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The story: Ichiro and Rei were destroyed by Jiro and the monk remade them ( and Bijinder too) so, now they want revenge!:flaming: They are on a quest to kill Jiro and along the way they meet more people who want to kill Jiro because of some personal gruge or something. So in this story I'm ganna need: Ichiro, Rei, Bijinder, and about 5 made up ones. And here's what you need:


Description: (Human and Robot form)



Here's mine:
Name: Ichiro

Description: Human: His hair is brown like his eyes and his hair spiky but sort of flops over to his right side. red jacket with blue pants and a blue under shirt. Robot: His head at the top is see though and between his eyes is a black line that seperates the color from the see though and his body the top part of his chest is see thourgh left arm is blue and right is red same for the rest of his body.

Attack: Sunrise Beam. If you haven't seen it then: He charges up with energy from the sun and lets it out in one big blast.

Personality: Childish and funny, a wise guy.

Edit: I forgot to say you have to put their attacks.
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[color=green][size=1][i]A little on the short side but ok.
Name: Meteora
Description: human: Looks like chaos from Xenosaga. Cept with red hair, and eyes.
Personality: Very care free and loving, but when faced with danger stay away from him he gets angry.[/color][/size][/i]
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Discription:[Human form] his hair is Spiky,long,and with a tail.His clothes a leather jacket,with a black shirt,jeans,and some gloves with the fingers ripped off.[robot form]All of his head is see-through and one of his arms is completely see-through.
Personality:He is said to have a split-personality because one time he can be chidish and the next moment causes total havoc(that means he's serious)
Special attack:Virus buster.he starts conducting black electricity all around him and sucks it through the palms of his hands and blastes it into an energy ball.:cool:
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