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Okay, there is no recruitment thread for this.

I've already spoken with everyone who is involved. This isn't anything flashy, or blown out of proportion. It's just a simple storytelling thing.

The only way to join in is to private message me because I want to keep numbers down for fear that the plot would get too confusing.

:Begins RPG:

His office overlooks the bulb-lit world below. Like, somehow it's different at night, this is his world. There ain't no bright sunlight to reveal the stark naked truth of garbage-lepered streets. There's no drabness and hurt. Things like that are covered by a friendly night. It even makes clean, dirty-faced kids.

Genocide lounged in a black leather chair that seemed to blend into the background that shadowed him, the darkness surrounding him seeming to cling like the silken caress of a lover to his ever mysterious presence. He looked at the cityscape with its thousand of lights, hundreds of millions of colors mingling with noises, street sounds of cars and curses. Sounds of joys and sobs that make music.

Yeah, he leaned back in the chair and felt like a part of the shadows that make company for him in this warm darkness. But, a soft light slowly invades his shadowy sanctuary illuminating more of his form, revealing him to be dressed in one of the finest suits ever crafted.

His lips curled back into a definitive demonic smile as his white eyes stared their hypnotic gaze into those of his nearby mistresses. Slowly, and quite deliberately though it did not look as such, his right hand gently touched upon one of their waists for a moment, his perfectly manicured caress drawing one?s eye to the large amount of skin showing around her waist. Blue cigarette smoke swirls around them, casting a potent haze over the room.

Not tonight, Mr. H. [i]Not tonight[/i].
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She lifted heself from his grasp and let her heels click against the marble floor. Then her eyes met his in a penetrating stare, and she moved without thought. She sat down on his lap, and touched his face with the pads of her fingers. He put his hand on them, pressing her palm to his cheek. Her smile was cruel, when she could dig in, and watch his blood stain her wrists.

Genocide watched her stand once more, looking out the window, giving him an excellent view of her behind. Recently aquainted. Although her father had been a long time buisness partner. She inherited it, along with a fascinating relationship. Her two sorority sisters were part of the bargain. Silent partners. Or rather, daughters of silent partners. She smiled at him and sat down on his desktop. He opened a file and dropped it into her lap. She scanned the contents and flicked it towards her brown haired sister. She caught it without looking up and did the same.

Luyii Rae-Shen smiled and kissed him on the lips, letting her scent flood his senses. Moonflowers and a hint of white jasmine. Intoxicating really.... And a shame he was so unapproachable. She would fix that eventually.[/i][/COLOR]
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The door slowly crept open, allowing light to seep in again, a large shadowy figure stands hauntingly in the middle of the door's frame. Slowly the figure steps in, and closes the door. As the light fades, the figure is revealed. It is Genocide's associate, Apocalypse. They have always been a duo of destruction, and pain. Apocalypse is covered in black, wearing a long black trench coat, fingerless gloves, with long black hair flowing down his back. The imposing image was topped off by a fairly large scar running from above his right eye, to just below it stopping at the bottom of his cheek.

Genocide smiled evilly at Apocalypse as he leaned forward in his seat still holding his mistress in his lap. Apocalypse stood in front of the large oak desk, and proceeded to place an object wrapped in newspaper on it. Genocide eyed it curiously, and slowly took it into his hand to begin unwrapping it. Finally after the paper fell free, a large brick was revealed. But wait, it was cover with blood! Blood, as well as pieces of hair and small ragged bits of flesh stuck to it's rough cement texture.

Genocide looked at it wide eyed for a moment, than began to snicker a bit as he looked up at his associate grinning in a sinister manner. "So is it safe to assume you were successful?" Genocide question Apocalypse as he dropped the brick into a waste basket by his side.

"Well, his brains are now covering the sidewalk under his fat head. So I'd say it is pretty safe to assume; I did infact shut the rat up, just as you asked. He ain't saying s**t no more." Apocalypse said as he took a seat before Genocide.

Both men laugh, as Genocide tosses an envelope full of money into Apocalypse's lap. "Well done. That should send a big message to everyone. No one, and I mean NO ONE, rats on Genocide!" Genocide leans back again as he pats his mistress on the behind amused with Apocalypse's deed.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She laughed softly, not much though. It didn't pay to overkill what little good grace you kept. Especially around strange and rather powerful men. Apocalypse eyed her. Dark pants, heels, blouse that wasn't there, thick dark blonde hair. He blinked and looked away. Her eyes, honey gold flecked with red, glaring back at him.

Luyii stood and brushed past both of them, grinding her cigarette out on his ashtray. Without even looking, she opened the doors and left. The two women followed silently. Both were completely secure in the knowledge that the women would never speak. If they had half a grain of sense, which they did, they would serve and be content with that. Luyii smiled to herself. Miss Star holding the file, the younger dark haired female with her head down. As the doors swung shut behind her, she felt, rather than heard his smile. Apocolypse felt her presence press back on him, then dissapear. Leaving him interested, but raher peeved.

Genocide laughed and gestured. His partner grinned back. Dirty really.

Out in the hallway, the youngest girl drew a deep lungful of clean air and waved her hand in front of her face.[/i]

"Must you?"

"Yes dear...they're a political vice."

"Luyii's right you know....eventually you'll pick it up."

[i]Laughing and chatting like normal women, the three left Genocide's ....lair.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=purple][i]With Luyii behind the wheel of their stylishly expensive car, the three women set off for their own domain. Riding with the top down at night in such a city was something that few dared to do, but these women hardly knew any fear. They had braved more than most; assasins, psychopathic crime bosses, overly-horny men...a little car jacking wasn't of any concern to them.[/i]

"Getting fresh with the boss man," Dria grinned over at Luyii and wiggled her eyebrows, "that's my girl."

The youngest of the three spoke up from the back, "Sexcapades, really. Is it neccessary?"

Luyii lit another cigarette with the simple feminine grace she had perfected over the years, "Of course it is, honey. Fratenizing with the one who pays never hurt anyone. Power hungry men are insatiable in every aspect of life." She sped through a red light, "That includes their female company."

"Well of course." Dria leaned over and lowered her voice, mouth a mere inch away from Luyii's ear, "Who could resist us?" She then licked her ear in a point-proving way and laughed. Luyii smiled over at Dria as the blood-red haired beauty pulled away andstretched her arms high into the cool night breeze.

[i]When they reached their apartment, all three of them had work to do. To live in a city that never slept was an excellent excuse to stay up and do your work unnoticed, especially when it came to revenging certain personal hangups.

