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Tydan the Pokemon Master


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[B]Chapter 1: The Begining[/B]

"Brrrrrriiiiinnnnnnnngggg".Tydan awoke with a jolt.He looked at his alarm
clock.Then he grabbed it and threw it at the wall."Stupid clock, why did it go off
so early?"he asked himself.He wondered why, but then he remembered.
"Aha!"he yelled.He got changed, grabbed an apple for breakfast, and ran out the
door."See ya mum, dad!"he shouted.He ran towards Pofessor Oak's lab.

"Hey, Professor Oak, I'm here!"he yelled across the lab.
"Huh, what, who!".Professor Oak hit his head on a shelf when Tydan had yelled
for him."Yes, I'm in the testing area"Prof. Oak said rubbing his head.
Tydan raced to the back of the lab, and around the line of book stands."Hi!"he
said to Prof. Oak.
"Why are you here so early?"Prof. Oak asked.
"Ummm, because I was just so excited on getting my first pokemon, I could
hardly wait"he said excitedly."I set my alarm clock early so I could get here
before my brother, Ryan".
Prof. Oak looked surprised, but then took Tydan to where the pokemon were.

"You can choose out of these four pokemon.Pichu, Pidgey, Ghastly, or
Spearow?"said Prof. Oak.
Tydan carefully thought about it, then made his decision."I'll take Ghastly"he
said with enthusiasm.
"Right, then, here you go".Prof. Oak picked up a pokeball from the table they
were standing next to.Then he gave it to Tydan.
"Wow, I've actually got my very own pokemon.Yeah!"Tydan yelled with

"Oh, before you leave, I want you to have this"said Prof. Oak.
"What is it?"asked Tydan.
"It's a Pokedex.It automatically stores data on any pokemon you see.All you
have to do is point it at the pokemon".
Tydan looked at it."This is cool!Thanks for that".
Prof. Oak looked at Tydan."Have a good journey, my boy.I see a pokemon
master in you.Try to catch all the pokemon you can!".Tydan could see that Prof.
Oak would miss him.
"See you later, and don't worry, I will come back as a pokemon master!"Tydan
said with confidence.

Tydan slowly walked back to where he lived.All he did was stare at the pokeball
his very own pokemon was in all the way home.Once he got to his house, he
yelled out "mum, dad, guess what?I got my first pokemon!".His mum came out
of the kitchen to him, but his dad just sat in the lounge room watching television.
"What happened?"asked his mum.
"I got my first pokemon"
Tydan looked up at his mum."Oh, I knew that.You told me a few days ago that
you had an appointment with Professor Oak.What I meant was what pokemon
did you pick?"his mum said.
"I picked Ghastly!"Tydan said.
"Oh, ......Ghastly,.....I.........see" his mum said startled.
"What, don't you like Ghastly?"asked Tydan.
"Umm,.......not....that..much"his mum said still startled. "I......don't....really
"Oh well, it isn't your pokemon, so you don't have to worry about it"Tydan said.
His mum said"Yes, I know that, and I suppose you're right".
His mum walked off, back into the kitchen.
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[B]Chapter 2: The First Capture[/B]

Tydan had already packed his bag to go on his journy around Kanto.And he had
only gotten his first pokemon about an hour.He was so excited that he couldn't
wait to get out there.He packed a portable phone, a map of Kanto, some
clothes, 5 empty pokeballs, and about £10000 to get him started.The money
was for him to buy food and gear to take care of his pokemon.

He got his bag zipped up, and went into the lounge room.He said goodbye to his
dad, and his dad wished him farewell.Then he went into the kitchen and said
goodbye to his mum.His mum followed him outside and wished him
farewell."Goodbye, I'll miss you.Keep ringing me on your phone" yelled his mum
as Tydan left on his journey.
"Bye" yelled Tydan.

Tydan was now on his journey.He had his backpack on his back, his pokeball
on his belt, and was ready to battle.First of all, he wanted to go to to the exit way of Pallet Town so he could battle some wild pokemon.He started walking
towards the exit way when he saw his brother, Ryan, running towards Prof.
Oak's lab."He must have just woken up.I bet his going to get his first pokemon
just now"Tydan thought.Tydan didn't bother about him, and just kept walking.

