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[I]The past few hours had not been good ones...It all started when an alien space craft had arrived on Earth. To Dbzman, it was no big deal, he went to space and stuff all the time. But it was different for the other people. As soon as the craft had been sighted, people were running round on top of skyscapers with signs greeting the aliens. But when the ship landed, a whole army of little pods followed it, and millions of aliens came out. To tell the truth, they weren't 6 eyed, 2 nosed aliens with millions of tentacles, they acually looked like normal human beings...Well, some of them. Some of them looked like Burta from the Ginyu force, some of them looked like Saiya-jins, and some of them looked like giant snakes! But they all had one thing in common, scouters, and Ki Blasters...[/I]

Dbzman: *Yawn* I'd better go and see what kind of freak it is THIS time...

[I]He quicky flew over to the landing site, and saw the aliens that had landed[/I]

Dbzman: Scouters...? And Ki blasters??? These guys are SO out of date!!!

[I]He flew down, and stood in front of the army[/I]

Dbzman: Hi there! So uh...Whats up?

Snake Creature: Shut it, human! We are going to take over your planet!!!

Dbzman: Is that so??? Well then, I'd better introduce myself before you inslave us all! :D

Snake Creature: Huh???

Dbzman: My name's...DRAGONBALLZMAN!!!

[I]As he said it, he shot a tremendous blast from his hands, wiping out all of the monsters and the ships too[/I]

Dbzman: Take over this planet my ***!

[I]But as he joked about how weak his new enemys were, a few little bits of slime were gathering together...[/I]

Dbzman: Hm?

[I]Suddenly, the whole army had grown back to its original state[/I]

Dbzman: Whoa, freaky, but kool. I gotta learn how to do that someday! :D

Snake Creature: Well then, "Dragonballzman", I guess it's our turn!

Dbzman: Yeah, I guess it is!

Snake Creature: Pathetic weakling...PREPARE TO DIE!!!

Dbzman: Bring it on...:smirk:

Snake Creature: Troops, FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[I]The whole army started shooting their blasters like crazy, and to Dbzmans suprise, the next thing he knew he was on the floor, bleeding, and everything went black...[/I]

Voice: WAKE UP!!!

Dbzman: Uhhh...?

[I]He woke up to find his hands and legs chained to a line of other people, with glowing bands around their necks[/I]

Dbzman: What do these things do???

[I]He then saw a person that fell down, then a creature next to the guy pressed a button its wrist, and the man was screaming in pain in a matter of seconds[/I]

Dbzman: Oh...Thats what they do...

[I]He then pulled furiously to break the chains, but failed[/I]

Dbzman: There's got to be a way outta this!

Creature: Heh, I wouldn't bet on it!

Dbzman: Yeah right, eat my Ki!!!

[I]He thrust his hand up to face the creature, but nothing happened...[/I]

Creature: Heh heh heh...That band around your neck stops you shootting your Ki, and these chains are unbreakable!

Dbzman: Great...

[I]All of the people were led into the spaceship, and in a few hours, they arived at a giant planet, hundreds of times bigger than the sun, and everyone was thrown into jail cells on the planet.[/I]

Dbzman: Hey you basta*ds!!! LEMME OUT!

[I]He tried stretching the bars apart, but it didn't work, so he tried pounding on the walls with all his strength, but it still didn't work...[/I]

Dbzman: This isn't good...
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siren looked out across the land marveling how much of it there was....

siren:... my god...better get back to them before they send some one up here to get me...*flys down*

siren lands but no one is there

siren:hello??? anoyone here???

somthing grabbed her from behind and snapped a metal circle around her neck...

siren:what the??!!!

???:now it's your turn!!

a massive electrical surge went through her body and all went black...

siren woke up in a cell of some sort...

siren:what the??!!!(one of my favorite frases... )fine i'll blast my way out*concontrates energy*arrrghhhh!!!!

another electrical surge racked her body and she blacked out
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well, umm... wat's the point of this rpg?????? and y is there so much violence?! come on! i thought this was America United?!?! huh? tsk tsk tsk... disgraces!
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Outside the prison hold.

Shinnok: Who's that guy?

Dungeon Creature: Oh? The guy who tried to shoot ki at me?

Shinnok: Yes. He looks.... strange.

D.Creature: He's the toughest on of all. Capturing him was hard. You should get to your post.

