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RPG Animorphs: They're Back!


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Everyone was walking along the streets together. School had just ended and it was Summer Holidays! None of us could be happier. So we decided to take a shortcut home. We were all gonna go see a movie together. Everyone walked through what seemed to be a large, abandoned Construction Site. That's when they heard something.


Matt: Huh? Did you guys hear that? It's like in my head or something...

[That is correct Matt. I am, indeed talking in your head. It is called Thought Speech. All Andalites can do it]

Danny: Thought Speech? Huh...

[I am an Andalite. My name is Fraesha Lindwik Sinkit Yorad]

Kevin: Heh heh heh... Sinkit :p

The Andalite went on about how aliens invaded earth 20 years ago by controlling humans and other beings. He told a story of 5 kids who received the power to change into Animals at their own will. He said their wasn't much time left and took out a purple box. We all put our hands on the box and some type of unexplainable energy serged through us. It was like nothing before. Then it was over. We felt the same.

[You now have that same power as the Animorphs]

Matt: !! That's so cool!

[You must remember one thing though. You musn't stay in a morph for over 2 hrs. For if you do, you will be stuck like that. Forever..]

Kitty: Soo.. that's bad?

[Yes, Kitty. You must leave now! They're coming! RUN!]

So we all ran. Thankfully we all got away before anything could happen.

Matt: So what you guys think? Should we do it? Risk our lives to save the world?
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"What the heck was that?! 'Getting away before something happens?' What's with all this?!"
I couldn't stuff this through my head. It was all so... bizzare... I watched Kitty and Ben seem to pour over things, quietly watching us. Those two had always been the quieter of us. Kevin was fidgeting as we walked quickly along. He'd never been able to keep calm about things. Quietly, I could guess, he was sinking into some kind of thoughtful solitude, recognised by most to be depression. To the rest of us, of course, he was just thinking hard. Matt looked troubled, a look you didn't often see with Matt, the cheerful track-runner he was. And Lea looked like... Lea. Like she had figured something else out, but was unwilling to share.
"Hello! Danny to anyone!" I rapped on Kevin's head for effect and he swiped my hand away. "Does anyone but me wanna make sense of this?"
"What if it never happened?" Kitty's face was quiet. "We're all dreaming or something...?"
"But we're not," I snapped, kicking a stone aside in anger. "And you [i]know[/i] we're not!"
She shrugged, seeming to back away from my vicious temper.
"Danny," Lea said quietly. "It's not worth getting all excited about it."
"Oh it's not?!" My words were hot. I was panicking.
"No, not right now. We can talk about it more in the morning." She glanced about everyone. "We can [i]all[/i] talk about it in the morning."
Sighing, I realised she was right. It was getting late, and I hadn't even had a chance to think properly yet. Coming to my back gate, I leaned down to stroke the family cat, Fluffy. My hand tingled as I ran it down his back. I blinked, but said nothing about it. "Well... night guys," I murmured, opening my gate and standing to wave to them until they moved on, out of sight. Then I closed the gate and went in.
I didn't realise just how interesting things were about to get around here...
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I didn't want to talk anymore. I stayed quiet all the way back to my house. Even when they said good night, I only waved my hand a little and went inside. It was cold outside, so when I got to my room, I was still a little chilled. I locked my door and layed down on my bed.

Kitty: Why me? Why anyone? Why are we being bothered with these horrible thoughts that no one will believe but us? Why can't they just leave us out? Why...?

All these questions were buzzing in my head. I didn't want to do anything, I didn't want anyone to be burdened by anything. I just wanted to be left alone. I didn't want to save the world. But, then I thought of all the things that would be lost if these Yeerk things actually did take over or something. I wanted to know more, but I wanted to be left out. I couldn't make up my mind. I hit my pillow in frustration. Several times, in fact. Then, after half an hour of pondering the reasons for why we had to save the world, I began to fall asleep.

Kitty: If I sleep, maybe I can forget about this. Maybe we'll all forget. I...

My eyes drooped as I went to sleep. Even my dream was about these Yeerks and this new power. I saw an animal. I touched it, but I didn't stay me. I became it. I felt a strange crack in my back as I seemed to shrink. It began to hurt even more, then it stopped. Tears down my cheeks, I saw a tail. I suddenly woke up.

Kitty: Wha-what was that?! What time is it?

