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I have played .Hack//Infection and it has become one of my favorite games of all time. What really drew me in was the story. I enjoyed everything about it. From the character design to the battle system. So anyways, any other fans who enjoyed playing .Hack should post their comments here. And if any of you have any information on parts 2-4 please tell me. Oh yeah, if you enjoyed Liminality please post your comments.
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I do like the character designs (especially Elk and Kite's) and the music is okay, but the camera gets annoying at times. The graphics may not be the best, but the story is what really matters, and that's what really pulled me into the game.

BTW- I forgot to mention I've beaten .hack//INFECTION. I'm currently stuck at a tough boss in MUTATION.
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I've played .hack//Infection and haven't got very far. I just started, so I'm not far at all. Though I love the story and the character design. I think the .hack Project was an excellent idea, and excelled perfectly.
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.Hack//Infection is a great game, the only problem is that it is too short. (For reference, any game that only take 40 hours total to beat is too short)

The "Birth of Cubia" clip-scene at the end was amazing, especially the character design of Cubia. I cannot wait to get .Hack//Mutation now. :D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ladyscorp2006 [/i]
[B]im lovin the .hack series im currently playin .hack//infection and am stuck on the boss that looks like a snake. no offense to any of the fans of elk but he is no help what-so-ever. but all together it is a good gam. [/B][/QUOTE]

I hated that boss. The only suggestion I have, bring lots of Resserects and lots of Gan Rom scrolls (the boss has an Earth tolerence, IIRC, so the Wood of the Gan Rom will double the damage). Just keep hitting him from a distance then Data Drain and hit him some more. Revive Elk were needed. Eat. Rinse. Repeat. :p
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Reading Ladyscorp2006 post reminded me of something. I believe that everybody who played .hack have died a cheapo death. One time I was ambushed by a bunch of hob goblins and i didnt get a chance to attack becuase they kept hitting me over and over and i died. So if any of you died a cheapo death post them here.
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I cannot think of a cheap death, but I can think of a cheap near-death.

On one of the cheat code sites I go to they mentioned [i](-) Voluptuous Geothermal Paradise[/i] (note: that is "Theta" at the begining, meaning the Dun Loreag server) as a place to find the Hell-Hounds and Mu Guardians. I warped there with Blackrose and Minstral and was immediately ambushed by three Hell-Hounds and two Dark Riders. Needless to say we were out-classed and Mistral went down. To keep from dying I ran and healed. Blackrose died and the enemies went after me. I got far enough away to revive Mistral and place sleep on one enemy.

To make a short story long, it was basically a game of run and beat up whoever got close. My team survived though and got big points.
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well i just finished playing .hack infection and reading the postings of other peeps and i have a few comments. first the game was great ;) and the storyline was phenomenal and im expecting it to get better. secondly yes the field theta (-) voluptous geothermal paradise is a major pain in the *** but it is worth it for the best heavy blade weapon in part 1. and thirdly how can u possibly say that mistral is a better wavemaster than elk.!!?? first mistral is so damn annoying!!!! and she is not nearly as strong as elk. if u equip elk with the starstorm wand he can deal so much more damge than any other character using hte vulcan ch ability.come try it, elk is a way better choice than mistral any day!!

- some people say i have a.d.d. but they just don't understand..
hey look a chicken!!!
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I have to agree with you on the fact that (-) VGP in a pain. I nearly died the first time after being ambushed two seconds after gating in to it.

As for Mistral being worse then Elk, no way. Yes Mistral is annoying, but so is Elk because of how scared he acts and how they always have to have Mia holding his hand. Anyway, wait until you get .Hack//Mutation and gain Wiseman as a friend. He is much better then both Mistral or Elk.
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that is tru, wise amn is better than them both but i was just saying that i prefer elk over mistral in part 1. it is tru that elk is a giant *** wussy that should grow and grow some balls. as for wiseman he is definetely the better wavemaster
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I will say one thing about Mistral and Elk, neither of the them can hold a candle to Rachel. Never before have I had the urge to jump into the game and strangle a character, but Rachel changed that. Not only does her accent suck, but the attitide they gave here really bugs me. You give her something nice and if it is not a rare item she dismisses you completely.