Shinnok: You're right.

D.Creature went straight to the cafeteria. Shinnok went towards the bridge. His eyes still glued to Dbzman, wondering why he seems so familiar....
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D.Creature: Get in there!

A new prisoner is added into the prison hold.

Dbzman: Who's this?

He starts to check the newbie. It's a girl. Dbzman starts to blush when he search the girl for any identication. His hands starts to move down. Dbzman's face is as red as a tomato. Suddenly....

Siren: Where am I?

Quickly Dbzman removes his hands from the girl.

Siren: Who are you? Who am I?

Dbzman: Huh?

Siren: Just joking. I'm Siren.

Both of them was about to shake hands when they realized both of them are handcuffed. Both of them roared with laughter....
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[I]Warlock sat in the corner of the prision, thinking about how he'd tried to get into this place, not out. He let himself be captured, mainly so he could be taken to the main planet of this group, and destroy them from within. He looked around at the many people around him, all tied up. He caught sight of two people, roaring with laughter. He got up, and walked over to them...[/I]
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siren:*starts picking at the handcuffs*that was good...ok so what are these things for???

dbzman:what do you mean???

siren:i've never seen them before...but if you go to the hair right behind my left ear you'll find a hair pin... i think i can pick the locks...

[I]dbzman, red as a beet, retrived the hair pin and handed it to siern...[/I]

siren:*as the hair pin melted* ok... these are pick proof... man... ki would be very helpful right about now...

warlock: it would've been useful a while ago as well...

siren:oh... hello i diden't see you...come to think about it i don't sence you either...hmm... these colars are a bother...got any ideas??
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[I]Sage stands in the corner looking at the chains and collar that hold him in the prison he then looks around at all the aliens guarding the prisoners[/I]

Sage: How the hell did they capture me with such weak weapons

[I]looks over and sees 3 people talkin to eatchother he then walks over to them[/I]
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siren:*sees sage walking over*tch... what a sorry looking group we are...four bums in chains and collars this would be funny if it wern't so seirous...oh and by the way *yells at the top of her voice* I'M HUNGRY!!! DO WE EVER GET FED AROUND HERE??? *the guard ignored her* hurmph... figures...
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[I]looks at the guard[/I]

Sage: heh guess not

[I]looks back at everybody then leans against the wall and thinks[/I]

Sage: yeah we do look pretty pathetic i dont get how i was beatin by them with there little blasters

dbzman: me either i thought it would be pretty easy but i was wrong

Sage: yeah i know what ya mean

[I]looks down and the ground and trys to think of a way to get out of the prison[/I]
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Shinnok: This is useless. Might as well get something to eat.

Shinnok go straight towards the cafeteria.

Monster Chef: What will it be? Old fashion green blob that's been here sinse the dawn of the new millennium, or the earth food?

Shinnok: I can't decide. The green blob is my favourite. But it's almost lunch. The crew will be starving. I'll have the the black pepper steak with onion rings and don't forget the fries. Top it up with a cup of chocolate ice-cream.

M.Chef: It'll be ready in no time.

He turn around for a slight second and turns back bringing with him the food.

Shinnok: Ughhh! It's making that smell. I never smelled anything like it. Better eat it in my room.

Shinnok took the food towards his room, passing the prison hold. All the prisoners can only smell what the rock..... I mean smell the food from a distance.

Dbzman: My stomach.....

Siren: Don't forget me....

Sage: I'm soo hungry I can eat a pussy...

Warlock: You mean a cat.

Sage: Oh, my mistake....:D
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Dbzman: *Whisper* [SIZE=1]I have a plan to get outta here![/SIZE]

Sage, Siren & Warlock: [SIZE=1]Yeah?[/SIZE]

Dbzman: [SIZE=1]Ok, it's pretty simple really! All of us taunt the guard to come in here, then we beat the crap outta him, then we steal his keys while he's down![/SIZE]

All: [SIZE=1]Heh, it's so crazy it just might work![/SIZE]

Dbzman: [SIZE=1]Ok, on 3...3![/SIZE]

Warlock: Hey guard!

Guard: Hm?

Dbzman: You suuuck!!!

Siren: Fatass!!!

Sage: Wussy!!!

Guard: :mad:


All: :eek: You...S-Suuucccckkk...

