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RPG Star Wars: Crisis on Dorvalla


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The new Jedi Council room was built to look much like it's predecessor. It was cylindrical, set at the hightest point in the temple, and was crowned with 12 seats for the respective countil members. The small band of Jedi that were to be sent to Dorvalla stood now in the centre of the room. Several humans, a Massonic and a Chiss made up the group, who stood noow alone with the eldest member of the council; a Cerrean named N'gorth. He sat in his chair, fingers pressed together infront of his face, staring at the group. They all waited in silence for him to begin his breifing. N'gorth let out a long sigh, and let his tongue roll slowly over his bottom lip. He had been the longest serving member of the Jedi council since the legendary Yoda. Luke Skywalker had remade the council, but he was destined to die quite early due to relatively short life span of his species.

Kain stared blankly into the eyes of the master Jedi, knowing he was contemplating Kain's advise. Kain, being a Chiss, had a natural intelligence and a degree of logic that made him invaluable in such things as battle tactics. Only scratching thirty years of age, he had already been a commander in many large battles because of this ability. Some he had fought with had compared him to a Grand Admiral Thrawn... a comment he did not take as complimentry.

[B]N'gorth:[/B] We are sending you down on Interplanetary transport, where you shall act as miners looking for work. Since the scare, we have heard that one of the larger companies; Transparistell mining, has lost most of it's workers.

[B]Vastus:[/B] Were they killed?

[B]N'gorth:[/B] Hmm? Oh, no... they fled off planet. Regardless, the company is no doubt now looking for workers. You will enter their employ, and investigate as you can from there.

[B]Irvine:[/B] Ugh... Master, we don't know how to mine.

[B]N'gorth:[/B] I realise that. You shall simply have to ensure that you are employed in a different aspect of the job.

[B]Tsri:[/B] Like security?

[B]N'gorth:[/B] Exactly. You shall obviously have to dress differently, and keep your lightsabres hidden. Only the highest members of the Dorvallan Security Force (DSF) know you are coming. If the Dorvallan public knew Jedi were on planet, they would fear the worst. You will be dropped off on Dorvalla's capital city; Ven Tarrel. Many mining companies have agents there that can hire you. You will simply have to find the agent for Transparisteel mining. Any questions?

[B]Kain:[/B] We will need a means by which to get our lightsabres through customs. Perhaps if we put them in casing to disguise them as battery packs... or torches.

[B]N'gorth:[/B] I have already taken care of that. The clothes you will be wearing have been placed in your rooms, so go and get ready. May the force be with you.

Each member of the team bowed to Master N'gorth, and walked out of the Jedi Council room. They all headed off to their respective rooms, which they never spent much time in, as Jedi were mostly travelling on peace-keeping missions. There was an air of tension between the group... some were anxious, some were nervous, as they could all feel it now, stronger than ever. There was a distinct disturbance in the force, almost blinding in it's power... and it was coming from Dorvalla.
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"Come on domes. We got work to do" irvine said as he left the chamber. Irvine's r-2 droid followed him. "I'll need you to find maps of the mines" irvine said as they came to his room. He looked around and saw the clothes and the case for his light sabre. "Not realy what I would of chosen but hay i've got a job to do and they'll help me in it" irvine said to him self. By the time irvine finished gitting dressed domes had the maps on some discs. "Thanks for those. Be ready if I need ya" irvine said as grabed a holo projector, grabed the case with his light sabre and left to go to the transport ship.
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Hayden sat in the bar residing in Ven Tarrel, he was louged back in a chair with his legs on top of the table. A quite strange man walked up to Hayden and sat down across from him. He figited and hummed. Hayden pulled his legs off of the table and stared at the man.

[B]Hayden:[/B]What do you want?

The man jumped at the sound of Hayden's cold, mono-tone voice.
He looked around egerly and then started to talking in a low squeeky voice.

[B]Mysterious Man:[/B]You...You are Hayden...Hayden Dimmack arent you?
[B]Hayden:[/B]And If I am?

The man looked around cautiosly and figited more then ever.
He put his hands under the table and bagan tapping on the underside. Hayden sat back and waited for the man to either fire of a shot, or ask him for a job.

[B]Mysterious Man:[/B] I am of Transparistell mining, one of the few surviving workers..My Credits have built up over the years and..we...well...the few of us need help!
[B]Hayden:[/B]How much are you offering?