In her room, Dria surveyed her closet with a twinge of love...one oculd never have too many shoes. Choosing a pair of dangerously high, black stilettos that came to a point at the toe, Dria then slipped into her favorite -and expensive- pair of jeans and examined the outfit in her mirror.[/i] Perfect for tonight. [i]She smiled and went to find her counterparts.[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Dria found Luyii feeding their pet. A huge black Rotweiler with the appetite of all three of them put together. Affectionately, his name was Butch. Angrily, his name was Mudd. She closed the closet doors with her foot and turned. Top off, hair down around her face, smelling like dog food and perfume alike.[/i]

"Lovely scent dear."

"It's necessary darling."

[i]She washed her hands and poured herself a glass of white wine, pushing the bottle towards Dria. Miss Star declined politely and instead loaded her guns. On the table, the youngest of them was sharpening her blade. Luyii was, as usual, mentoring her at the same time.

Even when she walked in, she was quizzing her on both history and world geography. In a few hours, they would move on to either mathmatics or chemistry. It paid to have a fully fledged college professor for a sister. Especially one that knew almost everything about life. Men included. Although she was a mere 14...there was plenty of time to progress. Living with an abnormally intelligent 18 year old...and herself just 23, some would consider it dangerous. Only problem was that they fed on it. Adored it. Which explained their lifestyle. Dria waved goodbye and took the car out.

Luyii knew better than to ask. Instead she moved on to chemistry.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=purple][i]Dria didn't feel like going anywhere specific, but somehow she ended up parked outside a former fling's apartment building. Funny how she ended up at this exact spot more and more frequently lately, thinking about old times and lust-filled as hell.

She didn't call any man a boyfriend, she knew better. Luyii had taught her many invaluable lessons from the time that the older friend had started first grade, and the random man triva hadn't stopped since. Dria and Luyii had, in fact, always gotten along. They had been friends forever, or so it seemed. Of course there were minor disagreements while they were growing up about clothes, boys, and weapons, but they loved each other too much to want to destroy the bond.

*Juu* [will change later] had been the late Sister, seven years Dria's junior, and she felt a fierce, motherly protectiveness of her because of it. She let *Juu* have her freedoms and treated her as much like a Sister as Luyii, but whenever **** got sticky Dria made sure that the yongest emerged unscathed.

Dria settled her gaze on the apartment building again and frowned. She could easily *invite* herself into Ren's place, but was it really worth it? She pondered it for a second and then smiled,[/i] "**** it. I'm going in."


[i]There was no light coming from under Ren's door when Dria reached his floor, and her frustration mounted to think that he might not be home. But as she picked her way through his doorway, Dria heard the umistakeable sound of his sleepy breathing. It was a sound that caused a flood of memories and lust.

Creeping silently across his hard wood floor, Dria stood over Ren's beautifully naked body and licked her lips. She knew that she was always a welcome midnight guest in his room.

Bending down next to his ear, Dria nibbled it softly,[/i] "Ren."

[i]He awoke groggily until the sihlouette hovering above him caused him to sit upright and swing out with a strong fist. Dria dodged it easily and climbed cat-like into his lap.[/i]

"It's me, shithead."

"Jesus, Dria. You're lucky I didn't hit you."

"You'd have a hard time hitting me, babe."

"Oh?" [i]His expression changed for the better as she lifted her shirt over her head[/i], "Oh. Good God, come here."[i] Ren pulled her down on top of him.


She let him fall asleep afterward and left without a word, checking her watch to make sure she still had time for tonight's task.[/i] Good,[i] she though,[/i] Luyii will certainly be pleased with the surprise I bring her home tonight.[/color]

[size=1]P.S. Just changed my age to 21, hope that's not a problem ;)[/size]
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It?s the middle months of the year. Daylight is still hiding behind heavy, drifting clouds, still in submission to the last moments of night. Old Harrison?s grocery store is open early, like usual. But, it doesn't make any difference. It?s like the only business going on is him trying to remain in business. That Goddamn Genocide and his Goddamn rent. Everyday he mixes his hope and checks his pride. The end result is a lingering uneasiness, something volatile like turpentine.

Outside, cars are waiting for the light to change. Even they cough and wheeze, their tailpipe breath visible. Everything moves slow-like and cautiously but never stops moving. That's the way city life is here. If you stop for but only a moment, a New York minute, you may die where you stand.

?It?s Tuesday,? Harrison says to himself, ?my God it?s Tuesday.?

The impact of this epiphany hangs over his head like a halo. But, saying to himself what he now already knows doesn't seem to make anything better. He taps his finger on the counter, wiggles his toes inside his worn boots and studies the pictures in a newspaper he?s already memorized like a code of law. White creases vein up the black ink.

"I got some H," he whispers to himself.

It will make all the difference once he turns it on.

He has no works, so he snorts. He brings out a cap and carefully opens it. A little jolt of H falls onto his thumbnail. The coolness that will fix anything. He holds one nostril closed and sniffs hard, then the other, until the cap is empty. Then he just sits back and all the misery and pain the day will bring become unimportant, like being there is no concern of his.

Sitting there, everything seems to melt together and he feels like one big puddle of a person: soft, detached, boneless. Yep, just a puddle.

Someone yanks the door open.

The right arm of the individual's knee-length black-leather trench coat encloaks his extended right arm, offering a glimpse of his gloved hand. The figure almost resembles an animal, a towering abomination. A mammoth. The night finally falls to the complete dominance of the day.


Genocide, the devilish instrument in which he exhaults in, sits placidly behind a mask of fleeing darkness in a glass-faced building. The encroaching sunlight leaves orange and black trails on his desk. It only proves his theory that shadows only mean there is a light shining somewhere near by.

He's certain that by now, Apocalypse is at that worm, Garrison's, hovel, a front the local pigs would have burned to the ground long ago had it not been for himself. Delicately, he brings a crystalline glass to his lips and sips warm, clear liquid. His chin covered in dark stubble, seems to reject light's harsh touch. Genocide may not have the correct key to open the door to success, but at least he knows where the door is situated.

This is business and it's about connections. With Harrison under his thumb, he has the streets wired. Every two-bit pusher and shady dealer work as a body and they have their functions. If they stop performing them, they're amputated. It's that simple. It's his network from the steps of Washington High, to the alleys of the boulevard--[i]Genocide has eyes.[/i]

Yet, he has a feeling that it's Apocalypses' daily task of tracking his more "exotic" women, that will lead him to the nefarious Mr. H. That's why he's been keeping them close. Make them seem important. That's it. Unfortunately, he's been trailing them for a week and hasn't uncovered much--only a shopping list of personal facts. Which, of course would be fine if he was writing a biography. He's not fixing on telling any [i]Playboy[/i] stories--he's fishing.

The act of relying on others has a nasty tendency of getting sloppy, and in some cases dangerous. Apocalypse is most reliable though. Accompanied by the hollow ticking of his watch, Genocide rolls the glass in his fingers. It's what you do with that fish once you catch it that counts.

