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Ronin Elements

Wolf Maximas13

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along time ago there were four temples. each devoted to the protection of the planet and all that dwell within it. each school taught the ways of the elements. the temple of the heavens taught the power over the sun, moon, and stars. the temple of the storm taught wind, sound, and lightning. the temple of atlantis taught power over water and ice, and the temple of olympus over fire and earth. the temple had masters of each element to teach these powers to those willing to for go all rights of a life and protect the planet Earth. each master knew thousnads of ways to control thier element into weapons for defense. but, the masters also knew techniques that could wipe out an intire city. these were there mastery techniques. the most powerful force of one element coming together to strike were the holder wanted. for the knowledge of these techniques were sout after by bandits and power hungry emperors alike. there was one other temple though, the temple of sight; which taught power over light and dark. the two masters of these elements were seen as the head of the element masters. for both had powers that could easily stop the others. but if two elements stood together niether light nor dark could hold there ground. the master over the dark element was seen as a very quit man. his name was Kieta. he was a very thoughtful man who was admired by many. but it is not here were are story focuses on. no, it is of Kietas number one student Kain. Kain was very good at useing the dark element almost as good as Kieta. Kain would beg every day for Kieta to teach him the mastery technique, but to no eval. one day Kieta did agree, and on that day the temple of sight was cracked. for after learning of the mastery technique, Kain killed Kieta and forced his way into the light half of the temple. there he killed its master and stole the scroll upon which her technique was written. he went from temple to temple killing the master of each element and taking there techniques. all accept that of the wind. odly enough the wind master was on a journy to better himself, which caused him to miss his death. upon his return to the temple of storm he learned of Kain's work, and how the students were fighting a great war with him. Kain had amast followers to do his biding, and made dark assasins from the raw element its self. the students were thrilled to see the master for he could help stop Kain, but alas with Kain's knowledge of all the mastery techniques but his, he stood no chance against such a fow. it was going to take all the elements to stop him. so a plan was made to enter the temeple of sight and take back the scrolls that held the mastery techniques. with the scrolls they could teach the mastery techniques to the best of that element. the plan went great a few died but all in all it was a succses. each element had a new master and a final battle was fought at the temeple of sight. many lives were lost during this battle. finally the masters confronted Kain and attacked. the had not counted on Kain's knowledge of the light element as well. it seems in all there planing not a singal student from the light element was there. Kain had killed them all when he killed the light master. and those that tried to learn any light techniques he killed for the light and dark shared the same temple. Kain was badly hurt during the attack and retreated in haste. the masters celebrated there victory as did the whole world. during this time a new light master was trained. her powers were far greater than her predecessors could have ever been. a year had past and some forgot of Kain. until he made himself known again. he snuck to each new master and killed them. he also destroyed the scrolls. the wind master learned of this and traveled to the light master. there they made a plan. the wind master destroyed his scroll and told the light master to hide herself where none would find here, and to retuen when Kain's rule was forgoten. then they would reteach the techniques to the descendents of each element. for the light master had gained the power of eternal youth as had Kain. the light master hid herself within the earth. after which the master of the wind stood one last time against Kain. he fought bravly but with no luck. many years passed and times changed. the world no longer could be ruled by the sword but by your bank account. Kain took to the ways easily and made his own "buisness" which on the outside was a family friendly buisness but had there hands in everything from drugs to murder. now is the time for the next generation of warriors of the elements.
thats the teaser, the first full chapter will come in awhile. if this turns out good I might want to make it into a rpg. it would of course go in a diffrent direction then this story. well enjoy the story, and comment when you feel like it.
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the sun rises over a small beach in Florida. the light cast its rays into the room of 19 year old Tsu Getsurina. her name may sound from Japan, but she is American. her father was japanese, her mother american. she got all her mother trates and none of her fathers accept her eyes. which where a vibrint tone of silver. she was in all cases a true tennager. although in acouple of month she would be 20, it made no impact on her life. she finished high school early and moved to the beach. where she could spend her days how she wanted. her main escaoe was surfing. she could ride a wave as good as any man out there. she had dreams of being on a pro team, but those were few and far between. her two best friends where 23 year old Seth Nash, and 17 year old Kam Miller. Seth was a life guard, so naturaly the two got to know each other. Kam was a high school kid who saw Tsu as an idol. he too was a avid surfer who could do a moderat job on the waves. the three didn't look like the best of friends, but they were like family. the day Tsu had in mind to try out for a visiting pro scout was the day her life really changed. when she got to the building she was going to, she found no one there, accept one women.

Women: are you here for the pro try outs?

Tsu: ye..s, i am. where is everyone?

Women: oh, i'm the only one here. now, what did you say your name was?

Tsu: i didn't, but its Tsu Getsurina.

Women: Getsurina...do you know what that means?

Tsu: i know its japanese but thats it.

Women: it means moon. strange, i've never heard that word used as a name. you must be the one.

Tsu: the one what...

the women smiled at Tsu. she turned around and picked up a letter. she handed it to Tsu.

Tsu: whats this?

Women: read it when you get home, and go where it tells you to. oh, by the way. your friends, bring them to please.

Tsu: Seth and Kam, what for?

Women: all will be known in do time.

when Tsu arived home she opened the letter. in it was an address, but it was an old address. somewhere were no one went anymore. not even the street rats went there. to many folk lors and ghost stories and strange disappearances. there was a time on the letter to, 2:21 PM.
the next day Tsu got Seth and Kam and headed to the location. it took them awhile to get there from the beach. while they walked Seth had his own questions.