The Mysterious Man looked around and put his head down low, towards the table. He put his hands to cup his mouth and whispered.
[B]Mysterious Man:[/B] 10,000 Credits....

Hayden sat there and looked at the man, cocked his head to the left. Then to the right. He leaned in toward the table.

[B]Hayden:[/B]Alright...whats the problem?
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Vastus shed her Jedi clothes, not even bothering to shut the door. If there was one thing she didn't have to learn, it was any reservations about herself; sexual or otherwise. The clothing was much like her own, black, sturdy, with metallic platting here and there. She put it on with little difficulting, adjusting the gauntlets. There were no shoes provided, so she used the ones she had taken from a dead pilot. Long, knee length, supple leather, and generally indestructible. She brought out her two lightsabers, kissing Thracia's before slidding it into their provided cases. She swirled on her cloak and adjusted her pack. Travelling light was a perk in this job. She glanced in the mirror, pulling her hair back in several twisting braids, then applying the makeup to disguise her scarred right cheek.

Wouldn't do to scare of the locals. Then again, it would come off if exposed to heat....so maybe... Ah well, nothing else for it. She put on her gauntlets and walked out, the door slidding closed behind her. She padded through the quiet halls, and stopped by Kain's door. It slid open and he looked over his shoulder. She was leaning against the wall, arms crossed, smiling slightly.[/i]

Kain: That was quick.

Vastus: I was always a "no fuss" sort of person.

Kain: Then why cover your scars?

Vasuts: And give the locals mental breakdowns before we get off the ships?[/COLOR]
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[B]Kain:[/B] With all that's going on, I'd imagine a few scars on a tourist would be the least of their concerns.

Kain finished changing by putting on a pair of old Imperial boots; black ones that belonged to an officer. They were completely covered in dryed mud upto the ankles. He also wore a stained vest of Correlian sand panther leather over a loose shirt that used to be white, and skintight black pants with wear patches of grey. The only part of his ensemble that looked at all maintained was the holster strapped to his left thigh, and the Merr-Sonn Power 5 blaster it held. His lightsabre was inside his kitbag, disguised as an old fashioned glowrod. The bag also contained immigration details for the entire team, and a datapad.

[B]Kain:[/B] Besides, I think I'd draw more attention than anyone...

[B]Vastus:[/B] Really... and what makes you so special?

[B]Kain:[/B] I'm a Chiss... we're not exactly a well known species, and those who know us think we are all like Grand Admiral Thrawn of the old Empire. Not too many people are willing to trust a Chiss.

His crimson eyes stared at her for a moment, their gleam and depth as radiant as the colour of his lightsabre. Then he blinked, picked up the kitbag, and walked out the door. It closed with a hiss behind him, and he began to walk with Vastus to the air-cab that would take them to the spaceport. They were to travel on a freighter called the [I]Nuraah[/I], a ship that was currently making a lot of money shipping people off Dorvalla and beinging them to the Core worlds.

[B]Kain:[/B] There will be bounty hunters on Dorvalla.

[B]Vastus:[/B] Your point being?

Kain grinned breifly, then spoke with a regular soft voice that held no emotion...

[B]Kain:[/B] Maybe we'll get into a decent fight...

[B]Vastus:[/B] Ugh... Jedi are supposed to avoid violence...

[B]Kain:[/B] But then my style of fighting would be useless... Vaapad students have to enjoy the fight for their style to take life.

[B]Vastus:[/B] Which is exactly the reason that only two people have ever mastered it... it brushes dangerously close to the dark side.

[B]Kain:[/B] I realise that, but I don't plan to fail.

[B]Vastus:[/B] No-one ever does...

Kain looked down at Vastus, and saw almost a look of concern on her face. Kain was confident in his abilities though... he had been studying Vaapad for the better part of two years. It was a very unique style, and one that Kain found very challenging. He had to remember though, that there was a difference between enjoying the fight, and a desire to kill.
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[color=royalblue]Kain: ....your style is hardly one for fighting.

Vastus: I was the student of Thracia. What do you expect?

[i]He grinned. Thracia was the most reknowned healer in the Jedi council, equal to that of her ancestor, and certainly manifested in Vastus. After the fighting, the knights would come to her for rejuvination. Then again, he had to remind himself that he had never exactly seen her fight a real battle. She carried two lightsabers, but she always did everything with a detatched sort of ease.[/i]

Kain: ...I never did pick up your style.