And, you know, they say that the fish that keeps its mouth shut never gets caught. But, Mr. H. is no guppy. [i]He's a pirhanna.[/i]
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Apocalypse slowly makes his way to Harrison standing, frozen in fear, and slightly shaking behind his little counter. The towering beast, Apocalypse, is well known for his loyalty to Genocide, not to mention his track record of successfully accomplished tasks. In fact, the one thing that Apocalypse is most known for is his brutality, his ability to make even the toughest of thugs wish their father had worn a condom to spare them a painful death at his hands. Apocalypse stood before Harrison, and slowly placed his right hand on the counter with his relatively large switch blade in hand glimmering from the store overhead lights.

"Hello, Harrison." Apocalypse said with almost a reptilian like hiss in mid sentence.

"OH! H-h-hello, Apocalypse. Uh-uh-I mean Mr.Apocalypse." Harrison said stuttering like an idiot.

"Heh. Good, you remembered the talk we had last time I came down here. I've gone through a lot of s**t trying to protect your *** from the idiot low lives around here. Sadly, most of these nimrods don't know better, and actually think they're tough enough to go against Genocide. I kept them from taking your store over, and burning it down. At least, you could be a little more formal when addressing me." Apocalypse said with a sinister grin as his began to play with the edge of his switch blade.

"Yes, I-I understand. I've always been greatful, honest!" Harrison said attempting to keep Apocalypse happy with his answers. "So-uh-what can I do for you?"

"Well, rent's due, so that's first." Apocalypse said as he held his hand out waiting for payment. Harrison jumped quickly, and pulled a large brown envelope from under the counter and dropped it into Apocalypse's hand. Apocalypse took a moment to look over the contents of the envelope, and make sure everything was there. He nodded approvingly toward Harrison as he stuff the envelope inside of his coat pocket.

"Now-" Apocalypse continued. "With all of the connections provided to you, have you heard anything about this-this Mr.H joker?"

"No, sorry, but so far none of my connections can even catch a glimpse of the man. He's an enigma!" Harrison said quickly.

Apocalypse looked at his finger now bleeding after playing with his switch blade, then slowly brought it to his lips to lick the blood off. Turning to face Harrison again Apocalypse snapped at him, and imbedded his switch blade into the counter top narrowly missing Harrison's hand. Harrison shook as he pull his hand away, but Apocalypse hand grasped him by the throat pulling face to face with himself.

"An enigma?! No, don't give that schmuck the credit. He's a coward, a miserable little cretin who's afraid to show his face. He fears for his life, and he knows Genocide will not stand for ignorance to his business. I've been looking all over this Goddamned city for that little cockroach, and when I finally find him-I'll make his death the slowest, and most painful of all. He doesn't respect Genocide, and I don't pity those kind of people. I'm the one who has to kill them. Remember that." Apocalypse said as he finally released Harrison from his hold, and pulled his blade from the counter and folded before placing it back inside his pocket.

Apocalypse stared at Harrison holding his own throat gasping for air, then finally turned to leave. The door swung open, and slammed shut as Apocalypse left into the darkness of the night.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Luyii and Juu retired early. Both of them were somewhat tired of drilling, and either they were just exhausted from life......or something else. She tucked Juu in after their nightly rituals of Paladies and Yoga, and turned out the lights. She closed the door, engaging the security system just incase.

Once she was down for the night, Luyii closed the drapes in the living room, and the blinds of the dining room. She closed everything up in the kitchen, then went to the room she shared with Dria. Two futons that fit together by some feat of feng shue and excellent planning. She removed her bra and panties, turning the water on as hot as it would go. She brushed her hair and braided it down her back in one long plait. Then she washed her hands and stepped into the shower.

Steam rose around her, obscuring her senses, putting her back four years ago. To her first and only love. How they made love together, as if they were the only people on earth. And then seeing him leave, in a coffin. And never coming back to say goodbye, or kiss her one last time. Either it was the water, or the tears, but she let the feeling pass. She lathered up, and conditioned herself. This was no time to get emotional and sweet. Juu was depending on her to be strong. That was something she could keep up as long as she got a break every now and then....but no getting lazy today.

She roused herself from her revelie and stepped out, wrapping herself up. She walked into the main sleeping room and put on her purple thong and nightdress. Then slipped in between the sheets, turning out the lights.

The phone rang. She picked it up.[/i]

"Luyii, you going to bed?"

"Yeah...what's wrong?"

"Nothing, just on my way to work....believe it or not."

"Let me guess. You had sex again."

[i]She laughed and passed over the stats. Luyii nodded and hung up, then rolled over and slept.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=purple][i]Her heels echoed down the long, dank hallway that was lined with flickering flourescents and the smell of stale urine. It reminded Dria of walking into well-hidden raves, strobes beckoning wildly from under the party doors.

But this was no party.

Fingering the gun that was tucked into the back of her jeans, Dria counted the doors as she passed.[/i] 17th door on the right...[i] the directions had been very precise. She had done business with Mr. H before, a man notorious for evading everything and everyone that he didn't want to deal with. Tonight, however, she knew he wanted to deal with her.

As she passed the 14th door, Dria thought it over in her head. She'd get what she came for, then leave. She would give him nothing but the money, then leave. She'd leave before he could pull anything else.

The 17th door seemed to arrive more suddenly that she expected. She took a deep, steadying breath and then knocked softly upon the door. It seemed to echo through the entire hallway, and Dria made one last glance around to make sure that she hadn't been followed.

The door creaked open to reveal a shadow backlit by a blinding spotlight, but Dria merely slit her eyes against it and didn't shy away.[/i]

[i]His voice was soft and scratchy, but it intimidated many,[/i] "Leila."

[i]Dria set her jaw and nodded at her pseudonym, smiling a grim hello. As he opened the door wide enough for her to enter, Mr. H's arm snaked around to her back, and Dria had to shift to prevent him from felling her weapon.[/i]

"Here for your order, I imagine."

[i]She nodded again, following him inside and hovering close to the doorway. As he retreated to his makeshift bed, he motioned her to follow. When Dria didn't respond, Mr. H's eyes narrowed and his smile warped to a frown.[/i]

"All right, suit yourself." [i]He crossed to her and handed her a small leather pouch,[/i] "Here. Money please."

[i]Dria removed the small fold of $100's and handed it to him with a slight 'there, are you happy? are we done?' expression.[/i]

"Good doing business with you, as always, Leila." [i]His voice turned thick, and his large frame moved closer to her. With speed Dria didn't think he posessed, Mr. H launched a hand into her hair and grabbed it tight, yanking her neck backward and her body toward him.[/i] "But I'm not quite finished."

