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The Mists of Avalon...


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[color=gray][size=3] Over 8,000 years ago, the world dirfted in to a dark era...

..these dark ages, a time of magic and mystrey, a era when history was made. Through the years history became legend, legend became myth, and now we have the story of King Authur and Merlin. What if it wasn't just a story? Lets go back over 8.000 years, to the year 1158...


A catle looms in the distance, you find yourself standing on a wide open feild womewhere in what would be whales, but is now known as the farest reaches of Gwynned, not far from the busy trade city of Cear Myddrid. You are currently somewhere in between, looking at a tall looming brick castle. A gust of wind rises up playing through your hair, the grass sways gently as the sun is blocked out momenterally by a threatning gray cloud.

You make your way over the plne, away from the castle heading for the coast. Finally after hours walk you reach the beach, dark salty waves splash up on shore as your eyes flutter to a old oak. It looked as if lightning had struck it and someone cut off most of it for some reason.

You walk over to the tree, three deep gashes gorge the dead trees trunk. You step back startled as you notice someone..or osmething in the dead, leafless branches of the old tree. The figure stands and jumps down, you realise its a girl, wearing a outfit of leaves and tightly woven vines. Her brown hair falling loosley about her sholder as a odd creature pops its head out of her pocket.

The creature looks at you, as does the girl.

"Silly persondedda you are! wanderingwandering aloneallalone dumbeyfool of a person."

The girl looks at you smiling brought, just before she braks out in the moust uplifintg hearty laugh ever. You grin slightly but are still taken back at the speaking of the creature.

"Oh don't mind Scully, he's just not used to strangers."

She spreds her arms out and u suddenly notice an odd feature. The girl has wings, beautifull, elegant wngs, just like an eagles protruding from her sholderblades. You take another step back awed.

"I am Rhia. Sister of Merlin, have you seen him? Do you know where he is? Avalon is in trouble, this mists are angry for some reason. I belive Rita Gwar has returned, and we havent seen Dagada in over 9 years since Merlin left. Do you know of a boy names Arthur?"

You look at her puzzled for a moment. You wonder if the Merlin of whom she speaks is THE MERLIN, of the legend. Merlin, Avalon, it all fits. If she needs your help, with your knoldge of history you must help her, how cna oyu resist what looks like an angel?


Now heres the thing, everyhting is as Rhia (ree-ah) said. Avalon is in trouble and Dagada is missing. I Rhia, Merlins sister, need your help. I am in need of some new heros as well as Merlin (now 25) and his love, whom he hasen't seen in 9 years Hillia (now 24). (hill-lay-ah). Also it would be nice if an old friends, Shim (no age needed, but mid 20's), a giant, once a dwarf. A Merlin, a type of hawk, named Trouble. And a curious half grown dragon named Gwynnia (12 years old), named after the queen of dragons. If no one picks up their chars I'll play them as needed. (all the creatures but Trouble can talk normal) This is what I need from you:


(If using on of the set chars, Merlin Hillia, Trouble, Shim or Gwinnia I'll provide the decription)

My entry.
Name: Rhia
Age: 25
Decription: Already given in entry.
Background: Merlin's twin sister, non identicle, had lived in Finicyara all my life, after a series of events over 5 years the land i loved melded with the mist, the "Lost Isle" now known as Avalon, is surrounded in mists. The mists are a gateway to our world and Avalon, like Fincyara was, is not wholly of heaven, nor wholy of earth, but a gateway between the two. [I]An In between place[/i].

Have fun and thank you for signing up![/color][/size]
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I'll just make my own char if you don't care...

Name: Charles Duegan
Age: 26
Decription: Tall, about 6'2". Fiery red hair, he's Irish. He isn't a knight, but he is a good swordsman. He carries a longsword at his side and wears leather and cloth armor.
Background: He's just a normal human, wondering around the country side.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Well then...let's see if we can do this without scratching eachother's eyes out. Shall we? *wink*

Name: Heinyana Megelani

Age: 500

Decription: See attatchment. She will generally wear a long burka over her body, but shed it when the time comes to fight.

