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Dude Wars: A New Dope

Dragon Warrior

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I wrote this series awhile ago. It's a comedy remake of Star Wars episodes 4-6. This is the first episode known as "Dude Wars: A New Dope". I'll post the other episodes later. I wanna see what you think of this one first.

A long, long time ago-actually it isn't to long ago. Maybe 2 years. No, longer than that! Let's say 5 or 6 years, in a galaxy far, far away-no no. I think it's 2 galaxies away. It might be just down your block. I mean, how do you know. Ok, let me start again; 6 years ago, in a galaxy just down your block past 23rd Street...

A New Dope

A guy that has a very high rank and his crew were destined to save their own selves-ok ok. To save the galaxy from bad guys like Darth Grader, Evil Guy and others to evil to mention. Now it begins on a planet called Trash where our 2 heroes are playing Monkey In The Middle......with a gorilla.

"Ha ha, monkey brains. Can't get the bana-" Our heroes aren't the brightest of the Ruffles Alliance. "Drop him!" To make a long fight short...they were pounded into monkey poo. "Dude" one says all smushed. "yeah?" answers the other that's also in this very uncomfortable position. "I hurt." Both giggle. Then, coming down comes the Guy with a very high rank's ship. It lands in front of them. "Dude." The ship crushes a passing traveler. "oops. My bad." says Guy with a very high rank also known as Jack also known as Jake also known as Robert also known as Vawn also known as Saddam Hussein also known as Britney Spears also known as Jim Carrey and is usually called Jerry. "What are you two's names?" asked Jerry. One speaks up "They are-" "no time for that" Jerry interrupts, "To the ship."

Later, in the Century Hawk...

"So boys", Jerry says as he turns to the two dudes, "Really. What's your names?" One speaks up, "they are-" Jerry jumps up, "Stop speaking nonscence. You have a mission." Jerry pushes a button on the keyboard of the ship. Just then, the floor opens and lets out the driver into space. "oops" Jerry pushes another. The ship explodes and everyone dies. What? That can't happen? Fine. Jerry pushes that 2nd button and the 2 dudes are equiped with suits. Then they are let out into space in a pod. Their pod lands on the Planet PB&J. Their pod landed right on a passing traveler. "oops. Dude!" They both say at once.

Then they are attacked by Darth Grader's army....of TEACHERS!!! "No! Stay back dude!" They both cry out. All of them indulge in a spectacular match. I will tell you about it.

"That was an exciting match. To bad we lost." The other dude answers, "Yeah". They are taken to Darth Graders headquaters. The door opens and.....no one's there. A phone is on the table ringing. The Windtrooper points to it and one of the dudes goes over to it. He picks it up and hears "WUUZZZUP!" Dude 1 gives a look and replies, "Wuuuzzzuuupp!" Dude 2 yells, "Wuzzzuuupp!" Darth Grader asks, "Who's that?" Dude 1 yells to dude 2, "Yo. Pick up the phone!" Dude 2 takes out a cell phone and says, "Wuzzzzuuup!" Darth replies all of a sudden, "Wuuuzzzuuup!" All of them say, "Wuuuuzzzuup!" Darth then calls out, "Yo. Where's Obi Wan?" Dude 1 looks up and calls, "Yo. Obi! Pick up the phone!" Obi does so and says, "Yo?" Darth says, "Wuzzzuuup!" and the whole shabang happens again with a bunch of wuzzzuupps.

Finally, Darth Grader asks Dude 1, "So what's up D?" Dude 1 answers, "Killen some Crime, haven a Bud." "True, True. Now capture them you stupid Windtroopers!" The two dudes were taken away.

Later, where we finally meet Darth Grader....

Darth Grader speaks, "Ha ha ha ha hack! Cough! I shouldn't do that anymore. I have finally got you now my pretties. Oops! Wrong movie. I have finally got you you two dudes." "Dude" they both reply. Darth takes out his lifesaver and starts eating. Then, they could all hear a faint sound of a sweet song. All stopped to listen. It sounded so familiar. Then, all noticed what the song was. It was the melody of The Ice cream Truck. Barging in was The Icecream Man saying, "Who wants icecream?" "Ooo!Ooo! Me! Me!" They all cried out. They all soon had icecream. And lived in peace.

