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Neo NnM

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In a place where two worlds coexist Digimon and humans have lived for years,but recently some wild Digimon have start to attack the humna in the Digital world and the humans world.In efferts to protect the humans and keep both worlds safe the Digigods sealed the gates in between the worlds and made 7 new Crest,Digieggs,and Digivices. were made to open the door and awaken the Gaurdens of the Digial world once again.befor the gates were sealed the Digigods sent out new digi eggs with great power to select humans.Now the humans with their Digimon must defete the new evil and save the digal world and their own.

The 7 new crest and digieggs are Life,Speed,Power,Death,Heart,Mind,and Skill.

Here is the elament each crest repasents,so keep that inmind when selecting.
[COLOR=green]Life-Nature-Stomou Kinkani(Tommy)(magnaangemon01)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=teal]Speed-Ice-Serena Megumi(Kesaki_Inedia)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]Heart-Water-Kimana Toki(Ki)(Ohkami)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]Mind-Sky-Matthew Hawke (or Hawk)(§corpio)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=yellow]Skill-Lightning-Michio Ashida(Taki Ebina)[/COLOR]

For this rpg there is going to be a few new and old digivolutions.
Tamer name:
Creast&Digiegg given:
Digivice color:

Digiegg champion:
Moon: (Digivolve form using the power of Gentrodramon the Digigod of sea)
Star: (Digivolve form using the power of Hytrixmon the Digigod of sky)
Matrix: (Digivolve form using the power of Vaztymon the Digigod of earth)

Yes,I know that some of the levels are obserbed but hey makes them more powerful right.

Tamer name: Ace
Age: 16
Female/Male: Male
Creast&Digiegg given: Power
Digivice color: Silver
Description: 6'1'',thin,wares all black,silver hair and blue eyes.

Fresh: Cattledramon>Boom bubble
In-training: Spikydramon>Spike bubble
Rookie: Horndramon>Flaming horn
Digiegg champion: Jetbulldramon>Horn missles
Champion: Bulldramon>Airal Stamped
Ultimate: Cometbulldramon>Burning Staff
Mega: Cyberbulldramon>Digital Deletion
Moon: Warbulldramon>Dragon's Blaze
Star: Burningbulldramon>Piro Bazuka
Matrix: Skullbulldramon>Shadow Piro
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[b]Name:[/b]Kimana Toki[b](Ki)[/b]
[b]Crest/DigiEgg Given:[/b][color=blue]Heart-Water[/color]
[b]Digivice Colour:[/b][color=royalblue]Baby Blue[/color]
[b]Description:[/b]Ki has chocolate brown hair and bright emerald eyes but they are usually covered by her silver,reflective,custom made sunglasses.She wears a blue jacket open with a white t-shirt inside that has the image of a baby blue chinese coiled up dragon on the front,navy blue pants and blue and white nike joggers.

[b]In Training:[/b]Swimmon
[b]DigiEgg Champion:[/b]Tidalmon

[b]I hope it's ok to make up a Digimon...I couldn't think of an existingg water digimon that I liked.[/b]
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[B]Tamer name:[/B] Michio Ashida
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Female/Male:[/B] Male
[B]Crest and Digiegg given:[/B] Skill/Lightning
[B]Digivice color:[/B] [COLOR=coral]Coral[/COLOR]
[B][U]Description:[/U][/B] Michios hair is medium length and dirty blond. His eyes are bright green and he sometimes wears glasses. His normal clothes are long, black, baggy jeans with serveral pockets and a black shirt with an orange Hazard sign (Guilmons sign) on the front and a red lightning bolt on the back and dark blue trainers (sneakers to Americans).

[B][U]-Digimon, Natural Digivolutions-[/U][/B]
Baby: Pabumon
In-Training: Motimon
Rookie: Termitemon
Champion: Beetlemon
Ultimate: MetalKabuterimon
Mega: RhinoKabuterimon

[B][U]-Digimon, Aided Digivolutions-[/U][/B]
Armour Digivolution: Shadramon
Moon Digivolution: Lunarismon
Star Digivolution: Eurusmon
Matrix Digivolution: AncientBeetlemon

[B][U][I]-Natural Digivolution Attacks-[/I][/U][/B]
Pabumon: Bubble Blow
Motimon: Bubble Blow
Termitemon: Talon Attack, Insect Bite, Electro Shocker
Beetlemon: Thunderfist, Lightning Blitz
MetalKabuterimon: Bolo Thunder, Electro Cannon
RhinoKabuterimon: Thunder Laser, Condenser Storm

[B][U][I]-Aided Digivolution Attacks-[/I][/U][/B]
Shadramon: Flash Buster, Psychic Wave
Lunarismon: Meteor Shower, Luna Cannon
Eurusmon: Wind Blade, Flying Ace
AncientBeetlemon: Terra Blaster, Calamity Thunder, Lightning Strike
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Name:Stomou Kinkani (Tommy)
Crest/Digiegg Given:Life/Natural
Digivice Color:Crystal White
Description:Tommy is a little arrogant and bossy. He thinks he has all the answers. He's really a good friend , though. And in the toughest of times you can always depend on him. In the dark times, he never loses hope and knows that everything will turn out ok. Favorite quote is: "Things always get worse before they get better".

