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RPG Digimon: Earth And Sea


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[i]After the original first four rid the digital world of Him... they thought it was over. They were wrong. They might have rid the digital world of Him... but not their own. Now for an unknown reason... the real world... earth.... its dying. The forests and lands poisoned... the seas deadly. Elyse... the leader of the original four was told to say in the real wold.. while the other 3 went back to the digital world to help the four masters. Elyse was told to wait for the new teens to help. The new digidestined. With veemon at her side she waited... only knowing that the others got their partners and devices already... along with a note to meet her.... [/i]

Ok People... Here we go!

Elyse paces on the streets near her house. She wonders if the others got the notes like master A had told her. Veemon sat on the front step watching her pace. A cold wind blows by blowing elyse's long black wavey hair in almost every direction. The air was stale and lifeless.

"Oh boy... this is getting bad Veemon... but one this still confusses me"

"What would that be?" veemon slowly tilts his head to one side

"Why He... didnt try something more drastic... like freeze everything in a rift of time or something... you know... i mean slowly killing the earth is one idea.. but it seems not... like Him you know..."

"I agree... this is unatural for Him but i guess he wanted to try something new.... actualy its like there are two of them..."

"multiple personalities... just great.... thats not going to help" Elyse huffs quickly as she glances at the empty street that used to be full of cars day and night.. .busy streeet gone deserted. "Well veemon.. lets just wait... we cant do anything till the others find their way to me.... i cant search for them.... orders and all" Elyse sits next to her partner

"Ok then... we wait...but..hmm ok... when do we eat?" Veemon grins slowly

Elyse laughed slightly and handed him a Windusa fruit that she picked in the digital world."Oh brother... you always thinking about your stomach..."


ooc: ok this isnt good at the moment.. but its just the starter..... so start posting...!
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"Strabimon, eh?"

"That's correct... I am a Digimon. Digi-"

Matt interrupted him."Digital monster. You told me."

Matt paced around the treefort a while and finally realized that there was more than just the Digivice and Com watch. It was a note. He unscrolled it and it said:

"Dear Tamer,
You were chosen to defend the earth and rid it of the evil. You must take your partner to Maryland St. There I will meet you and explain everything else."

The Note also said exactly where this place was and how to get there.

"JAPAN!?" Matt exclaimed, scaring Strabimon. "That's way to far away! How am I supposed to get to Japan!?"

"Perhaps there is another way. You just haven't thought of it yet."

"Riiiiiiiight" Matt was so confused. How was he supposed to get from Canada to Japan.

Matt came back home. He sneaked Strabimon into his room and went down to talk to his dad.


"Yes, Son?" his Dad answered in the kindest way.

"May I go to Japan? Pleeaaase?" Matt used his puppy eyes.

"Weell. Ok, fine. I'll have the Private Jet ready tomorrow."

"We have a Private Jet!?" Matt was surprised. He knew he was rich and all but sheesh.

"Of course! We [i]are[/i] rich." His Dad answered.

The next day Matt was thinking of a way to sneak Strabimon onto the plane.

"I know! You can hide in my luggage. Then when we take off you can come out!" Matt wasn't very good at thinking up ideas.

"I guess" Shrugged Strabimon. He hopped into Matt's pack and 2 hours later the plane took off. Matt charged to the backroom and opened his very large suitcase. Strabimon tumbled out and the both went back to sit down.


[Matthew!] [We are now coming to Japan Airport. Right near the coordinates you gave us.]

"Good job, Pilot! Make sure my Dad gives you a raise!"

[Thank-You, Sir]

Matt hopped out of the plane and walked to a Mansion. He knocked on the door... The doors swung open and a man about 47 years old stood there happily.

"Uncle Herbert!" Matt exclaimed.

"Let me help you with that luggage....what have you got here?" Uncle Herbert opened the pack with Strabimon in it. He looked at it than let it out. "Why hello there!" Herbert said. "You are??"

"Strabimon" He bowed "At your service."

"Wow. Remarkable!" Uncle Herbert said as he Examined the strange creature. You see Herb was a scientist and didn't think anything of it.


"Bye, Uncle Herbert!" Matt said the next morning as Strabimon closed the door.

Finally the two reached Maryland St. They saw a girl, and a Blue dinosaur type digimon eating a piece of fruit. He could faintly hear them.

"Oh brother... you always thinking about your stomach..." she said.

Matt ran up to her.