Background: Daughter of an imortal sage and a fae, Heinyan is used to hardship. However, she will fight in order to save those she loves. Or to protect the innocent. She has no reason to justify this, other than her bloodlines. And no, she's not imortal, just blessed, or cursed, with extremely long life. Try 800 years. So at the moment, she is in her middle years and very jovial with it all. Personality wise, she is calm and sophisticated, yet deadly. To cross her is not wise. Neither is it to question her intelligence.[/COLOR]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Qyrain Alethyne
Age: 347, but that's basically irrelevent.
Decription: Six foot three, but overly slender. A racial trait, that. Very pale skin, and pale blond hair, that falls just past his shoulders. Eyes are blue. Tends to wear leather pants and a fairly loose black shirt.
Background:Qyrain is one of the Sidhe. He's currently in the mortal realm doing basically what everyone else is doing, looking for Merlin. Of course, Qyrain doesn't really have a choice about being in the mortal realm, but that's basically irrelevant for the moment. [/font][/color]
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Ok Well JJRiddler Heres troubles Bio:

Age:He's a bird, age unknown.
Decription. Once a tan brown with red bans strewn across his tails and wings, since dieing his feathers are pure silvery, the once red bands now a rusty brown.
Bio: Trouble came to know Merlin when he was saved by him, when Merlin was called Emrys, from two huge rats, ever since Trouble adored Merlin, once thought as a burdon then a blessing by Merlin ,the birds life ended when he scarificed himseld to save Merlin's life. ever since he has flown through the mists free and happy. He enjoys flying above all wishes desprately to return to Merins left sholder.

Yes i got the idear from the 5 book series by T.A.Barron. And i have a picture of him, I'll post it l8er.
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my normal character for something like this is my 8 foot werewolf. i'll post his stuff, and just tell me if you want something diffrent.

Name: Wolf Maximas

Age: 150(50)

Descripton: 8 foot werewolf, with silver and grey fur. his main hair is pure silver and hangs to his feet. it's tied back in a black cloth from his love. he wears Kahki colored pants with a black sash for his belt. a white cloak covers him when he's not fighting only his head can be seen. which for most people is enough. he carries a katana forged by his races top smith. the handle is wrapped in black cloth with a silver dragon under it.

Bio: he is a prince of his race, but decided to give up his title and wonder the earth in search of new fighting styles and people to help. his race has always been seen as monsters, he wants to change that.
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[color=teal][i]Ah, yes. I see it as plainly as the sun above. My beloved home, Fincayra, besieged by Rhita Gawr. My home....my slumber must now end. I must begin the next chapter of my story. But first, allow me to explain where I have been for the past few years.......[/i]


My relationship with Hallia, a member of the peoples of the Merwyn-bri-Meath, a tribe of magical folk that could transform into deer at will, led me far into the heart of Fincayra. However, a strange affliction took hold of Hallia, killing her slowly from within. I left the island at the advice of Domnu, the hag whose love was gambling, in order to find a cure for my beloved. I succeeded, and Dagda delivered the cure to Hallia at my request, as I was unsure if I could return to the Isle of Mists. I was correct in my doubts. Though Dagda assured me as to my darling's well-being, I was unable to return home. I decided to find the boy, Arthur, if it was possible. It wasn't, though his father, Uther Pendragon, was easy to find. Along the path, I found Mab, Queen of the Faeries, and her sister, The Lady of the Lake. By some misfortune, Uther's enemy, Vortigern, received word from Mab that his keep would only stand if the blood of a sorcerer was used to bless the foundation. Naturally, I being the only sorcerer for miles, Mab became my enemy, and my life became desirable for Vortigern. I joined Uther, after some trouble, and by the powers of the magical sword, Excalibur, which I gave him to rule as king wisely, I set out again, this time, to the Lady of the Lake. A spirit from my home of Fincayra, from whom I learned my home was now called Avalon. She gave me health, strength, and a few more lessons to fill my clouded head. I returned to Uther, whom I found besieging Castle Tintagel, home of the beautiful Lady Igraine........and her husband, Lord Cornwall. Through my help, unwilling, I assure you, Uther penetrated the castle after Cornwall left under the guise of Cornwall himself. I extracted two promises, the first being that Cornwall would live and the fighting would end, and second, that when the boy child was born, he would be given into my care. Only the second promise was kept. The siege lasted thirteen more days, then Cornwall broke, and was killed by an arrow. Igraine knew by now of Uther's trick and married him. Nine months later, I waited at Tintagel's gate for a maiden to present me with the boy, to whom I gave the name Arthur. I left him in the care of one Sir Ector, a friend of mine during the days of Vortigern. Ector swore he would tutor the boy in knightly fields, and, thank Dagda, philosophies that Ector and I shared. Arthur, shame to say, never had a knack for magic. I left the infant barely five hours ago, and now, I must stop boring you. My sister and my dear one await me at my home in the Old Forest of Fincayra....Dagda has given me but this one path home, which I can use repeatedly, to be sure, but.....he has given all of his energies to keeping Rhita Gawr from the mortal realm.[/color][/i][/u]