Seth: you sure this women isn't pulling are leg. she could be trying to get us here so she can kill us and who knows what else.

Tsu: i know, its just....there was a feeling around this women like i knew her. i just felt like i could trust her.

Kam: i guess so, cause i never known you to do something this sudden.

Tsu just smiled and they stoped at the building. they entered through a small rusted door. were they saw the women Tsu talked to.

Women: i see you trusted me. good i'm glad you did. for what i'm going to say is very important. before i do however, answer e this. Seth, have you ever done something really abnormal. like lift something heavier than you could or run faster then suppost to?

Seth: well...i did save a lady not to long ago. she was way out in the water. the others were having trouble runing through the waves, and then swiming to her. but i got the like i was swiming in a pool.

Women: yes, thats it. what about you Kam?

Kam: well, i acually have never had to study for a test. i mean to but never get around to it, but it doesn't matter i know the answer even without study.

Women: and you Tsu...?

Tsu: not really, just that my surfing seems to be better than everyone i know.

Women: that's it too. these are all abilities you have beacuse of you ancestors. they had powers far greater than anyone on the planet. the had powers over the elements.

Tsu: power over the elements? ok lady, think you've been in this building to long. the rust must be getting to your brain.

the women smiled and raised her hand.

Women: fine, i'll show you. i to have a power over an element.

a bright light came from her hand, and a falsh shot out. Tsu and the others covered there eyes. when they opened them they saw the women standing in a elegent white robe. gold and silver jewelry on her rists and neck. fine silkin white sashes were as her belts.

Women: you see, my brain is not rusted. its quiet clean.

Tsu: who...what...are you?

Women: my name is Sara. i am the master of light. you three are also masters of elements. there is little time. now that i have started to find the new masters, Kain will be ready for us.

Seth: who is Kain, and who are the others?

Sara: i will show and tell all in do time. for the mean time you must go to these locations. there you shall find you tools for unlocking your powers.

a letter came to each of them, each with a location far from where they were.

Tsu: lady Sara, we can't get to these places. we have no money or means to travel to these places.

Sara: not to worry, you bank accounts shall more than be able to cover your travels.

Sara made three cards appear in there hands.

Sara: these are your..."savings" cards. think of it as benefits. now go to each location and after you are done i shall instruct you further.

then she vanished in a bright flash. the three looked at each other.

Kam: you know....i say we do it.

Seth: of course you would. i don't know though...

Tsu: no, lets go. come on it will be an adventure.

the three travlers headed to the nearest bank, where they found Sara was not kiding. in there letters were there pin numbers so they could withdraw money out. and alot of money as it seemed.

Kam: OH MY GOD!! i've never seem so many zeros before.

Seth: me either, you know what? i changed my mind i like this adventure.

the three got on a plane for there first stop, Kenya.
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it had taken Tsu, Seth, and Kam almost a full day to get to Kenya. with flight delays, and customs, and security checks. but they finally arived in a small airport in Kenya. they rented a off road suv, and headed towards there first distanation. Tsu was having a blast being somewhere new and diffrent. she loved seeing zebra and antilop with her own eyes. she felt freeier than ever before. Kam was taking it all in. he had three cameras out, and three more in his suit case. he was photographing everything he saw. Seth was still not to sure about this trip. he liked the large bank account but where did it come from. he pulled the SUV over and got out. Tsu and Kam looked at each other strangely.

Tsu: Seth, what up!?

Seth: i think were here. let me see my letter.

Kam handed Seth his letter. Seth looked at it for awhile then looked at the landscape. he noded, and walked off towards a tree.

Tsu: where is he going?

Kam: i don't know, lets follow and find out.

the two got out and followed there friend to the tree.

Seth: it says were suppost to wait tell noon, and then i will know what to do.

Tsu: do you know what to do?

Seth: no. i wish she would have given us more to go on then these half cocked letters.

Kam: hey lightin up. we've got two more hours tell noon here. lets take a nap in the car.

Seth: sounds good to me, i'm tired after all that driving.

the group took there nap, and awoke about ten minutes before noon. Seth got out and stretched. he walked over to the tree and sat against it. Tsu looked out the window at her friend and watched. she als started thinking about what these tools could be. and what her element was. then Kam's watch's alarm went off.

Kam: well, its noon. now what?

Tsu: maybe your watch is fast?

Kam: a guess it could be.

Seth: no....it isn't. i feel strange, like the sun is fueling me. it feels as if the sun is giving me energy.

Seth reached towards the sun's rays and tried to grab it.

Tsu: Seth, what are you doing. you can't grab the sun.

then Seth pulled his hand back with what looked like a ray of the sun.

Kam: OH MY....i guess you can!

the ray then flashed and transformed into a sword. the blade was golden and large. the guard was shaped that of the sun, with a red jewel in the center. the handle was wrapped in brown leather, and the palmal was a gold orb. Seth held it like it was a plastic sword. he swung it a couple of times then stuck it into the ground.

Tsu: are you a beliver now Seth?

Seth: you could say that. this thing feels so light. doesn't feel like it could do much.

he picked it back up and swung it at the tree. it looked liked he missed.

Kam: nice shot man, you need a little practice with it forst i think.

then the tree fell over and a perfect cut could be seen on the trunk of the tree.

Tsu: WOW, i think he's just fine with it as he is.

Seth: i think my element is that of the sun.

then a bright flash appeared, and Sara appeared.

Sara: yes, it is of the sun Seth. once you learn to harness you powers, you'll be able to do great things.

Seth: this is cool, i'm sorry i doubted you lady sara.