"Hi! I'm Matt!"[/size][/b]
OOC: Hope that was good.
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(Damian had just read his note, which he had found on the ground and picked up when he noticed his name on it. A small, black dinosaur, BlackAgumon(BA) is beside him)
Damian: What a bunch of bull-*******! What kind of sick joke is this?! And how the hell did whoever wrote this get it here in the first place?
BA: There's only one way to find out. We'll have to go.
Damian: At least I'll find out who the hell is behind this. Come on. We'll hide in the luggage area. We might even find something worth taking.

(After a very long plane ride, they sneak out of the airport and follow the directions on the note)
Damian: That was a good haul.
BA: Who leaves his wallet in a suitcase anyways?
Damian: Someone who's now out a driver's license and a couple hundred bucks.
(They reach Maryland St. and hear Elyse say Veemon always thinks about his stomach. When they see Matthew approach, they duck behind a parcked car to listen)
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Ace just finushed reading the note,a winged bull(horndramon) floats infront of him chewing on a loaf of bread.

"So what does it say?" Horndramon ask still nibbling on the bread.

"It says that we have to meet someone in japan." Ace says wial sliping the note into his pocket.

"How do you imply we do that?"Horndramon says a bit questintive of Ace.

"Well,we can always sneak on one of the boats heading over there."Ace says turning around to look at the harbor.

They sneak up to the crates that are being loaded onto the boat and go into one.About 12 hours later the boat arives in japan.

"Ok,we're here Horndramon"Ace says slowly walking out of the crate,"now all we need to do is get to the were every the note said."

"And where would that be?"Horndramon says as he slowly floats behind Ace.

Ace pulls a map out of his pack and unscrolls it.

"It's about two mabey three miles away."Ace says looking at the map still.

"What plan do u have for gettign there?"Horndramon says as he peers down at the map.

"Easy,we walk there."Ace scrolls up the map and slips it into his pack again,and starts walking towards where the note had said to go.About four hours later they arive at the coordinates.

"See anything Horndramon?"Ace says looking around for who might of sent the note.

"Only some kids and digimon."Horndramon says grinning.

"Well,one of them must of sent it."Ace says grabing horndramon and walkinging over by them.

"Hello,I'm Ace and this is Horndramon."
OOC:I hope this is good
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just fine..

Elyse glances at matt, "Oh thank goodness SOMEONE came... i was beggining to worry you guys would think i was some nutcase..."

"You are" Veemon chucckles before downing the rest of the digital worlds fruit.

"Thanks soooo much... oh and you would be.. Ace... good to see you... Odd there should be more... coming... i hope.... Im not sure i could do this alone..." Elyse stood up and shook both their hands.

"So what exactly is the problem?" Ace asks quickly

"Well.... oh boy... There is this digital being... non of us are sure who He is..."

"us?" Matt raises a single eyebrow

"oh sorry... there were four of us.. myself... and 3 other tamers... But they are doing something else somewhere else at the moment... Anyways this being... he caused lots of problems in the digital world... we rid the digital world of Him but unfortunatly i fear when i came back here... the rift was open long enough to let Him through..." Elyse sighs

"So uhh... ok... so whats the problem here?" Ace taps a single foot a couple times before shifting his weight to the other foot.

"Well some of us notice in the news that great monuments have dissapered... vanished without a trace.... and the air is stale and lifeless.... And if you really want to pay attention to mother nature... you would notice the forests and grasslands all over the world have died... just a bunch of waste lands now..." Elyse points at the street they stood next to, "Even all human life seems to hide... this street was always busy... full of people and cars... Lights lite up the streets... but not anymore..."

"Hmm.. your right the air is quite... bleh" Matt looks around

"Anyways... i... we all need your help... you dont have digimon partners for pets... or roommates.... You have them for a reason..." Elyse places a hand on veemons head, "Master A in the digital world told me he sent a group of teenagers their own partners, digivices, com watches... and a note to meet me here..."

"SO anyways... We all have to stop this... We have to save this world... the humans saved our world... now we have a chance to save theirs" Veemon stands up and speaks to the other digimon, ".. i know we dont know much at the moment... but we gotta do what we can..."

Elyse nods "Veemon is right... So... you guys wanna back out? This is dangerous...more than you will ever know..."

The wind blows again as the sky grows dark, "So... what do you say?"
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Ki had just gotten her digivice and ComWatch and then noticed there was a message attached.

