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Sign Up Digimon: Resurrection

Solo Tremaine

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OOC: I apologise if this makes no sense or is very confusing- I'm incredibly hot while typing this, so my mind's all gooey.
[i]Long ago, in the Digital World, an ancient force of evil roamed the planet- Millenniummon. A hugely powerful dark dragon, he would not stop until the entire world was covered by the ashes of his devastation.

The four Guardians of the Digital World, awoken by the cries for help by the inhabitants of the Digital World, trapped Millenniummon inside a crystal with a powerful seal. They knew this would not be enough to stop it, however, and then broke the crystal into nine parts- eight of which were banished to another dimension. These eight contained the immense powers concealed within the evil. The ninth, harbouring the monster's soul, was kept in The Apex, the four guardians' floating temple.

Now, centuries later, the world which the crystals had been banished to has awoken- its inhabitants are starting to dig up the ground, and one by one the crystals are emerging. The monster's soul can sense it, and wants to break free. He still controls his minions through the Dark Ocean, the only place where his power can manifest itself. he has begun sending them to this other world to retrieve his power so he can be freed from his prison. If they succeed, not even the Guardian's power may be able to stop them.

The Digimon must act fast. The Guardians are sending everyone they can trust into the other world to recover the crystals so they can be destroyed once and for all.[/i]

Okay, this is a kind of role-reversal for the Digimon. They're going to the real world rather than the humans coming into the Digital World. There are a few things I need to explain:

You can be whatever you want, human or digimon, or a team of two, but only one of each Digimon is preferred (i.e, only one Renamon, Guilmon etc. Different types of digimon are alright, but I wouldn't want sixteen different versions of Gatomon running around).

Humans and Digimon do not start together. Technically, the Digimon aren't supposed to be having any contact with the humans at all, but you can have a digidestined team if you want. There have been freak accidents in which Digimon/humans have disappeared from their worlds.

The Digimon have their own Digivices (if you're one on your own), but originally they are only meant as a means of communication- travelling through to Earth makes them able to tap into the crystals' power and digivolve. If a digivice breaks, they'll need to get it fixed somehow. Even then, it might not work again properly (cue dark digivolutions, hehe).

FicDigimons are fine, but a detailed description would be nice, so we know what it looks like. A picture'd be great, but if you don't have one it's no problem.

So... yeah. You can be a human who doesn't have a partner, but helps out the digimon anyway, or just a digimon, or a Digidestined/Tamer team like in Seasons 1-3. Oh, or you can be one of the evil digimon's servants if you want to, either human or digimon. It's entirely up to you ^_^

This is all subject to change, by the way. I've no idea whether it'll work or not.

NOTE: The only thing humans know about Digimon is a strange organisation in Japan which makes wrist-watches. There's a reason for that, though.

[b]Digimon sign-up[/b]
Level: Only Gatomon/BlackGatomon are allowed as Champions to sign up as if you're being on the good side- if you're bad you can be any level you want, but be sensible with it. No Apocalymons or anything like that. It's open to debate, though. If you want a different digimon really badly, PM me and I'll be happy to look over it for you.

On another note- Hybrid digimon are fine, but you'd need to omit a level in order for them to fit properly in the sort of 01/02 digivolution sequence. Biomerged/DNA digimon are alright, too.

Appearance: (a picture's preferred, if you can get one)
Allegiance: (Guardians, Neutral or Millenniummon)

[b]Human sign-up[/b]
Appearance: (as detailed as possible, please)
Bio: Keep it realistic, please. Definately interesting, but realistic. Not all 17-year olds are spies/juvenile delinquents/orphans, after all.

If you're one or the other, you only need whichever sign-up you choose your character to be. If you're having a team, you need both.

I really hope I've explained everything alright. I know there must be something I've missed, but I'm too hot to be able to think straight >_< Feel free to ask any questions you have, and I'll do my best to answer them. I may well update this with a better explanation of everything (more than likely I'll read over it tomorrow morning and groan in annoyance at all the things I've missed or gotten completely wrong).