[i]He began to caress her throat with a curious look, but stopped abruptly when he felt the muzzle of a gun pressed against his stomach.[/i]

"Not tonight, Mr. H." [i]It was the only thing she had ever said to him, and Dria's voice was harsh. It aroused Mr H., with that gun in her hand and the fire in her eyes, but he let go of her hair and backed a step away.[/i]

"Some other time." [i]He snarled, but was nonetheless amused by her daring.[/i]

[i]Dria shook her head and backed out of the door, closing it in front of her to make sure he didn't make any other moves. He was a slimy one all right. Slick as a snake, and twice as dangerous. But he had good ****, and that was the only reason why Dria risked it.


When she got back home, Dria hid the pouch in her closet, reminding herself to share it with Luyii in the morning. For now she just needed a shower and a big shot of vodka.

She didn't fall asleep until the sky blushed pink with morning.[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]When she awoke, she knew that Luyii was already up and about with Juu. Both of them were out on the spacious balconey, doing their tai chi. She knew why they did it, and didn't mind much. As long as she had remembered to put the kettle on, which she had. Dria got up and put on jeans and a blouse. No need for formalities until this evening. Party. Oh joy. Oh happiness. She stepped into the main rooms and poured herself the tea Luyii had remembered.

Then two more for the girls and started breakfast. Eggs, toast, and plenty of strawberry jam. Health first. While they towled off and got dressed, she poured the juice and started peeling the apples.[/i]

Luyii: Good morning Dria. Everything go well last night?

Dria: As well as can be expected. Usuall thrill of the hunt y'know.

Juu: Sounds dangerous.

Luyii: Of course. Dangerous is our buisness.

[i]She smiled and drank her tea thoughtfully. Reflecting on the events of the night before, and the day ahead. Grocery shopping, then to the library for more books. Correspondence school was definetly working for both her and Juu.

Then off to the party this evening. If all went well. Juu would have to stay home alone, unless she wanted to come, which was unlikely.[/i][/COLOR]
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Symbolic graffiti on an abandoned building says it all: "DUST!"

Oh, pity the eyes of those who look upon these buildings! Homes and businesses, once symbols of American ingenuity--now engulfed in the flames of poverty. A raging, suffocating brush fire not easily extinguished. They burn. They [i]burn[/i] not in heat, but the wake of human carelessness.

Genocide sits in the back of his personal limousine surveying the scars of his world. They're beautiful almost, these ruins with their flaws revealed. They give expression to the community.

There's a fifth of whiskey sitting beside the captain of industry. It hadn't been there before, or had it? It's almost empty. He's studying the shadows, speaking cryptically into a sleek, cellular phone.

"A-huh, yeah" he says. He says "A-hah, a-huh, I see. Just as I thought"

And just like that they're in business again. It's been over a year since they pulled something big. This is gonna be different; no more smalltime ****. They're gonna hit a place with enough bread to take care of them both real good. When you're looking for a rainbow--it ain't always hard to find.

"So, that's it," he says. He says "You did good. Now you're gonna have to get your hands lousy with blood. No one gives it away for free when they're working for me--ah-ha, yes, exactly. Understand?"

Genocide and Apocalypse live here to create beauty. Why not paint the town in blood?

"Yes, I knew they'd lead us to him, he says "Use it to our advant--that's it, yes, to our advantage. You got it."

Genocide's eyes pierce through the automobile's tinted windows and survey towering spires that reach toward the heavens like Tower?s at Babel recreated, where many municipal buildings and rotting project houses serve to drain the once great area of any hope of redemption.

Slowly a perfectly manicured hand, reachhes out and removes the finest cigars you could get from Cuba and he slowly goes about cutting off the tip and lighting it with the rather simple silver Zippo he carries with him at all times. Slowly he inhales the smooth and thick smoke of the hand-rolled tobacco.

Something's coming. Genocide doesn't know what it is; it's too subtle and elusive to name. But he feels it creeping out of the heavens, reaching toward him through the sounds, the scents, the color that fills the air--just to find him. And it's almost like a high.
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Apocalypse's knack for stealth was unbelievable for a man of his size, he had managed to follow Genocide's mistress' around without alerting them of his presence. Apocalypse park around the corner of Luyii's, and her sister's residence watching the place to make sure nothing funny was going on. Later, Dria left in the car, Apocalypse followed ordering one of Genocide's thugs to watch the other girls. Apocalypse found himself watching Dria enter an apartment building, then followed her up from a distance remaining hidden away. Dria entered a room, and listened in at the door hearing the moans of their sexual acts going on inside. Apocalypse felt like breaking the door down right then, and there, but decided it would be best to inform the boss of what was going on.

Apocalypse waited, until hours later Dria finally emerged and left the area. Apocalypse followed her again, this time she enter a large run down apartment building. It looked to be abandoned, but looks are always deceiving. Apocalypse sneaked in following Dria's voice as she spoke to someone, then heard another voice, a man's voice. Apocalypse listened in closely no missing a single word, and finally he heard it.

"No tonight, Mr.H." Said Dria.

Apocalypse gritted his teeth, and clenched his fists knowing he could simply bust the door down and give Mr.H a dose of hot lead between the eyes. But Apocalypse was much too loyal, too smart to get that reckless. Apocalypse snuck out of the building, and waited outside until Dria finally left. Dria drove off as Apocalypse watched on, then pulled his cell phone out to make the call to Genocide.

"Genocide, I've got news." Apocalypse said, then continued. "Dria's disobeying your orders. I followed her to some guys place, and I believe the b***h gave it away for free."

Apocalypse listen to Genocide for a moment, then continued speaking. "That's what I thought. No one give it away for free when they're working for you. I'll take care of it. I guess I'll just have to except payment in flesh."

Apocalypse listen again then responded. "Now, I have some good, and bad news. She's doing business with this Mr.H. I followed her to this rat trap of an apartment building, I think it's been abandoned for a while, but I think that's where he's got his shop set up. I didn't get to see his face, but I know where the prick is now. What do you want me to do about all this?"

Genocide responded, his laughter could be heard loud and clear on the other end of the line. Apocalypse seemed to get an idea, and apparently Genocide was thinking the same exact thing. "Use it to our advantage, huh? Well, perhaps I will be paying Dria's fling a visit on behalf of Mr.H. Tonight we accept payment in blood. I'll inform you when it's done."

Apocalypse hung up, and returned to the door of Dria's fling, Ren. He knocked on the door, and heard Ren approaching. Just as Ren grabbed the door knob Apocalypse kicked the door open slamming it into Ren's face immediately breaking his nose. Ren fell to the floor, his nose gushing blood, he crawled to the phone and quickly picked it up attempting to dial 9-1-1. The operator came on, but only for a second before the phone went dead. Ren looked back seeing Apocalypse holding the severed cord of the phone in one hand, and his switch blade in the other hand.

