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please sign up her and dont worry mods tehre will be ruels and i have a plot once i get more people ill get it into action
sign up form-
madeup or real:
other info:
my team so far-
madeup or real:real from anime inuyasha
powers:demonic strength
weapons:tetsugia ( sowrd)
other info:
name:yuraka the twin blade
madeup or real: real
powers:fastest gunslinging around
weapons:twin gunblades
other info:single looking
name:akuji the smoke fiend
madeup or real:made up
powers: poison smoke that comes from his hands impervius to poison
weapons:a sowrd
other info:none

ruels and regulations: mostly the same as the otaku ruels keep it in a pg 13 rating no spamming all posts must at least be 4 lines
and most of all when fighting me descriptive
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Never done some thing like this so i'm going to take a wack at it

name: Yusuke Urameshi
made up or real: name from yu yu hakusho
powers: spirite energy that comes from the hands
weapons: spirit gun, spirit wave, spirit shot gun
other info: none
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I'll be on a team with T Man.

Name: Kuwabara Kazuma
Real: YuYu Hakusho
Powers: Spirit Energy and Hightened Spiritual Awarness
Weapon: Spirit Sword. Lenghten Spirit Sword. Spirit Javelin (I came up with that. He just throws the spirit sword.)
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Alright then i join the Yu Yu team With T Man and Double_B_Daigo and Radical Edward as

name: Hiei
madeup or real: real yu yu hakusho
powers: Darkness Flame, Third eye*, Super Speed
weapons: Sword, Sword of the Darkness Flame, Dragon of the Darkness flame, Fist of the Mortal Flame, and demon form i guess
other info: Has the Yukina as a Sister but she doesnt know it
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i have my own made up yu yu hakusho carachter. (fanfictions rock!)

Name: Koeyae

Real or not?: no, but she's made up for a yu yu hakusho fan fic.

Powers; Two swords on wrists. does neat attack with her spirit energy.

Wepons...see powers.

Other: in the fan fic. she is found by kurama and joins the urameshi team (in the dark tornament) to actually play as thier alternative and takes Genkai's spot.

Can i be on your team T-man? If you want I'll changer her other info thingy.
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Ya this sounds cool, I will join origanalimp if thats ok

Name: Kakashi Hatake
Real: Naruto
Weapons: Ninja weapons, (Kunai's and Shurikens)
Powers: Ninja speed, 1000 ninja abilities copied by the sharingan eye, Lightning edge: Lightning coming from Kakashi's hand that he punches with
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Alright...As I said in the thread itself, that plot you spoke of better materialise damn fast. And can these team-related conversations be kept to PM? If you really must advertise an open position, or your lack of a team, then just have Originalimp do it in a single, often edited post. Thanks.[/font][/color]
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