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Writing Digimon: Earth And Sea


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Earth and Sea (Ch. 0)

[b][COLOR=red]?We cannot just sit here and let Him take over! We must do something!? A cold voice chimes out of the darkness that surrounded a large table.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]?We have tried, but all our forces have failed! Do you honestly think we can take Him? We are not what He is after anyways.? A calmer and kinder male voice spoke quickly.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]?That is correct. He is not after us!? A deeper male voice echoes across what seems to be a table like you would see in a large office building?s meeting room.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=orange]?They are both right Z! All He wants are the devices? Although I have to admit that he will kill anyone and anything to get them? Anyone in his path? The fourth male voice broke the argument.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]?The devices... Why?? The cold voice booms with confusion yet anger.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=orange]?Oh brother? Where have you been living? Under a rock? Remember Z? The devices pose a threat and He seeks to destroy any threat that might bring Him down? The deeper voice seemed to sweat worry into the conversation.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]?Oh, right! Hey I don?t pay attention sometimes! Get a grip!? The cold voice seemed to flare back.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]?Both of you just stop! We need to solve this quickly! I feel it is time to scatter them.? The kind voice tried to keep things calm but was beginning to figure it was a waste.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]?Umm.. A? Uh? scatter?? The deeper voice spoke again.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=orange]?Yes scatter the devices. Not exactly scatter like you would bird seed? But you know what I mean? them out of here and individually in someone else?s hands! Someone who can actually use them to their highest power. That?s what we need to do Z, B, and E? The kind voice tried to keep reason into the conversation but was beginning to give up.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]?WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THE WHOLE CODE NAME THING?? The cold voice known as Z boomed changing the subject.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]?Because He is everywhere? He could be listening? We don?t want Him to know who we are just yet. If He knew? we would be destroyed in moments.? E seemed to snap back. His voice seemed to echo as if there were two of him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]?Well I for one am with A on this one? There is no telling what He might do.? B muttered? His voice sent a crisp growl that was short lived thanks to A.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=orange]?No? we all know exactly what He will do. Destroy us all and take over as if this was all his to begin with! We all know the problem. We all know the cause. What we don?t know? Is the solution? And we have to think of one?Fast??[/COLOR][/b]

[b][i] The school day was normal as always. The students walked about making so much noise you would think the windows would shatter. The teachers handed out homework like Halloween candy. Candy that the students did not like much. It was like getting raisins or apples as you were trick or treating.

In the gym a bunch of stuff was going on. Yearbook signings and photos being taken. One guy stood off to the side against the wall. One knee was bent back and the foot propped up on the wall. His arms were crossed and he stared at the floor. His neck long black hair covered his face. Someone caught his attention.

The person wanted him to join in on a large group photo but all he did was wave them off. The scar ran from just under his right eye down to just above the top lip. This made him avoid cameras at school? Not to mention other people. He glanced around and noticed a girl his age cut across the gym.

She quickly avoided cameras, students, and teachers as she cut across the gym on her way to the library as she did every day. She wore a long sleeve red shirt with black jeans. Her eyes were glued to the floor as she ran along. She was just about to exit when she ran right into a girl who was about an inch taller than her.

?Watch it slob!? The girl still standing yelled. Her name was Adrianne.

Adrianne wore a black vest over a blue t shirt. Her blue jeans were those faded tight jeans they sell for a fortune at some popular clothing store. She tapped her leather boot like shoes awaiting the apology from the girl who ran into her.

The girl on the floor picked up her book and stood up. She did not even hesitate for a moment to apologize or glance at Adrianne. She just weaved around her and continued into the library. Her wavy black hair flowed behind her as she picked up speed.

?The nerve of that lowlife!? Adrianne snapped as she walked over to a group of her friends who were about to pose for a picture.

Adrianne got into her pose and then waited. The guy behind the camera had dusty blonde hair and bright green eyes. He wore a baggy white t shirt and baggy jeans. His black shoes shifted about 4 inches to the left as he adjusted the lens.

?Today Kyle! Man? you?re the slowest photographer I have ever seen!? Adrianne shrieked.

?Adrianne? Shut up?? Kyle snapped back as he took the picture.

?What did you just say to me! Why you little! I wont forget this? ill tell my brother. He will beat you till your uglier then the slob that just ran into me!? Adrianne?s face got very red with anger.

?Her name is Elyse? And don?t talk about her like that you twit.? Kyle calmly replied not even caring about the brother comment.

?Whatever? Wait? Twit? Oh you?re going to get it now!? Adrianne turned and stormed out of the gym.