Guard: :mad: :mad:

Dbzman: Instead...Of...Pressing...Your...

Warlock: Fancy...Little...Button...Why...Don't...

Siren: You...Come...In...Here...And...Face...

Sage: Us...Like...A...Um...Monster! :D

Guard: Fine!!!

[COLOR=red]Opens the door to the cell and picks up Dbzman by the throat, but when he is about to pummel him into oblivion, the others whack him round the back of the head with their handcuffs, knocking him to the floor[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Nice one!

[COLOR=red]Bends down and gets his keys, then they all run out of the cell and LOCK THE DOOR! :D[/COLOR]

Warlock: Well, that takes care of him!

Siren: Now we gotta unlock these!

[COLOR=red]All of them unlock their handcuffs but find they can't get the bands off their necks[/COLOR]

Sage: ****, I guess we're still stuck with these!

Dbzman: Oh well, we'll just have to make sure we don't get into trouble! :D

[COLOR=red]They all run down a seemingly endless corridor then finally get to the door, and open it[/COLOR]

Dbzman: I think we're lost...
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Dbzman: Oh sh*t, just what we need!

[COLOR=red]The 2 guards run up to them all and start pressing THE BUTTON[/COLOR]

Dbzman, Warlock, Sage & Siren: ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!

Guard 1: Heh heh heh...

Guard 2: Hey dude, you know the boss told us not to press the button too much or we'd kill the person that was getting shocked by it? How about we kill these guys!?

Guard 1: Ok dude!

[COLOR=red]Both of them start pressing THE BUTTON madly, but what they don't know, is that Dbzman and the others aren't normal, and eventually the bands break from so much button pressing![/COLOR]

Guard 2: Whoa man, the bands broke big time man!

Guard 1: We're soooooooooooo screwed man, yeah!

Guard 2: Yeah man, we're like, wasted!

Dbzman: Yeah, thats very true...:devil:

Guard 1: Bummer...





Guards 1 and 2: :eek:

[COLOR=red]Dbzman and Warlock disappear and reappear behind Guard 1 and kick the sh*t outta him, while Sage hold Guard 2s head still and Siren kicks it off[/COLOR]

Dbzman: :laugh:

Sage: :laugh:

Siren: :laugh:

Warlock: :laugh:
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Shinnok: I think I'll take a leak.(heads towards the bathroom)

Dbzman: In here!

They stumbled into Shinnok's room. The place is covered with wierd looking posters.

Sage: I guess that's what they call porn...

Siren: FooD!

Warlock: I'm starving!

Sage: Don't forget me!

Dbzman: We'll eat and then we escape.(he bites the steak)

Within seconds the whole meal's gone. Dbzman can feel himself recharged. So does the whole gang.

Dbzman: It's time to go....

Shinnok returns only to find that his meal is eaten.

Shinnok: D@mn rats! Should got rid of them long ago....
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Shinnok: I guess I'll get something else to eat...

He goes straight to the cafe, ignoring the bloodshed around him.

Shinnok: Must be April's Fool again. I'm d@mn hungry!

He walks over dead soldiers lying on the ground. Sometimes he steps on them.

Shinnok: Oops, sorry guys....


Dbzman: Where the hell are we?

Sage: Beats me....

Siren: Just destroy everything....
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Dbzman: Good idea...:smirk: [COLOR=red]FINAL FLAAASH!!![/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Blasts a giant hole in the side of the wall[/COLOR]

Dbzman: :D

[COLOR=red]All of them fly out, but as they do, MEGA loud alarms go off[/COLOR]

Sage: Crap

Warlock: I don't think they liked us blasting our way out!

Siren: Yeah, you can say that again!
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Shinnok: The alarm is off, those guys are getting on the captains nerve. Might as well report it.

He forget about lunch and went straight to the bridge. More and more dead bodies can be found on the way to the bridge.

Shinnok: I'll have to report about all this nonsense, playing on an operation to conquer Earth.

As he reached there, he found out the remaining survivors are all gathered there, on their toes, ready to shoot.

Shinnok: You guys, keep those away! We're not supposed to play with it....

Crazy Guard: You're one of them! Kill him!

Shinnok: I'm warning you! I'll have to report this....

C.Guard: Fire!!!!

Shinnok fled from the ship. He ran blindly through the forest. Finally crashed into the stream nearby and faints....
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