorry
For that promise I never kept.
That time when you fell
And I never looked back.
I should have turned around,
Should have stayed no matter what,
You know I am sory
For that promise I never kept.

If I find myself
Faced with that again,
I'll laugh in Danger's face
And to you stay ever true.
I'll try not to break that promise again,
A promise I'll try to keep.

If it ever happens
That I do stumble and fall,
Protect me,
Protect me,
That promise I swore to keep.

I'll never run away
When on your deathbed you lay.
I'll stay forever true
To the oath I made to you.
Never shall I stray,
This oath I make today,
Just for you this is
A Promise I'll Forever Keep.
Fallen Angel's Prophecy on Popularity

Ain't it such a fickle thang?
One day you can have the entire World in your palm...
The next a rumor starts to spread...
then another...
and another...
and another...
Until nothing cold ever save your Precious Reputation.
You stood on top of your Pedestal
Surveying your World
Picking and Choosing who would be next.
Then you stumbled
and fell...
and fell...
and fell...
You've hit the floor.
Face it.
You belong to Me now.
You belong to all the victims of your lies
Who've fallen because you were so Selfish.
It was always about you.
It's My Turn to Choose your Fate...
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