?Hahahaha! You?re always good with the ladies Kyle. How do you do it?? The guy leaning against the wall walked over slowly.

?I don?t know Xander I really don?t know. What I do know though is that girl needs an attitude adjustment. Picking on Elyse like that and then acting as if she has not known her since first grade.? Kyle removes the film from his camera.

?Kyle? You don?t even like Elyse? And you agree with Adrianne about the ugly slob part! You even said it yesterday.? Xander eyed Kyle for a bit.

?So? That still gives Adrianne no right to act that way? But subject change for a second? What is up with Elyse? What?s her deal?? Kyle seemed curious.

?You think I know? I honestly don?t care actually? She?s weird, she avoids people, she lives in that library, and she freaks me out.? Xander re glued his eyes to the floor like always.

?So do you? What?s your story?? Kyle pointed out.

?A story I won?t tell anyone. Not really anyone?s business I feel. I don?t like remembering the past and I would prefer not to.? Xander replied quickly.

?Well? whatever? Don?t let the other kids get to you alright? I got to go develop this film before Adrianne sends her big brother after me.? Kyle sarcastically joked.

?Yeah, whatever.? Xander wandered off towards the library.

He walked down the empty hall and stopped outside the library doors. He glanced inside and saw Elyse sitting at a small table. It looked like she was crying and Xander felt a little uneasy but stayed motionless. He let out a small sigh as he lifted a hand and lightly touched the scar that run down his face.

Elyse looked up from the table and noticed Xander outside. She sighed to herself and he gave her a sarcastic smile before walking away. She stood from the table and grabbed her stuff. She wiped the salty tears from her eyes and headed home. It started to snow so it made walking home difficult. She lived on a hill in town and when it snowed it was a pain to walk up.

?Bunch of jerks?? She muttered as she trudged up the stairs to her house.[/i][/b]

[b][COLOR=blue]?Well?? B asks? with a short growl.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=orange]?Perfect! Those four will do perfectly!? A?s voice seemed hopeful.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]?Your insane right? They all hate each other?? Z?s negativity came back quickly?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]?Oh brother, they don?t hate each other? Adrianne is on a high horse? a really high horse. Xander seems quiet? Like he?s hiding something. Kyle seems curious or confused about the others?? E?s voice describes what he sees. Again his voice seemed to echo like there were 2 of him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]?What about that Elyse girl?? B growls quickly?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]?I can answer that. She does not like any of them? She is of few words. Seems not confident? Is picked on? she?s carrying a lot of stuff on her shoulders? What a pathetic group of children. So you chose these children to help us? That?s a chaotic mistake if there ever was one. Just like the D-R? Z roars until getting cut off?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]?Let us not speak of THAT mistake? For it was not a mistake? it was a program that grew out of control. Get someone to deliver our devices to these four? And as soon as possible? we need all the help we can.? A snaps quickly? as what light in the room disappears? leaving them in darkness, ?I don?t think we can handle much more power loss? A finishes.[/COLOR][/b]
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Earth And Sea (Ch. 1 )

The sun was high indicating that it was about noon. It?s lunch time and Elyse was in the library waiting for the after lunch classes. The bell rang and a flood of students stream down the halls.

Xander turns into a large class room full of medium sized school desks. He locates his and takes a seat. Soon Adrianne and Kyle storm in as if they had yet another argument. Elyse came in shortly there after. She looked annoyed at their constant squabbles.

They all take their seats and wait for the remaining minutes till class starts to elapse. The teacher walks in and takes a small look on the depleting source of students. The amount of absences worried her a bit. She glances at the note from last weeks substitute teacher. A frown quickly drains the kindness out of her face.

?Well! Are we all exited for this coming two week break? Good? Because after that stunt someone pulled last week? you will all be having a lot of homework to do till then. I think you all know who to thank for this. Lets just hope you?slacking students get the work in so your precious break time isn?t spent doing reports.? The teacher growls lightly tossing the note into the trash.

The entire class lets out a groan. The students crumpled up balls of paper and threw them at Kyle. Kyle just ignores their complaining and avoids their glares. The teacher collects last week?s homework and passes out a handful of more homework for them to do. After a lecture about the attack on Pearl Harbor the teacher lets the class sit in silence as they work on their recent report on World War II. About fifteen minutes into the silence though? A whispering feud breaks out.

?Psst! Hey Kyle?? Adrianne hisses quietly, ?You are going to get it! Your are such a freak! Especially after that cigarette in my sandwich when I wasn?t looking trick you pulled!?

?I had nothing to do with that? Like I already said!? Kyle whispers back in a somewhat harsh tone, ?I don?t even smoke!?