In-Training:Tokomon/Bubble Blow
Rookie:Patamon/Boom Bubble
Armor:Majesticmon/Majestic Wing
Champion:Angemon/Hand of Fate
Ultimate:MagnaAngemon/Gate of Destiny
Mega:Seraphymon/Seven Heavens
Moon:Angelicmon/Heaven's Wrath
Star:Cherubimimon/Angelic Arrow
Matrix:ArchAngemon/Staff of Karma
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Tamer name: Matthew Hawke (or Hawk)

Age: 16

Female/Male: Male

Creast & Digiegg given: Mind-Sky

Digivice color: [color=burlywood]Burlywood[/color]

Description: Matt has bright pure Blonde hair that shines in the sun. He wears a bright orange T-Shirt that says "Whassup!" near the top. He has Black, long shorts with a silver stripe down the right side. He has a silver necklace with a black lines on it that he never takes off and in the middle is a small silver nail like thingy. He also has a Fitted Visor which is grey but black on the front and it says "Hoops". He also has bright blue eyes. He's 5"7 and only 96 lbs. Which makes him very fast. He also has a year round tan.


Fresh: [url=http://mz.emuparadise.org/Hawkmon_files/image001.gif]Pururumon[/url]

In-training: [url=http://mz.emuparadise.org/Hawkmon_files/image003.jpg]Poromon[/url]

Rookie: [url=http://mz.emuparadise.org/Hawkmon_files/image004.gif]Hawkmon[/url]

Armor: Falcomon

Champion: [url=http://mz.emuparadise.org/Hawkmon_files/image025.jpg]Aquilamon[/url]

Ultimate: [url=http://mz.emuparadise.org/Hawkmon_files/image026.jpg]Silphymon[/url]

Mega: [url=http://mz.emuparadise.org/Hawkmon_files/image027.gif]Valkyeriemon[/url]

Moon: [url=http://mz.emuparadise.org/Hawkmon_files/image008.jpg]Rinkmon[/url]

Star: [url=http://mz.emuparadise.org/Hawkmon_files/image024.jpg]Peacockmon[/url]

Matrix: [url=http://mz.emuparadise.org/Hawkmon_files/image014.jpg]Flybeemon[/url]


Fresh: Bubble Blow
In-Training: Baby Breeze
Rookie: Beak Buzzsaw
Armor: Sky Uppercut
Champion: Grand Horn
Ultimate: Static Force, Duel Sonic Laser
Mega: Feral Sword, Lightning Arrow
Moon: Spinning Cutter, Quad Speed Stream
Star: Rainbow Flapping, Peahen's Assistance
Matrix: Fly Spark, Poison Stinger[/size][/b]
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ok well I'm back. here we go:

Tamer name: Serena Megumi
Age: 15
Female/Male: Girl!
Creast&Digiegg given: Speed-Ice
Digivice color: crystaly.
Description: I'll get you a pic. in a minute.

Fresh: SnowBotamon
In-training: Nyaromon
Rookie: Ice salamon
Digiegg champion: IceNefertimon
Champion: Snowgatomon
Ultimate: IceAngewomon
Mega: BlizzardOphanimon
Moon: CresantAngewomon
Star: crystalAngewoman
Matrix: OmegaBlizzardOphanimon.

I couldn't find any Ice types I liked so Is it okay that I made them up a little?
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Tamer name: kakeo
Age: 16
Female/Male: Female
Creast&Digiegg given: Death-Earth
Digivice color: Gold
Description: 6'0'',skinny,wares a sailor school uniform,blue hair and green eyes.

Fresh: Poricdramon>Boom bubble
In-training: Thorndramon>Spike bubble
Rookie: Needledramon>Spike Ball
Digiegg champion: Moledrilldramon>Jet Drill
Champion: Drilldramon>Spike Drill
Ultimate: Metaldrilldramon>Metal Spike
Mega: Magnumdrilldramon>Drill Cannon
Moon: Limbodrilldramon>Spirit Drill
Star: Shadowdrilldramon>Shadow Drill
Matrix: Exdrilldramon>Black Hole
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