Ren mustered up the courage to tackle the big man, but didn't even budge him. Apocalypse tower over him laughing as he clubbed him across the back with his left arm knocking him to the floor. Ren's blood covered face smeared the titled floor as Apocalypse stepped on his head grinding it against the floor. Apocalypse bent down grabbing Ren by the hair, and pulled him up, but just as Ren got back to his feet he threw a stiff right hand hitting Apocalypse in the face. Apocalypse's head turned to the side, his teeth gritting. Ren attempted to swing again, but Apocalypse grasped his arm, and looked back at him slowly with anger burning in his eyes.

Apocalypse grabbed Ren by the throat, and tossed him across the room against the wall. Ren came crashing down through a glass end table, and his body became cover with lacerations as Apocalypse grabbed him by the hair and drug him through the glass shards covering the floor. Apocalypse flipped Ren over onto his stomach, than kneeled over his lower back pulling Ren's head backward as far as it could go. Apocalypse to his switch blade into his right hand, and quickly brought around to the front of Ren's throat.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Ren screamed out.

His screams turned into sounds of him choking on his own blood as the blade sunk into his flesh and left a large gash across his throat from ear to ear. Blood seeped out onto the floor as Ren's body began to convulse and shake in shock. Apocalypse ran his hand through the blood on the floor, and walk to the nearest walk marking it with a huge letter "H." Apocalypse watched as Ren's miserable carcass flopped about on the flood until it finally ceased moving at all, then Apocalypse simply took his cell phone out, and called Genocide.

"It's done. No, there are no witnesses, I made sure that no one was around. I'm going to get cleaned up, then come back. See ya' later." Apocalypse said, then tucked his phone away before finally leaving.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She stood up and walked out the door. Dria and Juu followed, locking it behind them carefully. They drove to the nearest passable grocery store, Albertsons, and got the basics. Milk, coffee, bread, cheese, various fruits, chicken, steak, fresh veggies, and several frozen dishes. And lots of pasta. And dry mix sauces.

They paid for everything with the credit card supported by their family. And then went home again.



"You have one new message."

Dria flicked it and the tape played it back.[/i]

"Girls. I'll see you tonight. Remember to bring along your dear little sister, if she doesn't have much homework."

[i]Juu paled slightly, but Luyii put her arm around her shoulders comfortingly. She smiled gently.[/i]

"Don't be upset....we'll take care of you."

"I know...but he scares me."

"I think we can handle him. Eh Luyii?"

"Discretion is the better part of valor. But I'm bringing my knife."

[i]She laid out her heels, navy blue dress, beaded with irridescent lines, and her nylons. This was going to be formal in the extreme....but worth it all.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=purple][i]It was Ren's housekeeper who found him first early Saturday morning. Maria had walked in the knocked down door and promptly fainted at the sight of so much blood. When she came to, she was surrounded by Ren's neighbor and dozens of swarming policemen.

She scowled at the uniformed men; they had sent her only son to prison, leaving her to fend for herself in this horrible, horrible city.

As the paramedics helped Maria recover from her initial shock, they started drilling her about who and where and why and had she seen anything at all?

Tight-lipped, Maria answered their questions stonily, staring at the sloppy letter H painted out in Ren's blood. It was one less customer, one less job that paid.

Old Maria cursed the man who had done this, he had just made her life harder.


Dria had forgotten about the pouch in her closet, lost in the excitement of finding an outfit to wear. The party wasn't necessarily a joyous occasion, but any situation that required playing dress-up absolutely thrilled her.

It was Luyii who reminded her about the previous night,[/i] "So how'd the job go, Ri?"

[i]Dria paused momentarily and set down the dress she had been holding up in the mirror,[/i] "I completely forgot." [i]She dug out the prize from its hiding place,[/i] "Here. This will sell for a lot, that H guy gives me the absolute creeps, but his stuff is prime."

[i]Luyii untied the small package and glanced down at its snowy white contents.[/i]

"We could always keep it, too. I got a pretty good deal on it." [i]Dria shrugged and started to rifle through her shoe collection,[/i] "It's up to you."

"I'll think about it." [i]Luyii returned the pouch back to its original spot and looked through the dresses that Dria was debating. She held up a particularily revealing, muted-red dress that would show off Dria's rather superior legs,[/i] "This one. It's mouth watering. I want their eyes to be on us tonight."

"Fair enough." [i]Dria stripped to her lingerie and slid into the dress, loving the feeling of the silky material against her skin.[/i] "Oh yes, I have always loved this dress."[i] She picked through her heels again,[/i] "Juu! Come here! What are you wearing tonight?"

"I'll find something!" [i]Came the unenthusiastic reply from down the hall.[/i]

"Go help her, Luyii, we need to make her look at least four years older." [i]As Luyii agreed and left the room, Dria put on a beautiful pair of Jimmy Chu stilettos and cooed in delight.

All three of them would look ravishing tonight.[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Luyii and Juu surveyed her closet's contents. Mostly designer jeans and blouses. Not much in the way of formal....that would come around in a few years. Juu sighed. Luyii pulled away a few hangers, and drew out the perfect outfit. Light lavender, silky, made in the asian style. Juu's eyes lit up, and she slipped into it with ease.

Luyii zipped her up and began the process of doing up the many little toggle knots on the sides. Juu surveyed her reflection.[/i]

Luyii: ....to the makeup kits.

Juu: Oh boy.

[i]She sat down at the vanity and was joined by Dria. Luyii pulled on her velvet dress, adjusting the straps and fiddling with the invisible zipper. No bra. Let us be daring.... Juu was fussed over for several hours until pronounced complete. Pale foundation, dark purple eye shadow, tinted lipstick and lip gloss....and generally an exotic feel. Dria was the ravishing beauty, and Luyii supported the dark eyed assassin style. The three loaded their various weapons. Juu slipped her taser into her calf sheath. Luyii spun her daggar expertly before stuffing it into her spine sheath.

Dria pulled her skirt up, placing her 9mm into her thigh sheath expertly, and smiled broadly. The three walked down the hall, Juu tripping only once. Finally, Luyii took her arm galantly, handing the keys to Dria.[/i]

Dria: Remember ladies....we are happy to be working for Genocide.

Luyii: Correction. [i]I[/i] am happy to be working for Genocide. You two are just by products caught in crossfire.[/COLOR]
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Mr. H. was Milton?s devil. He was cold-hearted cunning. His heart was black and his mind equally dark. He was always in control. Anticipating. Planning. Calculating. He was the manipulator. He was the puppet master. He ran the show. Nobody moved without his word, nothing happened without his approval. There was no free will when Mr. H. was playing.

He knew everything. He saw everything. He had eyes everywhere. The drunken bum lying in the dank and filth of a dark alley. The bartender in the pub. The doorman. He had all of them. Nothing happened that he wasn?t aware of, and Apocalypse was a fool to think he could stealth his way through Mr. H.?s domain.

As one examined the character of Apocalypse, and his nature, Apocalypse became less of an intelligent being and more mindless ape. For one that thought himself aware of his environment, he had completely overlooked the blind man sitting in the stairwell.

