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Name:Kasumi Hiroshima


Weapons Best With:Katana and shruikens.

Description:Kasumi has long black hair tied in a pony tail and looks different in her ninja suit then her normal one.

Bio:Kasumi,you may call her a stray child,her mother,brothers,and sisters all taken by a sickness.Her father was killed on a mission,Kasumi mostly admired her oldest brother,he was a ninja,he knew lots.He was the only one that was still alive before he had been taken from the sickness her family had,one day she was walking back with water for her brother,he was sick that time and could die any minute,he seemed to be sleeping,but Kasumi didn't hear a heart beat,she checked his pulse,as tears ran down her face she thought to herself."I shall take the place Kukurgen."She then grabbed his Katana,"I will train hard and become Kukurugen."And started walking out of there,leaving the corpse of her brother behind,alls she left a
rose petal on Kukurugen's forehead.

Hope that's ok.
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[b]Name:[/b] Motokazu Omi


[b]Desciption:[/b]He is an imposing figure, even at his hight of 5'7". His lack of stature often causes him to be underestimated. He has jet black hair and gren eyes. He is normally wearing the black uniform of the [i]ninja[/i] or a simple [i]kimono[/i].

[b]Bio:[/b] Omi was taught at the Kamaso School and has now returned from several succesful years of [i]ninja[/i] work to teach there.

[b]Subject Taught:[/b]Stealth and Infiltration
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Ninjasu the art of ninjas.Young ones are trained in their teens this art in Kemaho.Kemaho trains the best ninjas,who are sent on missions to other nations of Hem,the world the live in.Kemaho ninjasu school is now recruiting new students,and are in need of new teachers as well.
Ok this is like Naruto.I only need about 10 or so people.You will be tought in the arts of fighting,swordsmenship,shurikens,steath, and the history of the ninja.When we are done with this RPG I will make another one where we go on a adventure,and you need to pass.I'll pick who "passes" based on how they post,if something other than my character goes to school and learns ninjasu.So pm somebody if you want to have some romace like things...like love triangels and stuff,or do something with your character.Oh...we need teachers too.The teachers will pm when the school year is over and tell me who should pass,and I'll pick.I'll post and start the RPG.Oh also pm me if you well not be here for an amout of time.
Here is the sign up sheet for a student.


Name:Put thought in this.Frist and last.


Weapons Best With:Close range weapons of japaness orgin,long range weapons of japaness orgin








Subject Teached:What subject do you teach?

That's all...oh and no Naruto characters.
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Name:Sakura Onimoshi


Weapons Best With:Katana and Shruikens

Description:Sakura has chocolate brown hair and bright,vibrant emerald eyes and has a medium build which is just right for her size.

Bio:Sakura grew up with a family of men.It was her,her mother,father and 3 elder brothers.Sakura was excited about becoming a ninja when a plague hit the town and took her family.Sakura cried for days on end and refused any food.Finally she stopped and washed and ate hungrily.She decided to become a ninja like her brothers and father so she took her father's prized Katana given to him by the Captain for defeating a powerful enemy and left not looking back.All she left of her was a lot of Sakura petals in the house.

I hope it's ok.
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Name: Dokuja Raiko
Age: 17
Weapons: bokuto and kunai (wooden katana and throwing knives)
Desc: Spiky green hair, brown eyes, green tattos of scales on his arms, green vest and pants with black sash, combat boots and wristbands.
Bio: Tall green hair and green scales tatooed on his arms have earned this young man the title of "Poison Snake of the East" (Hence the name Dokuja, meaning poison snake) He apparently aquired an immunity to poison, and it is said that he was aboandoned by his family as an infant, and when a poisonous snake bit him, he felt no pain. He learned some reading and writing from an old teacher, and after a while, Dokuja began sparring and learning martial arts. It is said that after he had been beaten by his master and embarassed, the master had been bitten by a poisonous snake in his sleep. Dokuja is somewhat of an outlaw due to his infamy, and he is uncertain what twists of fate had conspired to make him the way he is.
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Ok since I'm already have been taught in Ki Shu, Y.A. style,Taekyon and other fighting styles. And soon to be kendo, so I'll be a teacher.


