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  1. 1. The first anime TV series that I ever remember watching was Sailor Moon. I didn't even know that it was anime at the time and I didn't find out until years later. I loved it at the time because of its funny situations and the cool powers that the Sailor Scouts had. After Sailor Moon S started airing on Toonami, I decided to pick up some of the uncut videos. I still love Sailor Moon today and I'm still hoping that Stars will be picked up someday. The first OAV that I remember seeing was Tenchi Muyo. I loved the humor and the characters, and later I watched the two TV series.
  2. [COLOR=crimson] Name: Mana Kurashima Age: 17 Appearance: Mana has green hair with silver streaks and purple eyes. She wears a black halter top with a green glow-in-the-dark O-ring on the collar, green flares with buckles on the bottom cuffs, a green headband with a silver ankh pin, black shoes, green arm warmers with silver ankh pins on them, a black leather belt with a silver buckle, silver ankh earrings, silver knife earrings, a silver ankh necklace, black leather bondage straps, and green straps with silver ankh pins that wrap around her arms. Bio: Mana is a shaman from
  3. I like Gorillaz. Their music has nice beats and interesting lyrics. Does anyone know if there are any more CDs that are supposed to be released anytime soon? [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DeathBug [/i] [B] Why's everyone hate "Rock the House", anyway? [/B][/QUOTE] I personally liked it because it just seemed so much different from the others on the CD. I also liked the lyrics. ^_^ It was just an overall fun song.
  4. [B] Answer [/B]: 46 (according to the dub), although I also read that he was 40 somewhere. Krim asked Bear how old he was. [B] Question [/B]: List all the keywords on the back of DVD 3 (Gestalt).
  5. I think it's being released in early/mid-September. It's going to be called .hack//ENEMY. I'm not sure if it's a direct translation of the Japanese CCG, though.
  6. The card game will apparently have you playing the part of both the monsters and player characters, if I understood the explanation I read. Sorry about forgetting .hack//ZERO. I had never even heard of that novel until I stumbled across info on it yesterday after posting this.
  7. Actually, the correct order goes as follows: .hack//A.I. Buster (novel) .hack//SIGN .hack//Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine (games) .hack//Liminality .hack//Dusk (takes place 5 years after the games) If you want to get the most out of the experience, I've heard you should play the games while watching SIGN. Liminality takes place around the same time as the games. A.I. Buster doesn't really seem to be necessary to read, though it does provide lots of information about The World, from what I've read about it. I hope this helps.
  8. [B] OtakuSennen [/B]: Yeah, I'm talking about Chii from Chobits. [B] AzureWolf [/B]: Yeah, Tsukasa's Japanese voice actress does do a better job with screaming.
  9. I would stay in Cultural City Carmina Gadelica (Lambda Server) most of the time. It's just so pretty there and there would be lots of people to chat, trade, and fight with. ^_^
  10. I like both versions pretty much equally. However, for some reason, Sora and Krim's Japanese voices just seem to fit them better. A few of the characters sound almost exactly the same in both versions (Bear, the shopkeeper NPC in episode 1). Does the fact that Rie Tanaka (Chii's Japanese voice actress) voices Morgana creep anyone else out?
  11. Tsukasa, Subaru, Krim, Sora, BT, Mimiru (sidequest), Bear, A-20 (sidequest), and Ginkan appear in Mutation. Everyone except for A-20 appears at least once in the Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground field at least once in flashbacks, and, as stated earlier, Mimiru gives you her sword in a sidequest.
  12. Well, here are the songs I would put on my CD. This list has been trimmed down considerably, BTW. 1. Ayumi Hamasaki- Ourselves 2. Utada Hikaru- Amai Wana ~Paint it Black~ 3. BoA- Shine we Are! 4. Yoko Kanno- Aqua (Arjuna BGM) 5. Globe- Genesis of Next 6. Yoko Kanno- Tank! (Cowboy Bebop OP) 7. Sana- White Lovers 8. Naoki- Tears 9. Evanescence- Imaginary 10. Tsuneo Imahori- HT (Trigun OP) 11. Nobuo Uematsu- Song of Prayer (Final Fantasy X) 12. Dicot- Aitsu! (Super Gals OP) 13. Jungle Smile- Dakishimetai (Super Gals ED) 14. Yuki Kajiura- Fake Wings (M
  13. Makai Kite

    Pete & Pete

    I used to watch that show all the time, but I don't get Noggin, so I haven't seen it in years. It was apparently on Nickelodeon once, but I missed it. Artie (the strongest man... in the world) was the coolest, and I liked little Pete's tattoo, Petunia.
  14. [B] Answer: [/B] Tsukasa's hair is brown (well, kind of reddish-brown) IRL. [B] Question: [/B] What power of the Wavemaster did BT use in episode 13 (Twilight Eye)?
  15. Actually, Ginkan is what Silver Knight was called in the Japanese version.
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