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You have just recieved a letter saying:

[b][i]Congratulations!! Date:15/2
You have been one of the specially chosen trainers to go on the new journey.We have recently discovered a new island.We expect there are new pokemon waiting.We have decided to invite some pokemon trainers to be the first people to be on the island and bring back some new species.You are also allowed to keep them after capture.If you would like to take this excellent opportunity then go to the Seaside Harbour at Seafoam Islands next Monday and show this letter to the person standing at the harbour.Bring whatever you like on the trip.You will be staying for quite a long time.

We hope to see you there.
Pokemon Inc.[/i][/b]

You have decided to accept the incredible offer and you psyched.Before you know it the time has come and you must go to Seafoam Islands to reach Seaside Harbour.
Ki yawned as she woke up.She turned to the calendar and smiled.Today was the day she had been waiting for.The week had dragged on since she got the letter.Now it was time.Ki got out of bed and made it.Then she walked into her personnel bathroom that was connected to her room.She quickly took a warm shower and changed into her usual clothes of blue jacket left open with a white t-shirt inside that has a baby blue Chinese coiled up dragon on the front,navy blue pants and blue and white nike joggers.She brushed her chocolate brown hair and went to her bedside table.She picked up her necklace with the clip and pokeball on it and put it around her neck before opening a drawer and pulling out her custom made silver,reflective sunglasses and placing them over her emerald green eyes.She picked up her backpack that was next to her bed and slung it across her back.Ki looked around her room and then remembered that she needed the letter.She ran back ot her drawer and grabbed the letter and folded it carefully before putting it in her pocket.She exited her bedroom but not before taking another long look because she knew she wouldn't be home for quite a long time.She exited and ran down the stairs.She reached the kitchen and saw her mother had made her breakfast.Ki took off her backpack and began to eat.When she finished she put her plate in the sink and walked to her parents' room.She said goodbye and they saw her out the door.She waved to them sadly and walked next door.She walked up and knocked.a boy answered the door and smiled when he saw Ki.

Boy:Hey Ki.Just wait a minute.

He walked back into his house and soon came back with his parents and his backpack on his back.

Ki:Hey Austin..Have you got your letter?

Austin grinned and patted his pocket.Austin's and Ki's parents watched them from their doorsteps as they waved goodbye and walked down the path off to get to Seafoam Islands.Ki stopped and opened her backpack and got her laptop out.She accessed her PC Box and pushed a button.A small plate with a silver disc came out from the side and Ki placed a pokeball on it.It crackled with energy and it disappeared before another pokeball took it's place.Ki took the pokeball and logged off and put the laptop away.Ki put the backpack on her back and held the pokeball outstretched in her hand and it opened slightly.A pokemon formed and it was a Pidgeot.Ki climbed on and held a hand out to Austin.

Ki:Come on Austin!!

Austin smiled and took her hand and jumped on.
Ki and Austin went way back.They were best friends and had been ever since they were born.They were born in the same hospital on the same day and they had always lived next to each other.They went to the same schools and always stayed friends.Then they were both happy when they both got the letters and they agreed to go together.

Ki:Ok Sora!To Seafoam Islands!!Seaside Harbour!!

Sora the Pidgeot cawed loudly and flapped his giant wings and took off.Ki and Austin sat tight as Sora flew at a blazing speed.In no time they arrived and Ki returned Sora and got her other pokemon back out.They ran up to the boat and smiled.

Man:Excuse to be allowed on this ship you must show your letter.We can tell if it is fake.
Ki:Of course Sir.

Ki flashed her letter and so did Austin.

Man:Welcome aboard!These are for every trainer aboard this ship.

The man handed them each a PokeNavi2.They named it the PokeNav.Ki and Austin took them happily.

Man:Board the ship and pic any rooms you like because you are the first ones to arrive.Please feel free to explore the cruise ship.There are many things to do here so have fun and enjoy yourself.

Ki and Austin thanked the man and walked onto the ship.It was great.The floor was polished wood boards.They walked around the ship and found two rooms next to each other that they liked and dumped their things.On the front of the door were small electrical signs and all they had to do was type in their names.They let their pokemon out to explore and get used to the place because the man had also told them that the cruise would last about a week or more because the Island was very far away from the Kanto,Johto and Honto lands.[Hope ya'll don't mind.It'll go by fast I promise!!]Ki and Austin also walked off to explore and wait for others to come.
Okay guys have fun and arrive in style!