The blind man had no name. He did not speak. He simply sat on that bench on the landing. His black glasses reflected light from the dingy single bulb that hung from the ceiling by a mangy electrical wire. He had a queer expression plastered on his face. His lips were twisted into a fruitish grin. The residents believed him to be retarded and as he never spoke, also believed him to be mute. When he first began sitting on that bench a month earlier, they took notice of him. Now they passed him without a second glance, without a second thought. But they paid him no mind out of habituation. They ignored him because they saw him every time they climbed those stairs. The sadistic mercenary had no excuse for not seeing him there. Apocalypse was just as blind as the mole sitting on that bench.

Mr. H. was aware of Apocalypse?s presence, of course, but did not let that distract him from the business at hand. The transaction completed. Efficiently. Swiftly. He had the payment and Leila had the merchandise. But then he broke a cardinal rule. He went for more. He let his animal instincts take control and grabbed her by the hair. It was something unbecoming of his required stone nature. Leila forced her sidearm into his gut, sending a wave of raw sexuality through his body. He felt alive. She spoke strongly and refused him. Normally insolence such as that met death, but he stayed his hand from killing. Leila was fascinating. He let her leave.

The next morning, an unmarked car pulled up out front. The passenger got out and entered the apartment building. His walk screamed police. He began climbing the stairs but stopped when he reached the landing. The blind man was looking at him. He stood still. The blind man tapped his cane on the floor, nodded slowly and pointed down the stairs. The cop descended the stairs and left.

He got back in the unmarked car and the driver demanded he explain what happened.

?Nevermind,? he replied, ?just drive.?

Mr. H. watched from his window and smiled.
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Vengeance is best served to those who most deserve its fruits.

The door gives way with a gunshot [i]crack[/i], sending a storm of splintery debris exploding throughout the stagnant air. Jutting edges protrude out of the door frame. It falls slowly and when it lands, it sends up a mushroom cloud of dust. Daylight filters into the room through boarded windows, freckling the room with sun. Everything is hard and dead. It resembles a barren wasteland. Life is so nonexistent, so absent, in this place. There is no Mr. H.

This, right here, symbolizes the complete and utter ******** that is synonymous with serving street justice. This right here proves the indifference of any master that may reign over us--[i]sparing[/i] a man, so cruel, so vile, a punishment at the hands of Genocide. This bitter, unforgiving reality. And as empty as this place is--death--[i]is everywhere.[/i]

A parade of suits march in, single file, their elbows tucked into their sides, pointing pistols as if they are substitutes for flashlights. The leader turns his head in a mask of fear to find his boss's imposing silhouette stationed in the doorway, arms folded, heels firmly held in place.

Genocide enters and finds himself in almost total darkness, soaked in the sweat of--fear, perhaps? Disbelief? Frustration? He takes deep breaths of the hot, muggy air as he tries to get his bearings. He is blind in this world, no light allowing him to see. He pats down his body, and in his pocket finds an object that can be his salvation. It is a simple silver Zippo lighter. He takes it from his pocket and lights the lighter. Holding it up, a sphere of light illuminates only about five feet either way of him. He sees he is indeed in a [i]the[/i] room. He can feel it.

"Perhaps we're in the wrong room, sir?" one of his men say.

"No--no this is it. Of that, I'm certain," Genocide says.

He returns to the doorway and sighs.

"I halfway expected this," he says "Now I have a little get together I must prepare for. Have the boys look around, see if you can find anything. Any leads. Just in case."

"You got it, boss," one of them replies. Genocide isn't listening at this point anyway. Something catches his eye in the hall. A hall just wide enough to allow one to move.

There kneels an ominous figure. Down on his right knee. His jet-black locks, long enough to touch his chest, are parted, revealing his deathly pale face. His white, almost translucent skin seems to hide the key to his unspeakable secrets ? a face ravaged by years and unknown terrors of the past. But for all this, he kneels in silence.

"Let's get going, A," Genocide says to Apocalypse. But, he continues to kneel.

"We were close," Apocalypse says, "We were close."

"No," Genocide says, "I don't think we were close. I don't think we were close at all. If we were--I almost think it would have been -- disappointing."

[i]Genocide retires for the next few hours, since there really is nothing to do except wait for the festivities to begin.[/i]

It's not time to clear reshuffle the deck just yet. After all, the cards have only just now been dealt.

[i]He[/i] doesn't have to find Mr. H. [i]He[/i] doesn't have to do anything.

Ren is dead. For all intents and purposes, H is the culprit.

Everything--will just take care of itself.

[i]They thought that I was out of the game. But, now I'm the one holding all the cards![/i] (Tekken quote. ^_^)
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[color=purple][i]Car rides were always an event when Luyii or Dria was driving. Tonight, the latter one was behind the wheel and Juu's eyes were shut tight, knuckles white from gripping her armrest.[/i]

"You're going to kill us, Ri!" [i]Juu opened her eyes just long enough to see a stop sign -blatantly advertised- fly by without a second look from her Sister.[/i]

"This thing wasn't meant for sitting still."[i] Luyii lovingly pet the soft leather seat of their blazing red Audi TT.

Genocide's penthouse wasn't too far from where the three of them lived, and they were all pleased about that. It made running easier if necessary, for they were already familiar with the area.[/i]

"Remember," [i]Luyii spoke to them in a hushed voice as she handed her keys to the valet,[/i] "make it look like you're drinking a bit too much, that way they won't think we're going to be of any threat. The less harmless we look, the better."

[i]Juu frowned,[/i], "I have to drink?"

[i]Dria threw her an encouraging grin,[/i] "It's never too early to start, babe."

[i]Before she could protest, Luyii patted her shoulder,[/i] "Take a flute of champagne and nurse it all night, it won't hurt you. I promise."

[i]The youngest merely scowled and didn't say a word.

As they reached the top floor, Juu started to adjust her taser and both Dria and Luyii reached out hands to stop her.[/i]

"Cameras." [i]Dria muttered[/i], "They're everywhere. You're visible everywhere while you're here, so keep that in mind."

[i]The three of them fell into performance mode. As the doors opened, they were greeted -if it could be called that- by stony stares from Genocide's personal stash of henchmen. One of them looked the three over and motioned them toward the doors of their superior's lair.[/i]

[i]Luyii glanced sidelong at her companions,[/i] "Smiles, ladies."[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Luyii picked up two glass of champagne on the way in, Dria nabbing her own. With delicate fingers, she handed one to Juu and sipped the other. She winked at Juu, who didn't find it all that awful, just bubbly.

They let the guards open the doors for them, and walked in, stepping lightly. Genocide was looking out the window, sitting in his chair. Dria and Juu held back while Luyii approached him quietly. She sat down on his desk, crossing her legs, material floating down beneath her. He turned and his gaze slid right past her, and focused on Dria. He inhaled smoke from his cigar, and gave her a pittying look.[/i]

"...when you work for me, you never give it away for free."