?LIER!? Adrianne blurts out in the middle of class causing everyone to stare at her.

?I did it you blind twit! Heh Heh!? Xander also blurts out loudly.

?Why you scar faced creep!? Adrianne stands as she shrieks

?Hey pretty boy over there deserves to be ratted on and beaten up? His head is in the clouds? Yell at him!? Xander fires back.

The teacher tries to calm them but Kyle changes all that by standing up and marching towards Xander?s desk, ?You say what? Pretty Boy? Is that how your gonna play? A?ight!?

But before Kyle could slam his fist into Xander?s face he feels a hand lightly grasp his arm, ?Please?Stop it guys? Lets all get along?? Elyse quietly pleads.

?Let them fight slob! It will save my brother some time?? Adrianne snaps and then flips her hair, ?Plus this is entertaining!?

?Now stop this at once! Sit down this instant!? The teacher snaps as she slams some books onto her desk.

?Oh shut up! Another lecture about the Civil War and the attack on Pearl Harbor massacre is going to give me a headache.? Elyse flares back at the teacher.

The teacher stood dumbfounded at this. Elyse was always quiet and never mouthed off. As the teacher stood motionless, the kids were also surprised at this out burst. Elyse realized what she had done and gasps.

?Good work!? Xander coughs.
?Wow? Never knew you had it in you!? Kyle laughs as he sits down.

Elyse turns to the teacher, ?I? I??

The teacher interrupts quickly, ?All four of you stay after class! I will be notifying the principle of this out break? We will see what he has to say about this! Elyse? I am disappointed in you.?

Elyse and Adrianne take their seats and the four of them stay there for the remainder of the class. The teacher presses the intercom button and calls for the principle as the bell rings. The entire class, aside from the four, file out of the classroom. They snicker at the four who are in trouble as they leave.

The principle arrives shortly there after. The teacher leads him out into the hall to discuss the situation. She closes the classroom door and stands in front of it. There was no escape.

?Well? Your big mouth got us into trouble!? Adrianne leaps up and rushes at Elyse pointer her finger.

?You all would have been in trouble anyways so stop blaming me. Get your finger out of my face before I break it!? Elyse snaps.

?Wah! What?s up? I have never seen you like this before!? Kyle interrupts with surprise.

?Like you care! You sound sooo convincing? Pfft yeah right! It?s none of your business!? Elyse snaps again.

Xander stands up slowly, ?Oh he just wanted to know what has you acting far from your usual, quiet, sad self.?

?Guys? Please.? Elyse pleads again, ?Let?s just calm down and get along for once??

Suddenly they are all interrupted as the lights go out. They hear a faint beep. Their heads turn towards the small row of computers in the back end of the classroom. The beep is heard again. Kyle, Elyse, and Adrianne approach the center computer. Xander couldn?t care less so he leans against the class room heater. The screen was on but black.

?What?s ? What?s wrong with it?? Adrianne nervously approaches.

?It?s called a screen saver?? Elyse wiggles the mouse and the main screen fades into view, ?See? The screen is normal now? Take a look!?

?Ohh? I see? Nothing to worry about then?? Adrianne gets close to the screen to take a look and then lets out a sigh of relief. Suddenly the screen blinks and a window pops up, ?Ahhhh!? Adrianne leaps back almost knocking over a few desks.

?Hahaha They don?t call them POP UPS for nothing now do they.? Xander stands up straight and chuckles.

?Hey guys? Look! Come here.? Kyle motions with his right hand for them to take a look at the pop up.

?It?s a code message? Looks like a word scramble to me.? Elyse points at the garbled letters.

?Computer glitch perhaps?? Adrianne quietly asks.

?No? Timed message most likely? Or something like that?? Elyse continues to stare at it.

?Well if you?re so smart what?s it say?? Adrianne stands tall feeling like she was proud of her come back.

?Wait a minute? How do you know so much about computers? You live in the school library? not computer lab.? Xander stares at her questioningly.

?I do live in a house you know. If you had a mother like mine you would learn to lock yourself in your room. Computers are my only way of passing the time? Not that you care.? Elyse writes down the letters in different combos trying to make sense of it all.

?Uh?What does it say!?? Xander and Kyle said in harmony as they stood there a bit confused.

?Id figure that out quicker if you two kept your mouth shut.? Elyse jots it down more, ?I got it! That was easier then I thought! Simple trick Simple message? Although? It makes no sense.?

?Well? What?s it say?? Xander mumbles as if a huge secret was about to be revealed.

?It says ?Gotch Ya Now! ~ Digi-Z? ? Whatever that means? Elyse answers quietly.