Vastus: I never showed you.

Kain: [i]"Embarassed about it?"

She grinned at him and turned in a smooth arching circle, body curvind down into an illusional twist, before standing again.[/i]

Vastus: [i]"I do the Split Rose. Almost completely defensive... The first Thracia developed it. I perfected it."

He made a face and she grinned. Then shook the hair from her eyes and boarded the ship. He followed, and the two found their way into unobtrusive seats in the corner. She pulled her hood up at the same time he did, and then crossed her arms.

"I hate doing this.....Kain...space travel makes me ill."[/i][/color]
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Hayden was led to the edge of the bar, at a shadowy table for the drunks who couldn't face going home. The Mysterious man looked around, still agitated.

[B]Mysterious Man:[/B]Ok...There have been Miners..that..well..they're gone.
[B]Hayden:[/B]Its a mining job, Miners are killed or lost all the time.
[B]Mysterious Man:[/B]Thats just it..There is an over abundance of missing miners.

Hayden sat down in a chair and waited for the Mysterious Man to finish.

[B]Mysterious Man:[/B]For the sum of Credits i'm giving you, We would like you to investigate into the matter...and..destroy whatever needs to be destroyed.

Hayden stood up and started walking away. The Mysterious man ran in front of Hayden and tried to push him backwards.

[B]Mysterious Man:[/B]You dont understand! I dont know much of the situation! I was sent to tell you of the problem because you are a great Bounty Hunter!

Hayden grabbed the man by his arm and pushed him aside. Hayden exited the bar and walked down the street to the Ship landing pads. The Mysterious Man followed him, waving his arms and trying to persuade Hayden to take the job. Hayden stopped and grabbed the man by the scruff of his shirt.

[B]Hayden:[/B]You listen to me...I'm a Bounty Hunter, not a Detective...I'm not going to "look" into your problems. Find someone else.

The Mysterious Man shook with fear. Fear that his life would end in the blink of an eye. He closed his eyes and feared for the worse. Hayden simply let the man go, and he fell to the ground.
Hayden walked off towards the ships.

[B]Mysterious Man:[/B]I'm sure that something big is coming to help us! Like Jedi, or Bandits! I dont know! But you are the only willing to be paid!

The Mysterious Man slapped his hand over his mouth and stood up, he ran to Hayden and walked beside him talking fast.

[B]Mysterious Man:[/B]I know you hate Bandits...So we'll say...I'm paying 10,000 Credits to kill the Bandits that are "supposed" to help us...

Hayden stopped and looked at the man, the man looked over through Hayden, then looked into his visor. To some it was hard talking to Hayden, his helmet made peopl think they were talking to a brick wall.

[B]Hayden:[/B]Fine...I'll do it...But i'm not crossing Blasters with the Jedi. I may be a Bounty Hunter, but i'm not stupid.
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[COLOR=skyblue] Sylian wnet about a days trading as usaul expecting it to be a quiet day on Fondor. Boy was she wrong. Many people were out and about looking to buy, sell whatever they thought woulb be useful for their 'business'.
She smirked as she saw many of the nes taders being ripped of and some of the old traders get their money's worth and then headed to her family's shop.

She opened the door to see a few patrons asking questions about ship parts and weaponry. Most were human, the others of a race she hadn't yet come across but she shrugged her shoulders and went beind counter and to the back of the store.

Sylain: Getting any good parts in?

Dad: Morning sweety.

He smiled waiting for her to return the show of affection but he knew that was close to impossible.

Dad; Yeah mostly weapons but I've been getting in some good money as well. You know as soon as I get good weapon they go right back out.

Sylian: Well you know what I wan. So save me a few okay?

Dad: Of course sweety!

She headed out to go meet her group when her dad brought it to her attention of the trouble occuring on Dorvalla.

Sylian: heard last night. We may try to chek it out but we're not sure. I'll see ya dad.[/COLOR]
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[B]Kain:[/B] I've never understood that part of you...

Besides natural intelligence and a cool logical mind, the Chiss all had one more thing in common; a love of flying. The best pilots were praised like kings, as it was the ultimate display of skill, both physically and mentally. Kain was no exception, he felt at home in the air and in space more so than he did on solid ground.

[B]Vastus:[/B] So, why call it Vaapad anyway?

[B]Kain:[/B] Why call it Split Rose?