So, anyway:

[b]My sign-up[/b]
Name: Strabimon
Level: Rookie
Attacks: Light Nail, Light Leg (might change that to Light Kick, heh)
Digivolutions: Lobomon --> KendoGarurumon --> MagnaGarurumon (I've omitted BeoWulfmon, because I don't like him :p)
Appearance: [IMG]http://mz.emuparadise.org/Frontier/Strabimon.jpg[/IMG]
Allegiance: Guardians
Bio: Strabimon, despite his rather ragged appearence, is a quiet digimon at heart, and only ever means well. However, his temper often gets the better of him, and he will do anything he can to prove a point or get his way. Some years ago, after a heated arguement, he severaly injured a Gabumon, which has led him to be mistrusted by a lot of digimon. He has done his best to win back everyone's favour ever since, and jumped at the chance to help recapture Millenniummon's power. Some still doubt his intentions.

Have fun ^_^

EDIT: If you really really want to, you can be a digidestined from the series or someone from Frontier, but you need a realistic explanation as to how and why they got here.
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[u]Digimon Sign-Up[/u]

Name: Flamon
Level: Rookie
Attack: Baby Salamander
Digivolutions: Flamon>Agunimon>BurningGreymon>Aldamon>EmperorGreymon
Appearance: [img]http://mz.emuparadise.org/Frontier/Flamon.jpg[/img]
Allegiance: Gaurdians
Bio: A very serious, calm Digimon on the outside. He doesn't like talking much, and when he does, it's usually sarcastic. Being the son of the great AncientGreymon, he is expected to do very much, but does very little. His aim is to digivolve, and then to rid the world of Millenniummon. His greatest rival is Renamon.


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[COLOR=red][B][size=1]I know Strabimon's atacks.Here they are-

Licht nagel, Licht bein(I don' think those are English....sorry)

Hope that helped.I can give you site if you need anymore info...Or could I just post it????

Here is my sign up.

Name:Austin White(Also goes by Kai)




Bio:Being born in the U.S.A,he moved to Japan with his father.His mother died when he was eight years old,and he doesn't like to talk about it much.He dosen't know why his father moved to Japan with him,but he hasn't talked to Austin much sice.Austin is quite,and doesn't know much Japanese,but he gets by.He is a nice kid,and he is welling to help if needed.


Name:Guilmon X



Digivolutions:Baby-Jarimon,In-Training-Gigimon,Rookie-Guilmon X,Champion-Growlmon X,Ultimate-WarGrowlmon X,Mega-Gallantmon X

Appearance:.....He is in the digidex I posted....I hope that help.If not,he is a darker red then Guilmon,and looks leaner.He also carries a dark red digivice.


Bio:A young digimon who longs to be a great and powerful Gaurdian,he is weak,and sometimes is hot headed.The other propblem is that he is a virus,but that runs in his family....Since his great-great-great grandfather was created by a humen male Takato.He is a new type of Guilmon,the only real one,because of the way he digivoled when in baby and in-training stage.

Here is some more info for the digivoles of Guilmon X.I changed his baby and in-training forms because I thought it would add some more story behind him.

Type: Slime
Attribute: Data
Level: Baby
Attacks: Pyro Bubbles
Also called: Jyarimon
Digivolves from: None
Digivolves to: Gigimon

Type: Lesser
Attribute: Virus
Level: In-Training
Attack: Hot Bite
Digivolves from: Jarimon
Digivolves to: Guilmon, Guilmon(Data)??

Guilmon X
Type: Reptile
Attribute: Virus
Level: Rookie
Attacks: Fireball, Fire Mitt
Digivolves from: Kyokyomon
Digivolves to: Allomon X, Growlmon X, Monochromon X

Growlmon X
Type: Dark Dragon
Attribute: Virus
Level: Champion
Attacks: Raiden Blade, Exhaust Flame
Also called: Growmon X
Digivolves from: Guilmon X
Digivolves to: WarGrowlmon X

WarGrowlmon X
Type: Cyborg
Attribute: Virus
Level: Ultimate
Attacks:Magalo Beam,Magalo Claw
Also called: Megalo Growmon X
Digivolves from: Growlmon X
Digivolves to: Gallantmon X

