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RPG Digimon Tamers II


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[size=1][color=700000][b][i]You are not to post in this RPG unless you are one of the following:

Lee/Taki Ebina
Ai & Mako/Solo Tremaine.[/i][/center]

We still need alot of people, so you can still join [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=28847]here.[/url].


/1. You must post a minimum of three paragraphs in the rpg.

/2. Do [u]not[/u] digivolve whenever you want to, or if you feel like making the Digimon and Tamers digivolve. If we need to, you'll know.

/3. Those who are playing 02 characters, [i]remember: they are not digidestined yet. They are merely on a trip to Japan and have no idea what digimon are.[/i]

4/. All Tamers/DigiDestined/Digimon can biomerge. Example: Ai+Impmon= Beelzemon. Mako+Impmon= Beelzemon Blast Mode.

Ok, let's begin.


Lee stepped onto the sidewalk of the downtown park. Dressed in a dark green shirt and khaki pants, the tamer alumnus walked along silently. Short, dark blue hair stayed straight, thanks to the miracle of gel.

Suddenly, Lee heard familiar laughing. Very familiar, actually. He stepped around a bush, to see a surprising sight: Chocomon and Gummymon. Almost speechless, Lee almost didn't say anything.

"Kokomon! Gummymon! Over here!" he yelled, waving his arms. The two in-training Digimon stopped laughing and turned to look at him. Something wasn't right, something...was wrong.

"It's me, Lee!" he shouted, waving his arms some more. The Digimon made no response, or even show that they had saw him. A blank stare was all he was received. Then, for no reason, the two Digimon started to turn and wobble away.

Reluctantly, Lee followed. The two Digimon made their way through bushes, apparently heading toward the place where they had tried to hide Growlmon when Guilmon had first digivolved. Into the clearing they went, and then suddenly stopped. They didn't turn around, or anything, and were apparently waiting for someone or something.

Suddenly, the trees and bushes around him started to dissipate in red swirls. Everything was dissipating, even the ground he was standing on, but he kept still. Looking around him in a maze of confusement, he started to walk toward the two small Digimon.

Then, before he could reach them, a black mass started appearing behind them. Lee couldn't see a thing, except the outline of a huge monster. It's wings were small compared to its body, but that was the only detail he could see. Roaring loudly, it's eyes began to glow an eerie red.

"Kokomon! Gummymon!" yelled Lee, ready to run. The two Digimon slowly turned around, and to Lee's surprise, had marveling fangs and red eyes. Lee's eyes grew wide as he began to run. And run fast. The dark figure and seemingly possessed Digimon were gaining on him. After running what seemed like forever, he slammed into something and fell down.

"Oh, my bad," he heard a soft voice say. He felt a medium-sized hand lift his up, and he began to panic.

"The--the monster!" yelled Lee, pointing behind him. The boy who had helped him was obviously looking at him strangely. Lee swung around, only to see that there was nothing there. He chuckled lightly, and put his hands on his knees.

"My name is T.K.," the boy said.

"I'm Lee," he replied with a smile.


Lee and T.K. sat on the bench in the park, Lee having sweat roll down his face. Lee didn't know what that was, or where it had went, but he knew he wasn't hallucinating.

"So, you're from the U.S.?" Lee asked, wiping his forehead.

"Yeah," replied T.K., "the group who came with me and myself are originally from here, we just moved over there a couple years back." Lee nodded, wanting to leave and talk to Takato.

"I'm sorry, T.K., but I have to go. Catch ya later?" Lee said, trying not to be rude.

"Sure," he said, smiling. Lee got up and ran off into the city.


Brown hair draped in the blue eyed Takato's face, making him aggravated. He picked up the big bag of flour, bringing it to his chest, and then to the table.

He wiped his hand off, brushing the excess of of his hands.Looking down, he saw he had flour all over the front of him. He sighed, exited the small room, and started up a flight of stairs.

"Where ya going, Takato?" asked a masculine voice, his father.

"I'm going to go change, then go to the park. Kazu and Kenta are waiting for me," he said, continuing upstairs. Five minutes later, he emerged from upstairs with a dark red shirt, black pants, and his D-Power hooked to the belt loop on his side.

"Why do you still carry that clunky thing around?" asked his mother while she kneaded the dough.

"You never know, Guilmon might come back someday," he replied half happily, half seriously. His mother just shook her head, apparently not understanding the now 14 year old.