Sara: no warm done. now go, and find Tsu's tool now.

Tsu: just say weapon, because thats what they are.

Sara: there more than weapons, they are tools. because with them you'll be able to start to learn how to use you elements how you want.

then Sara vanished like she appeared, and the three were left alone again.

Tsu: well, lets go get mine now. i want to see what it is, and what my element is.

while Tsu and the others ran acroos the globe. two others were fixing to learn of there powers.
22 year old Mike Renalds was a very quiet man. he lived alone of a small island in the south pacific. his only "friend" wasn't someone he saw as a friend. he saw him more like a pest. this pest was 21 year old Rayn Shields. who was an avid boatman. he could sail his rigs around any reff, or any coast line. he was a very colorful man, he always seemed to find a funny side to everything. of corse Rayn didn't see Mike as a pest, he saw him as his best friend. this made for very interesting meetings. on this day Rayn was planning on saling to an old island he had heard of. the natives there were said to be very friendly and everyone who went came back with great stories. Rayn had intended to take Mike with him. he figured he was going to find some way to get his friend to smile.

Rayn: come on Mike, it'll be fun. you never know what we could find there.

Mike: just what i wanted, a trip to an island with you. i'm so thrilled(sarcasum dripping of his words)

Rayn: you should be, this is going to be great.

Rayn never got Mike's sarcasum, he just took it for what it was. the two boarded the small vesal and were off. it took them awhile to get there, and all the while Rayn was trying to get Mike to laugh.

Rayn: man, who broke your funny bone? does nothing make you smile?

Mike: watching you fall overboard would make me smile.

Rayn took that as sarcasum, although Mike probally meant it.

Rayn: man your just one big pile of frowns, maybe you need a women. thats it! will fine you a nice island mistress for you to have "fun" with.

Mike: i would like it if you left my love life alone. i had a girl once.

Rayn: really, what happened?

Mike: i don't feal like telling you. anyways were here.

the to disanbarked, and were meet by a white haired women. she had a grass skirt and coconuts on. her hair came over to cover what the coconuts couldn't.

Rayn: WOW, no wonder people come back happy.

Mike: forgive my friend, he has no brain. were can we go to relax?

Lady: anywhere you wish, Mike.

Mike: what! how do you know my name?

Lady: i know lots about you Mike.

Rayn: wow, i didn't know you were popular.

Mike: i'm not, now tell me how you know me?

Lady: calm yourself, both you and Rayn meet me here at this time.

the lady handed them a letter and walked away.

Rayn: wow, she knew my name too. maybe there psychic?

Mike: i don't think so, lets go to this place. i want to know what she know about me.

the two waited until the time on the letter said so, and arrived at the location it spoke of. the lady was there and smiled at the two.

Lady: you two are very special. there are things about you that you don't even know.

Mike: like what lady?

Rayn: now forgive my friend, he has no manners. kind lady, please tell us what you know about us?

Lady: as you wish...

Rayn: see, a little politeness goes along way.

mike sighed and listened

lady: you both possess powers over elements. as do i, which i will show you now. the lady held up her hand and a bright flash appeared. after which lady Sara could be seen.

Sara: i am lady Sara, master of the light element. i am to teach the two of you how to gain your powers.

Rayn: WOW, that was cool. how did you know to do that before we said, yeah right lady?

Sara: your not the first ones i've confronted. it seems people of today have to see to belive.

Mike: i sure do, and i have to say i'm impressed.

Rayn: wow, another surprise.

Mike: shut up, now please tell us what to do.

Sara: well, thats more like it,take these, in the letter you will find a card, pin number, and a location. go to each and follow the instructions. the card is to help you get there.

then Sara vanished as she always does. the two sailed back to the main land and went to the local bank. wjere they had the same reaction as Tsu and the other did.

Rayn: OH WOW, i think i'm in love.

Mike: what do you mean?

Rayn: any women who gives me this much money can definitely be my love.

Mike sighed again and the two headed to the nearest airport, where there first stop would be greenland.
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Rayn and Mike had landed in a airport in greenland. Mike read his letter again, and found they needed to go to what apperaed to be, by the location given, a glachier. since Rayn had sailing experience they rented a boat and headed out to sea. they ran into what seemed a forest of glachiers. finding Mike's was going to be hard.

Mike: oh great, just what we needed. now will have to look on every single one for this tool of mine. wish Sara had given us better instuctions.

Rayn: cheer up man, will find it. maybe will get lucky, who knows.

Mike sighed and they keep sailing around the ice blocks. it was funny, Rayn was wearing three layers of cloths and Mike seemed to be fine. all he had on was a pair of pants, shirt, and jacket. as they rounded a corner Mike felt something.

Mike: hey Rayn....stop here. let me get on that one there.

Rayn: that big one? wow, you know how to pick them. this is going to be tricky. i can't say the landing will be smooth. if i'm right this boat can run into the ice burges with out hurting itself.

Mike: lets hope your right about that.

Rayn pulled the helm hard and hit the glacier dead on. Mike flew forwards as did Rayn.

Rayn: land ho!

Mike: great job Ahab.

Mike got off the boat and walked on the glacier for a minute. as he looked down at it he saw something. it looked like a piece of metal, but why would that be in a glacier. then it hit him, he seemed to understand all of a sudden.

Rayn: hey Mike, what ya doin man? do you even know what you looking for?

Mike didn't say anything intead thrusted his hand into the glacier itself.

Rayn: WHAT IN THE WORLD!! Mike, your gonna freeze your hand off man. get it out of there!

Mike: no, the cold doesn't bother me. my hand feels fine, i think i almost got it...