I looked at the clock. It was only 9 am. I decided to get up and eat. After my breakfast, I was going to see the others.
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Kevin headed back home after parting with the others. He was glad he was alone, because there was so much to think about. He wondered about the Andalite. There was something about him, this...Fraesha, that made him want to trust him. Alien or no, he seemed friendly and like he was genuinely trying to help, not pull a prank or something. But, the more he thought about it, the crazier it seemed. "How do we know he's not a couple of kids trying to pull a prank on us? That voice could've been done with microphones or something. It's just crazy. And now I'm talking to myself. Crazy." It was all a prank, he told himself. They'ed see each other in the morning and they'ed all have a good laugh at what idiots they were. Yes, that was it. All a prank...

He finally arrived home. He was tired after the day's events, so he went straight up to bed and crashed, without even bothering to change. For several more minutes he remained awake, and his doubts returned. What about this "morphing", though? How could that be a joke? That tingly feeling when he felt the box, that was real. But how could he be sure? They'ed never know until they tried. He made up his mind that he would try tomorrow, once everyone was gathered. Even as he fell asleep, one thought remained in his mind: How do I know what's real and what's not anymore?
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Lea sat in her room running her hands through her blonde hair, deep in thought. Exhaling a deep breath she rubbed her hand across her face and shook her head.

"Geez...what the hell have I gotten myself into now?"

What, an alien, gives six kids the power to turn into any animal they touch. Only for two hours mind you, or else. Of course adding to all that is the impending alien invasion...only these were different aliens from the alien who had given them their alien powers. These aliens were evil aliens. So where were the good aliens in all this? What did he say, this had happened before? Talk about not paying attention the first time round.

Lea stood up from her position on the end of her bed and started to pace her room. Goddamnit! As if final's weren't enough, now she was part of an elite team who had to save the world...again! Of all the stupid...She sighed again and tried to compose herself. At least the others were involved in this...at least.
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We gathered at Danny's house while waiting for her to come out. Finally Danny came out and we were was set.

Matt: Ok, I say we go to my Mom's animal protection barn.

Kevin: Why, VORC?

Matt: Well, it's the only place no one can hear us and if we DO decide to do this then they're plenty of animals there...

Danny: We're not gonna do this! I mean, we should think about it first!

Danny was mad again. As we were walking we tried not to think about it untill we got to VORC.

Kitty: I have an Idea...

Matt: Kitty! You talked! :p

Kitty: :blush: We could try this morphing thing out and see if we like it...

We all looked at eachother. It seemed like a good idea... Though we shouldn't just gamble our lives like this though. So, we got to VORC and went inside the barn.

Kevin: Here, we are.. Who's first?

Just as always.. everyone pointed to me. I'm always the one who get's chosen for stuff like this.. Even in Track..

Matt: Alright... here goes nothing.

I walked around a bit... looking at the different animals. Cheetahs, Polar Bears, Tabby Cats, Wolves, Falcons, Tigers, Lions and even Ravens. I didn't know what to choose.

Matt: I have an Idea! How bout, incase we are going to do this. We have 4 different types of morphs. We could have our sneaky insect type morphs... our Big, Strong Animal morphs. Also, a flying bird morph and an Underwater morph! But we can only take 1 morph every two days.. so let's take our Big, Strong Animal morphs first.

Ben: Umm... sure..

So, I saw a Rhino. It looked at me like I was it's enemy. That evil stare was way to much. But, luckily I knew this Rhino. Bruno was his name. I opened the cage and walked in. I quickly closed the cage and grabbed his horn. I concentrated so hard on the Rhino becoming part of me. I could feel part of its DNA entering my body. I let go with eyes wide open. The Rhino looked as though it was in a very deep sleep. I opened the cage again, walked out and closed it. Everyone looked at me.

Danny: Well? C'mon! We're waiting here.

Matt: Right.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the Rhino in my head. Nothing else. I opened my eyes to see everyone scared. I looked at myself. A horn came out of my forehead. I looked cool. Then my legs morphed into the Rhino's legs. My toes merging, making Nails and stubbed feet. I know looked like a Centaur except instead of a Horse it was a Rhino... I bent down at the pain of my back breaking the rejoining again when I hit the floor. The rest of my skin turned grey. My head changed and finally... it was done. I looked around. I was... a Rhino.