As Takato walked out of the bakery, Lee came running up to him, breathing hard and looking him straight in the eyes. Something was wrong.[/b][/color][/size]
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Lee stood at the doorway of his friends bakery for a few seconds trying to catch his breath, all the while looking straight into his eyes, he could tell that Takato knew their was a problem.

"Lee...," He began in an uncertain voice, "whats happened?" He asked, voice full of concern.

"I'm not sure," Lee breathed, "But all I know is that we have a problem" He said, still breathing very hard.

"Well, why don't you come in and tell me about it" Takato said moving out of the doorway so Lee could enter


"So....let me get this straight. You saw Kokomon and Gummymon but they were...erm..different, how were they different?" Takato asked

"Well for one thing they had these great fangs and glowing red eyes...and I could feel that something was very different about them, not just the appearence" Lee replied in a heavy voice.

"Okay then. What about this field....thing, was if another Digital field like from a few years ago?" He asked again.

"No, it was much worse than that...well not worse if you know what I mean but it was different, like the Digimon....it felt, I dunno...evil" Lee said before falling down onto Takatos bed from tiredness.

Takato walked over to his bedroom window and looked out over the city and let out a sigh, for a few moments he looked from the towers were Hypnos had once been and his desk, still with the note pad where he had created Guilmon. "Well, if might have been a different Kokomon and Gummymom, I mean Gigimon and Viximon weren't with them.....but still".

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Lee said, "But if it wasn't them I'm still worried whatever it was [b]could[/b] effect them soon...if only we could get back to the Digital world and see if their okay".

"I guess," Takato began, "I think we should call the others and see if they've felt anything, or had something like this happen" Takato said while walking over to the phone, [i]'I'll call Rika first, she has a strong link with Renamon ever since the IceDevimon attack'[/i] Takato thought while going through the pages of his address book and picking up the phone.
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Rika ignored the phone as it rang repeatedly. Rika turned onto her somache and looked up from her pillow. She watched from her bedroom door as her mom picked up the phone. Rika's mom sighed and picked the phone up of the receiver. rika's mom rubbed the tiredness from her eyes before saying anything.

"Dave this better be important it's five o' clock in the morning."

Takato looked over at Lee while rika's mom talked and raised an eyebrow.

"um, I'm looking for Rika. Is this the right number?"

Rika caught eyes with her mom as she looked over at her. Rika looked away and looked at her wall. She had stopped talking to her mom ever since the move and now she even didn't make eye contact with her.

"Yes, but she's sleeping right now. May i take a message?"

"I am not!" Rika shouted jumping out of bed. "give me the phone."

"Hold on a minute." rika's mom set the phone down and started to lecture Rika. "Your freinds don't need to be calling our house this early in the morning."

"what freinds? They all live back in Japan! Besides Dave calls all the time!"

"That's differnt. they're work calls."

"Yeah, and my names Jane Doe. Give me the phone." Rika snatched the phone off the table and almost shouted into the phone."

"this is Rika. What do you want."

"That's the Rika I know" takato said into the phone chuckling.

"Takato?" Rika asked. "How did you get this number?"

"It was in the phone book."

"the phone book?" Rika asked skepticaly.

"Yeah. strange huh."

"You do know your making an extreemly long distance call right?"


"So what's up?"


"So your telling me Lee saw His and his sisters digimon and they were evil?"

Takato nodded then remebered he was on the phone.

"that's right."

"So what did you call me for?"

"well your pretty tight with Renamon right?"

"well I was..."

"Have you noticed anything over there? Have you had sightings of Any digimon?"

"No. sorry.." Rika said looking over at her mom who seemed very interested in this phone call.

"Oh.." Takato said dissapointed. "Well I might call back later."



Rika put the phone on the hook then walked back to her room.

"Not so fast young lady." Her mom said stopping her.

"what was that?' She asked pointed at the phone.

rika smirked. "it's none of your buisness." she turned and slammed the door in her moms face. Rika looked at the clock on her bedside table. the digital numbers on it read 5:23. She desided to get up for the day and opened her drawers. she Changed into Her Camo-Cargo jeans and a dark green sleeveless turtle neck. She pulled on her air force ones and picked her divivice up off the top of her dresser. She looked at it and sighed.

"are you finnaly coming back?" Rika asked quietly
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[size=1][b]The now 16 year old, Ryo awoke with the ringing of a phone. He crawled out of bed and answered it.

"Hello?" asked Ryo, half asleep.

