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[color=green][size=1][i]It has been a couple of years since Soahc has started the Ravites. He had seen people come and go through out the years of battling. He was happy cuz he still had his close friends in the clan. Inside the meeting hall they are having a meeting.

Soahc: We need to find the Serhe armies weekness.

Theondell: We are trying sir but we keep getting our scouts killed by sending them in.

Soahc: Mmmmmm well then we need to get some new recruits.

Theondell: Already done

Soahc: When were you going to tell me of this?

Theondell: Eventually

Soahc: Well lets go and see them.

They left the meeting hall and went to the soildiers Quarters.

Theondell: Here they are

Soahc: Mmmm they look very well fit.

Theondell: They are the best of the best.

Soahc: Interesting.

Theondell: Their names are Ryden, Tursi, Legion, and Linwe.

Soahc: which ones are which?

Theondell: Ryden is the one over buy the bunks throwing punches and kicks. Tursi is the only Centaur here and she is right over there. Legion is standing over there swinging his sword. And last but not least Linwe she is the one sitting in the corner with the wild animal look in her eyes.

Soahc: I like that look she is ready for battle already.

Theondell: I suggest you stay away from her!

Soahc: Why isthat?

Theondell: She doesnt like being near people or conversing with them.

Soahc: That make me want to meet her even more.

Theondell: Its you death wish not mine.

Soahc: whatever you say.

They leave the room and Soahc is thinking about the new recruits. But Linwe kept popping up in his mind. So he decided to arange a private meeting with her.

Soahc: Arrange a private meeting with me and Linwe I need to find out why she is like that.

Theondell: Whatever you say.....[/color][/size][/i]
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Linwe was sitting alone. An officer came up to her. They looked terrified, but they still came closer. Linwe threw them a menacing look, but they kept coming, even though they were starting to shake.

Linwe: Brave little fool, aren't you?

Officer: I-I have b-been sent by Theondell to b-bring you t-to Soahc. He w-wishes to privatly sp-speak with you. Ple-please f-follow me.

Linwe: The leader? What does he want with me? Very well, I won't kill you. Take me there, this should be interesting.

The officer led her towards Soahc's office, then he opened the door and signaled for her to enter. After he closed the door, he sighed with relief. Inside, Linwe was standing there, waiting for Soahc to show up. The door opened, and he walked in.

Soahc: Nice to meet you. As you may know, I am-

Linwe: Cut to the chase, [i]sir[/i]. I want to know why you, of all people, would want me here.

Soahc: Of course. Very well, I shall tell you. I have summoned you here to ask you a few questions. I shall start off with a very simple one. Why are you here?

Linwe: I like to kill. I thought that if I came here, you'd let me go on the battle field and let me do just that, but apparently...

Linwe turned around and looked at the office. She snorted in disgust and turned back to him.

Linwe: Apparently all you people do is talk. I haven't had a single kill since I got here. This place is too pathetic.

Soahc just looked at her with a calm look, and decided to ask her more questions.
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Legion stood at the far end of the barracks and thrusted his sword outwards. He brought it down, then swung it to his left. He tapped the floor with his blade, then slashed to his right.
Legion sheathed his sword and sat down on a bunk next to him. He put his hand out, and a flame appeared. It danced on the plam of his hand and he supported his head with his other hand.
He was getting quite irritated, there was no action, nothing to do..Even simple chores around the base would keep him busy, anything but waiting. He sighed and looked at the other "troops".
He was glad to be in such company, he knew them from somewhere. Maybe he came across them in his travel, it didn't matter. It's the present, not the past. He just hoped that they could hold thier own in battle, they seemed strong and able. Legion unbuckled his sword sheath and hung it on the bed post. He swung his feet onto the bed and put his hands behind his head. He closed his eyes and fell into a light doze.
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[color=green][size=1][i]Soahc: You want to kll

Linwe: Yes!

Soahc: Then your first mission is to go and find out the serhe's weakness.

Linwe: What does that have to do withkilling?

Soahc: You ge to kill anyone who gets in your way.

Linwe: Really you have yourself a deal.

Soahc: One thing though you have to take someone with you.

Linwe: Who may that be?

Soahc: Me!

Linwe: Fine then its settled.

Soahc: Yes itis we leave tommarrow at sunrise.

Linwe: Fine whatever.