Vastus smiled again and shook her head. Kain shrugged, then stared blankly forward.

[B]Kain:[/B] The Vaapad is a deadly predator that lives in only a select few jungles in the entire universe. It attacks it's prey with brutal efficiency and unstoppable malice. Those few who have seen a Vaapad hunt, and have not been the prey, say it is a glorious thing... so graceful, yet so deadly. They say it's the perfect hunter. I suppose the meant for the Vaapad form of lightsabre combat to be as good as the real thing.

[B]Vastus:[/B] And do you believe that?

[B]Kain:[/B] I wouldn't be studying it if I didn't.

The other Jedi were making their way onto the ship. Kain had felt slightly uncomfotable ever since he had put his lightsabre in the kitbag. A lightsabre was an extension of the Jedi, and now is wasd seperate from him, and so he felt incomplete. He had been given the blaster, which would help him if a fight should occur and he was apart from his sabre... but Kain found blasters to be crude items. With the aid of the force, his aim would be almost perfect... not that it made him feel any better.
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[color=royalblue][i]She rested her hand on the magnetic blaster sheath, smiling slightly.[/i]

Kain: Well?

Vastus: The Split Rose refers to an ancient custom on Thracia's homeworld, of dividing a flower into two completely equal parts before any form of ceremony. With two longblades, the flower is thrown into the air before being sliced with both blades. The way they fall will predict the outcome of the gathering. When it falls perfectly, they are ensured sucess. When they are deviated, there will be death and suffering.

Kain: ...simple enough.

Vastus: If you're nowhere near master, you're more of a danger to yourself than anybody. She taught me the style since I could lift a lightsaber...and pronounced me a near master at the time of her retirement.

Kain: ...that was two years ago.

Vastus: So I think I may have improved.

[i]She smiled at him and drew her blaster. It was as she had requested. Modified to fire in a rotating spectrum, with sights, and other such delightful things. Kain eyed it and she smiled broadly, then spun it on her forefinger and sheathed it again.[/i]

Kain: Deadeye?

Vastus: If I try. Otherwise, I just use it to scare people.

Kain: Not the Jedi way...

Vastus: Bite me Logic boy.

[i]She winked at him, displaying the traits her Master had always posessed. He rolled his eyes and she pushed her hair behind her ears. Then she turned and brought out her stylus, drawing out a pattern on her gauntlets.[/i][/color]
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[B]Kain:[/B] Logic boy?

[B]Vastus:[/B] You heard me. You're so proud of your battle smarts and your natural Chiss brain. It's just wierd if you ask me...

[B]Kain:[/B] Jealous?

[B]Vastus:[/B] Not really... us Massonics... well, just me now, rely on our instincts and feelings, which makes us so adapt for being Jedi.

[B]Kain:[/B] Instincts and feelings? Translation... "women's intuition". What a load of nerf crap...

She gave him a serious look for a moment, and he burst out laughing... something that did not often happen. She shook her head.

[B]Vastus:[/B] I wasn't aware the force differed between males and females. And if it doesn't, you must have a pretty good level of women's intuition yourself.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]He stopped short, blue face coloring slightly. She winked at him and leaned back in her chair, twirling the stylus between her fingertips. A rough looking male creature, obviously a laborer, sauntered up to her. She cursed inwardly, hood had fallen off, revealing the feminine appearance. He stopped and sized her up. She gave him a look that would've iced over Tatooine. He made a misguided come on, and she casually drew her blaster. He moved forwards, and she leapt into his personal space. Before he could blink, she had the muzzle up against his forehead, lips against his ear.[/i]

Vastus: Get lost...before I blow your brains out. That is if you have any.

[i]He growled at her and she showed him her fangs. Brilliant white, tinted rose. He backed off slowly, tripping over a crate or two. She put her blaster back and pulled her hood far over her face. Kain chuckled to himself. She moved with blurring speed, but that was an afterefect of so much training, and not an inherit skill. She gave him a sarcastic look.

"What...do I have something on my face?"

"For a 29 year old Massonic Jedi, you can be so juvenille."