[b]Description:[/b]Dark brown hair falls backwards, tied in a braid to keep from interfering with magic. His eyes, now glazed completely white, are surrounded by burn scars, though the scars are almost invisible to those who don't know about them. A strong physique and an air of majesty surround him, even though he wears mere leather armor. Now in the habit of carrying a spear, his physical ability has grown. He can rarely be seen out of the company of his beloved black horse, Ionn, when he's on Fincayra.

[b]Background:[/b]Grandson of Tuatha, son of Stangmar, who, because of Rhita Gawr's influence, became entirely evil and held an iron grip on Fincayra at one time. Merlin vanquished his father, summoned his mother from the mortal world, and managed to have to find a cure, given by Dagda himself. Again, Merlin had to fight Valdearg, Wings of Fire, after the dragon charged the boy with murdering his eggs. A young dragon, whom Merlin nursed back to health, though Merlin believed that the dragon died, changed Valdearg's mind, being the dragon's daughter. However, Wings of Fire died at the hands of the last kreelix, thus fulfilling the prophecy. Then, a blight began to spread from the swamplands, driving Gwynnia, Valdearg's daughter, away from hallia and Merlin, her surrogate parents. Merlin and Hallia together investigated the blight, finding that a murderous young woman whom had once tried to steal Merlin's staff for his power was the cause. Thanks to the help of a young boy named Arthur, Merlin was saved from a deadly worm that could split his heart in two from inside his body.......by himself. Arthur took Merlin into the future, where his master was waiting to be freed from a cave. Arthur's master was........Merlin. When Merlin returned home, to Hallia, he managed to stop the murderous witch and send her through the mirror that had made him a time-traveller. The rest, look up. *NOTE*I haven't the events of the fifth book, yet. I'll add them when I've read up on them.[/color]
I hope this pleases you, sis. ^_^X
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Uh.. yeah its asome BUt for a few minor Details,, MERLIN ISNT A WARRIOR!. Grr He carries His sword, whos name he cannot tell anyone but he knows tis Excalabur, and his staff, touched by the wizard Tunnetha his grand dad and I'll give u a pivture of him, i scanned the book cover. :-D IT his a like 20 yr old him on ocver so appearence cant have changed much. :-D I'll give u piccie l8er n u can edit, plus that pic isn't Merlin ,its Hunter and u know it bro :) other than that I grant u the part of Merlin, as long as u fix thoes lil details.
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[color=teal]My Merlin is not just that of T. A. Barron's somewhat lax series, but also the product of several years' research, many hours watching the ABC movie special, and reading just about every single Merlin and Arthur book aside from Lost Years #5. And just to let you know, it's Tuatha, not Tunnetha. I have Lost Years #3 open in my hand right now. As for his warriorhood, he was a more able warrior than Arthur himself. He just didn't fight much in his OLD AGE because of frailty. As for the first person toknow of the swrod's name, it was Merlin then Uther, then the Lady of the Lake, then Arthur, after whom the sword became a lost artifact of the Fay. I'll give you a much deeper lesson in Merlin history if you ever wish it, sis, but for now, be grateful tha I haven't listed anything else historical. Otherwise, the Merlin of this RPG would be an EXTREMELY old man who progressed in life to get younger. I'm satisfied with this Merlin, the most crrect Merlin that can be produced through a combination of different accounts.[/color]
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Yea well whos rpg is it? Uh hem and im BASEING this rpg on the books and if you don't want to be the Merlin I want then don't use a pre-scribed char. I'm sure someone else owuld be MORE than happy to comply with my wishes. And no I do not need a lecture on Merlin, but I also know Melin never ever carried a spear and never wore aurmor. I had to do a 1000 word report on him. And besides the fact stands it MY rpg nad I want the Merlin whom was prevously in T.A.Barrons The lost years of Merlin. If you don't like it don't sign up. Brother dearest. Ron would be more than happy being ihm, in fact I todl him bout this b4 I called u and he was quite adigitated U were prolly gonna get the part of Merlin..
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