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RPG MegaMan Battle for earth!


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"Wake up... there now... ughhhh! HOW... DARE... YOU DEFY... ME... ugh."

Dynete: The same dream. Oh, well. Man what time is it... OH CRAP!!!!! I've got to get going!

thump, thump, thump (background: Are all repliods in the breifing room? I repeat, are all reploids in the breifing room?)

Dynete: (Crap! I'm not going to make it!) NO!!!

The doors close and Dynete runs smack dab into them. The doors open, and Dynete imberrsly walks into the breifing room.

Signas: Dynete, are you going to explain why you're late... as usaul?

Dynete: Sorry, I had a dream and didn't wake up until o'seven hundred hours sir.

Signas: Well try setting your alarm... it helps!

Dynete: Sorry, Sir!

Dynete salutes, sits down and grumbles about something while starring at Kilie, the new Nurse, and started to listen to Signas breif on the next mission.

Ten minuets later.....

Dynete gets up walks over to Kilie and aks...

Dynete: Kilie...

Kilie: Oh! Dynete umm.. I was wondering if you would take to the movies after the mission?

Dynete: ... Umm... Thats just what I was going to ask you.

Kilie: O.K. So how about the Repliod City Matrix Theater at nineteen hundred hours.

Dynete: Sure. Bye Kilie!

Kilie: Bye!

After the mission.....

Dynete: Whew... man that took a while. What time is it... eighteen hundred hours. O.K. I better get ready. What to ware... I gusse that will be fine... zip! There, o.k. security system ativate.

The system beeps as Dynete teleports to the Reloid City Matrix Theater.

Kilie: Dynete, you made it! So, I want to watch "The Repliangel" or, "The fallen reploid." What do you want to watch?

Dynete: How about "The RepliAngel."

Kilie: That'll be great.

They both walk into the theater and start to watch there movie.

A couple minuets into the movie.....

Dynete: Hey Kilie... do you want to go to my place as soon as this is over?

Kilie: Sure.

After the movie is over......

Dynete: O.K. lets go Kilie.


When they get there Dynete's room is completly recked.

Dynete: What the hell happened!

Kilie: This is terrable!

Dynete: Oh well. Lets just start cleaning.

Just then Dynete got a message on his HUD. Signas: Dynete, a maveric broke into the base serching form a program if I were you I would search my progams.

Dynete: I'm going to search my program box just in case.

Dynete starts to search his programs and found that a program is missing.

Dynete: That little $%#^&! He stole my program!

Kilie: Wich one?

Dynete: My Nova Strike files!

Kilie: That can't be good!

Ps: sorry for making the first one a date!
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Just make a character and start where ever you want with your story.

Dynete: Where his that freak!

Kilie: Dynete, Dynete. Please, calm down its not that bad. We can get your nova strikes back.... I think.

Dynete: Well I'm going to go find who ever he his and kill him.

Dynete runs off and suddenly a virus pops up of Chill Peguine.

Chill P. : Well, well, well. If it isn't Dynete. Preoere to die!

Dynete: Right... like your going to kill me!

Dynete charges his buster and fires a masive blast of plasma strong enough to take out three mavricks.

Dynete: Looks like I showed y ... What!

Chill P. : Well i just thought yould do tha ... god ... please ... save ... the ... mavri.

Dynete pulled out his sword and kicked Chill P. until he couldn't stand the fact that he missed with his biggest plasma blast (Homing but it was jamed).

Dynete: come on Kilie... lets go.
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MMX6 good choice and lucky cause it's the only one I know about.

Raiden opened his eyes. He had come to see the main place where the space colony was said to had landed when he was knocked out by what he thought must have been falling derbis or something... whatever, it didn't really matter to him. He walked along the remains and searched for fallen goods when he came across a safe still intact. He reached back for his replica Z saber ( he built after seeing it's power with the great Zero) but found that it was missing. he pounded the ground and loaded the safe onto his back and decided to open it later.
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