[i]Behind his back, and out of sight of everyone, Luyii made a gesture that told Dria to say absolutely nothing. And she didn't say anything....Genocide smiled cruelly. She looked at her hands, folded in her lap. Head hung in a show of embarassment and resentment.[/i]

"She didn't know."

"Now she does."

[i]He swiveled the chair and refocused his gaze on Luyii, who glared back at him with equal power. The two continued holding the gaze, until he finally looked away. Luyii smiled sweetly and he dismissed the other girls. Dria and Juu left quickly, Dria holding Juu's arm. Genocide placed his hands on her thighs, and she looked down at him, hers on her hips.[/i]

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[color=purple][i]Dria's grip on her arm made Juu painfully aware of how angry she was; she was literally dragged to the bathroom in the wake of her Sister's fury.[/i]

"Bastard!" [i]Dria flung her champagne flute across the small space room, a shower of glass shards raining back down upon them. She hated herself for her temper, but she hated herself more for not biting back at Genocide. It was lucky that she had kept both business and her life in thought as his words sliced through her like red hot taunts. His voice was so cruel. If she hadn't, well, she could have destroyed everything,[/i] "Controlling my sex life now, is he?"

"Dria," [i]Juu moved to settle her, placing both hands on her shoulders and matching her eyes, which had nearly turned the color of smoldering embers,[/i] "at least now you know. Everything depends on this connection, and you know that."

[i]Dria clenched her teeth, trying to tame the whirl of emotions that was dancing wildly through her body. Luyii had said that dealing with this boss, Genocide, would be a good deal. She remembered the conversation so clearly...

So this man expected her to [/i]sell[i] herself?[/i] "Or does he just expect me not to **** anyone for a long time?" She asked aloud, directing her question towards Juu.


"No." [i]She shook her head and suddenly became aware that the remains of the champagne now drizzled down her leg, mixed with her blood where a stray shard had sliced.[/i] "Oh, Juu," [i]her Sister's shoulder had fallen prey to another flying shard,[/i] "I'm so sorry. I'm sorry."

[i]Juu relaxed as Dria started to clean up her shoulder, fussing over her as if she were dying. She knew this side of Dria the best, and she liked it far more than the angry one who couldn't control her own temper,[/i] "Your temprament matches your hair."

[i]Dria looked down into Juu's eyes, and was relieved to see her smiling, [/i]"It does, it matches."

[i]Dria felt herself smile and placed her hands on her hips, feining confrontation,[/i] "Oh yeah?"

"Definitely! Your hair is all dark until the light hits it, then it's the color of deep red blood. And you're great with being placid until someone strikes a nerve, then you get all worked up."

[i]Dria's smiled broadened and she pulled Juu into a fierce hug,[/i] "You're the only thing that's going to keep me sane tonight, lil' sis."[/color]
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[color=ff00cc][i]Juu sighed happily, and didn't let go until a woman entered, the clicking of her heels breaking the silence. She glanced back up at Dria, who looked even more radiant with her smile. It felt great to see her smiling again. After all, ever since they began working for Genocide, it was rare any of them smiled very often.

Dria picked up her purse and headed out towards the door. Juu followed suit, tripping once again out the door. She fixed a soft smirk on her face, avoiding contact with the guards, making her way back to the consession stand to pick up more drinks. Muttering, Juu took another glass of champane from her sister, sipping it slowly while shooting a glare at Ri. [/i]

"How does Luyii put up with that guy?" [i]Juu asked, talking through her teeth in a wide grin.

Dria cocked an eyebrow, and sipped her drink. Her eyes remained fixed on the office door, taking occasional glimpses back at Juu and the guards. Meanwhile, Juu browsed around the concession stand, sampling various odd-looking foods from the table. That was the only other thing to do. She usually loathed coming to formal parties anyway.

After selecting a few favorites, she offered them to Ri, who smiled, and picked a chocolate-coated cherry. Just as she bit it off, her eyes lingered towards the other half of the room, where five or six guards were huddled together in a trong, two studying her with pleasure. Dria fingered her 9mm, smiling back casually at the two. Juu instantly grabbed her wrist, and turned around, tugging it once and shoving her drink in her palm. [/i][/color]
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While Genocide, and the rest of his associates attended his party, Apocalypse stayed behind at Mr.H's former hideout. Apocalypse stood with his hands on his hips pacing about the baron room that once was, apparently, Mr.H's office. He was filled with anger, a fury he had felt only once before, but it seems somehow worse in this case. Apocalypse turned looking towards the wall to his right, it was covered by a huge mirror showing to him the reflection of himself, a monster.

"So close." Apocalypse hissed. "So ************g close! SO ************G GOD DAMN CLOSE!!!"

Apocalypse literally roared as he (on pure adrenaline) lifted Mr.H's large desk over his head on one swift motion, then hurled it at the mirror. The desk not only shattered the mirror, but put a large hole in the wall. Shards of glass, and large wooden splinters litter the floor. Apocalypse breath heavily as he bends over placing his hands on his knees, he gritted his teeth as he saw his reflection once more in the shards of glass at his feet. Apocalypse stand straight up, and stomps the glass at his feet, then grinds it into the ragged carpet. He cracked his neck with a swift turn of his head, and brushed the debris off his coat. Apocalypse left the building quickly to attend Genocide's party. All though Apocalypse was relatively antisocial, and really hated being amongst a crowd, he felt it would be best to stick by Genocide's side in case Mr.H, or his thugs were foolish enough to attempt something.

About a half an hour later Apocalypse arrived at Genocide's penthouse, he paused at the door before entering, attempting to keep himself calm. Slowly Apocalypse opened the door, immediately being shoved against the wall by four guards. Apocalypse snapped and shove them all off, and began to nail each of them with stiff right hands to the bridges of their noses. Apocalypse had floor the four of them easily, then was finally brought out of his blind rage by a whistle. Looking up, Genocide stood before him laughing in amusement.

"A little too edgy tonight, huh?" Genocide said as he sipped Champaign from a wine glass. "Sorry, I didn't think you were coming. I told the guards not to let anyone else in the door."

Apocalypse sighs sounding slightly frustrated, he looks at the guards, then back to Genocide and just nods. Apocalypse looked about the room seeing Luyii's "sorority sister" sitting on the couch being eyed up by the other guards, and thugs. Luyii herself stood at Genocide's side, while the rest of the unoccupied fun seekers stared at Apocalypse himself. Apocalypse just sneered evilly back at the onlooker, then turn away to take a seat in the corner by himself.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time, but Apocalypse felt bored out of his mind. For a while now, he could only entertain himself by viciously beating someone into a coma or even death. Apocalypse sat up on the edge of his seat witnessing hired help, a waiter, spill a drink on Genocide. Apocalypse smirked as he watch Genocide chew the moron out for spilling the drink on his expensive silk business suit. Genocide pointed the waiter towards the kitchen ordering him to retrieve a damp cloth for him to clean it off. The waiter quickly jogged into the kitchen, and Apocalypse pursued his prey, his entertainment for the night. The attendants at the party were totally oblivious to what was about to happen, and none more than the waiter himself.

