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Woohoo!! Schools out forever!! ...for two weeks..


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]
[B]Yup, the Holidays have just started in NZ. Uni, High School, all the other schools, all on vacation... Woohoo!! 2 Weeks of free time for Flash! [/B][/QUOTE]

Yeah I know. Now I can laugh at my Mum cause she has to work!

This is what happened at 3pm in our class:

Ms Gawith: Now be careful in the holidays... Look before you cross the road... Research for your History project and visit the historic village if you can.... Now have fun and don't for get your poems...And come back on the Monday in 2 weeks... And.... SCHOOLS OUT!!!
*everyone is pushing out the door*

And um Flash: What part of NZ do you live in?
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Guest Master O Beans
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Transtic Nerve [/i]

Yeah but I probably go longer on the days I do go... i go to 5:00 on them days ... i planned my scedule good me thinks... next semester I hope is better.... or the same it doesn't matter.... [/B][/QUOTE]

Yeah, my scedule is...eh, not so good. I am definitely changing my next semester one around...

...and for all you NZ people...BAH! ...lucky! ...but 10 weeks aready, geeze, I'm just now entering week 5. :p
...speaking of school, me has math exam tomorrow that I have yet to study for...and it's 1:30 in the AM already...oh geeze...I think I have managed to put it off till the last minute again...:rolleyes:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Warlock [/i]
[B]SCHOOLS OUT!!! Well, it's holidays for me too here in Australia. WOOHOO!!!

Well, I wonder what to do now... [/B][/QUOTE]

Well I know What I'm gonna do... ALL NIGHT POSTING SPREE!!! ...once my damned ISP stops being a little *****...
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