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Dayu was sitting by the lake in Petalburg city thinking about what he was going to do today, he was heading out to a place no other person had seen with many new Pokemon to capture. 'Ah well,' He thought, 'I'd better get going'.

He pulled himself of the ground and headed toward the beach with his Linoone trailing behind him as it always did, he only took it into the Pokeball when the traveling by over the Water as he didn't like it to much.

They reached the cliff facing the ocean and Dayu let out a large sigh, this was most likely the last time I'll see home for a long time. "Okay Linoone, we better get going, return" He pointed the Pokeball toward Linoone and he vanished in a flash of red light.

He allowed him self a small grin as he thought about how he was turning up to the port on Seafoam Islands, he could just imagine the looks on the faces of the people when he showed up, granted it wasn't 1st class but it was speedy. His hand fell to his side and took off a heavy ball from his side.

"Lets do this! Wailord, I choose you!" He called out into the early morning sky. The Pokeball flew into the air and with a large flash of light his faithful Wailord appeared in the water and it looked over joyed to be in the water again. Dayu ran down to the beach from the cliff and ran up to Wailord.

"So, you ready for a long trip?" He asked the whale Pokemon. "Wailord!" It replied happily, "I thought as much". Dayu climed onto the back of Wailord and slid down to it's head. "Alright then, Seaside Harbour Wailord, full speed!"

And of they went, Dayu still smirking at the thought of the others faces when he appeared.
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OOC:I'm bored so I'm posting again.I hope you don't mind me doing some stuff with your character Taki Ebina.Tell me if something's wrong ok?
Ki and Austin continued to walk around the large ship.They walked into the food area.It was great.Very spacious.They went to the counter and there was a lady standing there.

Lady:Hello and Welcome.What would you like today?

Ki and austin thought.

Ki:I'd like a Lift and Popcorn chicken!

The lady smiled and got Ki what she requested.Ki smiled and sat down.She ate some and drank some.She pushed the box of popcorn chicken towards Austin and he took some pieces out.They ate in silence having a silent conversation because they knew each other so well.When they had finished she was about to bring them to the counter but the lady told her to just leave it.Ki thanked her and they left.Ki placed two fingers in her mouth and whistled loudly.Suddenly there was a thumping sound and Rush,Blaze,Shadow,Amber,Sparks and Wave came running towards her.Rush jumped up into her arms and Ki shifted his weight so she could hold him better.She unclipped the pokeballs from her belt and returned Shadow,Amber,Sparks,Blaze and Wave.Ki continued to carry Rush and petted him softly.They walked along the boat and heard something happening outside.They looked at each other and ran towards the exit.As they exited they saw a boy arriving on a Wailord.

Man:Excuse to be allowed on this ship you must show your letter.We can tell if it is fake.
Boy:Oh sure.

He jumped off the Wailord and returned it before flashing the letter.

Man:Welcome aboard!These are for every trainer aboard this ship.

The man handed him a PokeNavi2.They named it the PokeNav.He took it happily.

Man:Board the ship and pick any room you like.There are two other trainers already aboard the ship.Please feel free to explore the cruise ship.There are many things to do here so have fun and enjoy yourself.

The boy thanked him and walked in.He saw Ki and Austin.

Boy:Hi.I'm Dayu!
Ki:I'm Ki and this is my best friend Austin.Oh and this is Rush

She said indicating to the Poochyena craddled in her arms.

Dayu:So where should I dump my stuff?

Ki and Austin brought him to the rooms next to theirs and he took a room next to Austin.He dumped his stuff and typed his name.Then they left and started to show Dayu around the cruise ship as they continued to wait for others.

OOC:I would have made it better but I'm brain dead and my bro wants to go on...Catch ya and please Post!!
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Dayu had only just arrived on the back of Wailord, but he'd already met two people on the boat after he'd gotten on board, he'd also recived a rarther flash looking device called a PokeNavi. Ki and Austin, the people he was met, took him to the room next to theirs and waited while he left his stuff on the bed and typed his name to register the room as his.