"And who was just bashing my feminine intuition just now? Only to discover that you have plenty of your own...?"[/i][/COLOR]
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Hayden sat in his ship and punched in coordinates on the control panel. He pressed a few buttons and sat in the cockpit of his Modified TIE Fighter. He heard an over abundance of yelling outside and soon after blaster fire whizzed by his ship. Hayden grinned under his helmet and popped the cockpit hatch open. He climbed out and stood on top of his TIE fighter with his arms crossed. He peered down below as Blaster fire was being shot at people fleeing, but they returning Blaster fire. Hayden looked at the two opposing forces as they quickly lost numbers due to the fight. A blast flew by Haydens helm as he quickly turned to see a man aiming at him from behind a concrete slab. Hayden quickly unholstered his Heavy Blaster Pistol and shot at the man, he was rewarded with a blood curdling scream as the blaster fire torn into the man. Others began firing at Hayden, but were not skilled enough to hit him. Hayden holstered his Blaster Pistol and un-latched his EE-3 Blaster Rifle from his back and began firing at the pitiful civilians.
What he wanted to know was how they had gotten a hold of Blasters in the first place. But there was no time for questions, he had been fired upon. Now he fired back, with deadly aim. Hayden shot at the running people as they shot in two directions; Hayden and the Opposing Force. Hayden hopped backwards and landed in his TIE. He pressed a few buttons on his control panel and his shield came up. He waited for the Blaster fire to cease, it wasn't his fight. Hayden climbed out of his TIE and looked around, dead bodies were laying around, and they fleeing people were barely visible to the naked eye, they had ran so far. Hayden shruged and hopped back down into his cockpit. He continued to press buttons on the control panel and toggle switches.
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Their conversation was broken by the pilot's voice coming in over the comm. system. It had taken them only a short time to take off and brake Coruscant's atmosphere.

[B]Pilot:[/B] Please fasten seat belts and sit tight folks, we'll shortly be making the jump to light speed.

Vastus sat quickly and fastened her seatbelt as tightly as possible. Kain raised an eyebrow, and then shrugged. He buckled himself in, but it was fastened loosely, the jump to hyperspace didn't bother him that much. He closed his eyes, and led himself dip into the pool that was the force. Kain had a very rare ability within the force, the ability to see "Shatterpoints". Anything, a sentient being, an animal, a ship, a shoe, he could reach out through the force and it would show him atleast a dozen "critical" places on whatever he chose. These shatterpoints were weaknesses, and the force showed them to him. He looked now at the ship, and he saw it almost as strands in an intricate web. He saw the vital strands, the strands that would rip the ship apart if he broke but just one. Luckily, there were none that would affect the ship in this flight. In a fight however, a strike to basically anywhere at the base of the ship would crumple it like someone stepping on a can. The ship, although relatively knew, was not well maintained.

Slipping back out of the force, he opened his eyes, and saw Vastus looking at him, slightly amused. He could look at her through the eyes of the force now, see her shatterpoint... both physical and mental points that he could attack, but he didn't... he wouldn't, unless he had no other choice. Instead, he grinned slightly, as her look of amusement turned to anxiety as the ship lurched into lightspeed.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She rolled her eyes at his deadpan expression and let her own other sights flicker on. She had sensed his movement through the Force, and decided it was time to give him something to think about besides his own wonderful ability. She let herself drift aimlessly through the Force, in manner some would see as useless, then she hit the bottom, and stood up in her ethric form. Naked, hair flowing around her face. She leapt upwards, coming through several barriers until she stopped in front of his mind. He was close, it took very little time.

She caressed his mental walls, then slowly slid her hand over it, then palmed it roughly. She sent a swift image of a flower into his mind, cracking open, then being split in two perfect halves. In real time, he blinked and looked at her. She looked asleep, but when she shifted, her eyes flickered slightly. His mind echoed in her ears. Her gift.

The power to see things in brilliant colors and sounds and tastes. He was like rushing water, and flashed by her eyes swiftly. But she could always circle around and find him again.

".....cute really."

"What is?"

"Your mind. I find it rather refreshing, after that brush with the idiot just now."

He heard her laughter echo dimmly in his ears, then it fadded and she opened her eyes completely.[/i]

Vastus: ....hmmmmm.

Kain: Had fun?

Vastus: I usually do.[/COLOR]
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Hayden stared out his TIE cockpit window at the busy streets below, and grunted. These people had nothing to worry about. Their commercial business had nothing to do with the troubles on Dorvalla...The mining troubles, that is. Hayden heard a loud "beep" and looked to his right, he tapped a button ignoring the call. He hadn't gotten any sleep for a while and decided on the safety of his TIE to get some. He lifted his helmet from his head and hug it up on a hook above him. He closed his eyes and fell into a light sleep, where and slight noise would rudely awaken him.