?Weird Screen name?Pointless message.? Kyle turns around and gasps as if in trouble.

?What now chicken?? Adrianne turns around to insult Kyle more but repeats his action and gasps.

Xander and Elyse turn around and blink. Standing there at the front of the class room was not the teacher or the principle. It hovered actually, like a ghost. It made a menacing laugh. Its clothes were grey and torn. It wore a red hood like cape. Its two blue eyes stared at the group. In its left hand it held an odd ball on a chain. The ball had odd markings. In his right hand he held a long sharp scythe.

The long scythe sparkled like new and was apparently sharp. This thing swung its ball on the chain slowly. After a bit everyone got light headed. Suddenly the four of them passed out and fell to the floor. The four of them and the ghost like thing holding the scythe disappeared just as the teacher and principle walk in the door.

?Where did they go?? The teacher turns the light on?

?Well Mrs. Smith? I will tend to them tomorrow?? The principle then leaves.


The first of the four to wake up was Xander. He stood up and glanced down at Elyse who was still asleep along with Adrianne and Kyle. He stood up and walked over to a cliff edge. He figures he is still dreaming from what he sees. But soon the others join him as they stare off into the odd looking wilderness. The trees had odd colors to them and the plants did not look normal.

?Where are we?? Kyle scratches his head in a confused manner.

?I am? I have no idea? Xander stumbles in his mind trying to find the answers.

?Maybe this is the principles idea of a natural punishment.? Adrianne huffs, ?I hate the woods? Too many bugs...?

?I doubt it? Kyle says?

?Then what?? Adrianne asks none of them in particular.

Kyle replies, ?I don't know? I really don?t know"
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Earth and Sea (Ch.2)

?Come now kids? all will be explained once we are at my house! Do not be afraid, Follow me.? An eerie voice came from behind the group.

The group leaped up and spun around to see the ghost like thing from the classroom. It was hovering over the ground. It still carried the ball and chain along with the scythe. But its voice was kind. It stared at the 4 with its blue eyes.

?What the? Where are we, Freak! Better yet? What are you?? Adrianne barks loudly.

?Oh brother, I said all will be answered at my house.? It spoke, ?Just follow me? It?s not safe here.?

?Who?s to say it?s safe in your house! You?ll probably chop us into tiny little pieces for chow-main with that scythe thing!? Kyle eyes the blade.

?A Phantom?? Xander says after staring at the floating thing for a while.

?? Close, Right on, and Almost? It laughs.

?Then what are you?? Kyle taps a foot slowly.

?Like I said? All will be answered if you will just come with me.? It gets annoyed?

?Calm guys, let?s just go along? I can tell this is not our class room and? I?m sure the rules are different here.? Elyse quietly interjects.

Xander eyes her, ?How would you know??

?I?Uh?Not important? Let?s just say it?s a hunch? Heck that guy can float!? Elyse avoids his glance.

They all nod and follow the floating thing down into a forest. The path winded and twisted all over the place. It soon led them to the bottom of the cliff they were at the top of just a while before. It looked much taller from down below than it had from up above.

?So mister phantom dude? How much longer??

?Elyse you know my name? Anyways just a bit farther you should remem-?

Elyse interrupts, ?That?s not the point? Thanks? just a bit was all I really wanted to know.?

?Uh alright?? The phantom eyes the group as he floats along.

They all walk silently for about fifteen minutes. They finally came up to a small house in the middle of the forest. The cabin house was not too large and the windows were all boarded up. They all walked inside. The moment the door closed behind them 3 bird creatures appeared before them. They all had brown birdlike bodies, black bird like legs, sharp crimson red claws on each foot, and they had large heads. Their heads were covered with a bone skull like helmet, and they had green feathers at the back of their head. Their sharp toes dug into the old floorboards and their green eyes glance at the four kids cautiously.

?Kiwimon? could you retrieve the devices while I explain some things to them?? The phantom asks quietly but more demands than asks.

?Yes sir!? The three say altogether and trot out the back door.

?Ok enough? You are in the digital world? a place where digital monsters live. Digital monsters are like me and those Kiwimon. We are called digimon for short.? The phantom turns towards the group.

?So who are you if they are called Kiwimon?? Xander interrupts.

?I am Phantomon? An ultimate level digimon?? Phantomon glares at Xander.

?Wait? Level?? Adrianne huffs.

?Uh? oh brother. Yes level. A digimon starts out as an egg. Once hatched it is in the fresh form. Once it digivolves it goes through many level stages. First Fresh, then In-Training. Next is the rookie form. Once at the rookie stage? it normally stays in the rookie stage unless it digivolves higher.? Phantomon?s eyes move from each kid to the next cautiously.

