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<<Sonic:Double Trouble>>


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Here's the Storyline:
Sadly to say Sonic and friends have passed away and now there is a new evil.Times 2.There are 2 new enemies and they're twins.They are Slinx and Jinx the evil Echidna twins.Slinx is male and Jinx is female.They have arrived and are reaking havock around the land.Now it's up to new heroes to defeat them.


[b]Race of Animal:[/b]Hedgehog



[b]Description:[/b]A lightish powder blue colored hedgehog,an Element Blade sheathed strapped on her back.

[b]Bio:[/b]She's a tomboy.She's been on the island ever since she was little.Now she's about 16.All she remembers is that she has been on the island ever since she can remember.She has a large piece of memory missing and hopes to discover her past.

[b]Speciality:[/b]Super fast speed,martial arts,sword skills,good manuverabilities,since she's been on the island ever since little she can talk to the inhabitants.As in small animals.She can call upon any animal to help her.Hyper speed drive(she climbs a tree and launches herself off it in a flip spin and she can fly for short distances.
2)No SPAM!!!
3)All posts must be 3 or more lines long!!
4)All posts must be more than 1 paragraph long!!
5)Don't kill anyone or do anything rash without the person's permission!!

I think that's all for now.
Sakura ran on the beach and dropped her sword and sheath.Sakura ran happily into the surf and swam out into the deep part of the ocean.Immediatly all kinds of marine animals joined her.Fish,Whales,Dolphins,Starfish,Urchines all kinds swam around her playing.Sakura grabbed onto a Dolphins Dorfal Fin and swam with everyone following.After a long time Sakura swam to the shore and dried herself off.Sakura waved to the animals and they made their calls loudly.

Sakura ran through the forest and into a clearing where she saw her good friend Dr Cat at work with Dox.

Sakura:Hey Doc!
DC:Oh Hi Sakura.
Sakura:Still perfecting Dox I see?
DC:As always.

Sakura and Dr Cat continued to talk unaware of what was about to happen.They would meet 2 new evils that would test their skills.
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Slinx walked through the dark corridors that he and his sister Jinx called home. This was their fortress where they would watch the people that would take the place of Sonic and his powerful friends. He entered the room that his sister was currently in.
"Hello dear sister," Slinx said in a menacing voice.
"Greetings brother," Jinx replied, looking at something.
"What is it you are looking at?" He asked as he walked up beside her. Then he let a cruel smile spread across his face. They were looking down at a Pool of Sight. They saw a hedgehog that resembled Sonic, and some sort of Cat thing.
"Yes I see you already realize it." Jinx said.
"We are going to have fun disrupting their peaceful existance."
"Oh yes brother we are." Jinx said.
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[I]Roket was running around and practicing when he saw Twilight.[/i]

[b]Roket:[/b] Hey Starr!

[b]Starr:[/b] Hey Roket...

[b]Roket:[/b] You still okay with this whole Sonic thing? I mean I know how you feel. He was my big cuz...

[b]Starr:[/b] Yeah... I guess I'm fine.... so! [i]Getting up.[/i] Whatchya doin' here?

[b]Roket:[/b] Well I heard that those Echidnas Slinx and Jinx were somewhere near.

[b]Starr:[/b] Really!? Let's get em!!!! :mad:

[b]Roket:[/b] :laugh: Okay! Settle down... I hear there's a forest near here. Maybe we can find some help there?

[b]Starr:[/b] Ya... Maybe.


-=§=- :wave: [/size]
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Guest SuperMaxSonic
[URL=http://www.sonichq.org/music/midis/sonic/2/s2minibossrjw.mid]Click Here[/URL]
: In space, a ruined station floats in the void. Inside, something stirs. A preservation capsule begins to move, and is torn open from the inside. Water begins to flow out. A figure walks out. It looks at it's arm, where there are scratches from it's escape. The scratches begin to heal themselves. The creature is a purple hedgehog with red eyes. His name is MaxSonic.
--MaxSonic: I have been born into this world after my slumber. Now what? I must head to Earth. To find my creator.
: Back on Earth, an object crashes into the the ground nearby. Sakura and Dr.Cat are startled.
--Sakura: What was that?
--Dr.Cat: Let's check it out.
: They walk over to the crater. There lies a purple hedgehog. The hedgehog stands.
--MaxSonic: Where's Dr.Eggman?
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Tai put his un glasses on. He looked so coooooool. Well, that's what ever one thought. But he wore them to keep any one from seeing his red eyes. He ran along the beach with his hands in his pocket.
"How come I feel strange all of a sudden?" He looked around.
"I think there's more evil then me around here." He looked side to side. His long hair flicked.
"This is rubbish! I need terror! But...I do oh' some guys a favour. I think I should go see 'em. Then kill 'em. Maybe......"
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Guest Soul-Lyricist
Rocket and Starr walked into the forest.Being careful if the found Slinx and Jinx.

