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Getting sick sucks....

Phantasy Freak

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I got sick at school cause I ate a doughnut....I never will eat those doughnuts again.I ended up checking out of school at about 2-ish...Errr.....god,I puked in PE...In the toilet in the girls locker room...I was laying on the bleachers but the coach made me sit up...That didn't help...But I went to te clinic and called home.I was going to go to my school carnival tonight...But I can't..:(So I am going tomorrow night...I had to go and get my books out of the gym and I was crying when I went to the gym.All my friends were asking me what was wrong because i never cry at school...Then when I left the school,the 6t period pe class was going inside and some of my good friends were in that class.They were waving at me and one of my friends shouted "Bye,Stephanie!"...I got home and went to bed..But I might have a hard time sleeping tonight since I slept for like 3hrs and half hours to 4 hrs...I prolly will go to bed late though...
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First I would like to say that I am truelly sorry about your sickness. I hope you get better soon. Dont feel bad though. And if your upset yuuor friends saw you crying, dont be. Im sure they will understand. If not there not really your friends anyway.

The coach made you sit up? I would have made shure my vomit splattered all over him if he had done that to me. Dumb {edit}

Same here transtic (knocks on wood)

Well hope you get better!!!!
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