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Sign Up The Outcast Rebellion

Rhys Mayiessen

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[color=indigo][i]For many centuries humans have feared the unknown. They kill anything that isn't like themselves. Now humans inhabit the world like bugs, growing and feeding off the land until it is bare.
Many other races live on this planet but there is only a few of each left. They live in hiding and fear that if any human finds him or her, they'll kill them.
Now not all humans are like this. There is a few, a select few that want to show others that there is no need to fear the unknown. This humans want to start the Rebellion.
The human King has heard rumors of this and decides to take action against the Rebellion before the Rebellion takes action on him.

"My People," the King's voice rang out like a bell through the courtyard. "It is time for us to exterminate what we have feared for so long," a few scattered cheers arose from the crowd which were quickly silented by the guards. "These races are inferior to us. They are like bugs in our garden, the garden that is this world. We, the gardeners, must rid the world of these pests for the rest of the world to be truly happy. Give me your men. Your husbands, brothers, sons, nephews, and uncles. With this army of men I[/i] will [i]make the world safe for your childern to live in!" Cheers rang out in earnest this time, men already crowding to the front of the courtyard to apply for the massive army.

The same day the human King recites his speech in the greatest of the city's courtyard, the leader of the Rebellion talks to the Outcasts.
"My fellow Outcasts," The leader of the Rebellion started, eyeing the crowd. "Now is the time to stop human cruelty in its tracks, they've hurt us for too long," a few in the crowd cast accusing glances at the leader. He sighed heavily. "Yes I know I am human but I do not want to harm you. I wouldn't be here if I wanted to hurt you. I would be with the King's army.
It is time to rise up against the humans, to show them that we deserve a place in the world as well. We were not brought to this world just to die by the hands of a race that[/i] thinks [i]they own everything. Rise up! Come with me and start the Rebellion!" Cheers rose up in the night sky as the Outcasts lifted their weapons and their voices to chant.[/i]

Now you can either be on the Rebellion side or on the Human Alliance. If you are on the Rebellion side you can be human but I'd rather you be a different race. (Examples; Elves, Vampires, faes, dwarves, werwolves etc...)Of course if you're on the Human Alliance you will be human.

Here's what you need to sign up.
Sex: (Of course Male/Female)
Race: (Anything you can think of)
Alliance: (The Rebellion of the Human Alliance)
Weapon: (Medevil type weapon)
Appearance: (what you look like)
Bio: (history of your character)

I'll sign up my character later...[/color]
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Name: Galthrown Mongloin
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Race: Goblin
Alliance: The Rebellion
Weapon: Knives in various places on body, mainly used for throwing.
Appearance: Small, with reptilian eyes and pale green face. Body the size of an average 8 year-old, but always hunched over, knees brought almost up to chest. Wears a leather vest and pants studded with metal plates. Is filthy and has ratty hair.
Bio: Galthrown grew up alone and despised by humans. He found solice with the members of the Rebellion. They also did not like him, but could not refuse him lest they be called hippocrites. So he lived with them, despised, living with a bitterness in his demeanor and a great resentment in his soul.
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Name: Reena Kiyo
Age: Looks 19, Actually 239
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Alliance: Rebellion
Weapon: Massive scimitar with a silver body but a black blade. The scimitar is about 5 feet long and 1 foot wide, and she can hold it up with her dragon strength. Whenever she looks at it like a mirror, she sees her dragon body.
Appearence: (Normal) long red hair, 5'11", green eyes, red and green kimono with the kanji for "dragon" on the front, zori and socks, choker and bracelets with dragon insignia. (Half-dragon) hair has been singed and shortened and perpetually wilder looking, most of the clothes have been burned off so only a top and a skirt remain, legs and arms become scaly and grow claws, veins appear around the eyes and neck.
Bio: Reena used to own a small teahouse in the human world so she could live normally. It was quite a sucess and she loved her customers, but when the king wanted the building to be taxed and closed, she turned into her half-dragon form and killed the soldiers. She wears the choker and bracelets to prevent herself from turning into a full dragon, since she can't change back afterwards. She shows sympathy towards the humans, and doesn't really want to hurt them. She will do what has to be done, but she will never kill on a whim.
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Name: Lora Faustus
Age: looks (and acts) 14, but is 59
Sex: Female
Race: Half drow, half high elf
Alliance: The Rebellion
Weapon: chain scythe, several throwing knives,
Appearance: 5'5, ebony skin, long white hair in a single braid. Wears black leather pants, boots, top, and gloves.
Bio: Lora has always lived alone, shut off from the rest of the world. She doesn't care for any races in the world, especially humans, and will kill them on sight out of pure spite.
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[color=indigo]Okay I guess I'll sign up mine now...lol