Rayn: you can't feel anything cause it's probally num, and get what man?

Mike reached alittle harder and grabed what felt like a wooden handle. he pulled his hand out with it and broke the ice around the thing. when it came into sight it was a scythe.

Rayn: WO!! thats a big blade. don't think thats legal man.

Mike: i get it now, my element is ice. thats why it doesn't bother me.

Rayn: glad your cozy, cause i'm freezing my a** off over here.

then Sara appeared in a flash of light.

Sara: well done Mike, you've found your tool. now hurry and find Rayn's before time runs out.

Mike: what time? and how am i suppost to get this thing through cutoms?

Sara: the master of the drak element, Kain will be looking for all of you shortly, and to answer you second question. simply concentrate on your element and your weapon. then follow your feelings with that.

then Sara vanished as she had come acustom to doing. Mike did as Sara said and by concentrating he then soun his scythe behind his back and it vanished.

Rayn: WOW! cool trick man. alright my turn now, lets go.

Mike: where are we going?

Rayn: well, my letter says the Mariana Trench.

as Mike and Rayn flew off to there next destination Sara was at work getting the next masters to go on there quests. she came to a small martial arts studio in New York City. whne she walked in she saw here two targets. 21 year old Matt Careol and his twin brother Josh. both were heavy set about 225 or so in weight, but were clearly not in bad shape. both could throw any man, and bench about 300lbs. they were the instuctors at this studio. here they taught people self diffence for living in the big apple. Sara walked up to Matt and introduced herself.

Sara: hello, my name is Sara. i would like to talk to you and your brother please.

Matt: well sure, let me get him and will meet you in the office.

Matt and Josh meet Sara in there office where she told them the story.

Sara: ok, what i'm going to tell you may sound a bit odd, but you two have powers over elements. you can control them do to your family heritage.

Matt and Josh looked at each other and smiled.

Josh: you mean the legend about the masters who once were able to control the element until one of there own turned on them. which inturn started a great war.

Sara looked stuned
Sara: um......yeah, thats the one. how did you...

Matt: are father was big on that thing. he tells it to us all the time, but we never belived it.

Sara: but it is true, i'm one of the masters.

Josh: sure, the only master that did live was the light master.

Sara smiled at the to and made a ball of light appear in her hand.

Matt: nice trick lady, but working here we get alot of people who try and pull tricks on us. they think since we teach martial arts we'd belive them.

Sara: tell ya what, i bet one of you and you belive.

Matt: what ever you say lady, but this isn't going to work out for ya.

Matt and Sara faced in the ring. Matt came at Sara and threw a well placed kick. Sara grabbed the blow and threw matt over her shoulder and out of the ring. Matt looked up in disbelief as did Josh. Matt got up and walked over to Sara.

Matt: ok, now that can't be a trick. someone your size couldn't throw me like that. you just used you arms, your hips never touched me.

Sara: so you belive now?

both: yeah

Sara: good, now follow these instructions to find your tools. your toold will help you master your element. in the letter are cards and a pin number as well.....

Sara told them the same thing she told the others, and the bank account had the same impact on them as well. infact Josh almost fainted. the brothers got there stuff together and closed there studio for the time they would be gone. there first and seemed to be only stop was Mt. Kilamenjaro.
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Tsu and the others had arrived at the north pole. all three were amazied that there were hotels. well, you couldn't really call it a hotel, more like a hut. the three dressed themselves for what was going to be a cold adventure. they rented a team of snow dogs to take them to the location they needed to be at. Tsu also had a time on her location as well. midnight, is what the letter said. when they reached the location all they could see was.....nothing.

Tsu: well this is great. lost at the norht pole. this is a great way to die.

Seth: don't be so bummed, it's probally like mine. you have to wait tell the time comes and you'll know what to do.

Kam: one differance with your "tool" and Tsu's. your was in Kenya. it was nice and warm there, which its far from here.

Seth: ok, ok, you have a point. but still, it can't be that bad.

Tsu: oh no, are food is a bunch of iceicles.

Seth: ok, maybe it is bad.

Tsu: atleast the moon is out. makes it kinda calming.

Kam: um.....sorry not feeling it. the moons out all the time here, remember the sun doesn't come up for another....2 months.

Tsu: i kinda like that, the moon has a kinda of.....

Seth: calming feeling, we know, we know. just wish whatever it was would happen soon.

the group hadn't noticed but it was midnight. it seems Kam's watch froze on the way down and didn't beep. but none the less they keep waiting. Tsu walked out alittle ways and looked at the moon again.

Tsu: feels like i could touch it.

Seth: touch what?

then as Tsu reached towards the moon a light flashed. when it faded Tsu stood holding a wide blade scimatar. the blade was light blue with a hint of silver.the guard a savory black with a dark blue gem in the middle. the handle was wrapped in fine black leather, and the end was a silver full moon orb.

Tsu: would you look at it. it's almost glowing.

Seth: guess your my opposet Tsu, the moon.

then as she did with Seth, Sara appeared.

Sara: congradulations Tsu, you have found your tool. now on;y one to go. this one will be your hardest to obtain. for as Kam's letter read, his tool is not on the plan.

then she vanished and left the three there alone. Seth showed Tsu how to make her sword go away and come when she wanted. the three road the dog team back to the "hotel" and packed their things for there next trip.

Tsu: hey Kam, where are we suppost to go for yours?