Hayden dreamed...of his past..
[I]He stood at the doorway to the Vagabonds hideout, he had his blaster in hand and slowly walked through the corridors. A guard stopped him and put a blaster to young Haydens head. Hayden looked into the Guards eyes and put his blaster to the Guards stomach. The guard laughed at Haydens young posture, assuring him that he would not be able to kill. Hayden stood there with a Blaster to his head and holding a Blaster to the Guards stomach. Hayden closed his eyes and pulled the trigger, the blast seemed louder then the engines of a Space Frigate. The Guard crumpled to the floor, holdng his stomach. Hayden lifted his gun and aimed at the already dying Guard. Hayden pulled the trigger and the blast rang out, he pulled it again, and again, and again....[/I]

A loud screech woke Hayden up as a Ship was landing next to him. Hayden sat up straight and lifted his Helmet from above him, he pulled it on and began rechecking his TIE systems.
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Sylian stepped into the small headquartes of the Bounty Hunter base. As she looed around the usaual characters were presnt. Mostly men who had robbed a coupl of the trade stores. But also present were a bunch of off-worlders. She moved silenty past everyone. Waving hello to a few friends and walked to the back of the building where her group met.
As she entered many looked up o see her. Around the small table sat 5 men. Ages ranging from 20-45. She grew up around all of them and Tylan, the oldest, took her as his 'cadet' when she was younger.

Tylan: About time you joined us Sylian. We were about to start without you?

Sylian: well you know my father I had to make sure everything was fine at the shop and show him I was still alive.

Hiltor: Yeah we know....you'll always be daddy's little girl.

Sylian slapped Hiltor on the head and proceeded to sit down. she had always been the butt of a few jokes with them, due to being the only female. Tylan began to speak of the situation on Dorvalla and knew that it would be a great job to really blast of the name of the group. Sylian knew he meant a good way to get more money, but she went along with it.

Tylan: Dorvalla is a ways off so be ready to stay for a lengthy amount of time. We won't need much food or water except for the journey there and back. Pack plenty of weapons andmoney. We may need to stop at a post to gather more supplies so be ready. We leave tomorrow.

The group got up and was dismissed from the building.

Hiltor: So are you ready. You know we may even meet a few jedi, but don't take them lighty.

Sylian: It's not the jedi I'm worried about. I'm worried about the things that are killing the miners'. That's the real threat.

Hiltor: Either way, we're in for some action. See ya tomorrow.

With that said the two split ways and Sylian headed back to the shop for her weapons. Her father was closing down for the night. So she decided to help him as well. She told him of the trip and immediately disapproved but he knew she would go anyways.

Dad: Since I can't keep you home I want you to take this weapon. Don't open it yet. Wait till you're on your way. You'll understand more why I gave it to you then. And take a couple extra blaster pistols as well. Neve can be too careful.

Sylain hook her head yes and hugged her father. She knew they'd miss each other and couldn't wait to return home.[/COLOR]
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Kel didn't mind flying, but he still didn't fully like it. He always liked to keep feet on firm ground, not a metal hull. But he kept his dislike for it hidden quite well, even from Jedi. Besides, as long as there were others with him, such as there was now, he was fine.

Vastus and Kain seemed to be getting along fairly well. Kel would have went to talk to someone else, but he just didn't feel up to it at the moment. Though he knew he would have to eventually.

He looked down at his garb. It wasn't to dissimilar from what he normally had, but it just felt odd to be out of Jedi robes. And he felt naked not having his lightsaber hidden. He had a feeling this would be a long journey.
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"This is going to be a boreing trip. Might as well try to meditate" irvine thought as he sat cross legged. He found that being in space was the one of the best ways to meditate because there was basicly no one to bug you. He sensed his fellow jedi around him. Kain and vastus were talking while kel was haveing problems being on the ship. "Why don't you just meditate. It'll take your mind off the ship" irvine said to kel. "I'll think about it. I just don't like being in space ships" kel said. "I just hope nothing happens between kain and vastus because it may interfere with this mission. If some thing does I will have respect for what ever they do" irvine thought as he went back to meditating.
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Sylain ate dinner and stayed quiet at the table. Her older brothers and parents also didn't conversate that much through the meal. Mostly disapproval was voiced by her mom and brothers who thought her place was in a kithcen or having babies. She could only scoff at their ideas and soon had had enough, she got up and left the table.