?Uh?how many more levels would there be then?? Kyle asks slowly tapping one foot.

?A rookie digivolves into a champion form? then the champion to an Ultimate like myself? the last stage is mega?the most powerful.?

?So you are saying as each digimon digivolves it gets more powerful?? Xander stares at the floor as he speaks.

Phantomon tries to think of a way to explain it, ?Yes?Its like a human? Unborn, Baby, Infant, Child, Teenager, Adult, and Elderly? Does that make sense??

?Uh? right.? The four teens look at each other in a confused manner, ?No not really?

?Oh brother? For the love of the masters! I give up! You will see as time goes along.? Phantomon throws his arms into the air in a frustrated manor.

?One last question? Why are we here?? Elyse quietly mutters.

?Even I don?t know? I am just here to deliver some things to you.? He answers quickly.

?Alright? What is it?? While she taps a foot impatiently Adrianne rests a hand on her hip.

Suddenly the 3 Kiwimon trot back into the room. In their beaks were odd looking devices and watches. They all were the same design? just different colors. The watches and devices were the same color? One Kiwimon held a purple set, the second Kiwimon held a yellow set, and the third Kiwimon held a black set.

The three Kiwimon approach the group. The purple device and watch was dropped into Adrianne?s hands, the yellow set was given to Kyle, and the black set was handed to Xander. The three Kiwimon nodded to the kids and stepped backwards. Xander, Kyle, and Adrianne stare at Elyse for a few seconds. Phantomon blinks at Elyse for a bit and Elyse shrugs and turns to the group as the Kiwimon leave the room.

?That?s not that last of it? Look at your devices?? Phantomon points his scythe at the screens.

The three glance at the screen and see a pixilated egg on the screen. Suddenly the Inferred eye on the edge of the watches began to blink. The eggs materialize before their eyes. The eggs were bigger than beach balls. The three were in awe as Elyse just watches silently.

Kyle, Xander, and Adrianne continued to stand in total amazement at all that was taking place. The eggs began to glow and the shells began to crack. Soon all three eggs have begun to shake. Suddenly the shells seemed to explode and shell shards flew everywhere. The things inside stood before their new partners.

Now standing in front of Adrianne was an odd little creature. His body was white and he had purple markings on his flipper like hands and feet, as well as on his face. On the top of his head stood a bright orange Mohawk that ran down the back of his head to his neck. His floppy feet pull him up to Adrianne?s feet.

?Hi! I am gomamon! Nice ta metcha!? The gomamon smiles at Adrianne.

?Ah! Your kinda cute!? Adrianne bent down and put her hand on his head, ?You remind me of my dog at home!?

?Remember, friend, I am no pet! I am your partner!? It laughs.

?Partner? Oh alright? You're a very nice digimon??

In front of Xander was something much different. This round dark blue digimon had no arms or hands, just wings that sprouted from its body. It had 2 little legs with red claws at the end that sparkled as if very sharp. His yellow eyes watched Xander and he grinned showing his pointy teeth. A skull marking sat atop his forehead. This blackish dark blue digimon had torn like tatter wings.

?And who might you be?? Xander barks quickly.

The black flying creature carefully lands on Xander?s shoulder like it was a perch, ?I am Demi-Devimon. Hehehe.?

?Well Demi-Devimon my name is Xander.? After that? the two remain silent.

Standing graciously in front of Kyle was a yellow fox like digimon. She had purple like gloves on her arms that went all the way up to her shoulders. Ying-Yang?s were on the tops of her claw like hands and similar markings in a light purple color were on her knees. She stood on her back two legs and about as tall as Kyle. Her long yellow tail swished from side to side as she crossed her 2 arms. Her yellow fur was sleek and shiny.

?And you would be?? Renamon begins?

?My name is Kyle? And you would be who?? Kyle answers and then asks a question of his own.

?Renamon?? She answers quickly, ?Nice to meet you Kyle.?

?Uh Mister Phantomon? What about Elyse?? Xander raises his hand as if in class only to bring it down into his pocket.

?She doesn?t deserve one in this world either I bet!? Adrianne blurts out.

Phantomon quickly growls, ?That will be enough!?

Renamon and Gomamon look at each other? both a little startled at Adrianne?s attitude. Demi-Devimon didn?t seem to care though. Elyse just got a funny grin on her face as she walked over towards Adrianne.

Elyse grins and points a finger in Adrianne?s face, ?I actually had mine much longer than you have. So how about shutting up before your mouth gets you a black eye. Now you guys know why Phantomon said I already knew his name.?