Oh well. Now that I have the "Affection" rating in Ryu Book V up to max I can forget her completely and continue working with Blackrose and Mistral (or Wiseman).
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Haha, I can't stand Rachel. I rarely use her. I just gave her a ton of stuff until her affection was at max. The rest of the characters I try to use. Sometimes, I try to make a themed team, such as all twin blades, which was cool because everyone's rare weapon fit with their color (Moonstone: red and Natsume: green). Haha, I wasn't even thinking to do that when I gave them the weapons.
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I dont use any characters besides BlackRose, Elk, and Mia unlessed forced to use other people. My choices go:

Elk (1 level below me no matter what i do!)
BlackRose (1 level below me too)
Mia (2 levels below me)
and that's about how the stay no matter what i do!
P.S. I have never upgraded Elk's weapon and have only upgraded mine to Steel Blades (Lv. 1)
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Here is my usual setup:

1) Myself
2) Blackrose/Gardenia/Marlo/Moonstone (best blade fighters)
3) Wiseman

I use Wiseman always, unless I am not given a choice for a Wavemaster, because he is less annoying and can run the same speed at Kite (no more slowing down for Mistral/Elk).

Occasionally I will switch Marlo out for Sanjuro, but that is the only other Blademaster I like. Nuke is just irritating, and there are only two Long Arms so Gardenia wins by default. I have no problem with using Natsume, but I just prefer Moonstone.
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Black Phenoix is trying to help me. I do not understand Jewel's(for keywords) at all! I figured out everything else, except these d@mn jewels!! I am only at the part where you need to meet Mia at the bottom floor of the dungeon. I need to level some more though.
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.hack//IZUAL, here is something that I managed to find while searching FAQ/Walkthroughs on a cheat code site. Maybe it can give you a bit more info.

One little note though. I believe the description of [i]Moster Level[/i] below is wrong. I think it really refers to the number or level of the monsters.

6.) Keywords
.Hack/Infection uses a unique system which allows you to take 3 words and
combine them to create a field. Which keywords you choose will affect what field
level, element, structures, dungeon, weather, items, and magic portals that
appear in that field. In the beginning of the game, you should really only worry
about the field level. The field level will determine what level monsters are on
the field. If you are just starting, you should pick a level 1 or 2 field. Here
is an explanation of the categories that will be affected by keywords. The
keywords are classified as A, B, and C. Orca will explain how to use keywords

Field Type: The environment of the field. There are 8 different kinds. Lava,
Jungle, Desert, Snow, Wilderness, Leaf, Earth, and Grassland.

Dungeon: Determines how many floors and rooms there are in the dungeon on the
field. Dungeons can have between 2-5 floors.

Weather: Determines the weather a field has. Weather also includes the time of
day. There are 8 different weather types. They are Night, afternoon, sunset,
cloudy, raining, thunder, snow, or snow 2 (blizzards).

Flatness: Determines if the field will be flat or mountainous.

Buildings: Determine the amount of structures in the field.

Area level: Tells what level the monsters in the area are.

Monster Level: The same as Area Level. I don't know why they put it in here.

Items: Tells how rare and valuable the items in the field/dungeon are.

Magic Portals: Determines how many magic portals are in the field/dungeon.

Keyword A list- The list of part A keywords and how you get them. Not 100%
accurate, but I will try my hardest.