Sylian: That's all you all ever say. Don't you think I've tries to find a husband, but no one wants some one like me, their afraid I'll bet them up. I don't want a wimp and I definetly don't want to be changed. I want someone to like me for me. If you ever find a man like that, then and only then will I settle down.

He mom looked at her with a wide-eyed expression and then looked to her husband.

Mom: Aren't you gonna say anything to her?

Her father looked at Sylian and then to his wife.

Dad: Too late, she made her mind up and all I can do is support her.

He got up from the table and letf. He didn't want to be involved in the conversation anymore and just went off to bed. Sylian followed suit.

As she reached her room she was the weapon her father gave her, but passed by it to grab her duffle. Within it she packed a clothing and a few personal items to get her by. Her weapons were already in its case and she left two blasters out to carry on board with her. The other weapon laid within a box lying in the bed. She put in on top of her pack then left the house for a night walk.

Outside the city still bustled with traders and businessmen but she ignored them all and walked to the center of town. There the tallest building lay with the best spot to look at the night sky. As she climbed to the top, the noise of the town left her ears and her other senses no longer where affected byt the life moving on around her.

At the top she sat down and looked up. The night was clear and the stars seemed to shine thier brightest. She took in every star's posions as if to make a visual memory of everything. Time stood still for her, right there, no other worries came to mind. As she looked on she smiled and wondered how Dorvalla's nights were. She looked on until a peace settled with her. One that cou;dn't be taken away by the negativity of her family.

She returned home and immediately went to sleep. In the morning her new journey, her new life was going to begin.
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[COLOR=green]Abob landed his ship far outside the city limits of Dorvalla's largest city, Dorvalla Prime, and surveyed his scanner's readings with mild displeasure.

This city contained only three thousand people, most of them miners or former miners. There were only two noteworthy buildings in the city, in the center of town directly across from each other. One was the tall cone shaped InterGalactic Ore headquarters, the other a prefabricated rectangular building that had once belonged to Lommite Limited. Both companies were long ago dissolved and these two buildings were now supposedly abandoned, although lifeform scans showed they were populated despite their structural instability.

The city was now populated by a number of small mining firms, each trying to get the small amount of ore that remained on this planet. Just enough ore to provide a meager existence to the residents of the planet, but not enough to warrant a galactic corporation becoming involved.

Abob closed the hatch of his ship, and set the security system. His ship, the [I]Idiot's Array[/I], was his most precious possession and this security system was the best money could buy. If anyone tried to tamper with it, he'd have a mess to clean up when he got back?

He walked across the overgrown fields that surrounded the city, his rifle strapped to his back. Suddenly he stopped. Had he forgotten the caller? He searched his pockets, and to his immense relief, found the small device safely stowed in the inside pocket of his jacket. This was his ticket to safety if things got dangerous, and he had spent to much time setting it up to leave it behind.

His fears at rest, he entered the outskirts of the city and headed for the nearest bar?[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=royalblue][I]Jerak was standing agianst the wall listening to the conversation between Kain and Vastus, he really wasn't all that interested as his attention was being drawn to the itchy shirt he was forced to wear[/i]

[b]Jerak[/b]: Damn shirt, it itches like hell.

[b]Weequay[/b]: Huh your new aren't you, a weak little Humaan like you should leave mining to bigger creatures.

[b]Jerak[/b]: Strange, I didn't know Banthas spoke Basic.

[i]The powerful looking Weequay stood up to face Jerak, Jerak wasn't afraid even though in a straight fight he'd have been creamed, he pulled out a Blaster Pistol from his holster and shoved it into the oncoming Weequay's chest, his finger rested ever so tightly on the trigger it made the Weequay stop dead in it's tracks.[/i]

[b]Jerak[/b]: Hmm, now my trigger finger's gettin itchy and if I wanna scratch that itch your innards are gonna become outards, you get me pal, now sit down.

[i]The Weequay looked furious but it was evident that he was beaten, even so it took the announcement of the jump to hypoersapce to make it sit back down. Jerak looked quite pleased and smiled over at Kain who had taken interest for a moment, Jerak sat back down in his seat and buckled getting ready for the jump to hyperspace.

He turned to Kel and struck up an conversation whith him while the ship flew through space at great speed toward the planet Dorvalla[/i][/size][/color]
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