They were just walking out of the room when Dayu clicked his fingers and said, "Hang on, I'm missing something", he walked back to the bed and picked up a Pokeball and said "Come out Linoone, were hear now". The ball opened in a flash and Linoone ran up Dayu and settled him self on Dayu's sholder.

"Awwwww, it's so cute," Ki said after he'd walked out with Linoone, "How long have you had it?" she asked. "He's the first Pokemon I ever caught," He said smiling at the memories, "But that was as a Zigzagoon obviously, he evolved about 4 months ago and he's still my best friend" He said giving Linoon and little pat on the head.

"Yeah, I know how you feel. I feel the same about Rush" Ki said giving the little Poochyena in her arms a big cuddle.

Dayu laughed a litte bit at the expresion on Rush's face as he was squashed, "Do you two want to go onto the top deck and see if anyone else is coming in?" He asked....
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion waved good bye to his sister in Vermilion City. then he started down the road

Seion: Magmar, Electabuzz, we have to hurry.. we dont want the ship to leave us.. the quickest way is through the pier and then well be almost at Fuchia city...

magmar: mar..

Seion : ill race you guys.. come on.. on your mark get set go..

the three of them took off. Electabuzz was in the lead the whole time while Magmar and Seion were switching places.. they ran for about a hour and by the time they stopped they were at Fuchia city.

Seion: ok.. Electabuzz you won.. we have to cross the ocean now... Zapdos Go!

Seion threw a pokeball. Thn a huge yell bird pokemon came out, its feathers looked like spikes..

Seion: Zapdos we need you to fly us across the water tp Seafoam islands... * Seion,magmar, and electabuz hopped on Zapdos and started off. They were over the ship in like 5 minutes.*

Seion: come on lets jump. * the three of them stood up *

Ki: who is that

Austin: i dont know bbut by the looks of it theyre about to jump.

Seion:, magmar and Electabbuzz jumped off Zapdos. they were doinf spins and flips until they landed on the deck of the ship.

Ki: are you ok??
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From the pokecenter in Fuchia city, Kitty ran as fast as she could. She saw the boat in the distance, and tried to run even faster. Finally, when it looked as if the boat was going to leave without her, she popped out her hover board and zoomed towards the boat. She saw it leaving the dock.

Kitty: Oh no you don't! I want to come too. Hurry up you stupid thing!

Kitty was on the dock and the boat was 12 feet away. A girl and a boy were helping someone up. They started to stare at Kitty.

Girl: She's going to jump too!

Boy: Yeah, but she's got a hover board!

Kitty kicked off the dock and flew over the water. She then reached the side of the boat and pulled herself up and turned off the hover board.

Girl: I'm Ki. Nice to meet you. This is Austin.

Austin: Cool!

Kitty: Nice to meet you, too, but my pokemon have been in their pokeballs all day! I gotta let some out.

With that a small pop was heard and then there stood a Shelgon and an Absol.

Ki: Oh! That's so cute!

Kitty: Not it battle!