Just then, Jerry came in with his ship which destroyed the building around them. "Ice cream!" he called out. Jerry ran down and got some too. He seated himself next to a bunch of rubber and Dude 1. "Now. What's your names? You can tell me now." Dude 1 looked over and toke a bite of ice cream. Then he spoke, "They are-" "Don't speak with your mouth open!" Jerry scolded.

So, the galaxy down the block past 23rd street is safe now. What's that you say. What about Evil Guy and others. You will have to find out next time in DUDE WARS!

The End
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okay. just for u, G_A ;)
Dudes in Wonderland
By the creator of Dudes Wars

It all started one afternoon. Two dudes were chillin? in the warming sun. They sat with their cat. They didn?t have time to name it so it?s name was? ?Here Cat Dude! Dinner time! I want chicken. I want liver. Meow mix, meow mix, please deliver!? Cat Dude ran up to Dude 1 and started to munch away. ?Good Cat Dude.? Suddenly, without notice, they were sucked into a portal. Not much of a reason that they were. They just?.. were. Poor Cat Dude was left behind with the whole bag of Meow Mix. Cat Dude smiled deviously.

Later, in another world?

?Where are we, dude?? ?Dude! I don?t know!? They were falling. They couldn?t see anything below them then suddenly they started to smack into clocks. The clocks just sat in mid air as the 2 dudes smashed into them. Once they were once again conscious, they got up and walked out through this lighted doorway. They looked around, dazed and confused. ?Dude. It?s like a wonderland!? shouts one Dude.

The other Dude nodded in agreement. They just stood there, looking around, their jaws drop open. That?s when a white bunny passes and is carrying a Grand Father Clock. ?Gosh dang it! I?m late! Get outta my way you little freaks!? ?He needs to take a chill pill.? says one dude. The bunny stopped short. He turned his head slowly and glared at the talking Dude. He marched up to the Dude and stuck his face in the Dude?s face. ?Ya wanna go? Come on! I?ll take you down!? The bunny actually had an advantage. He was as tall as the Dude. The bunny pushed Dude 1. ?Bring it! I got the skill. I?m game!?

The bunny started to dance around Dude 1 with his arms crossed doing the Russian dance. ?You?re a little weakling! You?re a little weakling! You?re a little *kicks dude 1* weakling! You?re a little *kicks Dude 1* weakling!? That?s when the bunny was sliced in half by Dude 1?s light saber. He puts it away and speaks, ?Stole it from Luke.?

The 2 dudes walked on and finally came to this table and a door the size of a hand. ?Riiiiiight?. how are we suppose to get through that door.? ?Simple.? says the other dude coming up to the door. He kicks at it and one of the strangest things happen. The door bites his leg and hangs on for dear life! ?Ahhhh!? screams Dude 2. He slams into the table and this food falls into his mouth. He swallows. Once conscious again, he notices he?s about 2 inches high and the door is eating his torso. ?Get off!? he yelled. Then suddenly Dude 1 appears beside him.

?How did we shrink.? Dude 1 asks. Dude 2 turns to him. ?Oh yeah! Like I?m Mr. Know-Everything-in-the-world! How should I know.? They sulk. Then a big wave crashes through the doorway and takes the 2 dudes out to sea. They wash up on a shore and for some reason, they are in a forest and not by a ocean. Another weird thing is they were normal size again. ?This place gets weirder and weirder. I say we give up this act and go to our trailers.? A camera man waves to the 2 Dudes to tell them to stay on stage. ?Fine! But I better get 200 bucks for this scene!? one dude complains.

They continue on the ?So-called Stage.? They come across a cat with a strange gaze. They watched him as he watched them pass. ?Yo cat! You better get them eyes checked or something. That doesn?t look good.? ?So you are the destined dudes that will meet the Queen of Darts.? the cat says. ?The names BadEye Cat. Don?t mind the name. It?s not right.? ?You better believe it?s right. It looks like a bird has been at it for days.? The cat glares it?s bulging eye at the Dude. The dude backed down. ?Go down the road to the Rad Hatter and the DJ Hare. You must defeat the Queen of Darts by beating her in a darts match and saying the words Clatea Varockta Nictu. You got that?? The 2 dudes nodded and ran off down the road.