Kam: all it says is....Houston Air Force Base.

the new masters were coming along nicely, and seemed to be picking up on there elements rather well. already three had there weapons, and only three more masters remand to find. Sara was already on the job. she came to a small town in the U.S to find to young men doing something. the two men were Lee Conwald, and Jared Dekou. they seemed to be just normal 18 year old boys. but they did seem to be up to something. as Sara got closer she could see them fighting. they were series too. blood was flying from both boys lips, nose, and checks.

Lee: you a**hole, you know you did it! just say so!

Jared: i said i didn't Da****! why won't you belive me.

to say the least Sara was thrilled. after all the normal ones she had to run into two that hated each other. but she didn't have time for that.

Sara: excuse me, could one of you please tell me whats going on?

both stopped when they saw Sara standing there. to say the least Sara was good looking, and for to boys like this to see a women like her was a rare thing. these boys were in no means hicks or bums. they both were from middle class families whos parents made a nice living. there school was full of boys just like them, but hardly any girls like Sara.

Lee: well um.....

Jared: what my half wited friend is trying to say is...well....

Lee: how old are you?

Sara wasn't ready for a question like that. in real life she was over 200 years old. but she looked about 26, or so she thought.

Sara: 26, why?

Lee: wow, your very beautiful. did you know that Ms.....

Sara: Sara, and you two are?

Jared: i'm Jared, and this drulling thing here is Lee.

Lee: your doing it too

Jared: not like you, looks like what you were doing to emily.

Lee: was not, more like what you were doing to Lily.

Jared: not this again, i said....

Sara: BOYS! please, now i need to speak to you both.

Lee: sure Ms. Sara, what about.

Sara: ok, i'll just come out with it. you two have the power to control elements. you get this from for familt heritage. now, i need you two to go to these places and find your element tools......Lee....Jared....are you listening?

they were paying no closer attention to her words then a dog would have. all they could do was smile and nod.

Sara: good lord, this must be what marriage feels like.

that got the two to there attention, a women like that saying feels like marriage meant she wasn't seeing anyone, or at least to them it did.

Sara: ok, thats it i've had it.

Sara held up her hand and transformed into her true self. the flash pushed Lee and Jared to the ground, and both of them became wide eyed.

Sara: now do i have youe attention?

both: yes mamma!

Sara: good, now listen up....

Sara told the two as she had for the others. she gave them there letters and told them what to do. both noded in fear and did infact understand. after which Sara vanished and the two just stood there for awhile.

Lee: well you heard the lady lets go.

Jared: yeah, she sure is a enteresting women.

the two love struck boys packed there things, gave there parents a nice story about camp and something like that and went to the local bank, and yet again were stunned at the amount of money in the accounts. they went to the airport, got there tickets, and took off to there first stop. Florida.
ok, i forgot to add a have you read my RPG poll to this thread, so if you have read this please say something. weather its good or bad i would just like some feed back please?
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the two brothers, Matt and Josh, had landed and were now on there way to the volcano. the fact of being on that gaint beast made them fell alittle akward.

Matt: man, i hope thisthing dosen't decided to wake up. that would probally hinder Ms. Sara's plans.

Josh: you could say that, but for now lets just find these tools. what does your say.

Matt: mine says in the earth shall mine rest, and yours?

Josh: mine says in the blood. strange how there both in the same spot. guess thats what we get for being twins.

the two laugh and continue there quest. they hike the sleeping giant and begin to look around. the decide to split up and look for there own tool. Matt heads down to the base, closer to the earth itself. he figured he best try and think deep on this. Josh headed up, he was going to look but also he wanted to see inside this thing. as Josh reached the top he looked down into the hole of the beast.

Josh: wow, is that lava? i didn't think i'd see that. man thats cool to see. wish i could get closer.

and he tried, he worked his way down the hole and got ever so close to the lava.

mean while Matt had reached the base and started looking around. he saw lots of giant bolders and rocks that he found interesting. he walk over to the biggest one he could find and set up his camera.

Matt: gotta capture this, man its so cool.

after the picture came out of his polaroid he saw something strange as it devloped. it was the rock, it seemed glowing on the picture. Matt walked over to the rock and looked it over.

Matt: well, dosen't look like anything could have caused it. maybe...

Matt began feeling around the rock. he didn't know why but he did it. then he felt something....move!

Matt: what in the world!

he stood back and then looked at the rock closer. the spot seemed to glow now like in the picture. he touched it and it puhed his hand back. Matt didn't know why but he balled up his fist and swung straight at the spot. when he hit his hand didn't shatter, but rather the rock did. he couldn't belive it, he punched through solid rock. he felt around and found something odd. he grabbed what seemed to be a handle and pulled it out. the rock shatterd to pieces as Matt pulled out a large....well he didn't know what it was. it had a handle like a bow in the middle, enough to fit four hands on it atleast. the ends had huge stone cylinders. each was about two feet in length. Matt held it up high and smiled.

Matt: wow, i didn't think my tool would be something like this. i must be the earth since it came from the rock. i gotta show Josh.

Matt ran up the Volcano to show his brother. when he got there he saw his brother inside the Volcano itself.

Matt: JOSH!! what are you doing!? its gotta be well over a hundred degrees down there!

Josh: really, i can't tell. feels fine to me think your....

then the rock Josh was standing on gave and he fell into the pool of lava.

Matt: JOSH!! oh my God, JOSH!!!

Matt didn't know what to do. he couldn't go down there, he could barely stand to be up there. the heat was starting to cook his face. then he saw something. at first he thought it was the heat getting to him. then he saw it was real, it was Josh. he was walking out of the lava and had something in his hand. Josh walked all the way up to Matt and smiled.

