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Jubei Yagyou

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[I]After years of industrial war and technalogy taking over the world only few pure fighters still standing. Some willing to risk their lives to bring the world back to its natural ways, but there are some of which that wish to take control of the world and enslave innocent people and kill those who think they have sinned against the world. There have been many skirmish's and battles against one pure fighting group to another, but an unknown force that seems to be controlling the side of vengence and evil, a force that is unmatched in the way of fighting. The force is a man, a man named Ken of the hell flame, he was known by that name many years ago but suddenly dissapeared, but now Ken is back. Who will save the world? Who will destroy it?[/I]

okay just choose a side and be a fighter of a old fuedal time, it can be midi-evil or Japanese fuedal age or whatever.

Type of Fighter

Heres mine

Name: Akumatsu Shinomori
Age: 22
Side: Good
Type of Fighter: Ninja
Weapon: Ninja sword
Style: Ninjutsu
Appearance: [url]http://www.activewin.com/xbox/pr/20...es/kunai_11.jpg[/url]
Bio: As a child Akumatsu was raised only by his father for his mother was killed by a virus. Not only being raised by his father but trained by the way of the ninja. But on his first day of training his father was attacked by the infamous evil fighting group named Kageryu. The attack killed his father and blinded Akumatsu, managing to escape, Akumatsu tought his own way of ninjutsu. After mastering ninjutsu at the age of 21, Akumatsu set out on a journey to in south-west Japan to avenge his father's death and kill the Kageryu. On his journey Akumatsu met a blind old man. After caring for the old man for quite some time the old man gave Akumatsu a gift, a special ninja ability, for the old man was once a ninja also. After learning the ability the old man ordered Akumatsu to leave and make use of the ability, so after saying his goodbyes Akumatsu left and continued his journey. And one day Akumatsu saw a sign saying "Protect the world and fight the Kageryu! Join us!" Soon after joining Akumatsu became a valuable asset to the good natured fighting group.
Ability: Silent Movement: After summoning the power of Silent Movement Akumatsu has an aura of about ten feet around him that makes it so everything outside the aura cant hear whats inside the aura.
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Name:Oji Kashin
Type of fighter:former skilled assasin.
Weapon:Sacred sword and chain.
Appearence:He weares a black leather jacket with one of the sleeves ripped off,gloves with fingers ripped off,Jeans,Head band,hair is spicky and go's down to the bottom of his neck,and a scar on his right eye.
BIO:Oji became an assasin because he hated people after all one of them did slaughter his whole family.He now leaps over buildings and walks up on streets for revenge.
Abilites:Extrodanery power,and the ability to fire energy beams or energy balls etc.
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Name Sagara Kanosuke
Age 20
Type of Fighter martial artist
Weapon: Her Fists and her Katana
Style her own
Apearence: Brown Hair Blue eyes. Wears an outfit like Sanosuke's but the symbol on the back of her jacket is "Fatal". Wears White bandages around her chest
Bio Not really much to tell except that her father Sanosuke taught her everything that she knows. She joined the group to stop the Kageryu for the Kageryu had killed some of her friends and she wanted to avenge their deaths
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Jubei Yagyou [/i]
[B]can be midi-evil ... or whatever.[/B][/QUOTE]
[font=comic sans ms][color=sienna][b][i]Hope I got it right
Name: Bjorn Siksmehn

Age: 37

Side: Bad (if I don't choose it, who will)

Type of Fighter: Viking Varior

Weapon: Batle Axe

Style: His own

Appearence:(see attachement) Bjorn has as much muscle as he has fat and he's realy fat. he wearsrust colored leathers, metal helmet and boots, has a shield on left had, and a huge battle axe in his right.

Bio: Was a peaceful shipmaker when he was young, but one day he ws attacked and all his shipmaking tools were destroyed, seeking revenge and a way to survive, he joined raiders who went to Englnd and other lands to loot gold and kill monks. There Bjorn learned to be rutless, there he also got his surname- he ate like six men at once, he drank like six men, and when he fought it was if six men were fighting, because of the his fellow looters named him Siksmehn. On one journey he came upon some monks that had some strong powers, they killed Bjorn's friends and knocked him out into a realy strange sleep. When he woke up with blood lust, Ken was there to offer him a place as his minion.

Abilities: Bjorns batlle axe, has some magick powers usefull for fighting, if needed he can also use it for shipmaking. With a strike from his axe he makes six equaly powerful clones of himself. [/color][/font][/b][/i]
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name:Vox (last name is unkown

age: apears about 19

Weapon: None unless he steals some claws somtime.

style: Ender (my own style. good for 1 on 1 and quik to take down but left side and back are left nearly undefended and is weak agianst large numbers. good for blocking headon atacks)

side: good for most part (hates goverment)

apearance: A old torn Leather jacket and old torn jeans. he hasn't got the money for a shirt but he has some leather shoes. His hair is down past hisshoulders. he also has light blue eyes

Bio: He was just a regular kid in a village when his parents where killed. They where killed in a war by there own side. This was as a little kid. Since then he has been a thief. He survives by his wit and speed. He usauly runs from large groups of fighters but he has been known to fight for money.
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Cool, i'll join

Name: Nitsu Kamari

Age: 20

Type of fighter: uh.... Swords women.... I guess.... Glaive? >_<

Weapon: Glaive

Style: A mix of all styles and her own. I dont know what you would call that...

Side: Good

Appearance: She has Short gold hair thats spiked a bit in the front. She wears a short long sleeved Dark Green jacket that is tied and a uh... (Doesn't know what its called) >_< Just see the attatchment, its what the person has over there sholders. She has a Black sash with a belt over it and baggy dark green pants. She wears small shoes for speed.

Bio: Until she was 7, Nitsu grew up in a peaceful place, but then a war spread to her village and she was the only one who survived. She was raised by a group who fought for peace and was taught all of the skills she knows now.
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