"Hey Flamon look at this message."

The strange fire creature walked over and sat next to her reading the note.

"It's not too far away at least.Just a few blocks."
"Then it's best that we get going!"

Ki got up and got anything she would need before running out the door of her bedroom,down the stairs and out the front door with Flamon following her from above not letting anyone see him.She pulled out the note again and read the directions.The instuctions was to go to Maryland St.Ki smiled and turned a left with a red blur following her from above jumping from place to place.

Ki arrived at Maryland St. and looked around in confusion.She was looking for someone she didn't even know what they looked like.Suddenly she spotted some people with some strange creatures standing next to them.

"Bingo.Flamon."she whispered.

The blur jumped down from above somewhere and landed.

"Let's go.Time to see who they are..."

Ki and Flamon walked over and held up her digivice and hand with the comwatch on it to show.

"Hi..My name's Kimana.Everyone calls me Ki...And this is my partner Flamon.So who sent the note?"
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Elyse let out a calming sigh, "That would be me... I am the leader of the Original Tamer group... A Digimon i call Master A... he told me who to send them to and such... i am glad yet another has appeared... My partner is veemon and my name is Elyse... This is matt and ace... and i have the feeling yet another tamer is watching from afar"

"How would you know that?" Flamon asks

"I have the senses of a digimon... Long story behind that but i can hear someone... and i can smell another digimon... Plus just the feeling of being watched is creeping up and down my spine." Elyse smiles and tightens her bandana.

"Ok..." Veemon steps up towards Ki, "To put it short... a digital being we thought we, the original four, got rid of snuck into earth... He is causeing problems. Large forests and grasslands dead, huge old monuments gone without a trace, and even the air is lifeless. The earth is poisoned and slowly dying... and it is up to us to ... stop it"

"Who is this being?" Flamon glances at the darkened sky

"No one knows... His identity has never been uncovered... But he is very powerfull.... Elyse and i and the others almost lost our lives fighting him... but we freed our digital world of him.. unfortunatly he snuck into this world.. and now we need to stop him... Plain and simple... this is a dangerous thing to get into..."
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(Damian steps into view, followed by BA)
Damian: I'm not afraid of a little danger. When you live on the streets like I do, danger is part of life. Just sleeping is risky; you never know if someone's going to sneak up on you and strike while you're asleep. And yes, I know that that happens. I've done it.
Elyse: And just who are you?
Damian: Damian. And this is my partner, BlackAgumon. BA for short. So what's happening is this f***ed-up evil basterd is trying to destroy Earth and we're the only ones who can stop him? Fine. I've needed a change of pace anyways. Just try not to get in my way.
Elyse: You haven't fought Him before. I have. If anything, it's you who'll get in my way.
Damian: Looks like the little girl's all riled up. Why don't you go home and leave the fighting to those of us who can handle it?
Elyse: Why don't [i]you[/i] go home? Then we wouldn't have to put up with you.
Damian: You'll have to make me, and i'd just [i]love[/i] to see you try.
Elyse: If I tried to make you, you'd never sleep again.
Damian: Big talk! And here I got the impression that you weren't able to handle getting your hands dirty. You're not as bad as I thought you were. I think we might just be able to get along. Unless you start crying, thst is. And I know you will. You girls always do. I'd say you'll start in no less then half an hour, and you won't stop untill tomorrow. That's how you girls always are.
(Without warning, Elyse charges Damian and gives him a punch in the gut)
Elyse: You shut up. I've been through more then you think, and I am [i]not[/i] going to start crying.
Damian: D***, girl! You're not as soft as you look! Ouch! IYou know what? I think I like you. I don't think it'll be that bad working with you after all.
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Elyse grinned, "I am deffinitly not soft... never was after all that I have gone through. The plain truth is that... we have no choice... We have to work together no mater what... Now i think there is only a few things i need to explain to all of you. Ill let veemon explain the first"

Veemon jumped up and smiled "Ok Elyse... Well the digivice... Touch the Left orange button under the screen and your partner will be turned into pure neutral data... then sucked into the drive of the device for safe keeping... if you knew that on your way here it would have been easier to not get caught... heh.. Anyways press the Right orange button and the infa red box on the Com Watch will create a hologram of your digimon... the hologram will solidify and there you go your partners back"

"What a mouthfull" Damian glances atthe little blue digimon

"Ok... Now my turn... The Com Watch... aside from that skill its for one last thing... You press that small black button on the side as you all see... You can talk to the other members of the group if you are seperated... you can do direct or overall. Direct is to one person only and overall is a conversation between all of us... it came in very handy last time... This will be my third fight with Him... and everyone else in my original team only fought the one time... this is my Third time... and im sure hoping this is the last..." Elyse's grin turns to a glare directed to the wind.