Josh: wow, that was fun. like swimming almost. hey, check this out. it was down there in the lava.

Josh held out a whip with a interesting handle. the handle itself was black leather, but the guard was a one and a half blade. the end of the whip had a large blade on it as well.

Matt: d***, that thing looks evil.

Josh: well kinda, but i like it. see you found your too.

Matt: yeah, see you lost your cloths.

Josh: yeah, guess my cloths aren't like me.

then Sara made he appearance.

Sara: congrad.....umm, Josh. could you cover yourself or something?

Josh: oh sorry.

Josh put his whip infront of himself.

Sara: thats not really what i meant, but ok. anyways congradulations on finding or tools. now head to this place and wait there for the others.

Sara handed them a letter with out looking at them. she smiled and vanished.

Josh: think i embaressed her alittle.

the tow laugh and head to the local town to but Josh some cloths, then to the place in the letter.

with everyone well on there way n finding there tools. Sara only had one more to go. though this one wouldn't be like the others. she found her target walking into a small town from the road. he had long white hair tied in a pony tail, and black pants with a kahki shirt. he had a bag swung over his back and seemed to be traveling somewhere. Sara walked into the dinner were he did, and went over and sat next to him.

Sara: hi there, my names...

????: i really don't care. i'm not looking to make friends. i'm just stopping to have a bite, and then i'm gone.

Sara: like i was saying, i'm Sara. who are you?

????: good lord, if you must know its Aorashi.

Sara: Aorashi?

Aorashi: did i studder, thats me.

Sara: how did you get that name?

Aorashi: what are you doing here? whoever you are, like i said i don't care. i'm just on my way.

Sara: to where, where are you going? to me it looks like no where.

Aorashi: i didn't want your opion, and i won't ask for it.

with that he walked out, and back onto the road. Sara caught up with him and started again.

Sara: look, do you know what your name means?

Aorashi: yes, it means wind, why?

Sara: please tell me how you got it.

Aorashi: fine, since you asked nicely this time. my mother was from Japan and my dad America. you ask for my last nmae and i'll walk away. anyways, when i was born it was during a storm. it quicly grew into a huricane, but when i came out the storm stopped. they said it was a sign, so my mother named me Aorashi.

Sara: oh my God, and at that age. you have to be the one.

Aorashi: look, if your phycic told you to come find me please leave.

Sara: wow, you got a sharp tongue there. gotta story behind that, please.

Aorashi: spar me, my parents were killed in a buisness take over. my father was a CEO of a company this guy wanted. so, he killed him and my mother. i was 10.

Sara stopped and just looked at him. she couldn't help but feal sorry for him.

Aorashi: don't give me the 'i'm so sorry' thing. i've head it to much.

Sara: look, i have to tell you something. something i don't think you'll belive. you are a master of an element.

Aorashi: i've heard this story before. its the other reason my mom named me Aorashi. she said her family was part of this old line of masters who could control the wind.

Sara: you are, i promise you. i can show you, for i'm one too.

Sara transformed herself as she did to the others, but this time the end result was not the same. Aorashi was stuned but didn't seem to care.

Aorashi: ok, even if you are master of an element and i am to so what. why should i want to help a world that's never shown me any sign of compassion.

Sara: Aorashi, please don't say that. your alive aren't you?

Aorashi: what do you call alive. cause i don't consider wondering from place to place without a family liveing.

Sara: i can see its gonna take more than the normal show of power to make you join. accualy if you join or not dosen't change anything. your still a master of an element and can't change that.

Aorashi: (with a heavy sigh), you know what? just tell me what to do. i don't want a life teaching.

Sara: are you series?

Aorashi: yes. just tell me what i have to do. has to be better than this.

Sara gave him the letter, card, and pin number. told him everything he needed to know, and gave him a lift to the nearest city.

Sara: thank you again Aorashi.

Aorashi: oh don't get sappy on me.

Sara vanished and Aorashi went to the bank. he was happly surprised at his account.

Aorashi: well, maybe this has some ups.

he got on a plane bound for Oklahoma.
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Rayn and Mike had reached there distanation. well almost, they were at an off sea bardge. they needed to reach the Mariana Trench, but were both clueless on where it acually was. they talked to the bardges captin and found something very enteresting.

Captin: the trench, well you floating over it.

Rayn: we know its underwater but where underwater?

Captin: i know what ya meant, and the answers the same. the things not really small. let me show you a map of this thing.

the captin layed a map on the table.

Captin: ok, were here, and the Mariana Trench is all of this.

the captin circled a large protion of the map.

Rayn/Mike: oh my God!

Captin: yep, thats about the normal reaction.

Rayn: anyone ever been to the bottom?

Captin: i thought you said you were a sailer. good God son, no one has ever been down there and probally never will. the presure alone would cruch even a navy sub.

Mike: thats great, so how are we suppost to get down there?

Rayn: well, i didn't think you could punch through ice but ya did.

Mike: good point.

the two chatted and left the captin in the dust with talk about Sara, and there elements.

Rayn: maybe....i got an idea.

Rayn ran out to the aft deck and took his shoes and socks off. his keys and all other loose items.

Mike: what are you gonna do? swim to the bottom?

Rayn just smiled and jumped into the water. hey dove and kicked his way down.

Mike: well its official, he is a moron.

Captin: did he just do what i think he did?

Mike: dive into the Mariana Trench? yeah, so what you got food wise on this thing?

Captin: you not worried about your friend?