Matt: [Woah...][/b][/size]
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I stared at the new rhino that was supposed to be Matt. The others were staring, too.

Kitty: Did it hurt?

Matt: [A little, but I think we can handle it.]

Kitty: Just like in my dream...

Danny: What?

Kitty: Nothing. I'm gonna find some other animals.

I walked out not looking back. I wondered if I should even had come to VORC. She went over the dream in her head. [i]Maybe I should be a cat of somekind. Like in my dream, but which one...[/i] I walked over to a tiger. I knew that one since we had come here often before, and this one was very nice to me. I called it Z. I went inside and shut the door. I hesitated, but then I finally went up to him.

Kitty: I'll give it a shot. Hey Z. How's it goin'? Can I pet you?

Z put his head back down and moved his tail. Apparently, he wanted me to pet him. I stroked him a few times, then I put my hand on his paw, and concentrated. I felt something, probably his DNA, coming to me. That was all, then I moved my hand. By now, the others were watching from outside, Matt hadn't changed back, so there was a rhino in the hallway.

Matt: You gonna do it or what?

I was quiet, but I nodded. I concentrated on the image of a tiger that was in my head. I felt my back begin to break and the bones rearrange. I felt this pain before in my dream, but it was still very weird. I felt my hands turn into paws, my ears moved up to the top of my head, and I grew a tail and fur. Suddenly it stopped. I looked around. I was shorter and Z backed away.

Kitty: [This is strange. Don't just stand there! Open the door! I don't have thumbs anymore!]

Danny: But, are you sure you can come out like that?

Kitty: [There is a rhino next to you. A tiger won't be so bad!]

Danny laughed at herself, then she opened the door and let me come out, then shut the door behind me. I was the tiger, but I was still me. The sensation was very strange.

Ben: So we've got a tiger and a rhino. Who's next?
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Kevin: All right, I guess it's my turn. Now, if something screws up and I my eyes pop out and then I spotaneously combust, then you all know not to try it anymore right? Right. We're good then.

I walked around the area, checking out each of the different animals. I considered some; others I immediately rejected. Eventually I came to a wolf. The wolf was one animal I really respected; I'd always liked them, for some reason. I decided that this would be the one. [i]All right, then.[/i] I thought as I approached it.

As I neared the wolf, it growled. I jumped, then regained my senses.

Kevin: Please don't gouge my eyes out or anything, Mr.Wolf. Please?
Kitty: [Aw, are you scaaaaared?]
Kevin: Oh, shut up. At least the tiger liked you.

I stretched my hand out and rested it on the wolf's grey fur. I felt a tingling sensation, much the same as when I touched that box. The wolf seemed to lull at my touch; he sagged, and closed his eyes. I decided to get the heck out of there before he decided it was lunch time, so I jumped back through the door. I then went back to the group.

Matt: [Well?]

I took a deep breath, and closed my eyes. I concentrated hard on the wolf I knew was inside me. Then, I felt the changes begin. This being my first time, I was too nervous to really notice what was going on. I could feel my bones and muscles rearranging inside of me, but strangely, I felt no pain. As the changes continued, the others decided to comment on it, which did NOT help at all.

Danny: Eeeew! Now THAT is gross!
Kevin: [You know, that's not helping any. Maybe I'll feel the need to say something when it's your turn.]

Finally, I felt my sense kick in. My eyesight was pretty good, but my sense of smell...it was wonderful! I could smell everything in the barn. I could feel the wolf's mind inside my own, but it receded as I took control. The morph was complete.

Kevin: [Haha! This is so cool! If you get over the fact that I just turned into a wolf, that is. Awright, who's turn is it now?]
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[b]OOC:[/b] Just a quick pointer, Danny's already got her morph, when she leaned down to stroke Fluffy, she acquired him ^_^;; So, she's allowed to be stubborn O_o

