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Chocobo Hott and Cold Help


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Ok, I need help on the hott and cold game for FF9. My sister needs on the computer so I'll make this brief.

I got out of the Chocobo Forest and entered the Chocobo Lagoon. No matter how many games I play in the lagoon, I cant find any ChocoGraphs. Do I have to find all of the Chocographs in teh Forest before I can start finding them in the Lagoon?

Thanks to whoever helps me.

edit: sorry about that
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Please, get the games straight >.> I think this is the third time you've got the roman numerals mixed up, maybe just call it FF9?

Well, if you can't find any in the lagoon, go back to the forest, and keep trying.
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It's been a while since I last played, so bear with me.

Are you paying attention to what the Chocobo is saying?
"Kweh." -Nothing.
"Kweh?" -Hmm?
"Kweeeh?" -I think there's something here...
"Kweeeeeeeeeeh!" -There's definitely something nearby!
"Kweh!" *tap* And up comes the chart.

The Moogle will tell you if all the charts in one area are gone, so if he hasn't said anything yet, there are some still left.
Don't forget to keep playing, because even if your Chocobo doesn't dig up charts each time, it will still level up its beak when it does dig [i]something[/i] up. And that means it will dig stuff up much faster. Because Chocographs tend to be buried deeper than most items, this is definitely a good thing.

Some of the later areas (such as the Lagoon) require (or it helps to have) an upgraded Chocobo in order to play in the area or to reach it in the first place. Finding the treasure from certain Chocographs will upgrade it. (See below.)
[spoiler]#4-Reef Upgrade (cross shallow water)
#12-Mountain Upgrade (cross mountains)
#14-Sea Upgrade (cross deep water)
#20 (get all six ChocoPieces)-Sky Upgrade (can fly now!)[/spoiler]

I've also shorthanded the location of the treasure chests, but my notes aren't making much sense to me at the moment, so bleh...

Best of luck!
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Well, if it's only level three, you have a long way to go... Mine was atleast level 11 by the time i left, and i didn't have all the chocographs.
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