Mike: Rayn? he'll be fine. he'll relize he can't make it and come back up. he's half witted but the half he's got keeps him alive.

the two went to the mess hall and grabbed a bite. all the while Rayn was going deeper and deeper. until he couldn't hold his breath anylonger. he started for the top but knew he wouldn't make it. half way up he gave and let out his air, but he didn't die. instead he continued to breath underwater.

Rayn: BWOW...bhis is bool. (he's under water, give me a break)

Rayn dove farther down and even farther down. he started thinking there wasn't a bottom, but he was proven wrong again by a gleam of light. he swam over to it and put his feet on the bottom of the trench. the light looked like a wooden shaft with a cresent blade on the end. not like Mike's syth it was shorter, and seemed to have a chain attached to it. whan Rayn pulled on the chain he saw it had a blade at the end.

Rayn: Bwow, bow thats bwa bweapon!

Rayn took the weapon and headed back to the top. funny though, the captin said the presure could cruch a sub, guess he meant a sandwitch kind. Rayn poped up and waved at Mike.

Rayn: HEY! i found it!

Mike: found what!?

Rayn held up his weapon and smiled. Mike just noded and brought him up. the captin came to check him out, for he was down for a long time. before he could though Sara appeared in her bright wonder.

Mike: hi sara, look numb nuts found his "tool".

the captin fainted from seeing Sara.

Sara: what happened to him?

Rayn: don't worry, probally hasn't seen a girl like you in a while.

Sara: sweet, anyways guess you figured that you control water.

Rayn: the breathing underwater thing kinda gave it away.

Sara: yes, you breath underwater as a fish does. you use the oxygen molecules in the water to breath.

Mike: wow, there's a science to this!?

Sara: acually no, waters the only one we got figured.

Mike slapped himself and Sara gave them there last letter. it told them where to meet everyone else.

Mike: what is it with you and letters? can't you just tell us like a normal person?

Sara: but i'm not normal, am i?

with that she vanished.

Rayn: she got ya there bud.

Mike smurked and the captin was wakeing up. he looked around and then at Mike and Rayn.

Captin: wasn't there...?

Rayn: looks like someone had one to many rum shots.

the two deboarded on the main land and got a plane to there next location.

mean while Lee and Jared where in Florida. which still confused them. they were looking for tools of the elements in Florida. they reached a place that Sara had designated.

Lee: what could be in Florida that is important to the fate of the world.

Jared: Disney World?

Lee just slapped his comic friend and walked to what looked to be a tour group.

tour guide: now, i fact that most people don't know is Florida is the biggest lightning hot spot in the world.

Lee and Jared just looked at each other.

Lee: you don't think?

Jared: maybe, lets find a tree.

the two walked around tell the found a tree tall enough. they sat near it and waited. Sara had put a time on theres as well. as the time past a storm could be seen rolling in. the lightning struck like the rain did. almost eer few seconds a flash went out.

Jared: i have to say, i think this could be it.

Lee: i guess, but i still don't get it.

then for some reason Jared felt the need to get up and walk to the tree. he raised his hand up high.

Lee: Jared don't do that you could get struck by...

then lightning shot down and hit Jared's hand.


but Jared was fine, infact he was better than fine. he was holding the bolt that struck him. the bolt faded and in Jared's hand was an odd looking thing. it was in a circle but had a handle at one end to be help. the edges were clearly sharp, but there seemed more. Jared flicked his wrist and the thing opened. it was now curved like a bow but no string.

Jared: wow, thats cool.

then Sara did her thing. she appeared and prepared herself for the drooling.

Lee: hey, its Sara again. i never get tired of seeing her pop up.

Jared: hi Sara, look at this thing.

Sara: yeah, the lightning weapon was always the one that confused me the most. anyways congradulations Jared.

Jared: hey. you think i could get a congrats kiss?

Sara: doubtfull, now hurry and get Lee's weapon time is growing thinner as to when Kain learns of are plans.

Lee: ok, ok were going. atleast you could give him a kiss.

Sara: tell ya what, you find your weapon within the next 48 hours and i'll kiss both of you.

the thought was enough to get them running to the airport.

Sara: well, atleast there the only ones like that.
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it was now Lee's turn to find his tool. there didsatation was werid, but then again what wasn't werid about all of this. it wasn't a city of counrty, but a cave. the cave was in Eroupe so that where they went. they asked an travelagent where this cave was and the man told them. so they got on a plane and headed to a very remote part of the country. they reached the cave and stopped at the entrance.

Jared: i hate caves, they always give me the creeps. you think there are bats?

Lee: probally, but they don't bother me. i love this part of a cave though. HELLO!

echo: HELLO!

Jared: oh thats mature.

Lee: come on lets find this tool of mine.

the two traveled down the winding cave for what seemed like miles. they did see bats plus snakes, lizards, and some strange looking bugs. they continued on there quest and happened upon a small opening. the rocks around it were very shaky.

Jared: be careful, if you do to much you could cause a cavein.

Lee looked at the opening then at the rocks. then an idea just poped in his head. he stepped back a bit and inhaled.

Jared: what are you gonna do?


the sound echoed throughout the cave and shook the rocks around. they gave and crumbled around the opening. then broke again and uncovered the opening to be a large shrine. in the shrine was a altar.

Jared: how did you know that would happen?

Lee: i didn't, it was a guess. the rocks could've fallen on us.

Jared smacked Lee in the back of the head and went into the shrine. on the altar were two weapns. they had long metal shafts with leather handle wrappings. the tops were giant metal balls that seemed to be holo. Lee picked up the weapons and Sara appeared.

Sara: i should never have made that deal.

Lee: well, we did it. so hat my element?

Sara: you should ahve guessed, its sound.