"Hey! Ryo!"

It was Takato. Figures. Only Takato would call at 6:00 in the morning.

"Takato! It's 6:00 in the morning! Call me in an hour..." Ryo said as he put the Phone back on the hook. He could hear Takato yelling into the phone trying to get Ryo's attention but Ryo didn't listen. He just hung up the phone and went back to sleep.


"BrrING BrrING!" The phone was ringing again.

"Ugh" sighed Ryo, as he got up and looked at the clock. 7:00. Takato really did phone exactly an Hour later.

"Takato! It's 7 in the morning call me in an hour." Yelled Ryo. He was pretty pissed right now.


"You mean he saw them!?" Ryo, knew the whooole story now.

"Yea! That's what I was trying to tell you!" said Takato, angerly.

"Ok! Meet at the park!" Ryo hung up the phone and got changed. He picked up his hat and clipped his Dark Blue digivice onto it.

"Can't wait to see ya again, Mono..."[/b][/size]
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"You're it, Mako!" Ai giggled as she skipped away into the garden, dodging past their soporific puppy.

Mako grinned widely as he began chasing after her, arms outstretched in an attempt to grab her.

Just as he had her cornered, the phone rang. The two looked at each other, wide-eyed. They never usually had phonecalls at this time. They crept over to the door and peered at their mom as she picked up the receiver.

"Do you think it's Impmon?" Ai asked.

The two of them hadn't seen their digimon since he'd disappeared with the others into the Digital World. It had been very sad- the two hadn't cried that much in ages -but Takato had convinced them that he'd come back. Maybe this was him telling them he was stuck on the tube train...

"I don't know. Does he have our number?" mako whispered back.

Ai shook her head doubtfully.

"Kids, it's for you." their mother said softly, handing them the phone. Thw twins both took hold of it and listened intently.

"Hello?" they chorused.

"Ai? Mako?"


"How are you guys doing?" Takato asked cheerfully.

"We're doing great!" Mako beamed. "How are you doing?"

"Listen... have you guys experienced anything strange lately? Like... seen any of the Digimon again?"

Ai and Mako shook their heads. "The only strange thing we've had is our mom's pudding." Ai grimaced, while Mako giggled next to her.

"Oh, alright." Takato sounded a little disappointed. "Hey, I'll probably call you back later, okay? We might need to meet up sometime."

"Yay!" the twins chorused.

"Okay, Takato. We'll see you later." Mako said, putting down the phone. The twins exchanged intense looks of awe and glee.

"Do you think he's seen Impmon?" Ai gripped her hands tightly in anticipation. Maybe they'd see them again really soon. She certainly hoped so.
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Kari walked into the park and smiled.It was a fine day and it was good to be back in Japan.She looked around and groaned in frustration.

'Where is he?He said he'd meet me here...'

She tilted her sunglasses down a bit to see clearer.Suddenly she saw a boy sitting on a bench in the middle of the park waving at her.

"Hey TK!!"Kari said as she ran towards him with her jacket blowing in the wind behind her.The boy smiled and greeted her.Kari sat down next to him and they started to talk.They used to come to this park all the time when they lived in Japan.

"Hey TK where're the others?"
"Oh they're out somewhere."
"So what did you do before I got here?"
"Oh...I met this boy...His name was Lee.He talked about some monsters?Pretty weird...Then he had to go to speak to his friend Takato."
"Monsters?Pretty strange..."
"Yeah I know...He bumped into me."
"Oh well.We might meet up with him again.Come on let's go find the others."
"Yeah sure."

They got up off the bench and Kari fixed her sunglasses and jacket.They made their way out of the park and down the road through their old neighbourhoods.Some places had changed but some had stayed the same like what they were used to.They just continued to walk around their old town remembering the old times and forgetting their life in the US for a while.

Suddenly they spotted who they were looking for.

"Davis!!"cried Kari to a boy standing with a younger boy and a girl.
"Kari!!I've been looking for you!!"
"Save it Davis."

Davis sighed in defeat and TK and Kari arrived with the group.

"Hey Yolei,Cody."
"I'm hungry!Let's eat like old times!"said Yolei.
"Yeah!!"agreed the others and they walked off to find some good food.

OOC:Sorry if it wasn't my best work...
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Sorry about not posting earlier. I only figured out today that it started.


[i]Davis stomach began to grumble as they were walking. He was getting very hungry.[/i]

Davis: So, uh, when are we going to get there?