They laughed and began talking about their pokemon.
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"Pidgeot let's go" kevin said as he saw the boat left the docks. Kevin had been flying all the way from celladon city and his pidgeot needed to land. "Pideot return" kevin said and his pidgeot dissapered from under him. As he fell towards the boat he saw some one holding the letters and pokenavi2's. He all ready had his rollar blades on and went zooming past the guy once he landed on the deck and left his letter behind before he went past the man and grabed a pokenavi. "Gotta find a room now" kevin thought as he dodged the trainers and pokemon that where on the boat.
"Comeing through" he said as he jumped over a absol and he saw an emptey room. He went into the room before he hit the railing. He typed his name into a sign. He took off his rollar blades and dropped his stuff in the room. "Time to meet the other trainers" kevin said to him self as he put on his shoes and left the room.
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[i]Bring, Bring, Broom, Bring,[/i]
Boris looked out of the window, he was bored as ever.
He looked down and put his thumbs together.
He was in a subway deep underground. He was headed toward the large ship, which was still quite a long a way from where he was right now.
He sighed.
[i]I wish i didnt live so far away...[/i]
Boris departed from his house at 6:00, and right now it was currently 8:00.
He reached into his pocket, and unfolded a note.
He stared at it.
[b]Boris[/b] I hope ill make it before it leaves...
Suddenly the subway hit the breaks.
Boris lurched out of his seat.
[b]Boris[/b] What the hell was that sudden stop fer!?!?
The microphone located at the upper-right corner of the train began to say
"The train is currently expereincing technical diffuculties...please stand-by"
Boris slammed the chair.
He cursed under his breath
[b]Boris[/b] At this rate Ill [i]never[/i] get to the ship on time...
He had a worried look on his face.
He then sighed.
[b]Boris[/b] Here goes nothing!
He pulled the subway doors open, and jumped out.
[b]Boris[/b] Sianara Suckers!
He yelled.
[b]Boris[/b] Gooo Arcannine!!
He threw his poke-ball into the air.
Out came an arcanine.
Boris got on top of the arcanine,
[b]Boris[/b] Lets go Arcanine!!!
The arcanine began to run.
After 10 minutes of running, Arcanine and Boris found an exit from the underground railroad.
[b]Boris[/b] Fresh air at last...
He looked up. He could see the large boat in the horizon.
He frowned.
[b]Boris[/b] Lets go Arcanine! I know we can make it!
[b]Arcaniine[/b] Arc, Arcanine!
Arcanine ran as fast as he could.
Boris felt the air breese running across his dark brown hair.
[b]Boris[/b] Almost...
Finnally, after 5 more minutes Boris reached the boat.
He sighed in releif.
He showed the gaurds the note. They let him through, and gave him a PokeNav2.
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Ryan: You ready to go Politoed?

[b]Politoed looked down from the tree he was sitting in. His long tongue shooting from his mouth. He was trying to finish off some Spinarak before the journey to Seafoam Islands. [/b]

Ryan: Come on Politoed! If we don't hurry we won't get a good room on the ship. We have to go!

[b]But Politoed was too stubborn. The Spinarak kept on coming in swarms. It was a feast! How could he go now?[/b]

Ryan: I promise you I will get you as much Spinarak as you want when we get to the ship. You don't know. Maybe they have chocolate covered Weedle or glazed Caterpie?

[b]Ryan knew that would get Politoed to come out of the tree. Just the thought of chocolate covered Weedle and glazed Caterpie made his stomach hurt. Or maybe it was just all of the Spinarak he had eaten. Politoed hopped out of the tree and jumped into the ocean. Ryan got on his back and Politoed surfed all the way to the Seafoam Islands.[/b]

[i]A few hours later...[/i]

Ryan: Look! Is that land?? I can't tell from here. Go Xatu!

[b]The pokeball opened and a purple vapor shot out of it. The vapor tisted and twirled until it became the shape of a Xatu, and Xatu appeared.[/b]

Xatu: Xa Xa Xatu!

Ryan: Xatu, fly over there *points* and check to see if it is land. If it is then it has to be the Seafoam Islands.

Xatu: Xa Xa Xatu!!

[b]Xatu flew up, then North towards the spot where Ryan thought he had seen land. About 20 minutes passed until Xatu returned. He hovered by Politoed and Ryan and just nodded his head.[/b]

Ryan: Good job, Xatu!:) Return!

[b]Xatu became purple vapor again and was sucked into the pokeball. Ryan attached the pokeball to his belt. [/b]

[i]Thirty Minutes Later...[/i]

[b]They had made it. He had finally made it to the Seafoam Islands. He could make out the dock and some people arriving and walking into the ship. When he made it to the dock he jumped on and pulled Politoed onto the dock. Ryan walked up to the man.[/b]

Man: May I please see your ticket, sir?

Ryan: Yes.

[b]Ryan took out the ticket and showed it to the man. The man took the ticket and smilied then gave it back.[/b]

Man: Welcome! You may board the ship and find a room.

Ryan: Thank you!

[b]Ryan and Politoed boarded the ship and searched around for a room. The only thing on Politoed's mind was glazed Caterpie and chocolate covered Weedle.[/b][/font][/color]
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Ki looked around and saw lots of trainers had arrived already.She let go of Rush and he ran off somewhere to play or explore and Ki talked to whoever was on the top deck.Then Ryan,Kevin and Boris walked up from the lower deck.