"Even bigger mouthfull" Damian watches her mood change, "So NOW what?"

"Master Z should be contacting me with a mesage from Xander, kyle and Adrianne... my original group... but we can be anywhere for that... right now i think we need to go to Cairo... the first main Digimon attack was there... i think if we gathered some info from that site we might be able to piece together this identity puzzle" Elyse looked at the watch, "Its like... Almost 8 pm... i can get us to cairo in like... 5 minutes"


ooc: heres a tiny quick thing i did... of what the digivices look like... its red because Elyse's is red... but anyways.. here is a small no real good detail picture
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Damian: Cairo in five minutes, huh? And how do we do this, exactly? Seems impossible to me. Then again, it's not like any of this is exactly normal. Well, it's not that strange for me, actually. I've been with BA for a few years. He's the only reason I'm still alive.
Matthew: Aside from looking for sympathy, is there a point to you saying that?
Damian: I don't need or want sympathy. I just wanted you to know that I know more then some of you probably do. anyways, the Cairo thing. How exactly do get there in five minutes?
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Elyse grins again, "Its simple really."

"Mind Explaining?" Damian stares at her

"Oh brother... I am not explaining it..."


"Hey veemon.. mind showing them instead?" Elyse looks at her partner


"Mega digivolution engaged!" Elyse holds her digivice towards veemon

"Veemon Mega Shinka too!!!" Veemon barks

Veemon began to glow a bright blue color before being ingulfed in a bright light. His blue skinn stripped away and disapears into the digivice. The bright light floated up into the sky and grew to a massive size. A new cloud of data came from the digivice and covered the bright light. A new digimon hovers above the buildings in the air.



"Ok... now ill say something... Imperialdramon is the fastest flying digimon out there.... cairo in five minutes is a piece of cake for him!" Elyse nods at her digimon.

A beam of blue light engulfed the group and pulled them up into a cab like bubble. More like a trasnportation car... Elyse tapped her foot a few times and grins... , "Hit it pal"

"No problem Elyse!" Suddenly he took off at amazeing speed. No one felt the jolt thought.

"Ok... whatever" Damian mummbles

"Now... off to cairo" Elyse sighs and watches the land under them turn to sea... she watched it zip past them or them zip past it, "shouldnt be long now"
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Damian: Damn, this thing's fast.
Matt: The constant swearing is getting annoying.
Damian: Tough. So, what do we do when we reach Cairo?
Ace: I'm guessing we look for clues.
Damian: No ****, Sherlock. But where do we start? What are we looking for?
Ace: I thought you knew your stuff.
Damian: I do, but this isn't anything I've done before. Elyse probably knows what to look for, but I don't.
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"Stop it both of you... damian.. can you at least cut out some of the language... Anyways we are here... What we look for is whats missing.... Pyramids... and umm.... Digimon attacks... And a crystal..." Elyse turns to them

"Crystal?" matt asks

"Uh yeah... There are 4 Crystals of the Element... Fire, water, electric, and earth... the one we are after first is... Ice... Cairo was where master z said he last tracked it... so we start here..." Elyse lands on the ground with the rest as imperialdramon devolves to veemon.

"Nice flight!" Veemon stretches and pops his knuckles...

"We need to head to where the pyramids once stood.... i hear theres something swimming around in the sand there" Elyse laughs, "reminds me of the wierd monster in the sand in one of my games at home... "
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"Well no time like the present so let's go!"Ki said.

Ki walked forwards with Flamon walking beside her.Ki looked around in case anything was about to pop out of the ground and attack her like Elyse had said.

"So we're looking for some crystal?"
"Yeah.It should be light blueish in colour.Like Ice"replied Elyse looking around tryinmg to spot anything.

Ki saw something and ran to it.She brushed the ground and called over to the others.Elyse pushed her way through and examined what Ki had found.It was some kind of block with a symbol of a crystal on it.Ki brushed the sand next to it and saw that it uncovered another block with a pyramid symbol.Ki checked the rest of the ground around them but didn't find anything.

