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Hunters the Apoclyps.


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Okay, this is a RPG for ever one. Here's the story line:

A group of hunters have tried to distory all of earth. They never did it. They were to weak. But, they got a record of kill 657 milllion people. One gang wanted to beat that score. First, they made there gang bigger with 25 men. Then bigger, and bigger. Soon, there were millions of them. They split up over the world and went out to kill. They were unstoppable. But, a group of men, childern and women came together to stop this. They named themsleves Apoclyps 2. They became the second apocalps, but in a good. Way. These men went out on a search to rid the earth of the new evil Armona, these are all on a deadly qeust to stop the armona!

Okay, you can be from any timeline. This is all you need:

Race:(Since it's from any timeline you could be a midevil elf)

Here's mine:

Name: Dango
Age: 24(looks 29)
Race: Half demon and half werewolf.
Bio: Unknown from his timeline
Weapons: Bow and arrows and a sword.
Timeline: Around the midevil age.
Appearance: Long black hair and a wolf tail. A human face and fangs. He wears a black shirt and black pants. He has demon eyes and demon's powers. He can transform into a huge 100foot werewolf and a normal werewolf. Oh, and can turn into a demon.

I await you!
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Name: Dea Lucifes
Age: 2046 looks 17
Race: demon
Bio: works for lucifer himself. Has rebeled from him.
Weapons: Possesion
Timeline: revelations
Red hair and eyes. wears black leather like jeans and black tank top. wears combat boots and carries a gun that she rarely uses.
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Name: Naomi "Reena" Kiyo
Age: 19
Race: Half-dragon
Bio: Reena was a product of the unnatural relationship between a human and a dragon. Although she has dragon powers and the ability to turn into a full dragon, she ages at a normal human rate. She works at a teahouse in ancient Japan and disguises herself as a human. However, when she sees her reflection, her hair is a bit wilder looking, and she has large scaly ears protruding out of the top of her head and tatoo-like veins around her eyes. Even as a human, she is incredibly strong and fights with an incredibly wide scimitar, however she has few combat skills. (Another interesting note, the name Kiyo was actually the name of a mythical Japanese woman who turned herself into a dragon to kill her ex-boyfriend.)
Weapon: Scimitar, can sometimes turn into a dragon.
Timeline: Japan around the year 800.
Appearance: about 5'11, red hair which is wide and parted, wears a red and green kimono with the kanji of "dragon" on the front, a hint at her true nature, also wears zori (wooden Japanese sandals)
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