Ki:Hi I'm Ki.
Austin:Hey I'm Austin.
Kitty:I'm Kitty.
Seion:I'm Seion.
Dayu:and I'm Dayu.
Kevin:Hi I'm Kevin.
Ryan:Hello I'm Ryan.
Boris:Hey I'm Boris.

After the introductions they talked to each other.Ki leaned over the rails and let the sea breeze whip at her hair.She reached up to her eyes and took her sunglasses away.The light of the sun shone in her eyes and they shimmered and glowed.Everyone except Austin gasped because so far they hadn't seen her eyes.She tucked her sunglasses into the front of her shirt,hanging out and started to talk as usual.She had decided it was too beautiful today to be wearing her sunglasses.She picked a pokeball off her belt and it opened in her hand.the pokemon splashed into the water and Ki jumped off.Everyone looked down and saw that Ki had landed on Wave her Vaporeon.Ki surfed around with Vaporeon and saw a group of Magikarp swim past from under them.Ki pushed off Wave gently and flipped back up onto the top deck.She returned Wave and put her sunglasses back on and walked off to the bottom deck telling them she'd be back.

She continued to walk until she reached her room.She walked inside and fell back onto the bed.For some reason she felt really tired.She was about to close the door but Rush ran in.He jumped up onto the bed and snuggled against her.He must have sensed something was wrong.Ki smiled and rubbed his ears.Ki hugged Rush and then quietly fell asleep and soon after so did Rush.
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Kenji brushed a few strands of hair out of his eyes as he stepped onto the peer and paused to take a look around. He stared out over te ocean and took a deep breath of the seaside air and sighed. He heard a rustling in his pack, he quickly took off his bag to take a look, before the flap of his bag was even half open, a small Pichu jumped out with candy smeared over its face.

Pichu: PIII!
Kenji: pichu --; you need to stay out of the candy, this has to last us till god knows when.

Pichu just tilted his head and grinned.

Kenji: ugh...nevermind, lets go...

The pichu lept from his shoulder and bolted up to the boat. Kenji walked at a casual speed after him. Pichu began running back and forth between the boat and his master until kenji finally reached the boat. Kenji flashed the letter to the guard and collected his Pokenav as pichu lept up onto his shoulder.

Pichu: pi pi pi !
Kenji: Fiiiiine

He handed pichu a piece of chocolate from his pocket.

Kenji: no more until dinner.
Pichu: Chuuu

Pichu replied with a muffled scoffing noise.

Kenji and pichu found a room they liked and dropped off their stuff, they then headed up to the top deck, he noticed a small crowd of people to one end, he took a seat at the opposite end to them and took in the view of the ocean.
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Boris took a seat and talked with the small crowd. He drew a pokeball
and pressed the button on it. Out came a Small little Cubone. Boris got up and walked around with his cubone a little.
[i]Dododoododod[/i] Boris hummed his favorite tune as Cubone and him walked up to a lady.
[b]Boris[/b] Yea know where me and my pokemon can get some grub...? ITs been a rough day.
The lady nodded her head.
[b]Lady[/b] Sure! What would you like?
Boris gave a grin.
The lady nodded as she went into a room. She came back with all the food Boris asked for.
Boris's face lightned up.
[b]Boris[/b] Woohooo!!!
He yelled.
Him and his Cuybone ate and ate.
After 10 minutes, all the plates were empty.
[b]Boris[/b] That was good!
[b]Boris[/b] Cu!! Cubone!
He said with joy.
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Back in her room, Kitty was sitting on her bed, giving her pokemon some treats. She kept apoligizing to Charizard and Dragonair, since they were too big to be released just yet.

Kitty: I'm so sorry. Hey! Silly Shelgon! Watch it!

A lady walked in. Kitty was startled, but not nearly as bad as her pokemon. Some looked like they were ready to strike, the others just hid.

Lady: I'm terribly sorry. Can I get you or your pokemon anything?

Kitty: Just give me a soda and a burger. Bring these to them. Make sure you bring these for ALL of them. I'll save some for later.

Kitty handed her a list with the types of food for her pokemon. The lady walked out and returned shortly after. She handed her a plate with her food and soda on it, then gave her a bag, full of pokemon food.