Soahc: You may leave now.

She walks out the door.Soahc yells for Theodell to come here.

Theondell: Yes sir

Soahc: Get me the elf Legion I would like to speak to him.

Theondell: Yes sir.

Soahc: then after him keep bringing the new recruits.

Theondell: Yes sir.

He sat there and waited for Legion to arrive.[/color][/size][/i]
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Soahcs lackey walked into the Barracks and looked around, he turned to the Centuar and asked where Legion was, the Centaur pointed to an Elf laying on a bed. Soahcs lackey walked over to Legion and tapped on his shoulder. Legion opend his eyes and looked around, he felt the tap and looked at the lackey.

[B]Theondell:[/B]Soahc would like to see you...

Legion swung his legs over the bed and sat on the edge, he pulled his sword sheath from the bed post and stood up, he follwed the lackey and re-attached his sheath around his waist.
Legion followed the lackey to Soahcs office and entered, the lackey drifted to the right side of Soahc. Legion stepped to the front of Soahcs desk and put arm across his chest.

[B]Legion:[/B]You wish to speak with me?
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[color=green][size=1][i]Soahc wispered to his lacky. The lacky slowly walked out of the room. Soahc starts talked with his face turned away from Legion.

Soahc: Yes I did as a matter of fact.

Legion: About what?

Soahc: I ssee that you like your sword.

Legion: Yeah what else is new.

Soahc: Well I have a preposition tomake you beat me or tie me ina battle this evening I will make you a general of the army.


Soahc: Dont hold back either

Legion: I wont

Soahc turns around

Soahc: You may leave now.

Legion walked out of the room. He was thinking time to train for tonight.

Soahc: We will see how good the best of the best is.

He said to Theondell.
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Theondell nodded, intrigued by the idea of a battle between a warrior and the Tribe Leader. He grinned and began to walk behind Soahc, he then whispered to him.[/i]

Theondell: The sun is getting to the mid-point of the day, it's time for lunch, sir.

Soahc: Very well, let's go, shall we?

[i]They nodded at eachother. The began to walk towards the lunch tent. After they got their meals, the sat at the head table.[/i]

Theondell: How do you think the match shall go, sir? I'm very interested about this. Are you going to hold back on him, keep his spirits up?

Soahc: I don't know, the thought sounds very intriging, but we will have to see tonight.

[i]Theondell nodded, they both finished their meals in peace...[/i][/color][/size]
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[color=green][size=1][i]As it got closer and closer to the sun setting every one's nerves were on the edge. Cuz by this time it figured the whole clan would knwo about the event about to happen.

Theondell: It is time.

Soahc: Ok

Soahc grabbed his Twin swords that he named The Chaos Swords, Then strapped his Meter Bow on his back.

Soahc: I'm ready.

Theondell led him to the Battle arena. Soahc looked up to see that the arena was filled with the tribe. And straight in front of him was Legion.

Theondell: Good luck

Soahc: I dont need luck I have skill.

Then he walked out onto the stadium and stood right in front of Legion.

Soahc: Lets get started.

They drew their swords, and the battle began.[/color][/size][/i]
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Linwe kept thinking about her new "mission". She wondered if she should leave now, without Soahc. [i]No one will notice. And if they do, they'll be to afraid to stop me. I'm full. I should leave now.[/i] Linwe got up to leave, but someone pulled her back down.

Linwe: Let go.

Legion: Where are you going?

Linwe: You shouldn't bother me. Let go or I'll be forced to hurt you.

Legion: I wouldn't worry about you hurting me.

Linwe pulled out her katana and put it at his throat. He still didn't let go, but he did eye the sword very carefully.

Linwe: Let go, now.

Legion: Just tell me where you're going.

Linwe: Back to my quarters. I eat quickly.

Before Legion could stop her, she pulled her hand away and re-seethed her sword. She walked away. After a couple minutes, she realized she was being followed she turned a corner and waited. She jumped the guy when they came and took her sword out again. She would've killed him, but she hesitated.

Linwe: What're you doing here?

Soahc: This is my base. I should be able to go where ever I want here.

Linwe: Don't follow me. I could've killed you. I'm going into my quarters now. Go away.