?Good.? says the Cat to himself, ?They are in a hurry to complete their mission.? ?Mission?? says Dude 1. ?We just wanna get away from his eye. It freaks me out!? They ran through this gate and they stopped in front of a huge table. This long table was stretched from a garden to a house. It was about a football field length. That?s when the 2 dudes noticed a guy in rapper?s clothes sittin in a chair at one end. At the other end was a rabbit. ?Yo yo yo! Waazzzzup my homies!? yelled the big-hat freak. He jumped up and leaped down from the table in front of the 2 dudes. ?Yo! I?m the Rad Hatter! And this is the DJ Hare.? The 2 dudes nod to the DJ and he nodded back. ?What brings you to our crib?? ?We are suppose to go to the Queen of Dart?s castle and defeat her in darts then say the words Clatea Varockta Nictu.? ?Oh! I see Homie G. Well, DJ and I can help you out by leading you to Mrs. Queenies? crib! Right this way my Homely G.? the 2 walked off and the 2 dudes traveled behind.

Just as they were coming close to the castle they ran into these twins. ?Yo! We are Tweedlepee and Tweedledung!? The Rad Hatter came up to one (I can?t tell the difference between the 2) and pushed him over. ?Told you not to come on my turf, punk! What?s wrong? BadEye cat got your tounge?? Tweedle-something-or-other nodded and the BadEye cat popped outta his mouth. Don?t ask me how. This is a fantasy. ?Ewww! Tweedle spit! Anyways, I don?t like how you are not getting to the castle! Messin with these losers is not apart of your quest!?

?Were not on your turf! Your on ours!? complained Tweedle-what?s-his-face. Suddenly Darth Grader popped up and said, ?Wait! There?s only one person who can solve something this weird!?

?Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!? yelled the audience. ?Thanks everyone.? said Jerry. ?Today?s subject is *I?m trying to get home from Wonderland but the Tweedle-bunch-munches are in my way and some rappers are no help.* Here?s the 2 dudes!? Everyone applauses as the 2 dudes take their seats. ?Now what?s the problem, dudes?? Jerry asks. Dude 2 talks, ?Well, you see, our problem is-? He was interrupted by Rad Hatter being thrown onto the set from back stage. Then the tweedle-dumb brothers ran up to him and starting kicking his face. The DJ Hare collided with Tweedle-whatever and the 2 dudes went after Jerry for no reason. Darth grabbed the microphone and came up to the camera and said, ?We will be right back.? Jerry tackles him. ?That?s my line you over grown exhaust pipe!?

Later, after the show?

?I can?t believe we killed Jerry Springer!? Dude 1 said in amazement. They all nodded. ?Well, we must finish what we started!? Rad Hatter, DJ Hare, and the Tweedle-retards went at it again with the punching and kicking and pulling of the eye lashes. ?Go! Go to the castle!? the BadEye Cat told the 2 dudes before being pulled into the combat. The 2 dudes took off down the road again from the highly-damaged Jerry Springer stage. They came across a huge party house. Lights flashing, pictures I can?t talk about because this is rated PG, hobos sittin? next to the trash cans. It was a crazy shindig inside. They entered and everyone was partying. Suddenly Dude 2 was crushed by a huge, fat lady. She got up but Dude 2 couldn?t move.

?Whoops! Watch where your standing!? said the lady. ?I am the Queen of Darts.? The 2 dudes mouths dropped open. ?Good gosh! She?s to big to play darts with.? ?She isn?t the Queen of Darts. I am!? Yelled a voice from across the room. The 2 dudes made sighs of relief. A even bigger lady approached them. ?It just gets even more worse.?

Later, at the Dart area of the party house?

?Watch and learn.? She threw her dart and it hit a man in the eye. Dude 1 threw a dart and it made perfect Bull?s Eye. ?Lucky shot!? She threw another and it went behind her and hit a waiter. ?Whoops!? Dude 2 threw a dart and it splits Dude 1?s right in half making another perfect Bull?s Eye. ?If I miss this next one,? said the Queen, ?You win.? She threw the dart and it hit a man and bounced off him and hit another and bounced off him and it continued like that til everyone was dead except for the queen and the 2 dudes.