Kitty: This trip ain't so bad. I just hate talking so much, though. That's why I'm down here with you guys. Hey! No pushing!
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"Well since every one's pokemon are out I might as well lit out mine" kevin said as he took the pokeballs off his belt. "Go pikachu, ponyta, vaporeon, pidgeot" kevin sad as his vaporeon, pidgeot, pikcachu and ponyta appeared. Kevin's vaporeon jumped into the water and started swimming while his pidgeot flew to the higher decks. "Why didn't you let out your two other pokemon" seion asked. "I don't think they would like it. One is a diglett and there isn't any soil around. The other is a tropius and I think it's to big to fit into a room" Kevin said smilling.
"Shocks and wild fire go talk with the other pokemon. Wings make sure vapor doesn't swim to far" kevin said to his pokemon. His pikachu jumped onto ponyta and they left as vaporeon swam around the boat. "They keep a eye out for each other don't they" austin said. "I keep a eye out for them and they look out for me and each other" kevin said looking at the view of the ocean.
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Kenji looked around and noticed how full the ship was becoming, he glanced around at all the pokemon roaming around and at a few of the trainers. He noticed a couple of trainers trading pokemon and chatting.

Pichu: Pi pi?
Kenji: What? You can go play if you want to, you dont have to stay with me.

pichu looked around, he wanted to go play but he didnt want to leave Kenji either.

Kenji: Its ok, go and have fun, make some new friends, dont be too long though, I want to get back to the room before it gets [i]too[/i] busy.
Pichu: Chu!

Pichu grinned and ran off. Kenji saw all the pokemon that were out and about so he decided to let a few of his pokemon out aswell.

Kenji: Go Kurai, Surudoi, Ankoku, Eien, Blaziken, Manetric....

He placed all 6 pokeballs on the ground and all his pokemon were released. His pokemon stretched and looked around.

Kenji: You guys ok for staying in the sun for a little bit?

His pokemon nodded their approval. Manetric, kurai, Eien all lay down and soaked up some of the sun. Blaziken and Ankoku sat and relaxed with Surudoi.

Lady: Can I get you or your pokemon anything ?
Kenji: Oh, yes, 3 large bowls of water and 2 glasses of water for me please.
Lady: Ok, I wont be a second.

The lady walked off and Kenji lay back soaking up some sun himself. He never really got the time to relax, always training and collecting gym battles plus he'd just finished the Johto league, he got 8th place which wasnt too bad for his first league.

Lady: Here you go sir.

The woman set down the bowls of water on the floor by the pokemon and left the glasses of water on a tray next to kenji. The pokemon shared the water 2 per bowl.
Kenji looked over the edge of the boat and so quite a few water pokemon playing by the boat, and a girl playing with a vaporeon. Just then, Pichu ran up his leg and jumped on his head, scaring Kenji half to death. He laughed and handed Pichu the small glass of water.
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Dayu was leaning of the railing of the upper deck looking out onto the ocean while breathing in the freash, and rarther salty, air around him. He looked to his side and saw that Linoone and Ki Poochyena, which was called Rush, were playing with each other apparently very excited that they were going on an adventure with their Trainers.

He allowed himself a small grin while he thought of the new Pokemon and of the adventure on this new island. 'I think I'd better let the others out while I have the time' He thought to him self. So he took the five remaining Pokeballs on his side, taking each in turn and allowing there inhabitants out, apart from Torkoal because he'd most likely burn the boat.

He watched as Wailord played around in the water with a child like joy, Dustox was flying around looking for some food proberly while Krilia and Absol took it upon them selves to be the 'minders' of the other Pokemon, Dayu often looked to those two as the Mother and Farther of the team, he grined again.

'Not to long', He thought, 'I wonder if Ki is going to stick with Austin on this Island' He tossed this thought around in his head for some time while watching his Pokemon messing around, but not Krilia and Absol of course.
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[i]Matt was sound asleep. That's when Eevee started licking his face.[/i]

[b]Matt:[/b]What... what!? AH!

[i]Eevee jumped 5ft. in the air along with Matt.[/i]

[b]Matt:[/b] Clover! I told you not to do that! Woah! Look at the time! THe boat's already left! Go! Stryker!

