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Damn you 4Kiisamas!!!! What have you done?!

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I think you dub things incorrectly on purpose now. I mean its as if you intentionally ****ed up Shaman King's dub. Those voices are nothing like the originals, and even worse, don't fit the characters at all.

Yoh's voice is crap. He sounds like a constipated stoner. Not an easy going young boy who sound enfiminate, so at first you don't know what sex he is at first site.

Sean Schemmel was a crappy choice as Amidamaru. He is literal crap, and his voice sounds way to nasely. Its as if he is forcing it way to much.

Manta was corny. 4Kids what the hell? "Maybe I should do commentary at the Tournament". You rot in Hell 4Kiisamas. You go to Hell and you die! Worst dub line ever! But at least his voice was decent.

Anna-San's voice was also crap. She sounded like she had already hit and peaked through puberty.

Tao Jun's voice sounded as if she was on LSD while she was in the car. It was horrible, absolutely horrible.

The only redeeming thing I saw was they kept Amidamaru's sound.

I will not be watching the Shaman King Dub. 4Kids is no longer considered a dubbing company, but an editing company

Also why the hell did they keep the Sonic X original intro, but cut out the original music and words, and just use slowed down music?
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You're right the Shaman King dub is all messed up. I always figured Yoh to be sorta mellow, but they gave him one of those stupid kiddy voices.
Amidamaru also sounds pretty horrible. He sounds more like an english man than a Samurai.

But oh well, theres nothing we can do about it. :D
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0_0 CURSE YOU, 4KIDS!! *sobs* Just when I thought they [i]might[/i] do a good job... They had a chance to redeem themselves.. :bawl:

However, I saw this coming.. I mean, Manta's a midget that sorta looks like a girl sometimes (At least in the manga).. I could see where they came at with the high-pitched nerdy thing on his part...

And what the heck were they thinking, making a Chinese Aristocrat like Ren's sister (her name escapes me) sound like a British person?! That's insanity, I tell you! Insanity!! :flaming: Anna, however, should have sounded lower and a little more evil-ish.. *sigh* Amidamaru was the best of them, and still he stinks. And Yoh.. Augh, he sounds all.. Energetic. X_X Not Yoh at all.. Not right...

I'll stick to the manga, thank you very much.

Oh, on the bright side, the anime isn't very long.. It's like, what, 62 episodes? Much less than the manga.
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