?Riiiiiight. We win.? ?No you don?t! White bunny guy!? That one bad attitude bunny came up to the queen?s side. ?Take care of these jokers.? she instructed. The bunny approached the 2 dudes and started punching, kicking, slapping and plainly beating the crap outta them. He stood up and laughed. Then he was shot through the head. ?Dude! This is PG. Remember?? reminded Dude 1. ?Screw PG. I got what it takes to win.? and he blew on the barrel of his shotgun. ?Now say the words, dude.?

Dude 1 approached the frightened Queen. ?Clatea Varockta Ni?ni?umm. I forgot.? Dude 2 slaps his forehead. ?Wait! I have an idea!? and Dude 1 continues. ?Clatea Varockta Ni- *coughs*.? There. I said it.? The queen then turned into the wicked witch of the west and stood before the dudes with her broom. ?Good job, butt wipe.? Dude 2 whispered to Dude 1. Dude 1 punched him. ?I?ll get you my pretty and your little cat t-? she was also shot through the head. ?Yeeeaaaa.? says Dude 2 putting his shotgun away. ?You dissed Cat Dude. His name is Cat Dude.?

The BadEye Cat then appeared in front of the dudes. ?Good work dudes. You said the words and..? he saw the witch blow to pieces. ?Riiiiiiiiight. You idiots. get outta Wonderland before you shoot out my other eye.? The BadEye Cat placed red shoes on Dude 1?s feet and said, ?Now just say there?s no place like TV. There?s no place like TV.? Dude 1 and 2 said this and before they knew it, they were in their living room. ?That was weird, dude.? Dude 2 agreed. Cat Dude climbed up onto the couch and he was fat!

?Meeeoooww!? groaned Cat Dude. Dudes 1 and 2, Darth Grader, Rad Hatter, the wicked witch of the west, tweedle-weirdos, DJ Hare, BadEye Cat, and some other peoples all laughed at Cat Dude. Yes?even Jerry laughed.

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I am so proud of these :D Now, Ladies and- I mean, just G_A, I shall present "Dude Wars 2: The Empire gets a strike!"

About 6 years ago, just a block down 23rd street?..

The Empire Gets a Strike!

A huge war against the Ruffles Alliance and the Really Evil and Semi-mean Empire soon was over because everyone stopped over at Yoda?s Pub. but besides that, the Really Evil and Semi-mean Empire is planning a devious plan so devious that devious people are sick of being devious and get cushy government jobs. And so our 2 dudes start on a search for Yoda?

?YODA!? ?Yo! Yoda dude!? our hero?s are not bright we must remember. Suddenly they see a nice looking pub over in Icky Swamp. ?Hey!? one says, ? Let?s go to that nice looking pub over in Icky Swamp.? They agreed and they went inside. IT WAS WILD! Soon after talking to the ladies, they saw a green man over on a cushion smoken his pipe. The 2 dudes got over to him and the green man spoke, ?Whoa man! Welcome to Yoda?s Pub! Free ale and scented candles!? The 2 dudes looked at one another and one spoke, ?You have vanilla scented ones?? ?Do I EVER!? Yoda soon jumped up with joy but broke his spine doing so and was sent into a ambulance.

The 2 dudes ran out to the open back doors of the ambulance where Yoda was. ?Yoda, what do we do next in the Ruffles Alliance.? Yoda spoke, ?You shall defeat Darth Grader once and for all, man! Do me a favor and don?t let people steal my scented candles, man!? The 2 dudes looked over and people were running off with some candles. ?Too late, Yoda dude.? one of the dudes said. Yoda was so surprised that he had a Cardiac Arrest. Soon Yoda was rushed to the cemetery instead of the hospital. Anyway, the 2 dudes flew off in their HA-Wing. They flew off to the Death Car and-

[ We are sorry but the producers and directors of this have just been beaten down and put into a sack. We will try to continue.]

Once inside the Death Car, the 2 dudes were looking for Darth Grader. Suddenly, a space ship blew up the Death Car and everyone was flung to the nearest planet, Tattoo. ?Dude. That hurt!? one dude said. Darth Grader looked at the 2 and-

[ We are sorry but the people that just informed you that the producers and director were beaten down and sacked have just been beaten down and sacked. We will try to continue-]

[ We peoples are sorries that they have been be-be-beaten beaten down and sacked. Me will try to-to-to finish this.]