[i]Matt pulled a Pokeball of the back of his hat, enlarged it and threw it on the ground. The Pokeball opened with White energy and A tall Scyther appeared.[/i]

[b]Stryker:[/b] Scythaaa!

[b]Matt:[/b] But you just ate!! You're flying me to that ship I was telling you about. Okay?

[i]So Matt jumped on Stryker's back and they flew off.[/i]

[b]Max:[/b] Look the ship! Look!! An open window!!! :naughty:

[i]About half way down to the open window Matt returned Stryker and pulled out his detatchable hover board just in time to jump on it and come through the window without doing any damage what so ever.[/i]


[i]Everyone turned and stared at him.. Matt pulled out his letter and waved it in the air. Everyone stopped and went back to whatever boring thing they were doing. A security gaurd came and grabbed the letter then pulled Matt to the hallway.[/i]

[b]S. Gaurd:[/b] Your number's 453, here's your card. You'll find everything you need in the room.

[i]Matt found his room and put the card in the slot. The door opened and Matt walked in with Clover along side. Clover jumped on the bed sniffing at a PokeNav. Matt took his sword out and hung it in the closet.[/i]

[b]Matt:[/b] Okay Clover! Time to go back to the Dining area! It's time to have some fun!![/size]
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion walked up to a security gaurd. Flashed the invitation and got his pokenav.

Seion: i better find a room before they all gone.

he walked until he found a empty room.. he went in a set all his stuff down.

Seion: pokemon go * he called out all his pokemon out except Zapdos.*
you guys hungry * they all nodded* good..

He takes off his bookbag and dumps it out. its was full of candy, cakes, cookies, and all kinds of sweets.

Seion: dig in..

all of them started to take handfulls of stuff. the they all sat down and ate..
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When Kitty had fed her pokemon, she decided that it would be better for them to hang with other pokemon on deck. She took all 6 and when she got to the top, released them all. The boat nearly toppled when Charizard landed. Everyone stared.

Charizard: CHARR!!

Ki: That thing better make sure it doesn't barbeque anyone on board!

Others: Yeah!

Kitty: If I put him back in his pokeball, when I release him on the island he will barbeque us all.

Austin: Just make sure he doesn't flip the boat.

The others then returned to what they were doing. Kitty's Dragonair went into the ocean, swimming along side the boat. Her others played with some other trainers' pokemon. Her Charizard however, just stayed sitting and stared at the pokemon underwater. Kitty stood away from the others and watched her pokemon.
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Ki tiredly woke and saw that Rush was still asleep.Ki chuckled and prodded him gently.Him squirmed around on his back.Ki laughed and prodded him again before he woke up.Ki got off the bed and Rush jumped off and followed at her heels.As she reached the top deck she saw all the trainers' pokemon out.She also saw a boy being taken away by a security guard.She walked out and stretched.She grabbed the other pokeballs off her waist again and threw them.Vaporeon landed in the water with another splash.

Ki:Go guys.Have fun and make some new friends but make sure you're back before it gets too late.You can go too Rush.

All her pokemon went off to find new friends.Ki turned to the others and realised she still had her blade strapped to her back.She unclipped the sheath and held it.

Ki:Haha I knew something was annoying me when I slept!:sweat:
Ki:Has everyone eaten?

Everyone replied with a positive.Ki pulled the PokeNav out of her pocket and flipped it open.Inside was a screen and along the bottom was a small keyboard.It was a simple but good.The Nav flippde out with a lid that flips up.It's not broken up but just flips whole and it is very thin but quite large.Then Ki discovered that there was a strange button so she pushed it and it became a as small as a matchbox.She tucked the now minimized version into her pocket and continued to talk to the others.
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Kitty was still avoiding the group and was watching her Charizard eat bowl after bowl of his favorite food. She knew that it wouldn't stop until it became REALLY full. She laughed to herself and watched the horizon anticipating land, but saw none.

Kitty: How long am I gonna be stuck on this boat? I hope that I can go solo on the island. I don't like being in big groups. But these guys seem kinda nice...

Charizard: CHARRR!!

