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are there a game called dragonball legends for playstation??

G/S/B Master

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Yes, there is a game called Legends.... thats just a shortened name though...

DragonBall Z Idaninaru DragonBall Densetu is it's full name
That means DragonBall Z Great DragonBall Legends....

There are 3 games for the PSX for DragonBall.

DragonBall Z: Ultimate Battle 22
DragonBall Z: DragonBall Z Idaninaru DragonBall Densetu
DragonBall: Final Bout (US Version called DragonBall GT: Bout)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Sephiroth [/i]

heh heh, thats very naughty of you, transtic.... [/B][/QUOTE]

Hehe, when I said I have broke many internet laws, buying those was one of them... I would buy the originals I just don't feel like spending $60 on each.... I got the original of UB22 though so... and it's my favorite of the 3...
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