He got to the exit of Pallet Town.He went to plot of grass which was about 4
hectares wide.He took off his backpack and left it on the ground beside the old
wooden fence that went around Pallet Town.Then he crawled into the grass with
his Ghastly, and 5 empty pokeballs.He crawled around for a while when a wild
Yanma attacked.Quickly Tydan got out his pokedex and pointed it at
Yanma.The pokedex said"Yanma.A flying and grass type pokemon.Yanma has
strong attack, but low defence".

Tydan was shocked at how the pokedex worked.He was very surprised.But he
got over that.He now wanted to catch that Yanma."Ghastly, go!"he yelled as he
chucked the pokeball Ghastly was in over beside the wild pokemon Yanma.The
pokeball opened and a purple ray shot out.Then Ghastly appeared."Quick,
Ghastly, use an attack"said Tydan foolishly.He didn't know what moves Ghastly
had.Ghastly used shadow ball, and the Yanma was hit.Then Yanma jumped
back at Ghastly and used poison sting.But it did little damage to Ghastly."Now,
Ghastly, use shadow ball again"yelled Tydan.Ghastly powered out another
shadow ball, and hit Yanma again.Yanma was now on low health, and Tydan
thought that he should try and catch it.He through an empty pokeball at the
Yanma.The pokeball opened up, and a purple ray shot out.Yanma vanished in
the purple ray and was swallowed into the pokeball.The pokeball wobbled
around a bit, and then stopped."Yeah!"yelled Tydan at the top of his voice.He
had now caught a Yanma.
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[B]Chapter 3: The Start To A Battle[/B]

Tydan had now caught a Ghastly and a Yanma.He thought he needed more
pokemon to beat the first gym.And he was right.He needed at least four
pokemon to have a chance against the gym leader Brock.And Tydan only had
two.He needed to catch another two.

Tydan crawled around in the grass again.It didn't take long until he encountered
a wild Diglett."Now this is a pokemon that I need!"said Tydan.He took out his
pokedex and pointed it at Diglett.It said"Diglett.A ground type pokemon.The
pre-evolution of Dugtrio.Loves to dig tunnels and lives underground".Tydan put
back his pokedex and threw a pokeball."Ghastly, go"he shouted.
"Quick, Ghastly, use shadow ball, now!".Ghastly shot a shadow ball at Diglett.Diglett was hit.A critical hit!Diglett had nearly fainted when Tydan threw an empty pokeball at him.This time, Diglett was swallowed up into the pokeball.Diglett was caught.He now had three pokemon, Ghastly, Yanma, and Diglett.

Tydan didn't know what moves his pokemon knew.So he decided to find out.He
got out his pokedex.Then he got out his three pokeballs and let out his
pokemon.He pointed the pokedex at every one of them, and found their attacks
in their stats.Now he knew what moves his pokemon had.

Tydan walked up the road from Pallet Town and where he caught two wild
pokemon.He was heading for Viridian City, when he saw something shiny
hanging off the old grey wooden fence that surrounded the road that went from
Pallet Town to Viridian City.He couldn't just walk off not knowing what it was.So
he went over to where it was.

"What the hell?"said Tydan to himself.
"What is this?".It was a shiny gold lump
hanging off the fence by some string."Geez, it could be worth a fair bit"he
said.He grabbed the string it was hanging off and broke it off.He put the gold
lump into his backpack and kept walking to Viridian City.

"Hey, where ya goin' "yelled someone across the road.Tydan looked over the
road and saw that someone was walking over to him."What do you want?"asked
Tydan."Nothin'.I just want a battle"he said.
"Well, ....I don't..know".said Tydan nervously.
"Orrrr, come on.Just a quick battle"he said sheepishly."How about we make it interesting.Whoever wins the battle, gets to keep this".The boy held out a weird looking pokeball.Tydan looked at it."What is it?"asked Tydan.
"It's a fastball"said the boy."It catches pokemon that have good speed and can get away easily".Tydan thought about it for a minute.Then he thought if he wanted to catch a good pokemon, this might be the chance to get one."Righto.I'll give you battle, but if I win, you have to give me that fastball you have.You can't just run off with it!"said Tydan.
"Sure" said the boy.