Gallantmon X
Type: Exalted Knight
Attribute: Virus
Level: Mega
Attacks:Justic's Shield,Holy Knight's Sword
Also called: Dukemon X
Digivolves from: WarGrowlmon X
Digivolves to: None

Here is the digidex where I found all my info,I hope this will help some people. [url]http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidexE.html[/url]

Edit:Ohhhh....My chacarters will meet later,and will be come Digimon and Digidestined.Is that ok,Solo?[/COLOR][/B][/size]
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Name: Black Terriermon

Level: Rookie

Fresh - Zerimon - ??
In-Training - Gummymon - Bubble Blow
Rookie - Black Terriermon - Terrier Twister, Bunny Boom
Champion - Black Gargomon - Bunny Knockdown, Shadow Pellets
Ultimate - Black Rapidmon - Phantom Missle, Rapid Fire
Mega - Black MegaGargomon - Dark Missle, Shadow Barrage, Knuckle Knockdown

Coming Soon
Allegiance: Gaurdians

Bio: A digimon whos spirit is free willed. He does what he wants and when he wants. He's a very funny Digimon and everyone likes his sense of humour. Well... his great great great grandfather was a Tamer's digimon. But when he digivolved from Gummymon to Black Terriermon. Everyone was surprised and he is the first Virus in his family.[/b]

-=§=- :wave:[/size]
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[b]Attacks:[/b]Diamond storm,Rapid Kick,Power Paw,Flaying Kick
[b]Digivolutions:[/b]Reremon,Viximon,Renamon,Kyuubimon,Taomon,Sakuyamon,Sakuyamon Priestess Mode
[b]Bio:[/b]Renamon is a caring digimon although is dangerous when she's angered.She is a very helpful creature and likes to help others in need.One day she came across another digimon Flamon and for some reason he now considers her his greatest rival.

OOC:Why am I your Rival Logan?
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That's fine, aYokano ^_^ And thanks for the info, hehe.

Backstories between characters are alright as well, providing you discuss it with each other via PM (and I'd quite like to know as well, if that's alright, just so I can stop things getting out of hand if needs be. In the past things like this have happened and they've taken over the entire RPG.)

Incidentally, I was planning to have something to do with Renamon too (but not as my character), hehe, but it's no biggie ^_^ I think you'll be getting a lot of interaction, Ohkami.
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[U]Name:[/U] Infermon
[U]Level:[/U] Ultimate

[U]Kuramon:[/U] Glare Eye
[U]Tsumemon:[/U] Nail Scratch
[U]Keramon:[/U] Network Flapping, Crazy Giggle
[U]Chrysalimon:[/U] Data crusher, Unconnect buster
[U]Infermon:[/U] Spider shooter, Network grenade
[U]Armageddemon:[/U] Mega Flare, Black Rain

[U]Baby:[/U] Kuramon, [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Kuramon.gif]Image[/URL]
[U]In-Training:[/U] Tsumemon, [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied7/images/Tsumemon.gif]Image[/URL]
[U]Rookie:[/U] Keramon, [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Keramon.gif]Image[/URL]
[U]Champion:[/U] Chrysalimon, [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied3/images/Chrysalimon.jpg]Image[/URL]
[U]Ultimate:[/U] Infermon
[U]Mega:[/U] Armageddemon, [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied/images/Armageddemon.gif]Image[/URL]

[U]Allegiance:[/U] Millenniummon
[B][U]Bio:[/U][/B] Infermon is as cruel hearted, souless and evil as his Master Millenniummon. He was among the original servants of the Dark Digimon and the most loyal. He aided him in some of his more vile acts. But after the Master was defeated Infermon hid himself by De-digivolving to the Rookie level to avoid detection from the Guardians. Now that the Master had returned he was reassumed his Ultimate level and is helping the Master reclaim his body for the ultimate reward, the ability to Digivolve to the Mega level.
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Name: Patamon
Level: Rookie
Attacks: Boom Bubble->Hand of Fate->Gate of Destiny->Seven Heavens
Digivolutions: Angemon, MagnaAngemon, Seraphimon
Appearance: see attachment
Allegiance: Neutal
Bio: Patamon had been in alot of fights with both sides of the war and this being so he has tendened to be insecure with both sides. He now works as a bounty hunter of sourts. He will track down a digimon on one side for the other but will do the same for the other side. "It's all in the money" is his motto. He now has been assigned to destroy the digimon that were sent to destroy the crystals.
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Digimon Signup

