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Art All gone wrong x.x


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[b][size=1]Lol. Basically, I wanted to try and enter something for myOtaku, but I found it too difficult to copy anime pictures using Flash (thanks to a lack of scanner-access, that's all I have really). So I pretty much just gave up on that idea soon enough.

Anyway. I began to wonder if drawing a picture from the outside-in, without black outlines would make it have that cel-shaded effect, lol. So basically, I just grabbed a GT Goku picture, and traced the outline in Flash, and put the picture to one side. Then I just tried to copy everything inside part by part.

The end result was pretty messed up, so I tried adding grey detail-lines, but they could barely be seen, lol. So I went over in black, and then realised the whole point was to [u]not[/u] use black as an outline, so I went over it in dark brown. And then I realised that was exactly the same thing as the black, so I tried to make all the detail-lines into skin colours.[/b]

Less excuse-making drones, and more finger-pointing laughs, lol.

Oh, and yes, I [b]traced[/b] the outline, lol. So it's no point someone venturing out, finding the original and mentioning how the hair messes up exactly where the hair fades into the background in the original x.x[/size]
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