Yolei: Can't you go a minute without getting fod, Davis?!

Davis: But, I'm hungry...!

[i]The others giggled laughs under their breath. After a few anxious minutes for Davis, they saw their usual eating stop a block away.[/i]

Davis: Woohoo! Food!

[i] The other laughed again. He began to run towards it, but quickly stopped...[/i]

Kari: What is it, are you alright?

Davis: My... stomach...

[i]The others laughed again, they all thought it was good to be together again.[/i]

Davis: C'mon, we're almost there!

[i]They all began to run towards the Restaurant...[/i][/color][/size]
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OOC:Logan sorry about not posting didn't realize we had started because of school.

[COLOR=silver]TK suddenly stopped. He realized that old times really weren't that great, he was usually fighting with Davis for Kari's attention even though she had finally set her sights on TK. He felt really bad and didn't want to run it in anymore than it already was. He had hoped that no one had noticed as he slowly walked towards the resteraunt already his happy attitude slowly left as his face turned into a frown.

He arrived at the resteraunt shortly after the others who were already ordering. He paused as he tried the best he could to fake a smile. He walked up to the counter and gave his order already the smiling wearing off. He once again thought of the old days and the smile came back. He sat down at the end of the table and slowly pulled his first bite to his mouth. Suddenly Davis looked at him and said "Hey TK why don't you come over here and sit? We need to catch up!"

TK blushed and pulled his tray over listening to the conversation.

"Oh and did I mention about Cody's girlfriend?" Yolei said a big smirk comming upon her face.

"I don't have a girlfriend" he said starting to turn scarlet.

"Liar! I saw you and Takie kissing!" she said starting to laugh.

"Hey, what about you and that Ken boy? I saw you two kissing in the lunchroom last week!" Cody said in his defense.

As the argument raged on TK got lost in his thoughts. He and Kari not Davis even thought that's the way it should be. He continued with thoughts like this until Davis mentioned his name and he snapped back to earth.

"So Who have you been kissing lately TK" he asked with great intrest on his face

TK shot a look at Kari and suddenly came up with an idea. "I haven't been smooching anyone," he said everyone looking intensly at him "I have been concentrating on my studies." Everyone fell over out of thier chairs and started talking to him all at once.

"TK stop lying! Man you don't have to lie to try to look cool." Davis said

"Oh come on! I've heard better excuses from my cat! Who doesn't exist!" Yolei said getting mad

"TK, TK, TK!" Everyone kept saying his name and TK was getting tired so he excuse himself and went outside to sit on the park bench and sort out his thoughts[/COLOR]
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[color=sienna][font=comic sans ms][b][i]
"Yeah right, studying. That man doesn't know how to have fun." Said Davis looking at the door, through whitch TK had just left.

"Speaking of fun," Cody gulped some of his juice. "Anybody got any plans?"

"I would realy like to see that new technology exhibition." Said Yolei excitedly. "You know they have those new computers..."

"I'm not spending my whole trip to Japan, in some nerd place." Davis interupted.

"Nobody asked you!" Yolei shot back.

Cody drained his glass, happy that talk turned clear away from Takie. Memory of that girl brought a smile to his face. She wasn't exactly his girlfriend, he felt he was too young to have a girlfriend. They were just, realy good friends and Cody didn't want Yolei making big deal about it.

[center]* * *[/center]

The lunch went quite quietly after that, except for Yolei and Davis making fun of each other, from time to time. It took a bit longer, though, because Codi wanted to finish everything he ordered. He urged others to do the same, only Kari couldn't finish her noodle soup, so Davis gentelmenicaly offered to finnish it, only he wasn't as quick as Yolei...

Tk was resting on a bench, his eyes closed, sucking up the sun rays, thinking his own thoughts, untill a shout woke him up.

It was a realy nice sunny day and people were taking every chance to enjoy it. A grup of people were doying their noon tai-chy practise in a small park nearby. The rest of the park was filled with kissing couples and lazy sunbathers.

"You know what, I want a snack." Davis said

"You just ate!"

"I don't want to eat, I want a snack!"

"It's the same thing!" Yolei snapped.

"There's a bread shop, over there." Kari pointed. "You can get your snack there."
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[size=1][color=700000][b]Takato and Lee started up the hill, watching as cars passed by. Takato's shaggy hair blew in the wind, and was apparently aggrivating him.

"Maybe you should cut your hair," Lee suggested, looking ahead.