"Stupid son of a-" The waiter said under his breath as he ran a clean rag under the water.

"A what?" Apocalypse said abruptly startling the waiter, whom in turn spun around to face Apocalypse." A what? A b****h perhaps, was what you were going to say, huh?"

"W-w-w-what?! N-n-no!" The waiter stuttered. "I wasn't-um-going to say-uh..."

Apocalypse didn't bother listening to the rest of the waiters poor excuses, and grabbed him by the hair and slammed his face into the kitchen counter. The waiter wobbled for a moment, then almost fell, but Apocalypse caught him by the throat with his right hand. Apocalypse leaned in looking into the waiter's eyes seeing fear, and sorrow. A normal man would have pity for this poor soul, but not Apocalypse. He is far from normal, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Speaking of rockets-the waiter was sent flying through the kitchen's open window, his brief flight gave him a beautiful view of the city below him before he plummeted to his death from twenty plus stories up.

The impact of the waiter hitting the concrete below immediately tore his body apart, his bloody limbs, and fleshy pink gore cracked the pavement in the alley below. His body became imbedded in the rough surface, and as his blood stained it. Bones cracked, cartilage, and sinewy tore. It was a horrific sight to behold indeed.

Disturbingly enough, Apocalypse's murderous deed left him in an almost orgasmic trance. Hearing the screams of his free-falling victim was music to his ears, more delightful than anything Beethoven had created in his lifetime, at least in his sick and twisted mind. Apocalypse shut the kitchen window, pick up the damp rag, and rejoined the party. Apocalypse handed the rag to Genocide, and smirked slyly.

"I thought I told that stupid little prick to get this for me. What the hell are you doing with it?" Genocide said as he took the rag, and scrubbed the stain of his coat. "I'm going to fire that little bastard."

"No need. I all ready took care of it. I cut him loose, and sent him to catch a flight." Apocalypse said laughing slightly as he walked passed Genocide, who then stared at Apocalypse in amused manner.
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It's like the world is shaking, but he's standing still. He really hates Long Island--making the scene. Still, it's a fine night, and he's togged real sharp, with a fine suit, boss coat, and real dancing shoes. He stands there for a second, listening to the music. And then he starts turning away from Luyii, snapping, and shaking his head, as if he's forgotten something.

An audible sigh is heard from his direction, and Luyii whirls to confront it. "What?"

Genocide feels himself stiffen and lets his face set into a hard black mask, and in a low, just barely controlled whisper, he hisses out, "Have you been compromised? They're taking quite a bit of time in there. Any special plans?" His jaw tightens.

When she speaks, Luyii's voice is wryly amused. "Compromised? Oh yes. I've been compromised ever since you left me to baby-sit some fourteen year old's idea of a wet dream."

"Look," he says, all bad-like, "Don't try to be some wise mother****** with me. You know--"

"This is beneath me," she says, "I'm a professional and this is--"

"(He chuckles) Let's not forget you're a professional because of my money. You know that there's something bigger here--'H'," he says."

Her eyes scan the room, her face stone-smooth. The gentle ambiance of the party takes over--another calm night, the idle chitchat reverberating off the walls with the jazz-pop instrumental band hired for the evening. Almost peaceful, despite the pungent haze emanating from rich tobacco.

Genocide commandeers a glass of champagne, a luxury that flows like water here, and peers at Luyii over the brim of the glass.

Genocide finds himself somewhat pleased at her attitude. Yet, he finds her demeanor quite perplexing. Her understanding of the business seems, in a way commendable. No other student of his has made such rapid progression or enjoyed such an impressive resume for murder. However, her approach, seems to scream "Green." She has obviously done her homework, because let's face it, he's the one who took her under his wing years ago, in a past that almost seems like a far-off dream.

Her emphasis on power has grown strong and for what seems to be an eternity Genocide stares past Luyii, into space. Finally, his lips part, and a gruff voice, pierces the silence.

"You've done well, darling," he says, "If not for you, we wouldn't have been able to trail Dria quite so (he clears his throat) expertly. The photographs, the recordings, sneaking Apocalypse into Ren's apartment complex, the lowdown on 'H'--quite an impressive laundry list."

Luyii snatches the glass, now half-empty and it's her turn to stare at him over its brim. If only he were so easy to see through. She knows of Genocide the man, the patient overseer who trained her in the art of assassination, the patron of her generous street education--yet she knows nothing of what he represents other than himself. Relatively simple concepts such as culture, values, and religion mean nothing in his agenda--the achieving of success.

All people are the same inside. Everyone has their own reason for living, and a price atop their head. All people lust, hate, and love. Yet, Genocide is different somehow and all those that surrounded him have to be also. Luyii chooses her words carefully, staring at the hungry entrepreneur in front of her, with empty, un-accusing eyes. All the while smiling, as if to tease him.

"Hey, you know what they say. If you're good at something, You don't have to 'toot' your own horn. Plenty of others will do it for you."

The lights in the penthouse click off, probably signaling a customary romantic dance to close the evening, leaving only the city lights outside to illuminate the room. Genocide shoots her a straight smile. He pulls on her arm and brings them closer together and slips an arm around Luyii's neck. His mouth moves against her neck, jaw and lips.

And--she closes her eyes sighs as he slips her a sealed envelope and slips away.

"This," he says, "is for Dria. She undoubetdly believes that I was somehow responsible for her 'close friend's' death. Oh, I've been able to see the hate burning in her eyes for some time now. And I won't crush it. No, not yet. [i]I'm going to use it.[/i]"

Genocide shoots a stare down on her, his own dark eyes glimmering, not with evil, but conviction. In them she can see the glittering windows of skyscrapers and condominiums, reflected from the cityscape set behind them.

"Tell her I send my regards," he says, "And that in this envelope is a contract on that man that killed (he takes a moment to recall the name) Ren, yes Ren, in a lustful game. This is quite a privelage, you see. I've not even shown this contract to my most capable merceneries. She's getting first [i]crack[/i]. Oh, and I've taken serious measures to assist her. Paid exuberant fees to my contacts in the police department. Included with the contract are photographs of the crime scene. I want you to seduce her, Luyii. You've almost completely won her trust. Take it all. Use it. Get her to take you to 'H' (he strokes her face, tracing the curves of her cheeks) and do what you must to bring him down. To bring them [i]all[/i] down."
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