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Blagh, since I'm a bit new around here, I think I will further introduce myself and try to fit in around here by posting up some artwork that I've done recently. I put links up to them....well....because they're kinda big. That is partially my fault for not scanning them correctly, and partially my scanner's fault for making the images really bad looking if they're not scanned at a certain size. They are also what I would call "boredom pics", meaning that they probably will look a bit bland looking compared to other drawings I've done (But you haven't seen any of those drawings unless you know me IRL, which is only one or two people here, so yah...)

[URL=http://mywebpages.comcast.net/roguea007/kakashimarkers.jpg]Kakashi-sensei from Naruto.[/URL]
This one was done with er....Pentel Markers and Micron Pens for the inking. Just seeing which markers worked or not, and trying to imagine what Kakashi-sensei would look like without that mask of his off.

[URL=http://mywebpages.comcast.net/roguea007/hakunaruto.jpg]Haku and Naruto (Although no pairing involved really!)[/URL]
And this would be me trying to see if I could get a semi-realistic style out of all that studying I've been doing of human anatomy...starting out on those faces.... I still need to study those books and practice more....:sweat:. Probably why I didn't try drawing the bodies realistic,I think my brain was too confuzzled to really care about the realisticness anymore as I drew those little figure images last. I also need to work on my pencil techniques....

There might be more drawings I'll post up later, so if this place turns into an image dump...:rolleyes:. C&C, if you have any, is certainly appreciated! *Goes to take one last look at Toriyama's World forums then goes to sleep. :sleep: *
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Dude, how big are the files? I've never been a particular fan of markers, since they give unsightly seams, but if they work for you, hey. (I've used colored pencil in all of mine). They're pretty good. I'm just really confused over whether Haku is a guy or girl since "it" is drawn rather adrogynously.
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