"Nah, wouldn't be as cool," replied Takato sighing. Finally, to Takato's knees' relief, they reached the top of the hill. Looking over Shinjuku (sp? and is this the right city?), they pondered on where to go next.

"Oh! I told Kenta and Kazu I'd meet them in the park! They're going to kill me!" yelled Takato, "you go find Jeri and I'll talk to Kenta and Kazu." Takato turned around and sped down the hill, almost unable to stop. Lee sighed.

"How am I going to talk to Jeri about this?" he said, putting his hands on his hips and shaking his head.[/b][/color][/size]
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OOC: I've decided my 2 fav cards: Hyper Wing and Avenging Knight.

Ryo walked along the sidewalk untill he came to the entrance of the park. He followed the path passing by benches and pidgeons when he saw Kazu and Kenta.

"Hey, Guys!" yelled Ryo running towards them with his hand in the air.

"Hey, Ryo.." said Kazu. A glum face.

"What's wrong? You up for a battle?" said Ryo. Trying to cheer him up. Ryo usually didn't like to card battle anymore. Ever since he lost Monodramon... But Kazu on the other hand was always up for a battle.

"Nooo way, man! You'll cream me!"

"So.. you cream Kenta and he still fights.." said Ryo, smirking.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean!?" Yelled Kenta.

"Maybe when Takato gets here. We've been waiting an Hour." answered Kazu.

The 3 didn't wait much longer when Takato came running up to them and out of breath. He obviously forgot and then ran here. Which was a long way from his house. If he ran from his house, that is.[/b]

-=§=- :wave:[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Lee sighed, "How am I going to talk to Jeri about this?" he said, putting his hands on his hips and shaking his head.


After a quick walk home Lee had sat down on his bed and racking his brain for a easy way to tell Jeri that the Digimon might be coming back, all the Digimon that is, except hers. He still remebered what it was like fighting the D-Reaper when it looked like a mutated Jeri and the way it used her voice to tell us all why it was here, he knew she'd been to a therapist about it, but nothing can stop you remebering something like that happening. But, Lee thought, it's all in the past now and she's seemed fine lately.

He sighed heavily and stood up from the bed and walked over to the phone in his room and got out his electronic organizer and looked up Jeri's number. After a brief search he found it and typed the number into the phone and waited for a pick up.

[U]???: Hello, this is the Katou residence, no one's home now so please leave a message and we'll get back to you[/U]

Lee breathed a silent reflief, he wouldn't have to tell Jeri the news him self. He left a message telling her to meet Takato, himself and the others in the Park later that day. He put the phone down and walked down the hall to Suzie's room and knocked on the door.

"Hey, Suzie. Can I come in?" He asked poking his head round the door. "Okay, Lee" She said beaming at him. He walked in and closed the door behind him, walked over and sat on the bed. "Suzie, you better sit down, I need to tell you something....it's about Terriermon and Lopmon".[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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While the others day was growing later, Rika's was just starting. Rika yawned as she looked out at the feild in her back yard. She sighed. Why would her mom move out in the country if her job was in the city? Rika's mom stepped outside in her robe and yawned. She saw rika and walked over to her.

"Hey ,sweetie, I'm gunna go to work early today. okay?"

Rika didn't look at her. She just stood there and looked at the still-dark sky.


"Come on Rika, why are you being like this. you can't stay mad at me forever."

"Wanna bet?" she mumbled.

Rika's mom sighed then put her hand on Rika's shoulder. "Why don't you come to work with me today?"

Rika jerked her shoulder away from under her moms hand. "And do what? whatch you model bra's for Victoria secret? Oh yeah, that sounds like fun! Why don't you just leave me alone! i'm sic of this place! I want to go home!"

Rika turned and ran twards the tree's at the back of the feild. Rika's mom's eyes welled up with tears. She turned and walked back into the house. she needed to get ready for work.
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  • 2 weeks later...
Mako kept running up and down the room, relentlessly thinking about seeing Impmon again.

"Do you think he still remembers us?" he asked.

Ai looked up at him, half-shocked. "Of course he will!" She held up the purple-rimmed digivice and held it out to him pointedly.

Mako smiled. "Yeah. But... do you think he's okay? I mean, the D-Reaper's gone, hasn't it?"

Ai shook her head. "I don't know. It was very big. Maybe they didn't get all of it."

The two of them looked worriedly out of the window, anxiously awaiting any news of Impmon's situation...
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