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In days long passed, the kingdom of Oberan was in high command. Everything thrived until one faithful day. A man in a dark cloak came to the kingdom. He proclaimed that he alone was the weilder of the dark flame, a powerful magic with an untapped power. Nobody belived him and they threw him into the dungeon for lying to the Emporer. In the month he stayed there, the kingdom had fallen apart. Everyone became unbearably ill. In the end of the month the skies darkened and whirled around the kingdom. Terrible monsters dropped from the sky and slay the royal family. The skys cleared, the monsters dissapeared, and the kingdom, was gone.

Element (fire, water, dark, light, thunder, earth, wind, ect.)
Bio (optional)

Have fun with it :-)
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Name: irvine
Age: 14
Weapon: glaive, whip
Element: thunder
Description: red head band, purple shirt, black pant's, brown boots, gloves, brown hair, blue eyes
Spells: thunder wave, lighting strike, energy sword, heavens cure, heavens healer, elementale strength
Bio: irvine likes to go on adventures and is a experenced theif. He only steals what is needed. He normaly doesn't fight unless it's needed. He is willing to help others even if it means giving up his life.
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Cool story mine if i join up? and do bayonets count as weapons?

Name: Zen

Age: 17

Weapon: 2 Bayonet Swords, 2 hidden knives

Element: Fire

Description: Zen is tall, Lanky looking guy with messy green hair. has blue eyes with round glass. He has a gray thrench coast with light blue shirt whith white gloves and black pants with boots.

Spells: Big bang, Fire Control, Flaming Swords, Flame Wall, Hot Hands, Hot Hands Slash,

Bio: Zen was orphan (sp?) at a young age and spent 3 years wandering around. He was then took in by a clan of nomads and was tought the ways a stealing, Stealh , and Fire. He left the nomads when he was 15 when he found out that he had a sister in Oberan. But when he came to Oberan he foud the place sickly and dieing. He was sad to learn his sister had die 1 hour before he came there. An so he has be looking for the man resposible for the plague which took his only family an take his life. Zen is a cocky person and offen doesnt look before he leeps he is all action an inpluse. He has many conections to undergroud contacts he use is them to try and find the man responsible for his sisters death.
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Sounds fun

Name:Shadow Mori




Description:Mori is tall about 5ft7in,has long black hair in a ponytail,wears black coat,white shirt,black pants,black shoes,blue eyes,etc.

Spells:Shadow blade,shadow teleportation(sinks into shadows and teleports where ever there is a shadow)shadow strength,shadow kill,shadow ultimate killer move

Bio:Shadow was abandoned at 8yrs old. While alone,she trained her strange shadow phsycic abilities until no one was able to match her.She is one of the most strongest people around. She mostly likes to be left alone buty she can be a friendly person.
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Name: Rion Cross
Age: 18
Weapon: Long sword, long knife
Element: water
Description: Light blue shirt, blue pants, black boots, dark blue cape, long blue gloves, long blue hair that almost covers eyes. 5'6", athletic build. Sword hangs at side. Blue tinted armor on sholders and chest.

Spells: Dolphin Slash, Wave Reflect, Water Tornado, Tsunami Blade, Tide Grab, Raging Storm, Giant Wave, Depth Charge, River Rush, Shell Shield.

Bio: Trained at a young by a great retired soilder to protect the royal family of Oberan. He trained on the beaches and became a outstanding swordsman. He learned to to use water as a aide and call apon it in battle. Rion can be very over protective of his friends and allies and loves battle.
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Cool. I didn't think this would attract many people

Name: Norogatsi
Age: 17
Weapon: Long sleek Silver sword with faint symbols on the blade
Element: Dark Flame (but never reveals it)

Description: Semi length brown messy hair. Natural reddish-black eyes that match his fathers. Occasionally wears a black leather jacket and a white t-shirt. Dark blue jeans and black boots. Silver double belt and black gloves. Symbol on back (looks like a japaneese letter)

Spells: Fireballall and sword of darkness (creates a sword made entirely of dark energy. Able to cast fireballs out of the tip.)

Bio: His father had left at an early age, leaving him and his mother alone. At the age of six, his mother died of an uncurable illness. He trained in his village at an old dojo that used to be owned by his grandfather. At fifteen years old, when Oberan vanished, the cursed symbol etched itself into the skin on his back. His dojo was burned down and he was forced to flee from his village.
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Name: Shayla
Weapon: bow and arrow
Element: fire

Description: look at pic.. perfect aim

Spells: typical fireball, flame arrow, normal arrow

Bio: abandoned as a child and adopted by an old woman who taught her all of her spells and to use a bow and arrow
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Name: Kitty

Age: 15

Weapon: Shadow Sword, Flame Bow and Arrow

Element: fire, dark (I can have more than one right)

Description: Long black hair, and light brown eyes. Wears a black shirt, blue jean shorts, and knee high black boots

Spells: Darkness flame, Sword of darkness, Fire beam, Fire spin

Bio: When Kitty was little she was alwas considered the black sheep of the family. She was born of royal blood and instead of being interested in light magic she took a liking to dark magic (even though she wasen't evil.) Her father the King sent her into exile when she was 14. There she met many people who taught her to use dark and fire magic. they also equipped her with weapons such as the Shadow sword used to harness dark magic within a person. And the legendary Flame Bow (a bow made entirely of flames which not just any person could have). After she returns home from exile she notices the kingdo gone. She is the soul suvivor of the royal family.
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I just love Tsukasa hacks RPG's

Name: Shinjikyo Hiko
Age: 20
Weapon: Titaniam Nunchuku's
Element: Wind
Description: 5'6", with black hair and brown eyes. Has partially muscular body, his origin is asian and wears a Lee type of out fit (like this [url]http://www.resource-media.com/arts/JKD/bruce09.jpg[/url])with clothe like gauntlets.
Spells: Wind Blow: By swinging Shinjikyo's Nunchaku's in a certain way wind blows ravagly toward his enemy
Nunchaku throw: Shinjikyo can throw his nunchaku like a boomerang and it will go right back at him like a boomerang
Nunchaku abilitys: Mastering the art of the nunchaku, and Jeet Kun Do, Shinjikyo can move the nunchaku in ways no one else can do.
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Guest X.O.T


Weapon:Twin Katanas


Description:Black Hair,Brown eyes.Blue long sleeve shirt,black baggy jeans.Red and black nike shoxs.

Spells:Flash cannon,Heaven's justice,Light Illusion.

Bio:Xavion is son of the legendary knight Sir Gale Artimus.Didn't know f his powers until wings grew out of his back.Gale knew he was his replacement and proceeded to train him.His strenght and skill grew over time.
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