Name: Rann (full name: Rannalanthas)

Age: 400 (looks 20)

Sex: Male

Race: Weredragon

Alliance: Rebellion

Weapon: Greatsword (Is usually handled with two hands)

Apperance: Looks like a normal human except when in dragon form. Rann has short sandy brown hair with a clan braid that runs down his back. Two ribbons, green and blue, ties the braid together and shows that he is part of the weredragon clan though not many people alive today recognize it. His eyes are golden brown. Usually wears a white tunic, black leather vest, and black leather pants. He's about 6 feet 4 in human form and has well developed muscles. In dragon form his eys are a dark red and his scales are a golden brown like his eyes when he is in human form.

Bio: Rannalanthas' father died before he was born, killed by one of the human hunting groups that surround the mountains. When Rann was born his mother would whisper hate words about the humans into his ear every night. Rann has only turned into his dragon form once, for his mother adviced that if he not turn into one he would not be caught. His Mother died when he was 30 so Rann thought he would travel the world in search for other people of his kind. Along the way he stopped by towns and cities of the humans and learned to hate them even more. All they would talk about to him was the dirty half-breeds and the other races. Now at the age of 400, Rann joins the Rebellion with all of his heart. He wants to get revenge for his father, for his entire race.

^^;;I really hope other people join. I worked so hard on this...[/color]
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Name: Roya
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Race: Were-cat
Alliance: Rebellion
Weapon: preferably claws and anything that's lyeing around
Appearance: Dureing daytime Roya appeares as an average person, though emotions can trigger a change in the eye's (yellow and slited).
Jet black hair tied back, about 5'4. At night appears as a black cat with bright yellow eyes.
Bio: Wanders the slums and loves to spy on people. She sell's whatever information she finds to the highest bidder (every race is included), though preferably to the Rebellion. Roya can't remember anything earlier than the age of 7 besides some sort of "explosion" which she now guesses is what messed up her memory.
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Okay, I'll give it a shot.

Name: Moriko ("forest child")

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Fox demon

Alliance: Rebellion (nooooooo...I'm a demon who's with the humans)

Weapon: Twin blade (aka butterfly sword)

Appearance: Moriko appears to be a normal human except for a few small factors: her ears are at the top of her head and look like cat ears and she has a furry white tail. She has short white hair and cerulean eyes. Moriko wears a samurai style outfit, except for the fact that the sleeves are short. She also wears Roman-style sandals and carries around leather gloves. She is about 5'1''

Bio: Moriko lived in the forest until she was 13. From there, she ran around, meeting other creatures. Realizing that there were more races then her own, she became strongly involved in protecting them.
On the day the King gave his speech, Moriko stood in the crowd, wearing a clock to conceal her idenity. As she was going back to the forest, she heard a speech by another creature named Rann. Moriko immdiantly threw off her clock, proud of the fact that someone was leading a rebellion.
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Age:appearing around 13 really 333

Sex: Female

Race: Woodland Elf

Alliance: The Rebellion

Weapon: Uses magic which reflects the color of her Auroa, Lavender

Appearance: Tani Almost human looking except for the pointed ears extra height (5'9)and lavender eyes. Her waist length hair is braided down her back, a lavender ribbon threading through it. Tani wears a plain white shirt, tucked into a lavender belt. From that belt hangs a few herbs and healing medicines along with her spare dagger. she wears Pants under a riding skirt, and her boots are laced up ankle high. On her arms are glove like things, the bottom ending at her wrists and the top extending to end at her knuckles. they are kept on my a string tied to her middle finger. around the wrist on each of those, there is a bracelet holding a Lavendar gem. If worst comes to worst she can sacrifice herself and use those gems and unleash a deadly force.

