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[COLOR=red]The past few hours had not been good ones...It all started when an alien space craft had arrived on Earth. To Dbzman, it was no big deal, he went to space and stuff all the time. But it was different for the other people. As soon as the craft had been sighted, people were running round on top of skyscapers with signs greeting the aliens. But when the ship landed, a whole army of little pods followed it, and millions of aliens came out. To tell the truth, they weren't 6 eyed, 2 nosed aliens with millions of tentacles, they acually looked like normal human beings...Well, some of them. Some of them looked like Burta from the Ginyu force, some of them looked like Saiya-jins, and some of them looked like giant snakes! But they all had one thing in common, scouters, and Ki Blasters...[/COLOR]

Dbzman: *Yawn* I'd better go and see what kind of freak it is THIS time...

[COLOR=red]He quicky flew over to the landing site, and saw the aliens that had landed[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Scouters...? And Ki blasters??? These guys are SO out of date!!!

[COLOR=red]He flew down, and stood in front of the army[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Hi there! So uh...Whats up?

Snake Creature: Shut it, human! We are going to take over your planet!!!

Dbzman: :smirk: Is that so??? Well then, I'd better introduce myself before you inslave us all! :D

Snake Creature: Huh???

Dbzman: My name's...DRAGONBALLZMAN!!!

[COLOR=red]As he said it, he shot a tremendous blast from his hands, wiping out all of the monsters and the ships too[/COLOR]

Dbzman: :smirk: Take over this planet my ***! :rolleyes:

[COLOR=red]But as he joked about how weak his new enemys were, a few little bits of slime were gathering together...[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Hm?

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, the whole army had grown back to its original state[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Whoa, freaky, but kool. I gotta learn how to do that someday! :D

Snake Creature: Well then, "Dragonballzman", I guess it's our turn!

Dbzman: :smirk: Yeah, I guess it is!

Snake Creature: Pathetic weakling...PREPARE TO DIE!!!

Dbzman: Bring it on...:smirk:

Snake Creature: Troops, FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[COLOR=red]The whole army started shooting their blasters like crazy, and to Dbzmans suprise, the next thing he knew he was on the floor, bleeding, and everything went black...[/COLOR]

Voice: WAKE UP!!!

Dbzman: Uhhh...?

[COLOR=red]He woke up to find his hands and legs chained to a line of other people, with glowing bands around their necks[/COLOR]

Dbzman: What do these things do???

[COLOR=red]He then saw a person that fell down, then a creature next to the guy pressed a button its wrist, and the man was screaming in pain in a matter of seconds[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Oh...Thats what they do...

[COLOR=red]He then pulled furiously to break the chains, but failed[/COLOR]

Dbzman: There's got to be a way outta this!

Creature: Heh, I wouldn't bet on it!

Dbzman: Yeah right, eat my Ki!!!

[COLOR=red]He thrust his hand up to face the creature, but nothing happened...[/COLOR]

Creature: Heh heh heh...That band around your neck stops you shootting your Ki, and these chains are unbreakable!

Dbzman: Great...:rolleyes:

[COLOR=red]All of the people were led into the spaceship, and in a few hours, they arived at a giant planet, hundreds of times bigger than the sun, and everyone was thrown into jail cells on the planet.[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Hey you basta*ds!!! LEMME OUT!

[COLOR=red]He tried stretching the bars apart, but it didn't work, so he tried pounding on the walls with all his strength, but it still didn't work...[/COLOR]

Dbzman: This isn't good...


Haha! All of you are captives and you have to try and get off the planet! Isn't that nice to know!? :D

If you want to join, just put your chars details like this:

Name: Dragonballzman (Dbzman for short)

Appearance: (I've attached a file)

Personality: Dbzman is very carefree, and has a good sense of humor, but knows when to be serious. He is a permanent fusion of the Z fighters, and can get them to talk separatly by punching himself. Example:
Dbzman: Maybe Gohan knows what to do!

[COLOR=red]Punches himself[/COLOR]

Dbzman: (Gohans voice) Hey, don't ask me, I don't have a clue!

[COLOR=red]Punches himself again[/COLOR]

Dbzman: D@mn.
And thats all you really need to do! :D
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Okay, i'll join!

Name: Craig
Appearence: An SSJ4, need I say more?
Personality: Vegeta's younger, more powerful brother, turned to SSJ4 by pure training, like Goku did, though he is slightly weaker than Goku, he has much more stamina!

On planet Namek:

"Thank you for bringing us these supplies" said the elder
"No problem, what is that power I can sense" said Craig
"I can sense my brother's energy wave, but it is much stronger than it should be, I must go" saig Craig
"Fare well great Saiyan" said the elder.

Craig uses instant translocation in the direction of the power!
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Name Sage

Apperence his hair looks like gohans when he is in ssj2 as a kid but blood red with gold tips and wears an outfit like Gokus but Black with a red shirt underneath

personality sage is very serious and is a lone wolf doesnt ask for help much but does have a sense of humour and will take help if needed badly


Sage is training far away from any civalization when he sensed the aliens

Sage: hmm whats that maybe i should have a look

he powered up and fly to where he sensed them he landed and they all turned toward him and started firing at him he

Sage: heh pathetic

he dodeged just about every blast but some caught him offguard and he was down when he awoke he was on the planet in their ship

Sage: what the hell! where am i?

Alien: shutup!

he looked over at the alien and tried to break free but it proved useless then he tried to fire a blast at him but also proved useless

Sage: d@mn guess im stuck here for awhile
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i always manage to land face first in your rpgs!!!

name siren

siren is a geneticly(sp?) altered saiyan so she now has the ability to go ssj1,ssj2,ect...

apperence: black pants, dark blue shirt,short 4in[COLOR=blue]blue[/COLOR] hair with black and silver tips 1in long

personality:can be arrogant but has no problems saying sorry.


siren looked out across the land marveling how much of it there was....

siren:... my god...better get back to them before they send some one up here to get me...*flys down*

siren lands but no one is there

siren:hello??? anoyone here???

somthing grabbed her from behind and snapped a metal circle around her neck...

siren:what the??!!!

???:now it's your turn!!

a massive electrical surge went through her body and all went black...

siren woke up in a cell of some sort...

siren:what the??!!!(one of my favorite frases...:rolleyes: )fine i'll blast my way out*concontrates energy*arrrghhhh!!!!

another electrical surge racked her body and she blacked out
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Name: Warlock

Age: 18

Race: Part human, part saiyin and part zork.

Height: 5'11"

Description: Black hair, blue eyes, black baggy trousers and a black T-shirt, with a black cape to finish it off.

Personality: A quite serious fighter, but occasionly lightens up. He also never gives up, fighting to the last second.
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