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OK, we BATTLE NOW!!!!!!!


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i have an idea, in this thres we will create a battle, like you can be any anime character ever created and we have battles. like you type what you do, or, make up a character.

when you choose a character, choose their stats, like so:

Name: Duo Maxwell

HP max: 1000 (in Gundam) 100 (normal)

Deathscythe Hell Gundam--100HP

Skills: Controlling a Gundam

choose them all, and we decide who battles who in a turn based combat, ok.

PS.don't give your characters 600,000,000HP or attacks that take away more than 300. ok>?:flaming: :tasty: :love: :ball: :sleep: :blush: :angel:
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**Duo jumps into his Gundam and raises the Great scythe and smashes into Vegeta's Armour, Vegeta is knocked flying and crashes into a mountain**

Duo (in Gundam)HP:1000
Vegeta (ssj1)HP: 420

PS.i am changing the amount of damage done by my Gundam from 100 to 80, k?:flaming: :flaming:
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**Duo recovers and jumps high into the air, Vegeta follows, Duo presses a button and his Gundam goes into Light Speed and ends up Behind Vegeta. The Gundam swings at Vegeta but Vegeta Dodges, Duo fires all the Shoulder Missels and they all hit Vegeta in a huge explosion**

Vegeta ssj HP:340
Gundam HP:950
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Okay you can join!

Vegeta goes insane at the appearence of Goku and powers up to SSJ2. He then fires 2 Ki blasts at Maxwell which take off 10 each.

Then, while goku is distracted by this Vegeta drives his elbow into Goku's back, hurling him into the ground. Takes off 15hp.

Vegeta SSJ2hp = 1140
Maxwell in Gundam hp = 930
Goku hp = 85

Dragonballzman's turn.
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My turn:

Vegeta charges up final flash to fire at Goku while he is vulnerable, just before he fires Maxwell strikes him in in the back, this takes of 20hp.
However, Vegeta still has control of his final flash and fires it at Maxwell, but his aim is off and it only skims maxwell and takes off 10hp.

Vegeta SSJ2 = 1120hp
Maxwell = 1120hp
Goku = 85hp
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**The Gundams body moans as it plants bothe feet on the ground it raises it's scythe and the missile ports open again. Duo makes it spin on the spot, sweeping the battle field with the Laser Scythe and ripping up the turf. Goku gets hit with both and is covered with an explosion. Vegeta dodges the missiles, but gets smashed into the rocks by the massive Scythe. Duo stops it spinning and he has to recover for one turn**

GundamHP:1120 ***miss one turn***
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