Some of the others stared and looked nervous. Kitty gave a reasurring look, and the others laughed nervously, then continued in their conversations. Kitty looked at her Dragonair and waved. It jumped in into the air and dove deep underwater. Kitty wondered what it was like down there.

Kitty(thinking): I wonder. What kinds of new pokemon are on the island? Can my pokemon, even at their levels, handle it? I hope so... They shouldn't have TOO much of a problem...

Kitty looked up and saw the others playing with the pokemon. She thought about joining them, but stayed where she was.
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Dayu had left his Pokemon to thier own Devices while he had gone to the lower deck in order to fetch some food. He usually left them to play while there was a large group of people, as long as Krilia or Absol were their. He got to the Mess Hall and saw that some of the ships crew were thier having dinner, he thought it best to get the food to go.

"Hello there, what can I get you?" Asked the woman behind the counter. "Okay, ermm....one bowl of mixed nuts...and...grapes and sultanans and in honey, two bowls of plain rice and some chili sauce with curry". "Okay, I'll just get that ready for you" She said before turning away to get all the food ready for Dayus Pokemon.

She came back after about 15 minutes and Dayu did quite a balancing act to get it all up to the top deckk without dropping any. No sooner had he placed the food down when all his Pokemon, save Wailord and Torkoal, came running up to him expecting their food. "Okay then, Linoone yours is the nuts, Dustox has the grapes in the honey, Krilia and Absol plain rice, of course and," He thought it best to let Torkoal out, seeing as there was already a Charizard, "Torkoal, come on out we've got food"

He threw Torkoal ball into the air and in the flash of light Torkaol appeared with steam billowing from his nose. His Pokemon began eatiing their food and obviously enjoying it, he hadn't got any for Wailord because he could get it easily get it's own from the ocean. While his Pokemon were distracted he saw that the girl called Kitty, who owned the Charizard, was off by her self.

He walked up to her and said, "Hey, you might not of heard but I'm Dayu, why you over here by your self?"
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"Might as well feed them before they get mad" kevin said as he walked to the lower deck to gte pokemon food. He came to a desk where a woman was sitting. "I'l need five bowl and one of the biggest bags of pokemon food you have" Kevin said at the desk. The woman nodded and left to get the bag. A couple of minutes later she came back with the bag then left to get the bowl. Kevin walked to the egde of the ship. "Hey wings need some help here" kevin called up and his pidgeot came down. It grabed onto the bag and flew to kevins room.
The woman from the counter brought the bowls and kevin took them and went to the top deck. All of his pokemon were all ready there and waiting. He cut open the bag with his poketnife and seved the food. "Might as well let'em out. Leafs go" kevin said as he tossed his pokeball. His tropius flew around the boat then landed to eat. "I just hope that leafs doesn't get in rouble because it's a bit bigger than that charizard" kevin said as he sat down.
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[i]Matt Comes out of the hallway and sees a Charizard on the boat with a torkoal beside it.[/i]

[b]Matt:[/b] Woah! Cool!

[i]Matt walked up to the Charizard and started petting it's nose like on a horse.[/i]

[b]Charizard:[/b] char...

[i]Matt gave Charizard a Pelet of Food and Charizard ate it. It obviously enjoyed it because it licked Matt. So Matt then did the same thing with the Torkoal and Torkoal then nudged Matt towards Kitty and Dayu.[/i]

[b]Matt:[/b] Huh? O! Hey! I'm Matt!

[i]Matt stuck out his hand to shake with Dayu[/i]

[b]Dayu:[/b] Uh.. I'm Dayu.

[i]Matt then tapped Kitty on the shoulder. She turned around and Matt stuckout his hand to shake hers. His Blonde hair was shining through his visor and his bright blue eyes were glinting in the sun.[/i]

[b]Matt:[/b] Hi! I'm Matt! :D[/size]
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"Oh, right, Hi Matt," Dayu said, feeling a little out of place, his Torkoal had the habit of introducing total strangers to him out of the blue :sweat:.

Matt quickly stuck out his hand at Dayu and Dayu took it, but not at the greatest speed mind, but he shook it non the less. "Uh...so what brings you to this Island then Matt and, before I forget, which Pokemon round here are yours?" Dayu asked with a smile
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