[ We are sorry. That was just the creature that has been beating and sacking everyone-]

Darth Grader just finished looking at the 2 dudes when a space ship landed and hit a passing traveler. It was Jerry! ?Hey! I?m back!? Jerry sees the 3 and looks stunned. ?Did I come at a bad time?? Jerry asks. ?No!? Darth Grader answers but suddenly they were all beaten down and sacked by the creature.

Later, in the creature?s lair?.

?Crap!? one dude says. Darth Grader turns to Dude 1 and says, ?I am your father!? Dude 1 screams like a little school girl and the whole lair collapses killing the creature. once out of the pile of rubble Dude 1 says, ? Your really my father?? Darth Grader looks up with soot on his face and says, ?No. I just needed some one to scream like a girl to break the cave.? Dude 1 gets mad and takes out his saber. ?Let?s go!? Darth Grader takes his out too and they both turn it on. Unfortunately, their sabers started to flicker and turn off. Dude 1 looks at the saber and says in sorrow, ?I knew I should have bough some new batteries!? Darth Grader agrees as he is also in the same hole. ?Now how are we going to settle this?? Dude 2 complains. ?A bowling match!? Darth Grader says out loud. They start to run off to the alley. ?Aaa?guys!? A voice says from the pile of rocks. ?I?m still kinda tied up. It?s me Jerry! Help??.oh crap!?

In the local Bowling Alley?.

Darth Grader just finished making a strike that won the game with a 301 score. ?YEAH!? Darth Grader shouts out, ? In your faces dudes! Yee ow! Who?s the man. YEEEOOO! Who?s your daddy? That?s right! I am!? Dude 1 looks at Darth and says, ?Uhhh?I though you said you weren?t my daddy.? Darth looks nervous and speaks quite slyly, ?Oh?.yeah?um?I?m not?it was a?.never mind. Now I shall kill you both! My storm poopers own this place and we have you surrounded!? Suddenly, Yoda?s ghost shows up and speaks to the 2 dudes, ?Use the force!? Dude 2 asks, ?The force?? Yoda slaps himself on the forehead and says, ?THE FORKS! Geez! How is a ghost suppose to tell stuff to others when these transmit ions mess up!? Yoda?s ghost faded as he was still complaining. The 2 dudes grabbed forks off the counter and stabbed all the storm poopers. Darth Grader backed up, so Dude 1 threw a fork and it missed Darth Grader. But still, clumsy as Darth is, he falls over on the slippery alley floor and slides down and knocks over the pins. But he goes with the pins. ?OW! OOO! HEY!? Dude 2 turns to Dude 1 and asks, ?Do you think he died??
Dude 1 chuckles and replies, ?Oh yes. Either he was shredded by the gears or the Bowling Goblins got him.? Dude 2 chuckles and says, ?Yes. The Bowling Goblins are funny. Let?s go.? And so they leave.

Later, at a party at the Peewok?s place?

The 2 dudes partied a lot and soon they had to sit down. They both looked over and saw Darth Grader?s, Yoda?s, a Bowling Goblin?s and strangely Abraham Lincoln?s ghosts. They all waved and the dudes waved back. Then Darth gave Yoda a wedgie. Yoda cries out, ?Man! That?s crazy!? Everyone laughs but the weird thing isn?t that Darth gave Yoda a wedgie or that there?s bowling Goblins or that Abe is here. It?s that the shish kabobs are a little over cooked. Weird right. Well anyway, the galaxy is saved thanks to the 2 dudes.

Later, at the rock mess?

?They are coming back, I know it.? Jerry waits for a sec then cries out, ?HELP! There?s animals in my pants!?

The End
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yah. I knew that kinda too. But here's the 3rd one which is the last of the Dude Wars series for now. But don't worry. Other Dude stories are in progress.

About 6 years ago, just down the block past 23rd street?..

Dude Wars III
The Return of The Man-eating Rabbits of Heck!

