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Gaming Should I buy the XBox?

The Getaway Man

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Pros:XBox exclusives (Halo, etc...), look at them and see if you really want them bad enough though..

XBox Live, I think it is a great idea for online payment, one flat payment gets you 1 year, for all online XB games, of course you must supply the ISP (which has to be a high speed connection, [i]i wish i didnt just have regular dialup...[/i])

In games that are compatible, you can have up to 16, or more if possible, players in one game, which i believe would make halo extremely fun!

This isnt for everyone, but I like being able to burn music to the HD and *someday* use in a game

You dont really need a memory card unless you want to go to someone that also has one *whats the chances of that, lol*

Good graphics.....not always, but at least theres not a limit, but that doesnt mean every company will try as hard as the others...

Cons:You cant get games exclusive to PS2 or GCN (obviously)

Not that big of a deal, but a good point, XB is big (i call it my VCR...) and its pretty heavy...

Also only a problem for some people, i still think its annoying that i have to have a remote control (with live batteries) to work the DVD functions...

Those are of course not all, but all i can think of
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A pro and a con in some ways is the controller. Im sure you will get the S controller, but if you don't, you can go with the Fatty. I like the Fatty, even more so than I like my GC controller(maybe just because I play more Hambone than GC). But you don't have to get the Fatty.......just respect it. Respect it for what it is, what it was, and what it shall be.....a new way in controlling(even tho it looks similar to DC's......but the word I am searching for is.....anyway)

Also what should be the only deciding factor in you getting an Xbox, or as I call it a Hambone(my XB name), is the games. All the other things, I don't think, have any bearing on your decision. I am a big FPS fan, and when I 1st heard about Halo, I didn't give it much thought, until months after its release did I start to really look at it. I had some extra cash, and I did hear it being the Best-FPS-Ever, so I had to get it. And I did know the RAW series, which graphically is the best looking WWE game, but turned out to pretty much suck(but it was a 1st generation WWE game, so it will be improved) There are alot of games that I didn't think I would really like......that I ended up loving.

Shenmue 2 being one of them, great game, great story, sometimes can have a really slow-pace, but still the story just makes up for all of it. Its a rather bad looking Hambone game, a really good DC game, but a bad Hambone one. If you like Japanese/Chinese culture, you will get your fill in Shenmue 2. I also liked the music, some nice Chinese instrumentals really sooth ya while your playing, and suck you into the game even more. The dialogue can just take you right out of this,quickly, but that goes for the 1st Shenmue as well. (can't wait for Shenmue 3)

Another Sega title, Jet Set Radio Future,that I didn't think I would enjoy as much, but I played and was hooked.(and also it was free, so that was also nice) Looked pretty, and sounded even better(sings "Aisle 10").Simple controls, and fast pace gameplay just really make it shine,....but sometimes a bit too easy, but fun, very very fun. The levels are huge and filled with people, who all react when your bout to hit em and say funny lines like "He touched my bum"(Even tho the funny lines don't affect your decision on gettin this title, its just something from the game that stands out). There are tons of unlockables, the game can take ya a good 30-40 hours to get all the Graffiti Souls. And there are alot.....140+(I think)And each of the Graffiti designs look good as well, and if ya don't like them, you can create your own or edit an existing ones. The options are endless.

And then there is the grand daddy of em all, well 2nd to Halo, Star Wars....Knights of the Old Republic. RPG fans, this is a must own, Star Wars fan, the same goes for them too. I am not really big on both, but I really enjoyed this game. Everything you do/say affects your character, and just adds to the role-playing in this game. But I have already stated my KOTOR thoughts......in the KOTOR thread. (There's alot)

And what bout those titles that are soon to come. Another RPG, Fable, has looked impressive thus far. Now I doubt I will buy the title, but for an RPG fan, I'm sure you would at least try it out. There is also.......Halo 2. And I know what Halo is like, so I would think.....Halo 2 will be better. But we don't know for sure till both these titles come out, and I'm sure there are some other Hambone games that are coming out that will be great as well, but these are just the most hyped Hambone titles.

Finally, all the games that are going multiplatform, you would know that Hambone should look the prettiest(even tho I havn't seen much difference in some games)

So, the main thing, no, the only thing in deciding to purchase a console is what games(exclusives mainly) it will have. And Hambone does have a few worthy titles for any gamer.
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I recently bought another Xbox. I had sold my old one way back. I also picked up Live, KotOR and the hi-definition adapter so I could run stuff in progressive scan on my HDTV.

Xbox has the same cons as any other system. I think the main pros are Live and the hard drive to be honest.
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