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Making Music Videos.


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Seifer [/i]
[B]I am wanting to make a memorial music video of the WTC bombing and I was wanting to ask any of you if you have any experience in this field to let me know what the best tools are to use. Thanx. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=darkblue]Hmm...that'd be very difficult to do. You'd either need a great camcorder with lots of features...or some kind of video editing equipment.

The best thing is to take some video taped stuff and use a video editing program on computer.[/color]
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well there are multitudes of ways...

Working with Quick Time clips, you can use Quick Time pro...

Using Real Player clips you canmake one in Real Producer and Real Media Editor or Adobe Premiere

Using Mpg's or the like, you can make them in Adobe Preimiere.... however, if you have a mac, mpgs can be put in Quick Time Pro.

However i only know how to use Quick Time Pro...
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Or another good song would be "hotarubi" by Dir en grey. It's very soft and powerful, and Kyo's lyrics are about the bombs being dropped on Japan during World War 2.
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im thinking of doing the same thing except with the song "Bittersweet Symphony" by the verv. the words arent exactly as i wanted them to be, but the music is soft, but with a powerful point (to me at least). heres how i make MVs:
-first download QuickEditor by Quicktime.
-then (a must have) is quicktime 4.0 full version. if u dont have the full version and dont want to pay for it, theres a person on this board who can give u a crack for it.
-open ur clips in quicktime 4.0 then delete the sound (unless u want the sound in ur MV)
-now make a "new movie" in quickeditor
-then open ur clip, select which part u want to put in the click "insert into movie"
-when ur done with the MV, goto the bottom of the screen where it was audio options. then insert the song, and most mp3s work.
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