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Art AIM expressions

Dan Rugh

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Everyone has AIM by now, right? Well they have these things that you can customize your AIM windows. The site is [URL=http://www.picgames.com/mytheme/]mytheme.com[/URL] and they have just about anything you could want. Hey and if they don't, you can customize your own and have others download it.

This is the one that I'm using now: [URL=http://www.picgames.com/perl/preview?105087378226076]vash[/URL].

These are pretty neat. I'm thinking about making one. Has anyone made their own expressions for AIM? Share.

Word :cross:
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Whoa, I didn't know that! I never heard of this before so I am checkin out your Vash one now. Whoa that is awesome!

Can you save them and change them as you please, or the one you chose to d/l is the one you have until the next time you d/l?


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Well, you have to download new ones each time. I used to have an Inuyasha one but got tired of it after a few hours. Heh.

Probably tomorrow I'll make one of the Shichinintai (Bankotsu, Jakotsu, etc.) from InuYasha. If I do, I'll make sure to show everyone. :)
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