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I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever noticed this, but why is it that words (mostly names) in animes that have o's always are spelled with ou's in subbed versions. The names still are said the same, but [i]is[/i] there a correct spelling?

Sait[b]ou[/b] Hajime = Hajime Sait[b]o[/b] (and why is the last name first, by the way?)
Sessh[b]ou[/b]maru-sama = Lord Sessh[b]o[/b]maru

Also, I noticed in Japanese songs that they pronounce every individual vowel and for any words that have 2 t's, the vowel before them is pronounced twice. :worried:

[u]Example[/u] (taken from InuYasha's "My Will"):
sotto mezameru
hakanai omoi zutto
donna toki demo negau yo
anata ni todoku you ni to...

The words "sotto" and "zutto" are pronounced "so-oto" and "zu-uto." Also, the word "hakanai" is said like "ha-ka-na-ee" where we would usually here it like "ha-kan-eye" Is that how it is supposed to be said or do they just do that in songs?

Confused yet?
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Here is the reason: When an "U" (pronounced "oo") is placed behind an "O" it extends the "O" sound to two beats. This also works with an "O" behind another "O" and an "I" behind an "E" sound.

Basically, the syllable is longer then before. Sometimes this a shown with a line over the "O", which can be seen in the name Tokyo (which would be spelled Toukyou is not abreviated).
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I like the way the Japanese language sounds and I like listening to songs in Japanese and everything.

I know what you're talking about Dan Rugh, esp. with sotto & zutto. When I say/am pronouncing Japanese words the one thing that gets on my nerves is when I can't tell when to pronounce "su' as "sss" or "soo". Does anyone know when you pronounce them? Two I know you pronounce "sss" are in Yusuke and Daisuke.

As for "ai", I think that it is actually just pronounced "a-ee" but to foreign ears it just sounds like "eye" and in songs you just get to hear those sounds better.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by bignate dawg [/i]
[B][B]in the case of "su" being pronounced as either "sss"(like in Yusuke or Daisuke)or "soo"(i can't think of an example) has to do with the su being before a k, i think.[/B] [/B][/QUOTE]

Actually, this is another point where the "U" changes things. In reality the "U" should be pronounced, but when spoken quickly the "U" occasionally just disappears. This is the case for many words ending in that letter. The best example I can give is "Desu" which is pronounced without the "oo" sound at the end.
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