"What do you think they are Elyse?"
"I don't know...They could just be picture blocks..."
"I think they're just more then blocks...There has to be something to them!We just have to figure out what."

Ki looked closely at the pictures and touched the blocks.She accidently leaned her weight onto the pyramid block and it shifted downwards.Ki gasped and jumped back.There was a sound of grinding rock and they all looked around to see if anything had changed.They gasped when they saw......[Cliff Hanger anyone?]
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They all saw the saind drain away and two stones about 5 feet under the sand begin to pull apart. a huge hole in the ground is revealed. They all stare at it as a huge scorpion digimon comes out of it. He hovers over them with a growl.

"Who dares disturb me!!!" it yells loudly.

"Crud!!! Scorpiomon!! I thought i got rid of you back when you were bothering the forest guardian!!" Elyse steps back a bit

"To bad honey... My boss gave me a promotion... if your looking for they pyramids.... as you can see they aint here!! I have hidden them and the only way to get them back is defeat my boss... or bosses.. hehe"

"Scorpiomon! Are you telling me we are figting TWO Hims? Rats!"

"Dont worry you wont have to fight them... ill end you all now"

"Dont think so" Veemon leaps forward
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"If you dont mind I'll extermanate this bug."Horndramon say as he
flies forward.

"You sure you know what your getting your self into horndramon?"Veemon says relizing the timid little bull fly at Scorpiomon's head.

"Time to Digivolve Horndramon!"Ace yells as he pulls out his digivice.

Horndramon glows white and shifts into what looks more like bull with wings.

"Airal Stamped"Bulldramon yells as a ball of spikes flys from his mouth.

"Hey watch where your aiming that thing!"Scorpiomon says as he jumps out of the way.

"Bulldramon finush him off."Ace says stepping foward some.

Bulldramon runs towards Scorpiomon raming him.

"Take that ya over sized bug!"Bulldramon says as he charges up another airal stamped and fires it.

Bulldramon slowly walks over to what seems to be the fallen Scorpiomon.

"Devolution"Ace calls out slipping the digivice back into his pocket.

Bulldramon shrinks back to horndramon.

"That guy had a hard head."Horndramon mutters as he walks back rubbing his horns.

Scorpiomon jumps back up after horndramon lowers his gaurd.

"Do you think you could defete me."Scorpiomon says as aproching horndramon.

"You know if u keep yapping like that somethings going to end up flying into ur mouth."Horndramon says annoyed.

"What do you..."Scorpiomon falls over from the flaming horn Horndramon fired into his mouth.

"It reminds me of a kid with a magnafine glass."Ace says picking Horndramon up."So what next?"
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"We destroy scorpiomon..." Elyse says glareing

"Hye i took care of it" ace said

"No... do you honestly think that digimon of yours could defeat an ULTIMATE level digimon that easily... i dont think so...Veemon... flame wont do against his armor exoskeloton so... i take digivolveing to champion wont work... so i think.."

"Matrix?" Veemon nods

"Yeah" elyse holds up her digivice towards veemon

"Matrix Engage..veemon shinka too!!"

veemon glows like before and changes form... in its place stood a new digimon... big and black...

"Raidramon!!" The digimon growls just as scorpiomon regains his stature

"Boy you kids dont know when to give up do you?" Scorpiomon growls loudly.

"NO shut up... Ok guys... one ultimate against another ultimate is good and all but a little back up would.... be nice.." Elyse says leaping up onto raidramons back.

"Dont tell me your going with him!?" Ace barks

"And why not!? Not like it matters" Elyse says as raidramon taks off running
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Damian: BA, let's do it.

BlackAgumon digivolve to: RedGreymon(RG)

Damian: Go kick some ***!
Matt: You do seem to know what you're doing.
Damian: I've got another trick up my sleave in case things get nasty. If I need to, I'll have RG digivolve to the Ultimate level, but I only have him do that when I have to. It tires him out quitye a bit. I don't think he'll need to digivolve again this time. He and Raidramon should be more than enough.
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Elyse pointed at damian, "For once your right... this guy cant handle one champion and an ultimate, like raidramon, too! Raidramon GO!"

Raidramon begins circleing scorpiomon as the blades on him begin to start sparking. He leaps up onto scorpiomon and begins shocking him. "Thunder Blast!!!!" Raidramon yells as he begins electrifying the scorpion.