Rocket:Man this forest has changed alot.

Starr:Sure has.

The two notice a glowing aroura behind some bushes.They slowly approach the bushes.

Rocket:Thats weird what would glow in a forest.

Starr:Maybe its a chaos emerald.

Rocket:Lets see what it is.

Rocket and Starr jump over the bushes to find a phoenix holding two chaos emeralds,one blue the other yellow.The phoenix stares at the two.

Burn:Who are you?What is business in this forest.*Stares at Starr's necklace* A Chaos Emerald?!

Starr:I am twilight ,this is Rocket.

Burn:Funny, you two resemble Sonic in some way.By the way I'm Burn the Phoenix.

Rocket:Phoenixes are a rare breed,what are you doing around here?

Burn:I'm here to find Slinx and Jinx?I am gonig to destroy them.The seven chaos emeralds are going to help me do it.
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"Slinx, I have a feeling someone's looking for us. Several someones, in fact. Come see." She called him back and stared down into the Pool of Sight. The purple hedgehog was talking to the two from before. The scene shifted to show a porcupine and hedgehog talking to a phoenix. "Interesting. And they have three Chaos Emeralds...very interesting..."
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Twilight Starr looked at the chaos emeralds then noticed through the emerald that someone was watching them. she nudged Rocket and showed him. Soon, the emerald started to glow even brighter that Slinx and Jinx couldn't see them. Twilight stared at Burn.

[B][COLOR=indigo]Starr:[/B] Hey! Come on..Burn, come with us...I know of someone who can help us.[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=green]Rocket:[/B] Are you talking about Dr.Cat?[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=indigo]Starr:[/B] Yeah. Let's go.[/COLOR]

Rocket and Twilight helped Burn up and they walked together to Dr. Cat's place.
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Tia found himself running though the forest. He kept pushing his sun glasses back on his fore head. It was ot dark in the ofrest to have them on.
"Why am I so cool?" He laughed. Almost ever one on the island knew him. He closed his eyes and continued ot run.
"I can't belive this! I'm helping the enemy?" He laughed. He then bumped into some one. He fell to the ground and heard mutters.
"huh?" He looked around.

OOC: okay, I can bump into any one.
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Guest dayday
Saina looked up a red porcupine she had bumped into. They stood up and stared at each other for a while then she turned and started to run.

Tai ran in front of her, "Wait, who are you? You don't just run into people and not say anything."

Saina shook his hand very fast. "Hi, sorry I hit you." Then she started to run again in the opposite direction.
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Tai looked back. He saw there was no one there. So he continued ot were he was heading. He was powerful, but only if he had his sunglasses on. He loved them!
"Mehhe!" he laughed.
"I wonder were i can find this Slinx and Jinx?" He looked around.]
"I bet I could take 'em." He smiled.
"But I gotta keep cool!" He put his thumbs up. Even in the dark forest he put his sunglasses on. These things seem to be the only object he carried.
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Fang grazed through the forest as he began to practice with his sword, easily cutting through thick branches of a tree with it. He kept a straight face as he continued to practice until he suddenly stopped. "Something doesn't feel right here." said Fang as he began to run back to his cave which was next to an ancient temple that Fang protected. Once he arrived he had noticed a strange power that seemed to make him shaky. "I must go and find out wheather this power is good or evil. And if it is evil, I must stop it." Said Fang as he sheathed his sword and took off running with great speed.
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Shadow looked over the bushes. He came to some kind of building, that was 'posed to be hiden.
"I 'ent seen this better..." He took his sun glasses off. Suddenly, he felt heat on his back. He slowly turned around.
"EGH!" He saw a machine-like wolf with flames on its tail.
"ARGH! OW! OUCH!" He ran around in circle as the monster scorched him with flames. The thing began to laugh.
"HEY! WHOO!" Tai whipped away the flames.
"Who are you?" He asked.
"Galzzly!" Said the thing.
"What are you?!" Asked Tai.
"I'm a robot." Tai moved forward.
"Wh...who created you?" He asked.
"I...have no memory..." Said Glazzly.
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OOC: Sorry i haven't been posting...it's all because of the moving thingy with the site thingy en yea...but then i was moving soO! GRR! Anywayz.....hahah! here i am!

Starr looked around. She heard movement from the east. She turned and was hit by a speeding something. She got up and saw a flaring pointing at the emeralds that Rocket, Starr, and Burn had. Starr looked carefully at a sparkling object around its neck. It was another chaos gem. She backed away and he jumped in front of her.

[B][COLOR=indigo]Starr:[/B] Who are you and what do you want?[/color]
[B]Maxsonic:[/B] I am MaxSonic...and I want those emeralds you obtained.
[B][COLOR=green]Rocket:[/B] Never![/color]

Rocket dashed towards MaxSonic but was soon thrown out of his way.
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