The evil peoples of the Really Mean side wanted the galaxy all to theirselves. Selfish pigs! And with Yoda, the Candle-selling-pub-owner, gone there might be-ok. There?s no hope for this galaxy yet. We last left our heros chillin? at a Peewok?s party. This is where we begin.

?Whoa! That was some party!? Dude 1 says getting out of bed. A Bowling Goblin scurries across the floor trying not to get stepped on by Dude 1 but it was too late. ?Yeah!? Dude 2 says getting out of bed. He too steps on a running Bowling Goblin. ?Eep bour manma!? a passing Peewok says. The 2 dudes look at one another and Dude 2 asks, ?Did he just say Eat your mamma?? ?Sounded like it.? They shrugg and go down stairs and out the door. The chief Peewok comes out and says, ?Pou rehard!? and waves goodbye. ?Did he just say You Retard?? Dude 2 shrugs and shouts, ?Eat your mamma!? The peewok backs away, a little nervous and confused. ?Yeah you retard!? Dude 1 says and the 2 dudes nod and go off. The peewoks look at one another and the chief says to the crowd, ?What?s eating them. Now then, who?s up for checkers?!? The Peewoks jump all over the place.

Later, at the planet Tattoos ?R? Us, the 2 dudes are in a local café?.

?What would ya like? We have: poo-on-a-stick, Alien Blood shakes, etc.? the ugly bartender advertised. ?I?d like a poo-on-a-stick please? Dude 2 says. ?What?s that?? Dude 1 asks pointing to a pile of rags that have chickens clustering on it. ?Let?s go see.? They walk over and poke the rags and suddenly a man jumps up scaring them. It?s Jerry! ?Jerry!? They yell together. ?Nope! I?ve changed my names, boy. It?s Larry.? ?Don?t you mean name and boyssss? Dude 1 corrected. ?You can?t control my life!? Larry screamed at them. ?By the way. Never caught your names. What are they?? Before they could anwser Jerry-I mean Larry spoke, ?No time! To the ship to see Jabba!? The 2 dudes looked at one another and before they knew it they were pulled into the Decade Pigeon and flown off. ?Why are we going to Jabba?s?? Larry looked at them, ?I broke the Century Hawk. I must pay the price by being put into Carbonite.? ?Aren?t they coming to get you and bring you to Jabba or do you go by free will?? ?Free will.? ?Then why go?! You have a chance to escape!? ?No time to talk. Were here.? Here was actually more of a garbage pile in a alley of a nearby town.
They walked toward the doors-well?more of a trashcan lid and few pieces of scrap paper. They entered. ?It?s not much of a place.? Eats a chocolate off a nearby platter. ?Chocolates good, though.? ?Why thanx. Made them meself (Coughs)? says a voice as they enter a room. It was Jabba himself and man did he smell! He?he?was a NUT! Not a peanut?a nut case. A loon. A medically ill thing! Straight jacket and all. ?Alright Jerry-? ?Larry!? Larry interrupted Jabba the Nut, ?Right. Sorry. Now Larry, we just ran out of Carbonite and the shipment is running late this month so we have to use what we got. What do we have?? he asks a nearby assident. The assident whispers in his ear and jabba jumps up. ?Your lucky I have this jacket on you little-? ?Jabba!? Larry interrupts again. ?Right. Sorry. Now then, we have to use jello because these imbeciles are dumb as doornails!? ?Least I?m not whereing a straight jacket ya fat butt munch.? a assident mumbles. ?What was that? Oh forget it! Bring in the Jello!? A big batch of Jello was brought in. ?It better be lemon because I will have a cow!? Larry complains. ?I know. I know.? Jabba says watching Larry be put in Jello.

The 2 dudes watch as well as Larry is placed inside. Once that was done, Jabba the Nut looked at the 2 dudes. He gave them a long stare and then he did something no one expected. ?Did you watch I Love Lucy last night?? They nod. ?I just love the parts when Ricky hits Lucy!? Jabba laughs and then looks them in the eyes. ?You know what else? I also like to watch??The Flinstones. But that?s not the point. I like to watch you DIE!? Jabba laughs but is stabbed with a saber by a Bowling Goblin. Everyone laughs. Even dead Jabba! ?Oh boy!? says Dude 1, ?Those silly, silly Bowling Goblins!?
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Here it is. My brand newest one from Dude Collections :D Enjoy!