She shut the door and layed on her bed. Outside, Soahc was smiling and decided to return to the lunch area.
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Tursi had troted out of the barrack to get a good look at the sky, she felt like she was one of the more peaceful of the soilders. SHe didn't feel like eating, and knelt down on the ground she pulled out her bow and strung it, moving her fingres over the bow while she did so.

"I wonder what everyones doing right now." tursi said grinning as she pulled out an arrow and used a knot in a tree for target practice.
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[color=green][size=1][i]The battle had started between Soahc and Legion. There was a slice and a slsh. They were swinging their sword so hard you could hear the sound of them going by as they swung. Their swords clanged and then out of nowhere Legion knocked Soahc swords away. Soahc pulled out his Meteor Bow and started shooting. He hit Legion in the arm once and stopped him from swinging his sword. Legion came up and hit Soahc in the side of the head and knocked himout giving Legion teh win.

Couple hours later....

Soahc: I give you Legion the right to lead my army.

Legion: I wont let you down.

Then Soahc went to his chambers and rested for the upcoming day when he was leaving on the journey with Linwe.[/color][/size][/i]
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Legion walked back to the barrack and sat down on the bunk furthest to the wall. Legion rubbed where he had been shot with the Arrow, it was bandaged up but it still hurt. Legion unbuckled his sheath and hung it on the bedpost, he laid down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. He tried to wonder what kind of battle will come, and who he is fighting....Really...
Legion sat up in bed and proped his head up with his hands. He was bored and there was nothing better to suppress his boredom then wandering around the base. Legion grabbed his sword sheath and buckled it around his waist, he exited the barracks and began walking down the halls.
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[color=green][size=1][i]Soahc wokeup the next morning right on time to meet Linwe. Hewent to her sleeping area to find that she had already left. Soahc says to himself

Soahc: Figures

so he goes to theondell and wakes him up.

Soahc: You are in charge while Im away.

Theondell: Ok

Soahc leaves and starts tracking Linwe. Soahc remembers how he had run intoher the day before when she was supposably going to her quarters. He thinks to himself I dont think she could have gone far. Hestarts running hoping he can catch uptoher.[/color][/size][/i]
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[color=green][size=1][i]Soahc: No thanks

Tursi: Are you sure

Soahc: Yes I'm Trying t track Linwe.

Tursi: Ok where are yougoing though?

Soahc: We were supposed to go to the Serhe base and find out info.

Tursi: Oh ok

Soahc: I Want you to go back to the base.

Tursi: Ok

Tursi took off back the other way so she could get to the base.

P.S. My name is Soahc not Meteora in this one.^^[/color][/size][/i]
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A few miles away, Linwe is walking along at a steady pace. She keeps wondering if anyone's going to notice she left. Then, Soahc popped into her mind.

Linwe: Oh, right. He's probably running around that stupid base of his looking for me right now. Pathetic. I shouldn't have gone there. All it did was annoy me.

After another 20 minutes of walking, she decided to rest. She found a tree and sat down under it. She thought about what method of attack she'd use on these people.

Linwe: Wait a minute, why am I even going?

Soahc: To kill them, perhaps?

Tursi: Hello Linwe. We noticed that you had left.

Linwe: I don't want your "company" Soahc. I travel and fight alone.

Soahc: And by bringing me along, would it cramp your style or something?

Linwe: Buzz off.

She starts walking away, but Soahc follows. Tursi starts trotting in the other direction.

Linwe: If you're going to follow me, you might as well lead the way. I'm not quite sure where we're going.

Soahc: Alright, then!

Soahc grins at Linwe, but she turns her head. Linwe falls behind, but still follows.
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((sorry about the metora, i was only half awake, ))

Tursi galloped off back to the base wondering exactly what she was looking for. she stoped and pulled back her long black hair into a tie. she then troted up to the base and then into the barracks. she rested her bow and arrows down in her area of the barrack, she then picked up her staff and practiced concetrating her power to it.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]OOC: Um, Tursi. Your posts are on the short side. Its actually up to Meteora on this, but yeah...


[i]Theondell was a happy man today, he was in charge of camp! What could possibly go wrong? He walked around the camp, inspecting the troops as he passed. He wasn't very pleased, but he wasn't dissapointed. He turned a corner only to come across a Sword fight going on. Theondell rushed over to the two.[/i]

Theondell: How dare you two fight, especially in front of me! This goes against our code, we onlyfight our enemies, not oursleves!