Jared: i can see that, he is a load mouth. but on another note, you have to pay up.

Sara sighed heavly and walked over to the two. she kissed them both and watched them smile. she walked back and wiped her mouth.

Sara: now...go to this location and wait for the others. some are already there. try and make friends and i'll be there when the last one gets his weapon.

the two walked of the cave with head held high and very cocky.

meanwhile Tsu, Seth, and Kam where on there way to the houston air force base.

Tsu: what does your letter say Kam?

Kam: it says Sara has gotten us passage on the next...oh my God. on the next space flight.

Tsu/Seth: WHAT!

Kam: were going into space guys! i don't think i packed for that.

Tsu: none of us did, i don't belive it. this has to be the best day of my life.

Seth: i know what you mean, this is great.

the three arived at the space center and were greeted by the man in charge of there luanch.

???: hi, my names Jim, and i'll be getting you guys ready for your space flight. now you'll all go through the training, but Kam will go through space walk training as well. the call we got to arrange this told us he had to do a space walk.

Tsu: i'm Tsu, this is Seth and thats Kam. i didn't think it was that easy to get a ride into space.

Jim: well when the request comes from the president we tend to let it go.

Kam: the president! we were told...

Tsu covered Kam's mouth.

Tsu: to say thank you.

Jim: oh, well your welcome i guess. now this way and will start your training.

the three went through the basic training program. the gravity test seemed to have different results with the bunch. Tsu couldn't get enough of the ride, she went twice. Kam found it ok, but said he didn't feel anything. Seth, well Seth found that the sets are stain protected.

Seth: sorry bout that....ooh.

Jim: no problem, your not the first.

the group went through the rest of the training, and watched Kam train for his space walk in the giant pool at the space center. the flight was set for the next day. the three found there bunks and layed down for the night.

Kam: i can't belive this, i get to go on a space walk.

Seth: i can't stop thinking how much of a joke we probally are to the real astronats.

Tsu: i don't care what they think, and if they voice there opinion i'll voice mine, straight to the nuts.

both guys crossed there legs and laughed. the three fell asleep and woke early the next morning. they were fitted into there suits and prepared for lift off. the count down seemed to take forever, but eventually they were off. the roared into space and screamed the whole way up. when they stopped the crew helped the three out of there suits and Kam into the space walking gear. he was hooked to the ship and locked into the air lock. they opened the other side and Kam floated out. Tsu and Seth talked to Kam on the radio.

Tsu: how's it feel?

Kam: this is awsome, i feel so alive right now.

Seth: you should thats a onve in a lifetime ordeal.

Kam floated what seemed like hours until a alarm went off.

Captin: what is it?

Pilot: it seems to be the line. its not gonna hold.

Captin: why, whats wrong with it?

Copilot: we don't know sir, it just won't. i already looks like the things giveing out now.

the captin got on the radio and told Kam.

Kam: no problem, i'll just fly back. here i come guys.

Captin: becareful Kam, if you do to much you could sever the cord. we don't know whats wrong with it so don't so anything we didn't teach you.

Kam slowly flew in but as he was moments away from the ship the coed snapped. Kam continued to fly to the ship hopeing he could grab on to it. but his boosters gave out moments after the cord snapped.

Tsu: KAM! come on, you can make it back!

Captin: DA****! ok, lets think of a way to get him back.

Pilot: we don't have another booster pack with enough thrust to get to him and back.

Copilot: can we get him with the arm?

Captin: we could knock him into the atmosphere.

Kam: hey guys, i think....i think my oxygen is running low.

Captin: hang on Kam, will get you back don't worry.

as they debated on what to do, Kam saw a comet passing by. he watched the stream of light pass and he held his hands out to it.

Kam: man, it be cool to tough that.

as he reached for it in play he began to float in its direction.

Tsu: captin! he's going out further!

Captin: What! thats not good.

Kam got closer to the oncoming comet inch by inch, until the comet seemed to come to him to. the two got closer to each other and closer.

Seth: hey, what would happen if that comet were to hit him?

Pilot: we wouldn't need a rescue plan.

Captin: KAM! don't get near that thing! KAM!

the comet and Kam collided, but to everyones surprise Kam was holding on to it.

Pilot: holy *******

Tsu: yeah, what he said.

the comet flew towards the ship then vanished. the momentam carried Kam to the ship air lock door.

Captin: open the doors!

the doors opened and Kam crawled in. he had something in his hand though. the outside doors closed and presurised. the inner ones opened and Kam walked out with a huge smile.

Kam: hi guys, did you see what i did?

Captin: yeah, and i still don't belive it.

Tsu: whats in your hands?

Kam: i'll show you when we land.

the crew landed back in Houston and decided to keep there space walk a secret from the public. the three thanked the men at NASA and went back to there hotel. there Kam showed them what he got fromthe star. he help out a ball of light that then turned into a spear. the blade was starburt with a very long point at the end. then Sara appeared.

Sara: very good Kam, you found your tool. i think you figured out that your element is of the stars. plus, since all of you have spacely elements you can breath in space to.

Kam: that explains it.

Tsu: what?

Kam: when i said my oxygen was almost gone i meant it, but forgot about it. when i was heading to the star i looked at the gage that show my oxygen, and it said i had none. i kept that information to myself though.

Seth: good idea, or we might have a bunch of dead astronauts from trying to breath in space.

Sara: now, go to this location and meet with the others. there is only one more person who has to find his tool.

Tsu: well tell him to hurry up.

the three got on the next flight to there location, and now only Aorashi had to find his tool before Kain found him.
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