Adrianne barks back, ?I doubt you could hurt me! I bet your afraid to!?

?Do you ever stop talking!? Elyse snaps not really wanting an answer.

Just then Elyse began to dig through her pockets. She pulls out a Red device and watch set like the others. She waves it in Adrianne?s face. She then pulls it back. Elyse glances at the device and presses a bright orange button. Suddenly a projection comes from the screen and projects down onto the floor. Something began to materialize.

It was waist high and as the skin materialized the other noticed it was a blue color. Its belly and part of its face was white. It had 3 toes on each foot and five fingers on each hand, all with sharp nails. He had neat floppy horn like things that came from the top of his head. He had a yellow V mark on his forehead and a single yellow upside down triangle under each eye. Its long blue tail tapped the floor as it sat there.

It sat there for a few seconds in a slight trance. Its eyelids slowly lifted. Its red eyes glances at everyone around it. He stared at all the digimon and people that surrounded him. It smiled and looked at Elyse. It leaped up and lunged at her from his spot to hug her.

?Good to see you again! Being stuck in that DigiPalm as neutral data is?BOREING!? The digimon seemed very happy and energetic.

?Digipalm?? Xander glanced at the blue thing in front of Elyse.

Elyse holds up her red digivice, ?This thing? You all have one so do I. It is called a Digi-Palm? because it fits into your palm perfectly. It is a digivice.?

?Uh Huh? and who is that!?? Kyle nods?

Elyse places a hand on the blue creature?s head, ?Guys? I would like for you to meet MY digimon partner and best friend? Veemon.?
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Earth and Sea (Ch. 3)

?Wait wait wait!? Adrianne barks quickly, ?Explain? You have been here before??

Elyse grins again and pats veemon?s head, ?Yeah? Last Saturday at home I was summoned here. I spent a very long 48 days here.?

Xander finally comes to attention, ?Wait? that?s not possible?Or is it??

?Xander, You were transported to a world with odd talking creatures? Anything is possible? Kyle grins, ?So?Explain.?

Elyse shifts her weight from one foot to another, ?Hahaha time is different here. I was here for a month or so? I wasn?t worried though? I got home and I was only gone for a day or so?as time went on earth.?

Adrianne raises a single eyebrow, ?Wait.. You thought you were gone for months and you didn?t worry?about anything??


?Not even your parents getting worried and thinking you ran away or got kidnapped?? Xander asks but says it in a non caring way.

?I?no? She wouldn?t care if I stepped In front of a bus?? Elyse stalls a bit then gets a glare in her eyes.

?Who?? Veemon suddenly got interested in the conversation.

?My mom?Lets move from that subject. Uh? Phantomon??

?Yes Elyse??

?You called the four of us here because??

?Oh I did not call you? The four masters did!?

?You mean? Ugh? I suppose Master Z protested to the calling of humans into his domain??

?Yup?As usual. Typical of him though don?t forget. Anyways I could not? find Takashi. I tried though.? Phantomon?s voice gets quiet, ?I? I fear the worst.?

Elyse?s head snaps up and everyone hears her neck pop, ?You mean he is missing? I thought you could find anything you wanted that was in the real world? Unless?? She trails off.

?Unfortunately I fear the same thing?? Phantomon nods.

?He never made it back? Let's just hope he chose not to return?? Elyse sighs quietly.

Xander eyes the two, ?Why and who??

?Takashi, he was here with me before. We got separated because our paths home were through different gates. I just hope he chose to stay here? because if he didn?t something or someone got him?I don?t want that!?

?Ah? Straying from the subject?? Phantomon points out.

?Oh yes why are we here? I know you know? you have it in your eyes!? Xander points at the phantom

?Um? Elyse was here before and helped the forest guardian protect his domain from the armies of Him. Takashi also helped but as I said he dissapeered. But He is back and causing more trouble than ever. I guess that?s why the masters called you all here.?

?That sounds pleasant.? Xander sarcastically mumbles.

??? Phantomon stalls a bit and eyes the three newcomers, ?Um? perhaps I'm beginning to agree with Master Z??

?Bwahaha! Anyways so you recruited us?? Kyle chuckles.

?Yes you have been chosen to help us. You with your partner digimon? If you and your partners stick together we may stand a chance against Him.? Phantomon finishes.

Suddenly the light goes out?The shadows turned into light and the light turned into shadows. Everything became inverted as you would do a picture on a computer. The three newcomers and Elyse look around confused as Phantomon sighs.

?Is this normal?? Adrianne carefully asks? her high pitched girly voice seemed low and male like which put a startle look on her face.