"We've got a tiger, a wolf and a rhino standing around like they're [i]supposed[/i] to be here!" I squeaked. This was nuts! Completely nuts! "There's no way you guys are making me do this!!"
[It's not as bad as it looks,] said Kevin, taking it upon himself to come towards me. Nervously I moved away. There were many things in the world I would tolerate, but having a wolf come this close was not one of them.
"Oh no? Kev... you're a [i]wolf[/i]! Let's take stock of the situation for a minute!"
[Danny.] Matt's - the rhino's - voice was measured. [You're not going to freak out on us are you?]
"Matt, this is nutso!" Then I lowering my voice I continued. "What if someone comes in and [i]sees[/i] you guys?"
[Just try it,] insisted Kitty, her tiger tail swaying slightly as she looked at me. [Just once.]
"No way. This is insane, and I want [i]nothing[/i] to do with it!"
I turned my gaze on Lea. I couldn't tell if she agreed with me or not, only that she was trying to diffuse the situation before it became something big. "No, c'mon Lea. How sane you [i]you[/i] think this is?"
Lea paused for a moment, looking around our little assembley.
Everyone was looking at me like I'd grown another head. Well? How was I [i]supposed[/i] to react? Fine, aliens in movies and video games are all well and good, but real-life aliens? Nooooooo. Most certainly not.
But I just wished they'd stop looking at me like I was freaking out. I hadn't even [i]started[/i] to freak out yet.
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OOC: Yeah I forgot it was in first person heh sorry, I'd also love to know how you get a tiger a lion and a rhino into a barn *shrugs* lol.

I stood in the corner of the barn, curiously watching the others. It was scary, this was very true and yet it was also incredibally exciting. I was psycing myself up for my turn, watching Danny shift nervously. She was freaking, I could tell..like a cornered animal, how appropriate. When it was her turn she blew, just blew up right there.

"No way. This is insane, and I want nothing to do with it!" She was really scared.

I tried to venture some calm to the situation. She turned to me, panicked and outnumbered,
"No, c'mon Lea. How sane you you think this is?"
I paused. This was insane. This was truly, truly insane. I sighed and shrugged.

"How many people have the same hallucination, at the same time no less?" It might be insane...but it was real.
I cricked my neck and walked past Danny, placing my hand on her shoulder reassuringly as I went by. Big morph is it? Well...I looked around the barn, surprised at finding such a large array of animals in a single barn. I spotted what I wanted hunched over in a corner watching us warily. I nodded and smiled
"There you are,"
I grabbed the rail, unlocked the gate and vaulted into it's arena. Walking slowly up to him, the bear watching me with increasing wariness. He was medicated so he wasn't going to maul me anytime soon...I hoped. I crouched down next to him, cooing softly,
"Hey there big guy, I won't hurt you if you don't hurt me okay," I ran my fingers through his fur and scratched his ears slightly. The already doped bear became still as I acquired him.
"Good boy," I gave him one last pet on the nose before I stood up and exited the cage, locking the door behind me. I walked over to Danny and smiled, shrugging.
"If this isn't something you want to do, then don't do it...however, that alien entrusted you with something, a legacy if you will. Think about it."
Danny looked at me with big eyes, confusion written across her face.
OOC: heh heh, just a little homage to my favourite Animorph
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"This is [I]too[/I] weird." I said, looking at my friends, who for the most part were now animals.

[Yeah, but you understand it a bit better once you try it.] said Matt.

"Really? I asked.

[Well, no, but try it anyways.] Matt replied, speaking in my mind.

I shrugged. Why not? I walked around the barn, looking at all of the animals. Some of them obviously were not from around here, but had by some way or another been brought to this barn. I looked around. A battle morph. Hmmm....What animal here would I want to have in a fight? Then I saw it, sleeping sedately in its large iron cage. The bars were several inches thick, a testament to the beast's strength. A komodo dragon was snoozing right in front of my eyes.

I went around to the tail end, not wanting to risk my safety near its teeth and claws. I slowly and carefully touched the tip of its tail, not trusting myself to make any further contact. Then I felt its DNA flowing into me through my finger tip. It was an odd feeling, but one I was sure to have again. Then the feeling ended and I knew that I had gotten the beast's DNA.

[Now, morph.] said Matt.

"How do I-?" but before I could finish I had begun to change. My face began to elongate, growing more teeth and a sensitive tongue. Then my hands began to change, growing claws and scales. I dropped to the floor as my leg bones rearranged. I felt my midsection becoming larger as I suddenly gained several hundred pounds. A tail suddenly sprouted from my rear and stretched out for several feet. My sense of smell suddenly sharpened and I could both taste and smell all around me. Then I saw the wolf. I let out a low growl and charged it.
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