Name: Blackgatomon
Level: Champion
Attacks: Cat's Eye Beam
Digivolutions: Nyaromon>>Salamon>>Blackgatomon>>LadyDevimon>>Lillithmon
Alliance: Guardians
Bio: Blackgato began travel as a normal Salamon, but during a brief accident while traveling between worlds, she broke her digivice. Even after an awesome fixing job by a Datamon, it was never the same. After a digivolving attempt, the device turned completely black and left her as Blackgatomon. She is mistrusted by most digimon, but is a very hard worker. But due to the accident, her mind is sorta mixed up and she seriously doubts her loyalties.
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Edit: I deleated the link and attached a picture of Mephistomon.


Name: Damian
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: 6ft. tall with short, black hair and brown eyes. He has several scars in various locations, mostly his face.
Bio: Damian is one of those people who always get the worst of everything. His life started well enough, but then his parents were killed when the house burned down. This happened when he was 10.
He went to an orphanage to live, but that turned out to be a mistake. He chose one of those that looks nice until you live there. The whole place was horrible. Nobody ever cleaned anything, the adults all seemed to hate everyone living there, and the only way you could survive was to be tougher than those around you. After spending a year there, Damian chose the only other option: he ran away.
Damian didn't want to live in another orphanage, so he turned to life on the streets. His time in the orphanage had toughened him up considerably, and that was probably the only reason he survived.
Damian does whatever it takes to get what he needs to survive. He doesn't take any **** from anyone. He doesn't have any problem with killing people, as he's done it several times.


Name: Mephistomon
Level: Ultimate
Attacks: Dark Cloud, Black Sabotage
Keramon->Duskmon->Mephistomon->Gulfmon(Yes, it's a valid line. I checked)
Appearance: See attachment
Allegiance: Millenniummon
Bio: Millenniummon's most faithful servant, he is the only one who didn't go into hiding when Millenniummon was defeated. Instead, he tried to revive him Not knowing about the crystals, he didn't know how to, so he searched for awnsers. Now he has heard about the crystals, and is trying to find them to revive Millenniummon.
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Okay, guys ^_^ Sorry I've started this late. I don't really have much of an excuse- I've been wanting to get it done but I've not been able to make time enough for it. Thank you everyone for signing up. You can still join if you want to for a few days after the RPG's started, but please still observe the guidelines set in the first post (even though they are mighty confusing in places).

Just before we get going, I have one or two requests:

-No more than three posts per person per day, please. It can get very confusing otherwise.
-Take care when using other people's characters in a scene. Just common courtesy, really ^_^

I'll explain everything else as I go, and if I think of anything I'll let you know in the RPG thread as an OOC.

Heh, and *takes page out of Ben's book* if you feel you can't take part any more, let me know. I'll send a few gentle reminders anyway if things are going slowly (and I'll notify everyone by PM that this is starting), but if you're not posting full stop I'd prefer to know. That way I won't flood your inboxes, hehe.

See you on the flip side ^_^
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Solo Tremaine [/i]
[B]*takes page out of Ben's book*[/B][/QUOTE]

Yes! I've affected someone in some way! :D For that I shall grace your RPG with my presence. :p

Digimon sign-up

[B]Name:[/B] Bhaumon (my newest fic-digi)
[B]Level:[/B] Rookie
[B]Attacks:[/B] Severe Fist
[B]Digivolutions:[/B] (Can I just post them as I use them? They're not quite finished >.<)
[B]Appearance:[/B] About Agumon's height, with dark blue, scaly skin. Looks like a machop (pokemon) but with a Betamon's head.
[B]Allegiance:[/B] Neutral
[B]Bio:[/B] Usually overdoes things in a fight, often beating on the motionless body of a defeated foe. His Severe Fist attack is a force to be reckoned with, as it has given small Champions pause. He bears allegiance to know one but himself, and his only desire is to have a good fight.
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