?No? most likely the work of Him...? Renamon quickly answers Adrianne with a male voice as well? but she wasn?t surprised.

Veemon was now and odd orange colors, Gomamon was black and a weird green color, Renamon was a blue color, and Demi-Devimon almost looked like a snow ball. Phantomon was totally whacked out as well. The four kids were the only normal colored things.

?Why aren?t we inverted?? Adrianne asks as if insulted that she was left out.

?You are not natural to this world that is why? Haaaah.? Gomamon nods and walks towards Elyse, ?So? you know this world well? wouldn?t that make you and Veemon sort of the leaders??

?Heh.. No need for that! Lets just figure out how to fix this? Elyse laughs.

Suddenly everything returns back to normal, ?It has been doing this for days?? Phantomon adds worry to the room, ?Which is why I now beg you to go meet with the sea guardian.?

?Who would that be?? Kyle asks as he glances at the pictures on the walls, ?And who are these guys??

?Pleciomon is the guardian of the sea domain? And those four pictures would be the Four Guardians??

?Ugh! Where?s a flyswatter when you need one?? Kyle stares at an ugly bug looking digimon in one of the pictures.
?You shall speak no ill words of Hercules Kabuterimon our Forest Guardian!? Phantomon lifts the blade he was holding up to Kyle?s neck and Elyse giggles slightly. ?Hercules-Kabuterimon is very important and you should not speak ill words of him.?

?Geez sorry!? Kyle eyes the blade carefully as he takes a slow step backwards.

?Very well,? Phantomon lowers the blade, ?But remember this? Our forest guardian is not was forgiving as I am.?

?So who are the other three?? Adrianne was now staring at the other three pictures.

?Pleciomon is the old swimming dinosaur one he is the guardian of the sea. Hercules-Kabuterimon, guardian of the forest. Magnadramon the dragon, Guardian of the sky. And then there is MetalGarurumon the dog of metal, Guardian of the mountains and valleys.? Phantomon quickly points out.

?We gotta go!? Elyse suddenly yells.

?Why?? The rest all yell.

?Because if we don?t we get crushed by that!? Veemon points out the crack of one of the boards over the window.

A huge yellow armored digimon stomped his way towards the cabin. Spikes covered its armor shell, ankles, and tail. His tail was like a mace and it swung around as he came closer. His eyes were fully red and they had no pupil.

?That would be? Ankylomon!? Elyse snaps. ?He is a champion level digimon with quite the tail power!?

?I agree? Time to leave!? Xander heads for the door with Demi-Devimon flying behind him.

?Agreed!? Kyle and Adrianne say in unison and head right after him.

They all flock outside. The ground began to shake as the creature drew closer. The kids glance at each other and shrug. The digimon watch as Ankylomon grows closer and closer.

?What do we do now?? Kyle shouts causing Adrianne to shield her ears.

?You don?t do anything. Let ups take care of this!? Demi-Devimon flies from Xander?s arm.

?And how would you do that?? Adrianne looks down at gomamon.

?We attack? How else?? Veemon then chuckles, ?You guys must really be new??

?Just watch!? Renamon shouts, ?He?s here!?

Renamon runs ahead. Leaping into the air and back flips. She spreads her arms and armies of tiny, sharp, glass like shards appear in front of her. ?Diamond Storm!? She then points both hands at Ankylomon and the shards go flying at him.

Demi-Devimon was right behind Renamon. He flaps his wings as fast as he can to keep up speed. He starts to form a syringe in his claw foot. A long sharp needle came from one end and the auto inject system on the other end. It was filled with a yellow liquid. ?Demi-Dart!? Demi-Devimon leans backwards and throws the dart at the raging, red eyed, yellow armor covered digimon.

Gomamon and Veemon we farther behind. Once they caught up gomamon dug his feet into the ground. ?Marching Fishes!? Gomamon shouts as he sends an army of fish flying at the charging tank. Veemon leaped up into the air and flipped, he plunged downwards headfirst toward the armored Ankylomon, ?Vee-Head-Butt!?

The diamond storm made contact first but the armor on Ankylomon deflected all the shards. The shards fell to the ground. The same thing happened to the fish. The dart bounced off and almost hit Renamon. Veemon slammed headfirst into Ankylomon?s protective plate of armor that covered the top of his head. Veemon hit the ground hard, Ankylomon unaffected by any of the hits. Veemon dizzy from impact.
?Um? We? Are? In? Trouble!? Elyse mumbles slowly.

?You got that right!? Ankylomon grins, ?Tail hammer!? He then slams his tail into Veemon and gomamon, sending them flying into a nearby tree. ?Ha-ha?