The scorpion threashes around and knocks redgreymon 20 feet away. Elyse gets thrown from raidramon who happend to be 50 feet in the air. She went sailing down into the dark hole scorpiomon came out of. She disapered into the darkness of the hole.

Raidramon glares at the scorpion, "Your gonna pay..."

"Arent you going to go get her!!" Ace shrieks

"Sorry ace... i have to get rid of him first... im tied up... he would go after me if i went after her..."

"Oh.. just great..." Damian grummbles

[center] ~ In The Hole ~ [/center]

Elyse hits the ground hard but lands in something soft. She looks at the newly swam in pool of sand she lay on. She gorans as she realizes she also landed on a rock. She struggled to stand up. When she was on her feet she looked around. She was in a hidden chamber with a few tunnels.

"Well.... scorpio's reallll comfortable down here i guess. whats this? the master bedroom? Ugh.. i better start looking for a way out...." elyse looks upwards, "D***... i couldnt of survived a fall like that... i can hardly see the stupid top! Oh great now im talking like Damian..."

Elyse walks through the south tunnel for a while trying to find a way out. She then comes to a wierd tile thing on the wall. "Reminds me of... Oh... neat... a puzzle" She touches a few of the tiles on the wall and to her surprise a door opens, "Wait... what... i just touched it... that couldnt ha ve been a puzzle..."

She walks into a wierd room where the tiles on the walls glowed a bright blue color. The room got suddenly cold. Elyse watched her own breath for a while before walking to a wierd hole in the floor. She bends down and gets on one knee. The cold air came from the hole. The stone her knee was on begins to vibrate.

"What the!?" Elyse leaps backwards...

The hole begins to close... but what elyse realizes is that soemthing rises out of the hole. A round stone on a pedistal rises to eye level. A snowflake is engraved onto the stone. The stone glows a wierd blue color like the walls.

"Well... i think i know what it is but... ill make sure" Elyse presses a secret button on her digivice and a digimon appears on the screen, "Master Z... hi... i know you hate me and all but i need your answer... is this what im looking for?"

Elyse points the digivice at the stone for the digimon to see, "is it?"

"Ah.. so you found it... good timing... you are quite fast. Yes thats the ice Crystal... sure it looks like a rock but when re united with its siblings it will look like its true self... where did you find it?"

"In a deep hole.. where scorpiomon was hideing"

"How on earth did you get there"

"I was thrown off raidramons back and fell down inside..."

"Your telling me you are stuck!?"

"I havent found a way out yet if thats what you mean"

"Oh brother... If your brother heard about this he would FLIP!"

"Thats why im asking you not to tell him... Xander is like that... he would get malomyotismon to fly all the way over here just so he could lecture me" Elyse laughs

"Fine i wont tell him but if you get in more danger please call me or the other masters... we will send the others to help..."

"I doubt it will be needed... Thanks" Elyse cuts the conection and picks up the stone. The tiles on the wall stop glowing and she puts the stone in her pocket., "Now how do i get out of her... with my luck there wont be an exit, they will defeat scorpiomon, forget about me, and this hole will fill in with sand" Elyse sighs, "thats the kind of luck i have..."
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Ki watched as Elyse was thrown off Raidramon and into the hole.


Ki held up her digivice and Flamon started to glow.He began to grow larger and soon the light disappeared revealing Agunimon.

"Agunimon help Red Greymon and keep Scorpiomon busy!!"

Agunimon nodded and rushed forward throwing Fire Darts at the over sized Scorpion.Ki saw that Scorpiomon was being distracted by the two digimon so she ran for the hole and vaulted in.Ki ran down the tunnel in hope of not getting hurt by the attack above ground.Ki looked left and right for any sign of Elyse but couldn't see anything.Then she remembered her ComWatch.

"Elyse!Elyse!Come in!"Ki said into her watch pushing the small black button.
"Ki?Is that you?"
"Yes...I'm in the tunnels.Where are you?!"
"I have no idea.Where are you?"
"I'm in a room with something that looks like a puzzle on the wall."
"Touch the puzzle with your hand and a door will open."

Ki obeyed the instructions and a door opened.Ki walked through and it closed behind her.

"Now what?"
"Just keep going.I'm staying in the same spot to wait for you."

Ki continued through the corridor and soon arrived at the spot where Elyse was waiting.

"Finally I found you!"
"I thought no one was coming for me.So how do we get out?"
"Head back to the entrance of the hole.Agunimon's helping Red Greymon.When they're done with Scorpiomon they'll help haul us out."
"Ok.Let's hope they're done by the time we get there."