Guy #1: What does it matter to you, you worthless-

[i]Just then, Theondell unsheated his sword in a flash. It was up to the man's neck in mere seconds. He has his teeth cleched tightly.[/i]

Theondell: Do not speak before me with that manner, worthless warrior. Speak to me again, while I'm in charge of his camp, and I'll have your head on a platter in my room. Do I make myself clear?

[i]He pushed his sword tip into his skin a little, a trickle of blood poured down the mans neck softly.[/i]

Guy #1 and #2: Y-y-yes sir...

[i]He sheathed his sword in a flash, the warriors did the same.[/i]

Theondell: Just let me catch you again...

[i]He let out a slight laugh, and with that, he walked away...[/i][/color][/size]
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Legion rushed to the fighting men he heard as he was walking down the halls. He ran to them and saw one holding a cut under his chin. Legion walked up to the man. The man snapped to attention and ignored the bleeding cut.

[B]Legion:[/B]No no...Being treated like a leader hasn't sunk in yet..

The two men slowly went at ease. The man with the cut once again held the cut under his chin.

[B]Legion:[/B]Now what happend to you? Did this man cut you while you were fighting?
[B]Cut man:[/B]No..It was Theondell....So stuck up, thinks he rules this base...
[B]Legion:[/B]I'll attend to this matter...

Legion jogged away from the men and caught up to Theondell down the hall. He grabbed onto Theondells shoulder and spun him around, Theondell unsheathed his sword and pulled it up to Legions neck, but was stopped by Legions sword mid-way.

[B]Legion:[/B]Never..and I mean NEVER cut my men again, and raising your sword to me would not be wise either. It doesn't matter if you are in charge today, you treat these men like dirt and there will be a revolution against you.

Theondell looked down at the clashed swords, he was quite suprised Legion could actually match his swordplay. He grinned and sheathed his sword.

[B]Theondell:[/B]I'll let your insubordination slide this time Legion..
[B]Legion:[/B]My insubordination will slide everytime, with you..

Legion sheathed his sword and walked away.
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[color=Blood Red][size=1][i]Soakc had finally caught up to Linwe. He started to lead the way when they were ambushed by some of the Serhe scouts.

Soahc: Linwe look out!

He said as a scout was rushing at her with his sword out. Linwe turned around and killed the guy with one swing of her sword.

Soahc: Nice one

He said as he was taking on two guys at once. He pulled out his Meteor bow and was shooting like crazy. He kills most of the Scouts. Linwe kills the last of the scouts.

Soahc: Now you see why I wanted togo with you.

Linwe: Yes.

While that was happening something was happening at the base. They were under attack. It just happened so quicly no one knew what happened.

Theondell: get ready for battle!!!

Legion: Thats my job thank you.

Theondell: You may be in charge of the army, but I am still head rank so you will listen to me.

Legion: Fine S-s-sir

He said this with disgust.

Theondell ordered the troops into battle. He was then hit by a troop from the Serhe and he unleashed what he could really do.

Soahc: Wait a minute we have to get back to the base!

Linwe: why?

Soahc: If there are scouts in the area then the Serhe are after the base.

Linwe: So!

Soahc: Do you want to kill?

Linwe: Yes

Soahc: Then I suggest that you follow me back to the base now.

Linwe: Yes Sir.

They took off into the direction of the Base.[/color][/size][/i]
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[color=darkblue][size=1]OOC: Silpheed, you posted without knowing as I did. We're under attack. Even I over-read...


[i]Theondell and Legions troops stood in battle formation. They stood next to eachother, with their weapons out and ready.[/i]

Theondell: Legion, have you even been in a real battle?

Legion: Yes, I have. Why?

Theondell: We're going to have to work together on this one! Their forces out match us, but we can still out-smart them. You take half of our troops over there!

[i]He pointed to the left side. Theondell was trying a pincer move, to corner them in between both sides. They both had to yell over the screams of Serhes' army.[/i]

Legion: Yes, sir!

[i]They both nodded at eachother. Theondell let out a grin. Theondell then ordered his half a small ways away.[/i]

Theondell: Archers, ready! Aim! Fire!

[i]Countles of arrows flew past Theondell. Theondell's long, blonde hair.[/i]

Theondell: Second row, ready! AIm! Fire!