Bio: Tani grew up in a woodland forest with her mother and a few other elves. When the humans came and tore up the forest to build, her mother was killed and the other elves lost. She searched in vain for them, and when she didn't find them, she set off with the little belongings she had to try to find some work. She is soft hearted, will help anyone that needs it,even a human, and tries hard not to hurt anyone or anything.
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I hope it`s not too late.


Age:looks 16 but is 70yrs old


Race:Wolf-human( she is a hanyou)

Alliance:The Rebelllion

Weapond:A sword,bow and arrows,a dagger

Appereance:Mori-Sora has long black hair and small blue eyes. She stands 6ft tall and wears a black dress with a black cloak.She looks normal except for at night. She stands in the moon and a jewel appears on her head and obsorbs the moon light. From there she could be 1.a half human half wolf with white wolf ears on her head and sharp claws or 2. A full white wolf demon. Note:Can`t do this by day but can stay in either form.

Bio:Mori-Sora grew up in the forest because her family was banned for being two different creaters and married. In the forest she was traned to fight so she may protect herself from angry humans. She is resentful toward those who hate the idea of living in unity but she is a kind and sweet person.
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Hope this ones lasts ;)

Name: Phaedra
Age: 250
Sex: Female
Race: Mermaid
Alliance: Rebellion
Weapon: Uhh...a trident
Appearance: [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?postid=455905]Behold[/url]
Bio: Phaedra has lived among humans for some time now. She never revealed her secrets to them as they told horrible untrue stories of her kind. She is the only merperson she knows and hopes to find more. She is helpful to the humans in some ways. She saves children from drowning, subtly, of course and she has the power to bring some rain if they fail to come on their own. Phaedra, being a mermaid, stays near water and must swim at least once a day to keep her identity and strength. Outside water, she looks like any other human.
Phaedra heard of the Rebellion and wants to put an end to human prejudice, so she joins in and conducts some espionage.
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[color=indigo]Lol no no one's late. I might just wait until tomorrow to see if any other people want to sign up but I'll probably start tomorrow though^^
Rann's not the Leader,Katana^^;; A human is that's why there is so much prejudice in the Rebellion troops against him. Rann's second in command though^^[/color]
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Ok here we go,


Age:17(im really 13 but who cares)


Race:wolf demen


Weapen:a sword like Kenshins sword but not with a reverse blade. (if you dont know who kenshin is go and sit your little butt down by the t.v. and watch it!)

Aperence:Like Moriku Katumea has ears on the top of her head, has a white tail, and is also white. Katumea weares a long black cape with no sleves and a hood. Underneath that Katumea weares a uuuuummmmmmm........ I guess what Miss Karoo wears in Rurone Kenshin.(again if you dont know who or what Rurone kenshin is go and sit your little butt down by the t.v. and watch it!)

Bio:Katumea lived with her vilage with her family and friends. When she was 6 humens came and burnt down her village. Now she hates all humens and if she sees one she will kill it. No matter who it is.

Katana is my friend and she sent me this and I think its really cool!
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Name: evean miramax
Age: 14
Sex: male
Race: wolf/human
Alliance: rebellion
Weapon: broad sword, bows and arrows, whip
Appearance: brown hair, yellow eyes, blue shirt, black pants, brown boots, tan cloak (looks human except for the eyes)
Bio: Most people didn't like evean because of his ability but he does have some friends who say they would like the idea. He would get into fights with people who thought he was strange or by those who say he is a freak of nature. He normaly tries to keep people looking at his face directley because of his eyes. He joinded the rebelion so no one else would have to go throught what he does. He realy isn't afraid to risk his life.
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