Name: Zoma Mckamoray (Zoma means deamon or minon)


Description: Short black hair, ruby colored eyes, 5'4, black tennis shoes, black sparing gloves, white vest with black short sleeve shirt under neath, black pressed pants.

Bio: Zoma was taugh different fighting styles since she was 6. Spicalizeing in Taekyon she has decided to tech it to other to make sure the military known as Society of Hwarang-do is not forgotten. She was takken in by her sensay, Senay Oni, to learn to fight in his dojo. But after a failing to take over the dojo she left from down troughted dreams.

Subject Teached: Taekyon (fighting)
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Here's mine.After we have seven more students and eight more teachers we'll start.Oh....the title of the RPG will be called The School of Ninjutsu.That means half or less of you well be cut.Four or five teachers can join in the next RPG after we are done with this one,just pm if you want to join.


Name:Ki Nemkino



Weapons Best With:Kusari-Gama,Katana,Kunai,Shurikens

Description:He has blue eyes and short light brown hair he wears spiky.He wears a black pull over,black pants,and black leather boots.He also wears a pair of flight googles.

Bio:He grew up in a family with a long line of farmers.His family dislikes ninjas for no reson.He alays wanted to become a ninja for some reson too.He is lazy in school and daydreams all the time in class.Teachers have even bet if he will pass when he comes to learn the way of ninjas.

Ok here is a problem.Wondershot doesn't have his discription.The school doesn't have the ninja suit as a uniform,so you can wear what ever you like.By the way if you read Naruto you would really understand this RPG,cause I kindda base it on Naruto.There is not alot of moderen stuff,like cars,guns,and skyscrapers,but there is T.V and refrigerators and small stuff like that.
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Guest dayday
Name: Saina Saiko

Age: 16

Weapons Best With: katana, shurikens, Jo, Tanto, Keibo, Ebo, Yumi

Description: Long black in ponytail, crystal blue eyes, 5'5, usually wears a light blue kimono with white roses on it, during training wears a dark blue ninja outfit.

Bio: She was born in a family of ninjas and was raised until she was 14. After that her father told her to go and train at a ninja school somewhere and learn more. Saina wondered around the world for 2 years until she found the school of ninjasu.
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i'll be a student if i can play.

name: Kereeko Namaki

Age 14

wepons best with: none (complete rookie.)

gender: female

description; black hair and blue eyes. weares a white kimono and keeps it plain as a sign of purity.

bio: her mother was a priestess and her father a samurai worrior. was never taught any kind of swordsmenship and after learning about her long dead father, left her mother to learn to fight.
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Name: Akami Getsuin

Age: 17

Weapons: two short, 2 foot swords. and his fathers weapon, a black and silver Katana.

Gender: male

Description: long white hair held in a pony tail. when not wearing his ninja uniform he wears black pants with a light blue gi top. has light bluw eyes, almost silver.stands 5'8", and wieghs about 135lbs.

Bio: his father was a samuri who was killed by the government for having morals. his first thoughts were to join the ranks of the samuri and kill the evil polititions. but, he figured he would have a better chance if he went through the way of the ninja instead. this way he could avenge his father with out leting himself be known, that way he could strike fear in any other would be politition who decided to be unjust.
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[COLOR=red]This are the people who are in.


Sakura Kid-Kasumi
Wolf Maximas 13-Akami

dayday I am very sorry you did not get in.I didn't think you put much thought into your bio.Also I've droped the"pasing ideal"after the RPG you well have a adventure.This RPG will last about two mounths or so.Then I'll pm you the title of the new RPG.Oh...we are in a group called "Class G",and we are tought by the teachers.


Thank you for signing up as teachers.You well not play a huge "role"in the next RPG,but you can still post.

O.k we need three more teachers and we will start.[/COLOR]
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