~On the Surface~

"Burning Salamander!!"
"Nova Flame!!"said the two digimon at the same time as they both released their attacks on Scorpiomon.

The scorpion digimon roared angrily and slashed at them.They nimbly jumped away landed attacking again.They continued like that until finally Scorpiomon roared and fell to the ground with a large thump.Then he started to become digital information and floated off to somewhere[b][I don't know how they die so I used this version.Tell me to correct it if you don't like it.][/b]Agunimon and Red Greymon reached into the hole and pulled out the two girls.Then the two digimon de-evolved into their rookies.They were both panting and Ki hugged Flamon happily.

"Let's go.Where's our next location?"said Ki happily.
"What?!Did you already get the Ice Crystal?!"exclaimed Ace.
"Yes.I have it here in my pocket."Elyse said.She brought out the stone and the others were shocked.
"That's the crystal?!It's a stone!!We fought Scorpiomon for that?!"said Damian angrily.
"You'll see in time Damian."replied Elyse cooly.
"Like Ki said.Let's go to our next location!!"said Matt.
"Right...Now we're off to.......[b][Fill in the Blank Blanko.(No pun intended)][/b]Mega digivolution engaged!" Elyse holds her digivice towards veemon

"Veemon Mega Shinka too!!!" Veemon barks

Veemon transformed and he changed back into Imperialdramon.He sucked everyone up into his "bubble" and he took off in a bright flash of light.

[b]OOC:If there's any problems with that please tell me and I'll Edit it:D[/b]
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ooc: no problem at all... the digimon dissapere like in tamers... turn into little data particles and dissapere.. or get absorbed but elyse and the original others never absorbed the data.

"Where to elyse?" Imperialdramon's voice filled the bubble like cargo unit as he once called it.

"Oh riiight hold on and ill find out" Elyse pushes the secret button again and a different digimon appears on the screen. Its face was of a tiger, "Oh thank goodness Master B!"

"Did you ever get out of that hole?" The voice came from the digivice

"Oh yes... make sure master Z knows or he might do the worse"

"And what would that be?" Damian asks not really careing

"Tell my brother"Elyse snapped.

"So you got the first stone... thats good but im guessing you want to know where the next one is..." Master B laughs yet growls

"Yes Sir" elyse nods

"Ok... The ice stone was in cairo... Which stone do you want to seek next? Fire, Earth or electricity?"

"Uh..." Elyse looks around, "Well we got the ice crystal so lets take a turn.. the fire one seems ok for now."

"Ok then your next destination is the Amazon"

"Imperialdramon... head towards the amazon waste lands in south america" Elyse informed her partner of the next destination

"Roger that elyse!" Imperialdramon turns around swiftly and jer boosters it out towards south america

"Only one problem about this crystal elyse..."

"What is that master b?"

"Only one of you can retrieve it... and elyse... it cant be you."

"Why?" Elyse asks already knowing the answer in her mind

"Because i said so!" A face appears on the screen... of a guy about age 20... His neck long black hair stood out the most, "You think i wouldnt find out!?"

"Oh.... my gosh who told you!?"

"I figured it out myself silly...not to mention Ki did an overall com chat so i knew what was going on..." The guy said

"oops" Ki mummbled quietly

"who is the dork in much need of a hair cut?" Damian barks

"That would be my brother xander thank you very much" Elyse snapped again, "anyways.. there is another reason isnt there?"

Master B's face appeared on the screen again "Yes... you touched the ice crystal... you cant touch any others now... cause if you do they wont move... Each stone reads your DNA by you just touching it. It adjusts itself to youir dna structure only... if you touched another crystal it wouldnt move and could possible cause damage"

"Thats comforting" Elyse rolls her eyes..."So who should get this one?"

Master B looks around and then back at elyse, " Ki... her digimon would get the most out of it if she had it use the fire crystal" He coughs, "And the Earth crystal would be best for Matt and his digimon... and the electricity crystal for Ace and his partner... you can have wahter one you like but you get the most out of the ones i say.."

"Four crystals five of us..." Damian notices being left out

"Well perhaps you would get one if your attitude shaped up" Master B barked, "its pretty rotten"

"Both of you stop before it starts" Elyse interjects, "So what about damian?"