The battle had began.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by sia [/i]
[B]i know lota and lots about G/S/C.
but if ya gots questions about crystal, check my thread on i think its page 2 in the pkmn forum...i think. or go to darkersephiroth'sthread and ask it there. [/B][/QUOTE]

Thank u sia for recomending my thread and this story is pretty good so far.
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[B]Chapter 4: The Fight[/B]

"Kakuna, go!"yelled the boy.
"Ghastly, go!"shouted Tydan.Ghastly was on about half health from the battles
"Quick, Kakuna, use string shot!"Kakuna shot out a lengthy piece of string and
tried to wrap it around Ghastly.But it didn't affect him.The string just went
straight through him.
"Okay, Ghastly, use lick!" ordered Tydan.Ghastly floated over behind
Kakun.Then, without Kakuna knowing that Ghastly was behind him, Ghastly
slurped a big poisonous lick up the back of Kakuna.Now Kakuna was badly
"Oh no!Quick, Kakuna, use harden!".Without getting fully paralyzed, Kakuna went bright yellow and turned rock
"Rhight.Ghastly, use curse!"said Tydan.Ghastly exploded into a bright flash of
white, then reappeared out of thin air!Ghastly lost a bit of his health.Now Kakuna would lose a bit of his every turn he had.
"Kakuna, use poison sting!"the boy yelled.But Kakuna was fully paralyzed, so he couldn't proceed with his move properly.Kakuna lost a bit of his health again.
"Yes!Now, Ghastly, use shadow ball!"Tydan yelled.Ghastly shot a shadow ball
at Kakuna, and Kakuna fainted.

"Go, Metapod!".The boy sent out Metapod.
"Quick, Ghastly, use faint attack!"yelled Tydan.Ghastly speared at Metapod, and
"Noooo"yelled the boy.Metapod had fainted.

"Come on, Butterfree, go!"shouted the boy.
"Ghastly, return!"Tydan yelled.He held out a pokeball and clicked the button.The
pokeball opened and swallowed up Ghastly.
"Go, Yanma!"shouted Tydan.
"Butterfree, use confusion!"the boy yelled.A big fuzzy flash of purple and white
light protruded from Butterfree.I came over around Yanma, and confused him.
"Yanma, use tackle!"yelled Tydan.Yanma attacked Butterfree, without getting
hurt in his confusion.A critical hit!Butterfree was on very low health.
"Butterfree, use stun spore!"shouted the boy.A shower of fluffy looking stuff fell
on Yanma.But it didn't effect him!
"Yes!Quick, Yanma, use poison sting!"yelled Tydan.Yanma launched a
poisonous sting at Butterfree from close range.It hit and made Butterfree faint!

The battle had been won by Tydan.
"Yes, yes, yes, just too good!"he shouted in the boy's face.The boy said nothing."Come on, pay up.I was just too good, and you were too easy!" he shouted again.The boy held out the fast ball, along with some money.
"What's the money for?"Tydan asked.
"What, huh, what do ya mean?Don't you know what the money's for?"said the boy breathing heavily.
"No!"said Tydan.
"Oh, man, you dunno nothin'.It's the rule.You have to pay money to the
other trainer if you lost.If you're caught not paying up, you get banned from
pokemon training.It's the law!"said the boy, as if he was really important.
"Ohhhh, right, cool!"said Tydan laughing.Tydan took the fastball and the money
from the boy.
"Thanks"Tydan said.
"Huh, really funny.I'm not comming near you you again"said the boy.

Tydan had earned a fastball and £1043.He thought it was a tough battle, even
though he said it was easy to that boy.He started heading for the entrance gate
to Viridian City.He needed to get there to buy a few potions and some other
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