[i]Countles of more arrows flew past him. He then un-sheathed his mighty sword.[/i]

Theondell: Troops! Chaaaaaaaaaaarge![/color][/size]
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[color=Blood Red][size=1][i]Soahc and Linwe showed up just in time to see the battle starting.

Soahc: There are Legionand Theondell commanding the armies.

Linwe: I see.

Soahc: Well lets get in there.

They chrged into battle with swords clashingand armor clanging. The First thing on Soahc's mind was to get to Theondell. As he was on his way fighting through the crowd. He was struck by an Arrow. Theondell saw Soahc get hit and imeadiattlly went after him.

Soahc: I'm back Theondell.

Theondell: Yeah I know.

He was fighting hard to get to Soahc, so that his best friends wouldnot die.

Theondell: Hold on I'll be there in a minute.

Soahc was now unconscious. Theondell was finally there. He picked up Soahc, and brought him inside the base to the Medical Center. Quickly he hurried back outside to get back into battle. Now he was in a state of mind to kill, and nothing would change him out of it. He reached the battle field, and ......[/color][/size][/i]
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Theondell anger and stamina were rising fast. He ran to the field, pumped and stronger than before. He rushed in and instantly killed three with one swipe. He took an arrow in his left arm, wich was his defenseless arm. He looked at it, but quickly regained the fight, he caught up to his sniper and slayed him with one slash to the head.[/i]

Theondell: What did I tell you?! You'll all die before you can kill me!

[i]He then remembered something. Someting inside him clicked. Legion! He looked over to his left. Legion's half was suffering. They were like ducks in a pond, compared to Serhe's snipers. He rushed over to them. he slayed another 5, with the help of one his fellow warriors. He patted him on the back and continued to go. He took another one on his leg. He yelled in pain. His rage was getting the best of him. He decided to keep it at a level though. Peace and rage together is what he thought.[/i]

Theondell: Legion! How are your half faring?

Legion: Not too god, but not bad either!

[i]Theondell saw one og his fellow warrios next to him take an arrow in the chest. Compared to himself, Theondell got it easy. Theondell kneeled down beside him. He killed one on the way down.[/i]

Theondell: We'll get you to the clinic as soon as possible, ok?

Warrior: T-thank you...

[i]Theondell pointed to one of the warrios next to him. He was covered in full body armor.[/i]

Theondell: You there, take this injured man to the clinic tent now! You won't get hurt on the way! Hurry!

Warrior #2: Yes sir!

[i]The warrior kneeled and got the injured man out into the clinic. Theondell smiled to himself.[/i]

Theondell: Now it's time for us to really play!

[i]He held his sword up high, and yelled with all his fury. He rushed in with all might...[/i][/color][/size]
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Linwe was faring quite well. She hadn't been hit once and continued to slay many at a time. The snipers always missed, and those up close were no match. This was what Linwe had wanted to do when she came here. She finally had a smile on her face.

Linwe: Ha, like that'll hurt me? Take this you annoying little--

She was cut off when an arrow finally hit her. She stepped back a little, and looked at the arrow in her arm. The Serhes soldiers stepped back, too, grinning. They thought that she would fall over and be an easy target now. But she pulled it out and killed 3 men with one sweep. She was really happy now. Not only was she getting to kill, she actually had a challenge. Rarely did someone manage to hit here, let alone the fact they were using arrows.

Linwe: So, a sniper tried to kill me? Die now!!

She continued to swing her swords, never missing her mark, and finally managed to reach the sniper. He was to scared to move, so Linwe killed him quickly. Now that she was at a vantage point, she looked around and noticed that Soahc was no longer on the battle field.

Linwe: Where'd he go? Stupid!! How dare you try to strike a warrior like me while I had my back turned!! You dirty little...

She continued to kill, enjoying the blood bath. But she kept worrying about Soahc.
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Theondell was having a marvelous time on his own. He had kill 38 total men now, and only 7 minutes had passed since he took Soahc in the medical tent. He turned to his right and saw Linwe fighting on her own, yet doing a grand time. Theondell decided to go over to her.[/i]

Teondell: Having a funt time, I see.

[i]Linwe turned in little surprise to him. She killed two doing so.[/i]

Theondell: Mind if I join?

[i]He took his bow out quick as lightning, as well as two arrows, and killed two men instantly. This was gong to be a great day![/i][/color][/size]
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