Name-----------Weather-----------Area Level-----------Obtained

Bursting-------???????----------- +1 Orca
Hidden---------???????----------- +1 Black Rose
Expansive------???????----------- +2 Board Author-TAO
Boundless------???????----------- +2 Mia (E-Mail)
Closed---------???????----------- +3 Board Author-Waffle
Quiet----------???????----------- +3 Black Rose (E-mail)
Plenteous------???????----------- +3 Elk
Collapsed------???????----------- +4 Mistral
Cursed---------???????----------- +4 Black Rose
Buried---------???????----------- +4 Bob
Lonely---------???????----------- +5 Linda
Great----------???????----------- +5 Black Rose
Chosen---------???????----------- +5 Helba
Discovered-----???????----------- ??
(From here on out the "Level" is unknown)
Indiscreet-----Sunset------------?? Start
Putrid---------Night-------------?? Start
Hideous--------Cloudy------------?? Start
Soft-----------Rain--------------?? Start
Beautiful------Rain--------------?? Start
Raging---------Lightning---------?? Start
Noisy----------Lightning---------?? Start
Dog Dancing----Blizzard----------?? Start
Rejecting------Blizzard----------?? Start
Sleepy---------Afternoon---------?? Start
Sinking--------Evening-----------?? Start
(Here are the keywords from the OVA DVD)
Chronicling----???????-----------?? DVD
Voluptuous-----???????-----------?? DVD
Detestable-----???????-----------?? DVD

Just an amusing side note. I have found a fun and useful trick in the games. After you raise a Grunty take your best characters out to a field and call the grunty. All three characters will ride the grunty (though only Kite will be shown). This will allow you to move around without activating portals or being attacked by enemies. You can also pull a sneak attack on enemies.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ladyscorp2006 [/i]
[B]ok more help needed now i cant beat the big ugly thing that goes around data draining everybody. and this is phase 1 im talkin bout. no matter how high i get my level the stupid thing keeps killin me. jeez i need serious help:flaming: [/B][/QUOTE]

Well, there are two ways to beat him that I can suggest.

1)Stand and Fight.
--How to: Bring a wavemaster and Blackrose (Piros might work too). Have the Wavemaster stand back and heal you as you and your partner slash away at Skeith. Try to catch him with Staccato or Tiger Claws after he moves, so that he does not run in the middle of an attack. Data Drain him when it says you can and then continue fighting.

2)Hide and Heal
--How to: I prefere this on because it gives you better control over the healing and ressurecting parts. First load up with all four of the healing poitions (Health, Antidote, Restore, Ressurect). Now grab Blackrose and Piros and head off. Stand back and let the others do the damage while you heal them. If Skeith comes close to you take a few shots and back off. Once more, Data Drain and continue on to victory.

Suggestions: Find some [i]Pure Water[/i] (in the dungeons of Water element stages) and use them on you party. This will protect them against Skeith's [i]Judgement[/i] attack. If some one gets Data Drained by Skeith use Antidote and Restorative to counteract the results.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

Edit: Oh one more thing. You might want your level to be around 32-34.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ladyscorp2006 [/i]
[B]thanx you must be the master of this game cuz you got all the answers [/B][/QUOTE]

Not really. I am just a fast-learning, game fanatic that really, [i]really[/i] needs to get a life. :D

I doubt I could really be called the master of any RPG, since .Hack//Infection is the first one that I have ever actually played. :cross:
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This is what I got, the three rows equal A B C and if there is a jewel in it. It means that certain keyword made structures on that level. Do you get what I am saying? and If you do, am I right?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by .hack//IZUAL [/i]
[B]This is what I got, the three rows equal A B C and if there is a jewel in it. It means that certain keyword made structures on that level. Do you get what I am saying? and If you do, am I right? [/B][/QUOTE]

That is correct. Each jewel means that the keyword affects that particular part of the level. The number of structures in the area will change depending on the keyword. Some words have more and some have less.

The only suggestion I can give you for figuring out what each word does is write is down, write down what it affects and then use it over and over until you get an idea of how it affects it (i.e. More buildings, flat terrain, less monsters, etc.)

Personally I would not bother with keywords too much. The only ones that would be needed are "Field Type" (when looking for specific items), "Weather" (for the Spring of Mist), and "Monster Level" (to avoid getting killed when your level is low).
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