?Ow? Veemon groans
?Ugh? gomamon adds.

Elyse glances at the fare flesh just under Ankylomon?s eyes and just above his mouth. She then glanced at the disappearing Dart that Demi-Devimon threw earlier. ?Xander!?

?What is it??

?There is only one thing we can do at the moment??

?And that would be what??

?I don?t mean to be pushy or anything but Demi-Devimon? he has to aim right below this guys eyes? it?s the only flesh the dart can go into. He has to aim just below the eye. We will have the upper hand.?

?Good idea? Listen to her Demi-Devimon!? Xander notices the same things.

?Renamon! Aim for his eyes? Maybe you can blind him!? Kyle notices another soft spot.

?Good idea? Both Renamon and Demi-Devimon agree as they get back in the fight.

?Diamond Storm!?

The two attacks soar at the huge tank like digimon?s only weakness. The large armored digimon swings his tail and deflects the attacks. Veemon and Gomamon nod to each other and rush out into the battle field.

?Are you two insane!? Your only attacks can?t do anything!? Adrianne shouts.

?Diversion?? Elyse points out, ?They distract him so Renamon and Demi-Devimon can hit their marks.?

?Oh?? Adrianne mumbles and then whispers something not understandable.

Phantomon watches from far back. He glances into the forest multiple times having the feeling something or someone was watching off in the bushes. Two pairs of eyes watch from afar in the bushes as Phantomon suspected. The two sets of red eyes watch Elyse point out the strategy. A small chuckle came from the eavesdropper.

Veemon leaps up and crawls onto Ankylomon?s tail. He began punching at it, Gomamon on the other hand clutched onto Ankylomon?s right front leg. Ankylomon turns his attention to the two annoying pets that have attached themselves to him.

?Diamond Storm?

The two attacks soar towards the armor plated digimon again. The thrashing Ankylomon seemed to dodge the shards again but the dart hit its target. The poison enters and quickly spreads. Ankylomon began to stagger.

?Well I?ll try again! Power Paw!? Renamon?s paw began to flow bright blue as she raced at the digimon. She leaped up and thrust her claw right into his eye.

?Ahhrgh?? Ankylomon groans and stumbles around. He shakes off Veemon and gomamon before staggering off into the forest and disappears behind the brush.

?AH-HA! I knew it!? Phantomon suddenly burst back into the clearing where the battle was held. He threw the eavesdropper into the clearing with him.

?Ah so you found me. You can?t do anything about it ? Phantomon? The digimon laughs.

Elyse stares at the human looking digimon. He wore light armor. Elyse stood wide eyed as she saw him change arms. His arm transforms into a huge blade like weapon.

?Aw Elyse? haha. Never figured I would see you again!? The digimon laughs in an evil manner.

?? I?? Mumbled Elyse.

He walked over to Elyse and grinned to himself. He lifted his freehand and back handed Elyse. She went skidding across the clearing in the dirt.

?Hahaha? I have wanted to do that for so long.? He seemed pleased with himself.

?You shall not harm them!? Phantomon yells swinging his scythe around. He steps between the kids and the digimon.

?Oh brother? You can?t hurt me? The digimon took his blade arm and slashed right through Phantomon. Phantomon fuzzed for a bit then disappeared into tiny little data particles that vanish in thin air.

?Oh my? If he beat an ultimate level like that he must be mega!? Kyle blurts out.

Elyse stands up carefully just to fall again. Xander walked over to her and helped her to her feet. Renamon then helped steady her on her feet more. They walked back to the others slowly.

?Soon? I will be back? And you won?t survive? Be glad you only lost that wimp of a Phantom? With that the digimon jumped and flew off.

?Who was that Elyse? You stared at him as if he was a ghost.?

?Oh that digimon?ugh? He is? Ugh? lets just say his name is Justimon.? Elyse struggled to collect thoughts in her head.

?Wow? if I took a hit like that no mater how tough I seem? I would be out cold or at least bawling my eyes out.? Adrianne picks up gomamon and combs her fingers through his orange hair.

?I have? To agree? Kyle glances around? ?It?s kinda bad what happened to Phantomon? I mean he was kind enough to explain what?s going on but now we don?t know which direction to go?? Kyle glances around more.

?South? Argh? Elyse groans, ?Towards the mountains.? Elyse points at the huge mountains? Then everything goes black.
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im having a hang up with writing chapter six (i hand write them before i type them)

and i have been spending time writing chapter six... but i have a hang up... I need a little help. They are attacked but i dont know by what. I cant seem to think of something good... or original... i truely dont want to copy much of the tv show... do you guys have any suggestions?
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