Master B sighs, "Oh dont worry he gets one too... its just we havent figured its location yet... there are six crystals all together... xander haveing one... and you now"

"So what is the crystals of?" Elyse asks, "I mean... Ice, Fire, Earth, Elctricity, And what are the other two?"

"Oh um Light and Dark crystals... Its strange damian would benefit from either one in a super way... But xander already has one of them so the only one left would be the Dark Crystal... but im sure it matches his attitude"

"Understatement" elyse coughed,"So anyways please ge to us when you find where it is..."

"Will do" master b closes the connection...

"So Ki... are you up to takeing the crystal you are most going to benefit from?" Elyse turns to Ki and Flamon awaiting their answer, "I am warning you though.. the amazon is no longer lush and green... like i called it a while ago.. waste lands... so be prepared to see the worse you could see"
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(Damian laughs)
Damian: The worst you can see, huh? That's not as easy as you might think. I've seen things you never will. I haven't had a nice life. I've stolen, I've killed, and I've tortured, all in the name of survival. I doubt this Amazon wastland will be the worst thing I've seen.
Elyse: You might be suprised.
Damian: I don't think so.
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Elyse shurgs and imperialdramon lands and lets everyone out with a tractor beam. They all look around at nothing. The wind blew from the south for some odd reason and the dust lay still.

"Yeah... a bunch of nothing is the worse!?" Damian laughs

"No... You havent seen it yet... Its just over that hill" Veemon says pointing towards the hill, "i could see it when flying... quite sad really."

"Dont tell them veemon... let them see if for themselves." Elyse seemed to float to the top of the hill leaveing the others down below, "You want to see horror... you want to see destruction... get your butts up here and ill show you!"

"Oh brother... if the government saw her do that we would both be in trouble" Veemon slaps his forehead and runs up to his partner

the others join her at the top of the hill. The once vast amazon was now a smoldering wasteland. Animal carcases still burned and what was worse was the human skelotons that seemed to have melted in the blaze. The skulls and still rotting flesh looked up at the hatefull sky. The bone arms streatched out for the heavens.

The foul smell of rotting flesh and bone and skin and fur filled the air as the wind blew. Tree trunks no longer stood strong and crumbled in the wind. After some silent walking they came to a river... People who had hoped to escape the fire that leaped into the water boiled to death. All the fish lined the banks and reeked horribly.

"Now... just take a look around... Damian you might not think this is as bad as you have seem but beleive me... if you had a HEART in that lead body of yours you would think otherwise..." Elyse keeps a straight face and glances around.

"I dont lik this.. its creepy.... lets find that crystal and get out of here!!!" veemon yells loudly
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Ki had been excited when she heard that she would be going to get a crystal.As they arrived Ki looked around not seeing any lush green forests.Elyse told them that they had been destroyed.When they landed and climbed the hill Ki gasped in shock and horror.Ki looked at Flamon and they both looked worried.

"So I have to go alone?"Ki asked.Elyse just nodded and looked out into the distance.

"Ok then.Let's do it Flamon!!"Ki said bravely.
"Right behind ya!!"Flamon replied strongly.

Ki looked at the group and walked off down the opposite side of the hill to whatever was about to befall her next.

When she reached level ground again she covered her mouth and nose and looked around.She spoke into her comwatch.

"Hey Elyse....What way should I be heading exactly?"
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"I didnt mean you had to go alone... only YOU can get the crystal though... there is most likely someone guarding it... like mine... Scorpiomon there.. who knows.. here.." Elyse looks again at the human skeletons... the bones fused and molded together from the intense heat, "if you need help though just call.. i can get us there in a flash"

"yup... we will help!" Veemon jumps up and down

"But im sure flamon is strong enough to protect you" Elyse smiles into the watch..., "try not to get hurt..... Head south.. jsut follow the direction of the wind... and your dna and digimon should show you the way"

elyse closes the connection and glances around...
Elyse looks around and notices the guys are in silence... she pulles out of her backpact a few canteens and some MREs

"What are those?" Ace asks

"they are called MREs" Elyse smiled handing him one

"Whats that?" Matt asked

"Meal ready to eat... MRE... All the food you will need in a meal... very healthy.. and very good.. it rances from chips to sandwhiches to so on and so forth... and the stuf in the canteens is clean drinkable water... all that i had left... there isnt much clean water anymore... because of the poisoned earth thing..."

Elyse gave veemon some food and sat down on a chared rock.
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