Twas the Night Before Christmas .[SIZE=3]Dude Style[/SIZE]
By D-Warrior

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the hood,
not a creature was stirring, and it?s all good.

All the traps were hung by the chimney with dare,
In the hope St. Nicholis soon would be there.

?We?ll trap him!? Dude 1 did say,
?For never giving us stuff, he?ll pay.?

Then what to their
wondering eyes should appear,
A miniature car and a man drinking beer.

A little old driver so boring and slow,
They knew in a moment it must be a hobo.

?Hobo?s don?t have cars.? Dude 2 says quick.
?If it?s not a hobo, it must be St. Nick!?

And more slower than sloths
His dogs all came,
As he shouted "On Stupid!"
And each dog's name.

And so up to the house top
The dogs soon climbed,
With the sleighs full of toys
and fat Santa behind.

Down the chimney he came
With a grunt and a fall.
He landed on the traps,
?OW!!? he did call.

He spoke not a word
But went straight to his work,
leaving the 2 dudes saying
?Man, what a jerk.?

And laying his finger
up into his nose,
Then hitting his head
on the chimney as he rose;

But they heard him say
As he drove out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to al-?
The two dudes shot a missle at his sleigh to their own delight.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragon Warrior [/i]
[B]I need a good story that is famous so i can remake it into a Dude Story. Something that'd be really good. :D can u help? [/B][/QUOTE]

Sure, I've got lots!

Robin Hood,
Dragonball Z,
Little Red Riding Hood,

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THank you people. those are all good ideas. I was thinking of little red riding hood and I have made a new one. I just wrote it. And I am working on a new one i have been plotting for awhile (thank u G_A for reminding me :D). It will be called "Robin in the Hood" and it's a remake of Robin Hood starring everyone's two favorite dudes. Here's my other story i just wrote:

The 3 little Dudes

Long ago, when the first bedtime was created, parents told tales of wolves and sly foxes eating animals in little stories. But when the good old 90?s came, so did new stories and here?s just one of them. The story of the 3 Little Dudes and the big bad DJ.

There once was a hood that had 3 little happy Dudes in it. Dude 1, Dude 2, and Jerry. One day, Jerry came up to the 2 dudes and said, ?Yo yo yo! What it is! I think we should build our crib outta straw!?

Dude 1 shook his head. ?No way, Dude. Our crib should be shiggity and so we shall build it out of sticks!?

Dude 2 was surprised. ?What are we in, man! The 1300?s? This is the year 2001 and I say we build our crib outta metal, cement and wood!? The 2 others thought and then said, ?Nah.?

So each one of them homey G?s built homes out of what they thought was good. Suddenly, a DJ approached their turf. ?Well, isn?t it a nice day fo? music? Mkay!? He came up to Dude 2?s doorstep and knocked on the nice, wood door painted perfectly. Dude 2 opened it and the DJ spoke immediately, ?Yo yo from the ghetto! Let me in so I can sell some of my bad Cds and rip you off.?

Dude 2 thought for a moment and then said, ?No.? He shut the door in the DJ?s face and then the DJ shouted, ?I?ll play, and be gay and make your house fall down from bad music!? He played his bad music but nothing happened to the house. The cement walls kept out his terrible beat. The DJ gave in and went next door to Dude 1?s crib.

When Dude 1 opened his stick door, the DJ did his work, ?Yo yo from the ghetto. Let me in so I can sell you some of my bad Cds and rip you off.? Dude 1 thought and then said ?No.? The DJ was getting angry and shouted again.

?I?ll play, and be gay and make your house fall down from bad music!? He played his sickening music and the stick home fell. Dude 1 was on the throne at the time and jumped up from his spot, pulled up his pants and ran into Dude 2?s home.

The DJ knocked politely but rudely on Jerry?s door. Dude 1 and Dude 2 viewed what was happening from a safe spot. Jerry opened the door, spoke with the DJ and let him in. Dude 1 and Dude 2 looked at each other and waited and watched.

The house suddenly collapsed from the bad music and Jerry laid on the ground. The DJ left with a grin and that?s the end.
Moral: Don?t do drugs.
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